pebble mosaics

where i see myself in ten years: 

  • a sleepy ocean town’s lighthouse keeper with a beard bigger than my face and a fishhook for an earring. i don’t speak to anyone but everyone knows who i am. i send letters to unknown loved ones and watch the sea. 
  • on a farm with ten dogs, jars of honey all around the kitchen, pressed flowers everywhere. lots of light and sun and yellow. 
  • a house deep in the woods. i saw something out there but won’t tell anyone what it was. i always leave the fire burning in fear it will come back. sometimes i chop wood. 
  • by a clear blue lake. i swim in the morning and evening and search for interesting pebbles and make mosaics out of weathered glass. sometimes i sing, sometimes i let the quiet come over me. 
  • in a small house with my partner. we wake up and make breakfast, sometimes with music playing, sometimes with the window open. we paint or draw or play music, go on hikes. we watch movies and throw popcorn at each other. the days pass slow and smooth.