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At Your Service - Jughead Jones

request where the reader is dating jughead & has a service dog bc of her anxiety and none of them know, bc she never brings him anywhere, until they go to her house unexpectedly one day and they see her with the dog and she tells them why she has him and jug is kinda upset that he didn’t noticed and she tells them that she didn’t want them to treat her differently so she hid it and just a bunch of fluff between them

Had to do a little research for this once because I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually know service dogs for anxiety were a thing, but IT’S AWESOME! Hope I did it well!

Jughead x Reader

Warnings: - teensy bit of swearing <3

Words:  3,361 (they’re getting longer fam)

In memory of my dog Pebbles (2006-2013)

You hadn’t been in the best place before you’d moved to Riverdale a few years ago. You had faced constantly bullies at your old school, who would use anything whether it be your appearance or your broken family as a reason to taunt you. Your brother had been arrested thanks to drugs when you were 11, causing the existing tension between your parents to grow. They had split a year later, and all the stress had began to pile up.

When you moved away with your Dad out of town, you’d felt even worse about leaving your Mum behind. You hadn’t seen her since.

You began to have issues sleeping, endless nights spent staring up at the ceiling in panic. Frequent headaches and a loss of appetite took your issues to your local health provider. You just needed to know that you weren’t going crazy here, that the rest of your life wasn’t going to be consumed in fear, uneasiness and self-doubt.

That was the moment where you were diagnosed with ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’.

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A Hamster?

You and Daniel bicker over whether you should adopt a cat or dog next. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Daniel your boyfriend, muttered from his position, head on your lap. The two of you were snuggled on the couch, Rooney and Peter the cats snuggled at the other end by his feet, and your dog Pebbles on his chest.

“What’s up, babe?” You asked, turning your attention from the TV screen to his face, staring up at you.

“I think we should adopt another cat,” Daniel said with a smile, eyes crinkling up adorably.

“What?” you sighed, patting his hair gently, “No, we already have two cats! We should adopt another dog!”

“But Peter and Rooney need another friend,” Daniel whined, sending you puppy eyes.

“They have each other!” You exclaimed, “Pebbles has no one, and dogs are so much easier to care for.”

“You have to walk dogs,” Daniel complained, nose scrunched up, “and clean up after them. Cats just go in the litter box.”

“Cats also vomit,” you said pointedly, “and whenever we have guests over, they always misbehave! My sister doesn’t want to come because Peter wouldn’t stop hissing at her.”

“Dogs bark a lot.”

“Cats just nap and lick themselves!”

“Dogs are way too hyper, then.”

“Oh my god,” Jisung, who was over just to raid your refrigerator, butted into your conversation, “you two bicker like an old married couple, I swear. Why don’t you just get a hamster?”

“A hamster?” You and Daniel traded suspicious looks.

And so, thanks to Jisung, you two ended up the parents of not only two cats, a small dog, but also a hamster and the enormous cage that came along with it.

this was so short omg im so sorry

Longest walk yet on just her flat collar! It was only about 4 blocks at a very quiet time of day on the quietest route I’ve found, but she did it with very little pulling - none once she figured out how much leash she had. She froze/alerted at a few things but disengaged on her own without any escalation past the initial stare-down, which I’m super happy about. I have no problem with her looking around and noticing things as long as she can keep her cool, which she did very nicely!

Also her nose is really cute. And some kids called her a dalmatian again.