pebbles jar


A little jar to, hopefully, keep these next couple months from descending to complete shit.
Chaos Keep-Away Jar
Pebbles (a filter)
Chili powder (a burn, a boost)
Salt (cleansing)
Epsom salt (a salt that personally connects more to cleanliness and health than table salt)
Rubbed sage (cleansing)
Lavender (cleansing, warding)
Ashes (from incense burnt while cleansing my space)
Black pepper (a burn, a boost, but mostly an annoyance)
Sugar (to attract negativity like flies)
Pins (to hold it in)
Citrine (luck)
And two charms shaped like people, one for me and one for my fiancée
I layered pebbles with the spices/salts. You can’t see the layers well but it’s one layer of pebbles at the bottom, then spices, pebbles, and spices. On top is a layer of sugar. Then I alternated citrine with pins. On the very top is the charms and then everything is sprayed with a lavender spray.
For the charms, I had each of us hold one until it was warm. I had my fiancée tell hers that it was a part of her, but that this was a part meant to remain away. It was separate, a trap (she’s not a witch). I did the same but in a witchy way. These are going to act as vinegar and oil, a trap for fruit flies and nuisances. Anything that wants into our lives will be filtered through this and hopefully it will keep any more bullshit from infecting my day-to-day.
I’m leaving this in the very center of the apartment.

Banishing Spell - To keep thoughts about someone who has hurt you away

This spell is a bit of a frankenstein of a few different banishing spells/rituals I’ve seen, and I chose to do it this way because it felt right for me, and because my case is particularly nasty and strong. Of course you can perform this spell a little differently if you like (and no, you don’t have to spend 45 minutes covering a jar in candle wax to achieve results, I just got carried away).


  • One jar, ideally with a hard lid
  • One or more tokens that remind you of the person you’re banishing (a picture or piece of paper with their name will work fine)
  • One or more black candles (or any colour that symbolises finality or control to you)
  • Dirt, salt, or pebbles
  • Optional - anything that symbolises protection; rose thorns, wire, nails, twine, or even a sigil

First, collect the tokens that symbolise the person or people you want out of your head. It may be difficult or upsetting to look at things that remind you of this person, so try to prepare yourself for that. This spell will only work if you’re willing to try to let this person go, so as you put each item in the jar, visualise all your connections to them leaving. They’re no longer important. You can choose to recite a chant or say some words at this point if you wish.

Pour your dirt, salt or pebbles into the jar until it is full, and then seal the lid. Give it a nice violent shake, it feels real good.

Working on a safe surface away from anything flammable, set your jar down and light a black candle. Angle the candle with the flame facing diagonally down, and let the wax drip over the rin of the jar and down the sides. You may want to put a wet cloth down to ensure your workspace doesn’t get all waxy. I used three taper candles to achieve the coverage in the picture above, but you don’t have to go all-out with the wax if you don’t want to. Drip the wax until you feel like the things inside are sealed up tight.

If you like, press your wire, nails or sigils into the wax while it’s still soft. I used rose thorns from my garden, which are easy enough to extract if you’re super careful! Only apply these things to the top of the jar, and make sure not to touch that area afterwards.

Take the jar to a secret place - a dumpster or bin is good enough, or you can dig a hole and bury it. While you’re throwing the jar away, repeat a mantra to remind yourself that your relationship with this person is over, you will not think of them with regret or sympathy or longing any more, you are stronger than them and you deserve so much better.

Once the jar is gone, try not to think about it any more. With time, your feelings toward this person will fade.

DIY Terrariums

Materials: succulent/cactus, glass jar, cactus soil, Spanish moss, any other type of moss, pea gravel, river pebbles, activated carbon (for enclosed terrariums)

1. Pile in a layer of river pebbles at the bottom of the desired jar.

2. Add in the activated carbon. This is mostly for terrariums that are closed. Optional if your jar will remain open.

3. Put in the Spanish moss and make sure to flatten it out.

4. Cover added layers (river pebbles, activated carbon if any, Spanish moss) with cactus soil completely.

5. Place the succulent/cactus on top of the soil, making sure that the bottom of the plant has a sufficient layer of cactus soil it will be embedded on.

6. Top it off with any other kind of moss and pea gravel in any way.

7. Spray the plants with mist at least once a month and keep it in direct sunlight.

Terrarium DIY


  • Small rocks or pebbles. Note: Do NOT use beach stones as salt kills plants.
  • Small pieces of charcoal (like used in aquarium filters)
  • Potting soil
  • Miniature houseplants, mosses, ivy, ferns, coleus, and cyclamen are good options. Note: Cacti and succulents are NOT good choices
  • Glass container with or without a lid.
  • Spray mist bottle


  1. Line bottom of glass jar with pebbles/rocks (one inch apart is sufficient)
  2. Place small piece of charcoal in center of pebbles - will help keep soil fresh
  3. Ad a few inches of potting soil over pebbles and charcoal
  4. Gently place 3 or 4 small plants in container - nestle plants together but avoid overcrowding
  5. Sprinkle more soil to cover roots
  6. Arrange lives moss around the plants - lends support and anchors plants
  7. Add decorative pieces
  8. Mist terrarium and cover with spray bottle
  9. Place your new terrarium in an area with moderate light - making sure it is not exposed to direct light
Pebbles (Old Friends)

Pairing: College!Sam x Reader; Dean appearing also AU

Sam and the reader have been very close friends as children, when at age seven, his family and he move away. Thirteen years later, it’s the reader’s first day of college and on accident, she bumps into exactly him.

