peavey valveking 100

Peavey Valveking 100

“I’ve noticed that the popular opinion is to use a pedal…(whether it be a fuzz, overdrive, or distortion) on the clean channel opposed to the overdrive channel. Granted, this amp doesn’t scream bloody murder. Nor does it have the highest of available gain. But i have to say that i am completely happy with mine, and i play melodic death metal. The sounds i get out of this thing are ridiculous. It’s even pretty versatile; I can get a pretty compressed ‘djent’ sound, a decently high gain shred sound, a dirty as hell fuzz, a damn good hardcore chunk, or any mix of them. Not to mention the A to A/B power structure knob. I don’t know, maybe i’m just a tone freak.”

Submitted by likeaplague

[Not necessarily the “popular” opinion - just what I would do if provided a ValveKing. I’ve convinced my bandmate to take this approach while he searches for a clean single-channel head and it sounds worlds better. Not everyone wants to use things like I do, however; if the amp itself gets you by, do what makes you happy. I personally would rather spend a little extra on a really fuzz pedal or whatever accoutrement I needed to go that extra mile tonally (except I find the ValveKing price point too high for what you get - even for just the clean channel, it’s not the loudest 100 watts of all time).