pebble balance


THe construction of incredible rock balancing art.

Good Love {2jae} Chapter Four

genre: fluff, slight angst, future smut

warnings: smut, a/b/o dynamics (including self-lubrication, heats, ruts, marking, mating, knotting, pack dynamics), boyxboy

pairings: im jaebum x choi youngjae, other pairings

In Youngjae’s eyes, Jaebum was the perfect alpha- handsome, protective, grounded, and took care of his small pack very well. But too bad Jaebum doesn’t think he’s the perfect omega- or any omega, for that matter

or, the one where jaebum thinks a mate will just be a distraction rather than a blessing


An important thing to note is that in this AU, sexuality (gay, straight, bi, etc.) doesn’t really exist. People are just attracted to whoever and no one is really that picky if it’s a female or male. It’s more based off compatibility- which will be explained more as the story goes on. (:

This was definitely a date.

Jaebum sat across from Youngjae, looking at the menu that was placed in front of him. They were seated outside, sun beaming, a very light breeze going, and a Youngjae that was glowing.

They didn’t have complete closure on whatever their situation was, but they were getting somewhere- and that’s all Youngjae needed. He didn’t want to seem like a brat and talk about what needed to be talked about as soon as they sat down. Youngjae was still trying to figure Jaebum out, and he didn’t want to poke and prod if it obviously wasn’t welcome.

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Okay. Atticus might have touched a bottle. Maybe two. Whatever, he lost count after four. Everyone else was doing it, right!? “Ayyyy, you!” He barked up at the window he assumed was Christian’s, but he couldn’t be completely sure of anything in this inebriated state. “Hey!! I’m calling you!!” Atticus wobbled on his feet a moment as he turned his gaze to the ground, searching for something to throw. As he bent over to retrieve a handful of pebbles, he lost his balance and fell onto his face, scraping his chin. “Ah, fuck you! This your fault,” he complained, rolling over onto his back and sitting up a la Jason Voorhees. “You better.. You better open your fucking window! I KNOW YOU HEAR ME, DAMNIT!” Atticus somehow got to feet and proceeded to throw the entire handful of pebbles up at the window he was shouting under.

Gladio Starter

Carefully the hunter picked his way around the cliffs edge. He took his time finding every foot hold to get a better view of the territory ahead. Hoping he could spot his prey at a safe distance so that he could make an appropriate plan. He reached for a handhold as he came to a particularly narrow ledge. He felt relatively secure with this. He surmised he could hold his own weight from his hand. But then he heard the deamon’s roar. Swearing he jerked his head up to make sure he was not in view. That was a lot closer than he thought. As he jerked his foot rolled against a pebble and lost his balance. Hand gripped the rock in panic, but to late came the realization that the stone was not at the right angle to grip with that much weight. He dug in desperately but it wasn’t any use. More cursing. Those wings painted on his arms couldn’t help him now. Why couldn’t he have had the warping powers? This was going to hurt. A lot.

🌻 Inexpensive recruitment centerpiece ideas! 🌻

Q: Do you have an ideas or inspiration for centerpieces for recruitment that are cheap but cute?

A: YES! I love DIY party decorating, especially on the “cheap.” It’s fun to create something super cute out of ordinary materials. Color coordinate the centerpieces to your themes for your early rounds, preference night and bid day party. With some smart shopping and crafting, you can create super attractive decor and impress your PNMs!

🌻  Creating Cute DIY Centerpieces on a Budget! 🌻

CHEAP CONTAINER IDEAS: The expense of fancy vases can be avoided by using creative alternatives. Save even more money by purchasing containers and supplies in BULK, or at wholesale prices whenever possible. Check glassware outlets, box bulk buying, garden supply centers, discount paper stores, floral supply companies, etc…

If you are using flowers in your centerpiece go with the cheaper blooms. Carnations, wild flowers, Gerber daisies, baby’s breath and regular daisies are all less expensive options. Save the more expensive roses for accents and ceremonies.  

  • Clay Pots. The humble clay pot can be spray painted, wrapped with fabric, tied with ribbon, decorated with designs and more. They are an ideal centerpiece vessel. 

  • Glass Jars. Mason jars are a very popular choice for centerpieces. If they are too expensive, substitute standard glass jars, or bottles. “Regular” bottles can be spray painted or glittered to give them a more glamorous look. Plain jars can also be filled with candy, fruit, sprinkles, or paper crinkles to jazz them up.

  • Gift Boxes. Super cheap plain boxes can be wrapped to look adorable as centerpiece containers. Or, wrap them in your theme and stack as “the” centerpiece. When using a light box as a container, they must be weighted down with sand or pebbles to balance the display above. 

  • Bags. Paper bags are terrific cheap centerpiece containers. Bag “looks” can range from a country rustic, to chic, depending on your theme. Like boxes, if you are using a paper bag as a vessel, it should be weighted down with sand or pebbles. Decorate the paper bags to match the feeling of your party. 

  • Tin Cans & Pails. Recycled food cans and small tin pails make for very cute containers. Using tin cans from the grocery store is the cheapest way to go. Cans can be accented with ribbon, lace, gift wrapping paper, spray painted and decorated to look charming as centerpieces. 

CHEAP FILLER IDEAS: Beyond inexpensive flowers such as daisies and baby’s breath, you can create centerpiece drama with other materials too. Fill your container of choice with some of these affordable ideas…

  • Tissue Paper Flowers. DIY tissue paper flowers for a cheap alternative to the real thing. Add crinkle shreds and tissue paper inside the container for filler. Use your theme colors for a bright and happy display.

  • Candy. Edible centerpieces are “sweet on greek,” especially if you order the candy online in bulk. Candy can fill a vase or “be” the arrangement instead of flowers or paper.

  • Cute Cutouts. A fun idea is to make centerpiece arrangements out of themed paper cutouts attached to long skewers. Very inexpensive and super cute for any recruitment event.

  • Branches. Spray paint branches you find out in nature in your theme colors. Add crystals, butterflies, paper flowers, or twinkle lights for a whimsical and super low cost centerpiece. 

  • Paper Pinwheels. DIY pinwheels out of two-sided scrapbook paper for a charming and inexpensive centerpiece. Attach to long sticks and arrange in a simple container.

  • Styrofoam Balls. Styrofoam balls come in many sizes. Ideal for DIY centerpieces. Styrofoam can be spray painted and embellished to look like topiaries, minnie mouse, hot air balloons and more. 

  • Paper Lanterns. Buy colorful paper lanterns in bulk and transform them into delightful centerpieces. They can be transformed into lollipops, topiaries, flowers, etc.

  • Balloons. The humble balloon is still a terrific cheap item to work with when making recruitment decor. Dressed up a little, a bouquet of balloons can become a stunning centerpiece. 

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