Word count:
~ 4800

light cursing //

“You see, (Y/N) – John, here, has found a job in another town.” I look up at Mary. I don’t understand why she is telling me this. “I know you and Sammy – I know you two are really good friends, -”

“Yes!” I laugh. “Pebbles is my bestest friend in the world.”

Also Mary laughs. I like her laugh. It is very pretty. Mary is very pretty. And I think she is a good mom. But not as good as my mom.

“Look, (Y/N),” Mary kneels down to me and she pinches my cheek. I giggle. I like when she does that, because she doesn’t do it as harshly as my uncle, Joey, does. “Sam and his brother, Dean – they’re gonna leave tonight, together with us, of course.”

I don’t understand. “When will you be back?”

Mary doesn’t smile anymore. “We won’t come back.” she says. I still don’t know. “I mean, we
are gonna visit on Christmas and of course we’re gonna come down here for your birthday next month, don’t you worry, Sweetheart …”

She makes a pause. Mary holds my arms.

“But most of our furniture and clothes are there already, you know – in our new house. -”

“What about this house?” I ask.

“Another family is gonna move in.” she says. “A really nice family. They also have a little son.”

“And Pebbles?” I don’t understand. “What about Pebbles?”

“You can go play with him outside now.” Mary nods. “I’m gonna talk to your mother, okay, Sweety? I’ll bring you home in a bit. Go.”

Mary stands and I look at her, before I look at Pebbles. He’s in the tree house. I run into the garden and climb up the tree. There are pillows and blankets on the floor. I don’t like to sit on them, though, because they’re dirty. I don’t like when little branches or brown leaves scratch my legs or make my dress muddy.

“I found a ladybug, (Y/N).” Pepples shows me his finger. On top of it sits a small, red ladybug.

“What’s its name?” I ask.

Pebbles looks at me. “Uhm, I don’t know.” he says. “It hasn’t told me, yet. And I think
it is a girl.”

“How do you know that?”

“There are probably more lady ladybugs than man ladybugs, or else they wouldn’t be called ladybugs, so this one’s a girl.” he says. I nod.

Suddenly, the ladybug starts to speak. I lean down to it. “She said her name is Jody.”

“Jody?” Pebbles asks and I nod. “She said her name was Caroline, not Jody.”

“Why Caroline?” I ask. “That doesn’t sound anything
like Jody.”

“She said she liked that woman with the black hair she’s seen on TV earlier.” Pebbles explains. “And because she didn’t have a name before, she took Caroline’s name.”

“Who’s Caroline?” I ask, but Pebbles just shrugs his shoulders.

We show Caroline-Jody the tree house. It is a very pretty tree house. John, Pebble’s father, built it and Dean, his brother, helped him. I always wondered how they got the house up in the tree and Pebbles said he was going to ask Dean, but I don’t know if he ever did.

“I think Caroline-Jody likes it here.” I say.

“Here, hold her.”

I hold my finger right next to Pebbles’ and with another finger, he makes Caroline-Jody crawl on mine. I watch out so that she doesn’t fly away, while Pebbles gets a glass jar out of the box on the floor.

“That’s Dean’s chest.” I say. “And he said that if you’re gonna take something out of it, he will -”

“I know what Dean said.” Pebbles interrupts me and gets up from the floor.

“Maybe he’s gonna see that you took the jar.” I say. “What if he’s actually gonna -”

“Dean says those things often.” Pebbles shakes his head. “He doesn’t ever do anything, though.”

After we’ve got Caroline-Jody to move into the jar and after we’ve poked some holes through the lid so that she could get enough oxygen to breathe, Pebbles and I sit on the floor and watch our ladybug. I don’t sit on the pillows and blankets, though.

“Pebbles, your mom told me that you’re gonna leave tonight.” I say. “And she also said you’re not gonna come back, except for my birthday next month and Christmas.”

Pebbles looks at me. “Yeah, I’ve already got a gift for you.” he smiles. “And remember last year, when your parents got you a pinata and when I hit it, all the sweets exploded? Hopefully they’re gonna get you a pinata this year, as well. Maybe
you’re gonna make it explode.”

“But that’s only a pinata.” I say and shake my head. “And it’s just one day next month. But I can’t come over to your house tomorrow and we won’t climb your new tree in your new garden, and what if your dad wants to take the tree house with you?”

