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Alright so a LOT of people have asked me what I do to at the gym what my diet is what should you should do as a beginner etc etc. 

My Program
For my program I am currently working out 4 to 5 times a week. Each day that I go I focus on a different muscle group: Push (Chest/Triceps), Pull (Back/Biceps), and Leg day. I also focus on a power lift, which can be: Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, or Squats. Along with a power lift I do accessory movements to complement it. Sometimes i’ll add in a few ab workouts but I don’t focus on that and i’ll say why in a sec.

Examples of my workout plans:
Push Day: Bench Press, Overhead Press, DB (Dumbell) Incline Press, DB Shoulder Press, Pec (Pectoral) Deck, Dip Machine, Side Lateral Raises, Overhead Tricep Extension, Rope Tricep Extensions, Cable Crossover, etc.

Pull Day: Deadlifts, DB Row, TBar Row, Seated Cable Rows, DB Curl, Rope Hammer Curl, Face Pulls, Lateral Pull Down, Reverse Pec Deck, etc.

Leg Day: Squats, Sumo Deadlift, Calf Raises, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Seated Leg Press, Hip Abduction, Hip Adduction. 

The usual amount of sets and reps is 3 sets of 15 reps for each of these workouts, HOWEVER, sometimes I will lower the amount of reps and increase the number of sets I’m doing if its a heavy day, meaning I will be lifting heavier weights because yay I am want to be stronger. 
Most likely this all sounds very scary and complicated but don’t worry! If you don’t know what these are just google them and if it looks fun to you then do it :)

My Diet
So my goal is to become lean, which is basically try to remove my fat as much as possible without losing too much muscle. To do this I need to keep track of what I eat. On the nutrition label of every food there is 3 macronutrients: Fats, Carbs, and Protein. This is important because I need to keep track of this if I want to lose fat. Right now I am eating about 600 calories below my BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) which is basically the amount of calories you need to go about your day. Google your BMI to find out how much you need :) I am eating 1600 calories a day AND I am trying to eat my weight in protein. Now I NEED TO DO THIS TO MAINTAIN MY MUSCLE MASS. Right now I weight around 130 lbs so I try to eat at LEAST 130 grams of protein. I am also limiting my fat intake to around 50g. I HIGHLY recommend you download the MyFitnessPal App!!! It makes it 10x easier to track what you eat!
So in short I am eating 1600 calories, ~130g of protein, ~200g of carbs, and <50g of fat
Now these numbers are dependent on your OWN weight, so if you want to find a good plan you gotta do some math okay? But yeah this is all I can think about at the moment. Good luck to everyone with their gains!

Сегодняшняя тренировка. Грудь, спина.

С сегодняшнего дня хотелось бы начать писать про то, как проходят мои тренировки. Идея эта не нова, но я мы подумали и решили, почему бы и нет?

В общем, перво-наперво начинаем с разминки:
10 минут на беговой дорожке, 5 из которых ходьбой, а остальные бегом с ускорением.
После проводим стандартную зарядку, растягивая наши суставы и мышечные волокна, делая особый упор на тренировки группу мышц, в нашем случае грудь и спину.

Дальше разберём саму тренировку:

1) Жим гантелей лежа на горизонтальной скамье 4*10
2) Жим гантелей на скамье с наклоном в 45° 4*10
3) Отжимания на брусьях с противовесом 4*10
4) Сведение в тренажере Pec-Deck 4*12
5) Жим от груди в тренажере сидя 4*12
6) Горизонтальная тяга узким хватом в блочном тренажере 4*12
7) Вертикальная тяга верхнего блока к груди обратным хватом 4*12
8) Вертикальная тяга верхнего блока к груди широким хватом 4*12
9) Шраги с гантелями 4*15

После тренировки побежал сразу в бассейн. Плавал около 20 минут, что вызывает невероятный эффект на расслабление мышц, а после посетил джакузи и баню, чтобы минимизировать мышечную боль на завтрашнее утро.

В итоге вышла полноценная тренировка, после который хочется взлететь и не приземляться, но тут вспоминаешь, что крылья еще не выросли 😊

Всем спокойной ночи, больше мяса и меньше жира💪

Phase I Contest Training Program

Direct from coach Steve, my new training regimen as below. There’s nothing alien to me exercise wise, but volume is about 15% more than what I currently perform. Did the chest workout today and got a very decent pump!

It’s a six day split, two leg days because I’ve highlighted legs as the area I want to improve on most. Also I’m due to do three cardio sessions a week on this plan. 


Pec deck 4 x 15-20
Cable crossover 4 x 15-20
Incline DB fly 4 x 12-15
DB pullover 4 x 12-15
Incline chest press 5 x 8-10
Flat chest press 5 x 8-10


Deadlifts 5 x 6-8
One arm row 4 x 10-12
bent over row 4 x 10-12
Seated row 4 x 10-12
Lat pulldown 4 x 12-15
close grip pulldown 4 x 12-15


Rope pulldown 5 x 20
Hammer curl 5 x 20
Skull crusher 5 x 20
Reverse curl 5 x 20
Close grip bench 5 x 20
Preacher curl 5 x 20


Standing side raise 5 x 20
Upright row 4 x 12-15
Reverse peck deck 4 x 12-15
BB front raise 4 x 12-15
Military press 5 x 8-10
DB shrugs 5 x 20


Extensions 4 x 20
Back squats 5 x 8-10
leg press 5 x 20
lying leg curl 4 x 12-15
seated leg curl 4 x 12-15
good morning 4 x 20


lying leg curl 4 x 12-15
seated leg curl 4 x 12-15
stiff leg dead 4 x 20
front squat 5 x 8-10
hack squat 4 x 10-12
walking lunges 4 x 20 (10 each leg)

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Beginner Exercises

For the anon! These are a lot of my faves. :)

• leg press
• squats (front & back)
• split squats
• Romanian deadlifts
• calf raises
• walking lunges

• hammer curls
• bicep curls
• EZ bar curl
• weights pull ups/chin ups
• cable rows
• flyes

• barbell bench press
• flat bench dumbbell press
• incline dumbbell press
• seated machine chest press
• dips
• pec-deck machine

• bench dips
• cable rope overhead tricep ext.
• dip machine
• EZ bar skull-crushers
• closed grip bench press
• tri push downs (rope or bar)