pebble balancing

While each sign is tied to an element, I believe they each relate to another element, like a gradient.

Scorpio has an earthy side, a side of rationale and life practicality in light of thugs that matter. The pessimism scorpios are so often accused of possessing could be argued to be an honest perception of the ways things actually are. They are the shore break of foamy waves on the earth.

Cancer has a fiery side. The crab often craves optimism and such friendliness that he or she melds into social situations with ease. Cancers have a way with conversation, a way with molting to please multiple people. Their moody disposition also has the raw and unpredictable zeal of fire, like boiling water threatening to spill.

Pisces is infiltrated with airy bubbles. The fish are always contemplating, exploring, and discovering, even if it’s often within the realm of their own mind. Much like Gemini, the other plural symbol of the zodiac, Pisces must contemplate various ideas, morals, perceptions, etc.

Leo is indulgent in material luxuries and natural order. The lion sprawls out on the earth to enjoy the heat of the sun. Like Taurus, Leos know what they want and how to get it. Their approach is fiery, but their dedication and resourcefulness is of earth.

Aries has a wet sensitivity. These rams can be supremely sensitive, especially when it comes to embarrassment. They shield their vulnerabilities like a shelled Cancer, and indulge in temper-tantrums, demands, eye-rolling, sarcastic comments, etc. to hide the emotional strain people put on them.

Sagittarius’ fight for divine connection and tendency to roam is all tied into an innate need to understand. These happy-go-lucky people have a desire to feel connected and learned in some way, though the way may often vary. It’s like a person blowing fire, the Sagittarians. They are connected to air.

Aquarius is bounded with earth. Revolution and eccentricities are so often paired with logical reasoning that the water bearer is able to fulfill his or her duties. The water is weight to keep them grounded to earth, so these revolutionaries do not float away. 

Gemini is linked with quick-witted bouts of fire. The explosions are continuous, even spontaneous. It’s hard to hold them down, or to keep them quiet, with all the fiery energy running from their mind and through their limbs. Where Aquarius has their thoughts grounded, in a sense, Gemini ping-pongs with creativity that can be overlooked by those who do not listen.

Capricorn is the father of the zodiac, the goal-oriented worker with earthly rationale. But beyond that, there is a curiosity, a wit that overwhelms them. Capricorn are able to be practical because of their intelligence, their overview. And yet it is overlooked, like dusty particles floating through the air.

Virgo has a wonderful ability to hide. Problems can so easily be rationalized away, at least around other people. But no one sees a Virgo cry so often as their shower or pillow. It is a secretive act, more often than not, because over-sensitivity can be looked at as both selfish and weak. Virgo would prefer not to have that much attention anyway. This, matched with their great sympathy, allows for a well-balanced river- pebbles skipping across the surface .

Taurus is slow, methodical, and luxurious. Except when they’re not. A taurean will waste no time defending with quick-witted zest, a fire of passion exploding from their lungs. Be it about work, friends, family, lunch, casual conversation. If they are right, or suppose it to be so, the bulls become heated.

Libra is inundated with ideas, he or she always has been. But being associated with the seventh house, and having a natural preference for company and interdependency causes the librans to feel. In fact they feel very hard, and while they produce tiny bubbles of wit and consideration, those bubbles are weak and can so easily pop. Many libras/libra moons find that they cry often, or did in childhood. The sensitivity of the air sign equates it with water. After all, bubbles can’t exist with out a watery base for the wand.

***credit to @astrolochery for equating Librans with bubbles. I find it to be very profound***

🌻 Inexpensive recruitment centerpiece ideas! 🌻

Q: Do you have an ideas or inspiration for centerpieces for recruitment that are cheap but cute?

A: YES! I love DIY party decorating, especially on the “cheap.” It’s fun to create something super cute out of ordinary materials. Color coordinate the centerpieces to your themes for your early rounds, preference night and bid day party. With some smart shopping and crafting, you can create super attractive decor and impress your PNMs!

🌻  Creating Cute DIY Centerpieces on a Budget! 🌻

CHEAP CONTAINER IDEAS: The expense of fancy vases can be avoided by using creative alternatives. Save even more money by purchasing containers and supplies in BULK, or at wholesale prices whenever possible. Check glassware outlets, box bulk buying, garden supply centers, discount paper stores, floral supply companies, etc…

If you are using flowers in your centerpiece go with the cheaper blooms. Carnations, wild flowers, Gerber daisies, baby’s breath and regular daisies are all less expensive options. Save the more expensive roses for accents and ceremonies.  

  • Clay Pots. The humble clay pot can be spray painted, wrapped with fabric, tied with ribbon, decorated with designs and more. They are an ideal centerpiece vessel. 

  • Glass Jars. Mason jars are a very popular choice for centerpieces. If they are too expensive, substitute standard glass jars, or bottles. “Regular” bottles can be spray painted or glittered to give them a more glamorous look. Plain jars can also be filled with candy, fruit, sprinkles, or paper crinkles to jazz them up.

  • Gift Boxes. Super cheap plain boxes can be wrapped to look adorable as centerpiece containers. Or, wrap them in your theme and stack as “the” centerpiece. When using a light box as a container, they must be weighted down with sand or pebbles to balance the display above. 

  • Bags. Paper bags are terrific cheap centerpiece containers. Bag “looks” can range from a country rustic, to chic, depending on your theme. Like boxes, if you are using a paper bag as a vessel, it should be weighted down with sand or pebbles. Decorate the paper bags to match the feeling of your party. 

  • Tin Cans & Pails. Recycled food cans and small tin pails make for very cute containers. Using tin cans from the grocery store is the cheapest way to go. Cans can be accented with ribbon, lace, gift wrapping paper, spray painted and decorated to look charming as centerpieces. 

CHEAP FILLER IDEAS: Beyond inexpensive flowers such as daisies and baby’s breath, you can create centerpiece drama with other materials too. Fill your container of choice with some of these affordable ideas…

  • Tissue Paper Flowers. DIY tissue paper flowers for a cheap alternative to the real thing. Add crinkle shreds and tissue paper inside the container for filler. Use your theme colors for a bright and happy display.

  • Candy. Edible centerpieces are “sweet on greek,” especially if you order the candy online in bulk. Candy can fill a vase or “be” the arrangement instead of flowers or paper.

  • Cute Cutouts. A fun idea is to make centerpiece arrangements out of themed paper cutouts attached to long skewers. Very inexpensive and super cute for any recruitment event.

  • Branches. Spray paint branches you find out in nature in your theme colors. Add crystals, butterflies, paper flowers, or twinkle lights for a whimsical and super low cost centerpiece. 

  • Paper Pinwheels. DIY pinwheels out of two-sided scrapbook paper for a charming and inexpensive centerpiece. Attach to long sticks and arrange in a simple container.

  • Styrofoam Balls. Styrofoam balls come in many sizes. Ideal for DIY centerpieces. Styrofoam can be spray painted and embellished to look like topiaries, minnie mouse, hot air balloons and more. 

  • Paper Lanterns. Buy colorful paper lanterns in bulk and transform them into delightful centerpieces. They can be transformed into lollipops, topiaries, flowers, etc.

  • Balloons. The humble balloon is still a terrific cheap item to work with when making recruitment decor. Dressed up a little, a bouquet of balloons can become a stunning centerpiece. 

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{all photos found on Pinterest & Google searches}