“I don’t know.” Pebbles says. “And I don’t want to go there, actually. Although I’d like you to have a pinata on your birthday.”

“Have you been there before?” I ask.

“Yes.” Pebbles nods. “Dean and I visited our new school before and the new house. It’s not like our old house. It’s kinda different, I mean. It’s larger, probably, because Mom said that Dad makes more money in his new job so we don’t have to worry, but I don’t understand it, anyway. Because, the new house doesn’t have a garden and there’s two rooms for me and Dean, but one room is so much smaller than the other one, and Dean said he’s gonna take the larger one and then I don’t know where to put all my toys. And if you’re gonna come visit, you’ll have to sleep in my bed or I’ll sleep on the floor, if we don’t fit in it together.”

I don’t know what to say. I wish I could come with Pebbles, because he is my bestest friend in the whole word and I don’t want him to move away. I don’t even want Dean to move away, even though sometimes before, he was a little mean to me. But Pebbles said that it was just Dean and that he doesn’t actually mean it. I believe Pebbles always, because I know he doesn’t lie to me, because we’re friends. Not like Patty, who lied to me before, and she lied to me because we weren’t friends. Mommy said that friends don’t lie to each other and that lying is bad.

“You know what would be cool?” I have to laugh. “If I could hide in your trunk and so I could come with you to your new place and if I could take Caroline-Jody with me into the trunk, so I wouldn’t be alone during the drive.”

“Yeah, that would be cool.” Pebbles laughs, also. “And then I’d have to hide you in my closet all the time and if Mom bought salad, I’d have to steal it so that you could give it to Caroline-Jody. And I’d always bring you food, too, of course, and -”

“Sam, (Y/N)!”

It’s Mary. Pebbles and I jump up from the floor and look out the window of the tree house. Mary stands under us and she looks up.

“(Y/N), Sweetheart, I’ll have to pick up some more stuff from a few places, so I’m gonna drop you at your house, okay?”

I frown. I don’t want to leave just yet.

“But I don’t want to leave just yet.”

“Yeah, Mommy, (Y/N) and I, we found a ladybug and we called it Caroline-Jody and -”

“Sammy, you know we’ve got a long night ahead of us and we’re gonna leave pretty soon.” Mary interrupts Pebbles. “And (Y/N), Sweetheart, I’m really sorry, but we gotta hurry.” I like that she smiles all the time and that she always sounds friendly. “Sammy’s gonna make sure to call when we’ve arrived at the new place, okay?”

I nod slowly. “Okay.” I say.

“Okay, perfect.” Mary smiles still. “Say goodbye to (Y/N), young man.” she says to Pebbles. “I’m waiting inside.”

I watch Mary walk back into the house. Pebbles suddenly holds my hand. When I look at him, he doesn’t look back at me but down, and I can see that he’s crying a little.

“But if you’re gonna arrive after, like, eight, then I’ll be asleep already.” I say. “And -”

“I don’t want to leave this place.” Pebbles says. “Mommy said I’m gonna make new friends, but I just wish you could come.”

I kiss Pebbles’ cheek. I can see that he blushes. When Pebbles turns his head to me, he kisses me on the mouth. Now, my cheeks are very red, like a tomato, almost.

“You’re my bestest friend in the whole world.” I say.

13 years later

“You know, you do have a lot of stuff.”

I looked up at my father. He was wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Or maybe you’re just getting old. Or out of shape.” I laughed. “Or both. Yeah, probably -”

“Young lady.” He pointed his finger at me threateningly, but of course in a joking way. “Watch out.”

“I’ll bring you down.”

We exited through the open door. My dorm room was the last on the left side of this corridor and as far as I knew, my room mate was called Gabrielle. She hadn’t showed up yet, though. There was chaos everywhere. All doors were open, girls and boys making a mess with all their luggage and personal things, running into each other in the hallways, stumbling over their own feet in the hurry they were and sobbing pictures of misery appearing once in a while. Oh, I adored college already.

“My baby.” Another picture of misery wrapping its arms around me this very moment. “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“Mom.” I huffed into her neck, patting her shoulder. “We’ve had this. We’ve actually had this quite often. You know you can come visit on -”

“I know.” She let go of me as she took a step backward. My mother’s eyes were trailing up and down my body as well as my face. “You look so adult, Honey.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I laughed reluctantly. “See, I really gotta go, because -”

“Yeah, yeah.” Yet my mother’s grasp was threatening to suffocate me again. She accidentally wiped all her moist and smudged make-up against my cheeks. “I love you so much, (Y/N), hear me, I love you so, so, so, so much.”

“We’re proud of you, Kiddo.” My father proceeded to make the third layer of this embrace.

“Okay, cool,” I gasped for air. “You can let me go now.”

Despite I had this twist in my guts, this unwell feeling consisting of nostalgia and excitement, of fear of the responsibility I was going to face very soon, of the first impression the school had left on me yet and furthermore despite the sickness I had been feeling for far too long about my parents and my hometown, I did feel downcast when I watched my mother and father getting into the car and driving away, waving at me through the mirrors.

