What is going to happen

Is that I’m deleting all my themes and recreating them better. All themes will have the following capabilities as standard:

  • Endless Scrolling options (with a fix for audio posts so it won’t say ‘flash 9 needed…’)
  • Pad - this thing I made which mean that if your posts have the same background as your page background the text will line up with the images, but if they’re different the posts with text in them will have padding so it’s easier to read. I hope that makes sense but it’s actually a really handy thing
  • Twitter. That’s right. Every single theme will have the ability to show your newest tweet :)
  • Show Captions toggle, some people like them and some don’t so it’ll always be optional (although there will also always be some kind of way to show if a post has been reblogged)
  • All the other shit that usually happens - so custom fonts and images and colours and sometimes size ect.

I’m also going to make a ~premium~ section which will be similar themes but with a couple of extra options for £2-3 a pop:

  • Disqus embedded
  • Quick reblog and like buttons on index page
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Responsive design - fits all screens
  • Other funky goodness

If you want to track #pebthemes progress just track the tag
Sound good? Any suggestions/problems?

Edit 22:21
Expect all this in like a month, I’ll give you due warning. Yeah scroll to top buttons are on my list too. Not all themes will be remade, there will be some new ones too.

What do you look for in a tumblr theme?

In the next couple of months I’ll be working full-time on Pour Être Belle Themes (yes, you read correctly, full time). I’ll be relaunching the site with a brand new roster of up-to-date, creative, customizable themes soon, but before I get started building I want to know what you’d like to see in them.

Are creative display options your priority? Brandability? Customizability? Simplicity? Is there anything specific you want to see in a theme?

(feel free to email me at if you want to go into depth, I’d be happy to hear your opinions)

Update and Previews

I’ve taken the site down and replaced it with a temp site, and I thought it was time for an update over the new site and new themes. As you may know I’m starting afresh so these will be the only ones up for a while. Here are those famous five with preview links and progress bars (as in the top one’s almost finished and the bottom one has a way to go). Also, on money terms I need to make some so the starred themes will cost £1 each per download. Maybe £2. I’ll decide when I finish them. Also if you want to test/beta any of these please message me. Also this should be up on Sunday but there’s a lot to do so I may not make it.

████████████████████ Almerick, belle replacement
██████████████████░░ Quirinius, horizontal infinite scroll
██████████████████░░ Lycoris, phineas replacement
████████████████████ *Cygnus, callidora replacement
████████████████████ *Broderick, optional multicol masonry

Obligatory question mark for any responses / suggestions / praise / queries ?

Random Themes / Mnemone Development

You may remember a while back I was playing with a randomly-generated theme called Rosalind, that then became Ridgebit, that I’ve since stopped working on because I didn’t like how everything overlapped. I wanted a theme that achieved the balance between something completely random (like Ridgebit) and something well formed (like the use of the jquery masonry script) and at the time couldn’t think of a way to do it comfortably without just taking masonry and adding a few kinks. Tonight I’ve tried my hand at achieving this with simple css and javascript, and created a theme called Mnemone, which is just beautiful. Once I’ve finished this you’ll be able to chose the maximum post width and minimum post width as well as three choices between post margins (the current demo is on the ‘normal’ setting), and there’ll also be options like tag a post as 'large’ and it’ll be bigger than the rest. It has a bit of a way to go but I wanted to ask if this kind of blog format is what you’re interested in, what’s your opinion on 'deconstructed’ themes like this? Would you use it?
I can't describe how excited I am about this theme

I’ve been working on it most of today and it just keeps getting better and better. Still quite a way to go but It’s so gratifying to work on and I feel it’ll become my most popular theme to date! (before you ask it’ll be premium but there’ll be a free public beta version first) I want to finish it for my 100,000th download on the new site which should be next weekend but I don’t know if I’ll be done in time.