This is college, I reminded myself internally. I mean, hey, look around you – what do you see? Yeah, right, some of them do look pretty intimidating. But that boy in the corner there, you see him? Yeah, he looks far more childish than you and even he has to let go of his parents. So, get over it.

I began to walk back to where I’d come from – my new ‘home’. The dorm. Just like I had done all the times shortly before carrying my luggage up here, I let my looks approach everyone passing me. There had been a few faces seeming acquainted to me already, yet each time more I wandered down these halls, I discovered new ones. I was intimidated by the amount. The amount of other students, the amount of friends everyone seemed to have made already, even just the amount of paths guiding to the amount of buildings. And then, I was gripped tightly and ripped out of my thoughts about amounts when my shoulder bumped against a torso and when my clumsiness caused the content of a paper box to spill out in front of me on the floor.

“God, I’m sorry.” I gushed, quickly bending down to gather all the items. “I didn’t watch where I was going, I’m sorry, I -”

“Uh,” Only now did I look into the face belonging to the guy I had collided with. Instantly, a frown emerged on my forehead. “(Y/N)?”

I was breathless. “Sam?” I gasped.

Simultaneously, we got up from the floor. I was just looking at him. I was just looking at him. And the longer I stared into those eyes, the surer I got that in front of me was actually Sam. Sam, my bestest friend in the whole world.

“I can’t believe this.” I breathed. “Is it really you? I mean, Sam, I -”

“(Y/N),” Sam shook his head. He was just as speechless as I. “I haven’t seen you in – what? – ten years, eleven maybe? God, you’ve changed. You’ve grown, hell, you’ve grown a lot, I mean -”

“Me, grown?” I emphasised. “Look at you, you friggin’ giant – you’re, like, six foot four, six foot five?”

I examined his entire face over and over again. His eyes looked the same way I had kept them in mind; I remembered that I’d used to poke this one birthmark on his chin all the time when we’d been waiting for something, for anything. And when he smiled, pictures of this tiny seven-year-old flashed my mind and I could see the dimples right in front of me, I could see the dimples on the adult, just like on the child. And then, when my eyes wandered further down, down his torso and his arms, the strong biceps, and his long legs – hell, I asked myself what’d happened to his baby fat as opposed to mine.

“You look good.” I shook my head, still not being able to believe who was stood in front of me. “Pebbles, you look absolutely -”

“Pebbles.” Sam repeated. “Nobody’s ever called me that in …”

“Ten, eleven, twelve years?” I completed his sentence. “That’s right. Because I was the one that came up with the name in the first place and if it wasn’t Dean who teased you about it, I was also the only one to ever use it.”

He repeated the name again, like he was totally out of his mind. I knew what his eyes looked like when he was happy, I remembered that from so many memories he and I shared together, and I was the most pleased one could be to find that look in his eyes right now.

“Yeah, Dean, he -”

“Dean, what?”

Quickly upon the deep voice, I turned around to become even more astonished. With brows the most furrowed they could be and with confusion so thoroughly present in my expression, I kept glancing from Sam to that fine guy opposite me and back to Sam.

“Now, that’s not Dean, is it?” I asked.

“And who are you?”

“Dean, that’s (Y/N).” Pebbles spoke for me. “Remember – she and I used to be -”

“(Y/N)?” Dean couldn’t believe it himself. “What happened to the cute little girl scared of anything ever?”

“Hey,” I threw him a serious look. “I had all rights to be scared of you, amigo, because you used to threaten me things nobody should ever threaten a lil’ child like that.”

We all laughed, yet I believed the both brothers knew it was true. Towards the end of our friendship, shortly before they’d moved away, Pebbles and I would walk home from kindergarten together, and we’d either walk to his house or mine. Whenever we’d end up in Pebbles’ room, Dean would burst through the door after school and he’d laugh at whatever we were playing in the moment. I remembered this very well. Mostly, Dean would be the mean older kid, but that was alright, because Pebbles knew what he was really like and he’d usually try to convince me about it.

“Hey, uh,” I said after a while. “There’s a coupla more things I have to get over with, I’m sure you’ve got some more stuff to do on your own. What about we have dinner together tonight?”

Now that it seemed like Pebbles and I would be studying together at the same college, most probably also be living on the same floor (I didn’t know whether Dean was only helping his brother or whether he was going to school here himself), but in any case I couldn’t have let them go like that. I mean, Sam and I had been quite close friends as children. I was so very happy to be seeing him again.

“Yeah, that sounds great.” Pebbles smiled at me widely. “What about you just come over to my room when you’re done with what you gotta do?”

I agreed, he gave me his room number and our ways parted. My mind was drowning in thoughts – questions burning on my mind, their answers only imaginations yet, and so many memories coming back at me after all these years. I was really thrilled to be spending the evening with the two.


Shortly after seven PM, I was stood in front of room number 562 and my hand was in the air, about to be thrown against the door, shaking a little. I was nervous. Excited, yes, but very nervous.

“(Y/N), hey.” Dean opened. “Come in. Sam’s still in the shower, but he should be back pretty soon.”

I smiled, then walked past him. Beside it was decorated fairly differently, the room looked the same as Gabrielle’s and mine. There were two beds, one on the left and the other one on the right side, two drawers, two shelves and two desks. Of course, two wardrobes, as well. It wasn’t very hard to spot that this was a room inhabited by two guys. No hints of comfort, quite frankly, meaning no extra pillows or blankets, no fairy lights, in fact no more lights than the one hanging from the ceiling and the ones on the desks, anyway. The complete opposite to what our dorm looked like, and that already yet, only a few hours after my roommate and I had moved in.

“Which one’s Pebbles’ side?” I asked rather mindlessly.

Mindlessly, because Dean snorted about the name. He’d done that when we were younger and upon now, I figured he would even do it when we’d be old and grey.

“That nickname is golden.” he laughed. “I don’t even remember how Sammy’s gotten it in the first place.”

“I named him that.” I smiled proudly, crossing my arms over my chest as I leaned against one of the desks.

“So far I remember.” Dean nodded. “But how’d you come up with it? It sounds pretty familiar, anyway.”

“It’s from that baby-girl on The Flintstones.” I explained. “Remember – her name was Pebbles.”

“Oh, right! I remember you and Sammy watchin’ it like you were obsessed.” Dean shook his head, smiling as he bethought.

It hadn’t been like that exactly. Pebbles and I had liked to watch it, I was sure about that, but it hadn’t really been like we’d been watching it the entire day or something. For, it was on TV only right after lunch.

“So, do you go to school here yourself? Are you gonna get dinner with us?” I asked, looking Dean up and down. He’d changed a lot. Maybe it was in their genes.

“No.” he shook his head. “No, I only helped Sammy with all his stuff and I’m gonna go actually when he’s back, he just asked me to stay here 'til then, in case you’d come.”

I understood. The silence following, filling the time between now and the moment Sam burst through the door, showed me that Pebbles’ brother and I really hadn’t got a lot to talk about. We didn’t know each other quite as well as we should have, I got the impression, for it seemed to me like I knew Sam like the back of my hand. Well, at least his seven-year-old-self.

“Alright, brother,” Dean patted Pebbles’ shoulder after he’d gotten into his jacket. “Make sure to call and stuff.”

“Yeah.” Sam nodded. “And give Mom the number I gave you, okay?”

“Course.” Dean’s gaze dropped on me. “And you, Lady, it was quite nice seeing ya again. I mean, look at you, you grown to be a -”

“Okay, Dean, you can go now.” his brother interrupted him, his own cheeks flushing. I suddenly remembered the day his family and he had left the town.

“Thanks, I guess.” I smiled and the older kid left the room.

Sam turned around. Our eyes locked. I liked the way he looked, I mean, he looked pretty damn fine. His hair was still wet and his skin was clear, his nose was adorable and I didn’t even want to look at his lips. Suddenly, a smile emerged right there.

“What?” I asked.

“What?” he repeated, quizzically. “Oh, nothing, just … You look the same, you know.”

I perked my eyebrows. “The same as …?”

“As ever, I guess.” he shrugged. “I mean, I remember everything from back in the days – like, everything. Like it’d just happened. And although you have changed a lot, physically, I mean, you actually didn’t change at all. Physically.”

I frowned, a laugh escaping my throat accidentally.

“If that makes sense.” he added.

I shook my head, trying to put on a sympathetic expression. “Not very much, I fear.”

It was like that, then: Nearly as in a trance, he and I exited the dorm to wander around the campus a bit, searching for a restaurant. When we didn’t find any proper, we ended up sitting opposite of each other in one of the red booths in that fast food shag. It was lovely, though, I thought – because I was with Pebbles. I hadn’t seen him since I was seven years old, and that was a long time ago.

“Isn’t this just the strangest thing ever?” I laughed at some point. We were eating. “I mean, first day of college and I bump into you.”

Pebbles laughed, also. “It is strange.” he agreed. “But maybe it was supposed to happen.”

“Are you speaking of, like, fate?”

Sam shrugged. “I don’t know.” he answered. “I don’t care, anyway, it’s nice it happened and that’s it.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. A few seconds and a thousand more sweet small smiles later and Sam winked at me, and caused my cheeks to flush terribly.

“Last time I saw you like that,” he laughed. “Was when -”

“You kissed me?” I completed his sentence. I was laughing myself, trying to sound like I was making fun of it. I mean, come on, it hadn’t actually been a kiss, had it?

“Yeah.” he nodded, smiling at me almost sheepishly.

“I’ve thought about that day.” I spoke. “Today and only a few weeks ago. It was when I started packing for college and I found this photo of us. You know, the one that cheesy guy took of us on picture day?”

There were dimples appearing on Pebbles’ cheeks when he began to laugh, recalling the occasion. “Yeah, I remember. The photo still hangs in our kitchen.”

Suddenly, I had to imagine what it was like. Their kitchen, I mean. That surely made me look awkward and somewhat creepy, but you have to put yourself into my place there. Pebbles and I had been best friends since practically my birth, we were almost neighbours, we’d spent more time together than you could imagine. Pebbles’ old house was like my home, when my house was like his home. And then, they’d moved away and after that, I’d only seen him four or five more times. And I’d never been to their new place in the new town. That’s what had me curious. If it was like their old place, you know?

“Pebbles, how’s your mom?” I recalled that I’d always liked Mary very much. “And your dad? How’re they doing?”

“Oh, they’re fine.” he answered. “I mean, I guess they are. A little sad, maybe, because Dean and I have both moved out now, but they should be fine. That’s what they said. They’re going on vacation next week, actually.”

“Oh, where to?”

“They’re goin’ on a cruise in Europe.” Pebbles laughed almost tauntingly. “Although my mom is kinda seasick.”

“Well, I’m glad they’re doing fine anyway.” I nodded.

“Yeah. What about your parents?”

I told them that mine did just as well. That they’d also been more or less depressed about the situation, about me having finally left for college and that meaning that I most likely wasn’t ever going to move back, but it would grow on them.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “And they can’t be doing too bad, for, they got a dog now.”

“A dog?”

“Yeah, like, a proper dog. He barks and all that.”

Pebbles laughed about the way I’d expressed it. “But?” he tilted his head forward.

“But, I don’t know.” I shrugged. “It’s a real tiny thing, almost fragile. I don’t know. For, my dad doesn’t even like small dogs. He’s into those big things, you know, those that could rip your leg off.”

Another batch of laughs overcame my opponent. I watched Sam for a while. The way he ate, the way he drank, the way he looked back at me. It wasn’t like I stared at him like a creep because I was into him or something – it wasn’t because of the obvious reasons people stare at those they’re having dinner with. I stared at Pebbles to figure him out. To discover what had happened to my bestest friend in the world, to explore his new personality.

“Say something.” I required after a while.

“Why?” he smiled.

“Because I wanna listen to you talking.” I explained. “Actually, I want to make you accidentally say those words you couldn’t ever pronounce properly as a child.”

“At least I wasn’t the one that lisped like a madman.” Sam spoke sarcastically conceited. “But you got over that clearly.”

“You mean I spoke like this when I was younger?” I pouted, lisping, of course, in a silly baby voice.

I adored Sam’s smile. I adored the way it carved dimples into the corners of his mouth and the way it affected his eyes. “Stop it.” he spoke to himself, with closed eyes.

“No, I can’t stop.” I went on horsing around. “You know what I had to go through in order to get rid of this? It’s a serious disease, Pebbles.”

I was joking. Despite, lisping wasn’t actually to be joked around with. I’d only started a therapy about it during puberty. I hadn’t managed to speak normally for long now.

“Hey, c'mere.” Pebbles waved me towards him, leaning over the table.

A frown emerged on my forehead. Why’d he been speaking so quietly? I leaned in myself. We were breathing each other’s air now, his, from the cold drink, icy breath hit my skin. I looked into his eyes, he looked into mine.

“You know what you’ve got to do, right?” he asked. “And what you’ve got to say after I did it?”

I did not have a clue what he was blabbering about. Upon him finishing speaking, Sam turned his head lightly, breaking the eye contact. I examined his profile. When I didn’t move, of course not knowing what on earth he could want from me, Pebbles lifted his finger and tapped on his cheek. Laughing, convinced this couldn’t have possibly been it, I dipped in to place a kiss on his soft skin.

As soon as I had leaned back slightly, I discovered the place I had kissed was flushed. It caused a smile to appear on my face. He was cute, wasn’t he? Absolutely adorable. Lovable to bits. Sam turned his head straight again, and you wouldn’t believe what he did next. He actually kissed me on the mouth. On the mouth. I mean, not like I hadn’t been kissed on the mouth before, but it was just accurately like the day he’d left, wasn’t it? I’d kissed him on the cheek, then he’d kissed me on the mouth. It had been a different kiss this time, though. It had been less moist, less childish, of course – it had been longer and sweeter, and more difficult to disregard. Pebbles had kissed me because he liked me, not because he was going to leave town.

Smiling and with closed eyes, I spoke into Sam’s mouth, “I’m not sure if you’re still my bestest friend in the world,” And he laughed, himself. “But this sure as hell was the bestest kiss ever.”


Making a Terrarium, Part I

Chick begins by gathering her materials. She needs pebbles, charcoal (the filter kind, not for barbecuing!), a piece of pantyhose or other screen to put between the filter layer and the soil, soil, water and plants. Oh, and a container!

Once the rocks and carbon are in, Chick places a barrier (pantyhose) on top. This will allow water to pass through, but not the soil.

#11 part 2 Newt High school AU: We Grew Up

((Part 2 to previous requested imagine: We Grew Up))

Prompt: Newt and reader are long childhood friends who are on completely different levels of popularity but not feelings.

A/N: so this is part two! I hope you enjoy :)


It’s finally the end of the school day and after I’ve been to my locker, I begin to head out to my car. I haven’t spoken to Newt much after our little ‘disagreement’ this morning, but I expect that he still needs a ride home. Unless he rides with Minho or Thomas, of course. I sat with the boys and some of their other friends at lunch and it felt strange but at the same time, I felt comfortable being with them all together. We talked lots about how we’ve been and everything, just catching up like we used to do.

When outside, it’s clear that Newt hasn’t decided to ride with the boys as I spot him leaning up against my car just like he was this morning. He glances over at me as I approach him and stands up straight, sending me a weak, guilty smile and it looks like he’s apologising for earlier without words. And who can resist that smile?

Once in front of him, I grin, letting him know that all is forgiven. With a sigh of relief, Newt smiles a genuine smile and grabs my hand and squeezes it gently. My heart quickens at the gesture and once again I have to fight not to blush.

“S-so shall w-we g-go?” I stammer awkwardly, nodding towards the car.

“What? Oh, yeah.” Newt says distractedly, as if he wasn’t really paying attention. Like he was lost in thought. I’m about to pull away from Newt’s hand but I’m stopped when he grasps it tighter, refusing to let me go.

“Wait.” He whispers, smirking and tilting his head teasingly. “I’m not in a rush, love.” Newt’s accent leaks off his tongue so seductively that it shocks me.

Considering Newt isn’t thinking about going anywhere any time soon, I take this opportunity to admire him. I admire his eyes, his jawline, his messy but beautiful hair. I admire how toned and smooth his arms look on show beneath his t-shirt sleeves. I admire his cheeky smirk playing at his lips as the lost in thought but content look appears flashes through his eyes.

But it’s not just his physical attractiveness that I admire. Also, I admire his inner beauty. I admire how he is by far the most considerate and compassionate person I’ve ever know. How he always puts others before himself. How his laugh is lighter and brighter than the sun in the sky. How he has all these flaws that he doesn’t brag about to get sympathy, instead he just keeps them to himself until the time is right. I admire how he has this radar that detects weather I’m okay or not, and how he’ll go to extreme lengths to make sure that I’m happy.

“We should go. We need to make sure we are ready for that party in time.” I murmur, lost in Newt’s eyes.

“Okay.” He says back, quietly, before releasing my hand and allowing me to get in the car.

For the journey back, we don’t say much. We just smile and chuckle to ourselves, occasionally glancing at each other. How is it that I’ve got this huge 'like-you-more-than-a-friend’ thing for best friend? And how is it that I’m having these super cliché and cringe thoughts that 'there’s no way that he could ever feel the same’ because I swear to god that’s not what I’m about AT ALL. I’m almost ashamed of myself for being so awkward about the situation.

Once we’re parked up outside both of our houses, we get out the car.

“Well, see you later!” I wave to Newt and begin walking up the path towards my front door.

“Hey wait!” Newt calls just as I have fished out my front door keys. Turning to face him, I send him a questioning look. “D'ya want to come study at mine for a bit?” He asks, leaning on my car again.

“Newt…” I say slowly, trying to stifle a laugh. “Just because I’m on the honour roll, doesn’t mean I study all evening, every evening.” I let the laugh out now and so does he, shaking his head which makes his hair mess up even more than before as it flops over his eyes.

“Alright then.” He chuckles, looking up at me. “Movie?”

“Won’t your parents mind?” I ask, already persuaded

“They’re still at work, love.”

I raise my eyebrows at him and grin. “Your on.”

So at that, I follow Newt inside his house. It’s not like I’m unfamiliar with his house; I’ve been in and out of it at least a few thousand times since I was little. There’s a lot of memories in his house, as there is in mine.

Newt and I ordered a pizza and decided to watch some action film. It was pretty good to be honest and the pizza was great. I wish I could stay longer, but I have a party to get ready for and so does Newt.

“I’m going to head back next door and start getting ready for this party.” I tell him, grabbing my bag and heading towards his front door. It’s been so lovely to just sit and watch a movie with Newt and I really don’t want to go.

“Alright. Show me through the window when your ready and I’ll give you my uttermost professional opinion.” Newt gave me a smug look and laughed when I hit him in his shoulder. I could feel electricity in your bones even from that one small ounce of contact.

“I’ll see you later Newt.” I say, rolling my eyes and walking the few yards to my front door. I turn around and see Newt watching me from his doorway. “I’m not going to be killed right here and now, Newt! You don’t have to make sure I 'get home safe’ when we live a dozen yards away from each other!” I tease him and it’s his turn to roll his eyes.

“Okay, alright (y/n). Just trying to be a good best friend!” He remarks, leaning against his doorframe. “See you!” He says before disappearing back into his house.

Without any hesitation, I bound up the stairs and start getting ready. I’m not too sure what my parents would think if they were home but, hey. I put on a dress that I’ve never worn before and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty clingy. I’m not one for heels, so instead I wear my white converse. They’re not too muddy in comparison to my doc martins, so I’m sure they’ll go fine.

Checking the clock, I realise that I’ve only got fifteen minutes left to get myself sorted so I quickly fix my hair and brush my teeth before putting on some mascara and lipgloss. Once I’m finished, I throw a pebble from my jar at Newt’s window. He appears in a second.

“Whoa (y/n)…y-you look uh-h…” Newt stammers and starts to look a little flustered. He looks at me in a way that I’ve not noticed before.

“Not so bad yourself, shank.” I grin, trying to break the tension between our bedroom windows. Newt is wearing one of his classic button down shirts and jeans. To be honest, Newt could show up in a card board box and all the girls would still swoon over him.

Newt still hasn’t taken his eyes off of me yet and I can already feel a red tinge creeping over my cheeks. “Shall we head out?” I ask him quietly.

“Yeah, let’s go.” He smiles and winks at me, closing his window.

After locking the front door, I meet Newt at my car again and click the bottom to open the doors.

“Three rides in your car in one day, (y/n)! That’s a record!” Newt chuckles and smiles at me. I smile back and it is then when Newt notices my interesting choice in footwear. “Quirky shoes you’ve got to match that dress, love.” He says, fairly amused. I know he’s not being mean, in fact it’s probably a bloody complement. In response, I nod, satisfied with my outfit. It’s not like I’m on a mission for popularity here and therefore I don’t particularly care what people think about my shoes.

As I pull out, Newt begins to direct me to Minho’s house. It’s a good job too, because in all the years I’ve known him, I’ve completely forgotten where he lives. On the way, Newt’s superhuman radar kicks in and it’s like he can sense that I’m not completely alright.

“What’s wrong, (y/n)?” He asks almost sadly. “You were so bubbly earlier!”

“What if everyone thinks I’m weird?” I blurt out suddenly, surprised at myself for just letting it slip. I catch Newt’s glance briefly and he looks at me knowingly.

“Don’t you worry about that (y/n), I’m sure they’ll all love you just as much as I do.” Newt suddenly stops and I nearly crash the car. I refuse to look at Newt but I can feel his eyes on me for the next five minutes. We both recover from the 'L’ word in time and eventually Newt goes on. “I mean, yeah you’re weird, but so am I. So is everyone on this strange yet unique planet. And if it makes you feel any better, I won’t leave your side until the minute we set foot in our homes.”

“Thanks Newt.” I smile at him and he sends me a cheesy grin back. We’ve arrived at Minho’s house.

We both get out of the car and slam the doors in unison. I can already hear the extortionately loud music and the sound of intoxicated teenagers from the other side of the street. Nerves get the better of me and I freeze to the curb.

Thankfully, Newt senses this and grabs my hand, warming and electrocuting me at the same time. I squeeze his hand and together we both walk into the party. Surrounding me are drunks, sobers, dancers and talkers. There are people lying on the floor, people throwing cups and or throwing up. What is most disgusting of all, are the people who are lying in a heap of plastic cups, drenched in vomit and very clearly passed out. I’d hate to be Minho tomorrow…

I’ve been so busy taking in my surroundings that I hadn’t noticed that Newt had brought me to some girls. But not just any girls, my old friends: Teresa, Brenda and Sonya. Plus, there are some other girls who I’ve never spoken to but know of: Harriet and another girl who’s name I cannot recall.

“You guys know (y/n), right?” Newt says, gesturing to me who awkwardly waves over at them. They seem genuinely surprised but also, especially from Teresa, happy to see me.

It only takes a minute for us all to be chatting and catching up on the past few years of our lives. I can’t deny how nice it feels.

It’s been an hour or so and Newt had disappeared long ago after being dragged off with some lacrosse team members. I’ve spent the whole time talking and laughing with the girls. I haven’t had a drop to drink because I’m driving home later. Although, gnat doesn’t bother me too much as again, I don’t drink. The girls understood and didn’t try to pressure me. They even told me they missed me and hope that I can hang out with them again. And what d'you know, they even like my dress-shoe combo.

It’s at times like this that you realise how much you have missed your friends. The wonderful friends. And it’s when I’m with them that I feel like I’ve got a life. I’m broken from my thoughts when Newt’s friends Alby and Ben come rushing over to me, terror plastered in their eyes.

“(y/n)…it’s Newt.” Alby says breathlessly. “Something’s wrong and he keeps on asking for you.”

Without another word, I run.


A/N: part 3?
Thanks to anyone who reads this! I really hoped you liked it haha! Feedback is always lovely and it means an awful lot to me! Feel free to request imagines, my ask is always open! Love you munchkins :)