peasant's promise


“Hear this now: I will always come for you.

                    I   p r o m i s e .

My Princess Bride AU Jelsa fic, The Peasant’s Promise, just got 100 reviews, +100 follows and +100 favs! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

I can only celebrate with close ups of the cover art I made for it.

Thank you so much!!  \(◠‿◠✿)/

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Do you have like a list of images you're working on right now? And if so, please show us a list (with a blurb of the image, if that's fine) so we can see what's there to come? (If you don't of course)

(actually didn’t know that y’all seriously enjoyed my written imagines?)

(a ? beside a title means that the name may be changed)


Peter Pan~


Y/N is a princess of a strict kingdom, but after the death of her parents, the weight is put on her shoulders to rule. Peter comes along and takes her to Neverland where she has fun and freedom to do whatever she desires. But will he let her go when the time to become Queen arrives?

Back Again- The one where Y/N leaves after getting in a fight with Peter. She goes to the real world and grows up. He comes after her and sees her through the window of her house- she is very old and dying with no family because she never moved on from him. He returns to Neverland and becomes cold and angry at himself for letting her go, and soon crumbles at the fact that she has died the next time he goes to talk to her. The heroes end up bringing her back to life as a last resort to try and fix Peter and get Henry back, and she returns to Neverland again as a teenager, physically the same age as when she had left.

Her King(?)- Y/N is a princess. She is being forced into an arranged marriage with the prince of the kingdom over to unite their people, but little does anybody know that she has fallen in love with a peasant named Malcolm. He promises he will find a way for them to be together, no matter how long it takes. She is suddenly ripped away from him as she is caught up in the marriage and uniting the kingdoms, and she hasn’t seen him since. Twenty years later, and he appears in her royal bedroom. He is young again, and he promises that she can be too if she runs away with him. She agrees, and he takes her away.

Be Careful What You Wish For- Peter and Y/N have been getting in a lot of fights lately, and they’re both getting sick of it. In the midst of yet another argument, Peter tells her that he wishes they had never met. And then his wish comes true.

Erased- Stiles Stilinski is the only one holding Y/N back from her life in Neverland. He is the only one who truly cares for her in Beacon Hills. Peter, who had come years earlier after feeling her heart calling out to him, told her that if anything ever happened, she was always welcome in Neverland. When Stiles disappears, she escapes to Neverland with Peter. But as Stiles’ voice slips into her mind and he starts to come back, she finds herself doing her best to remember exactly who that missing person is, and why she can’t seem to rid herself of him. She thinks she may have even loved him- and Peter didn’t like that.

The Hidden Truth(?)- The one where a new boy arrives on Neverland, and Y/N goes to greet him when Peter brings him back after feeling something drawing her to him. When she reaches out to shake his hand, a sudden blast of energy knocks them both backwards away from each other. Pan instantly rushes to her side, bewildered and worried for her as he wondered what he had just seen. It is soon discovered that they had had their memories stolen from them in the form of a curse. They were destined to save everybody from the darkness looming over the island and show them all true, pure magic, but first they must figure out who they are and how to bond.

Bound(?)- The one where, after a fight with Pan, Y/N returns to Storybrooke, only to find out that she is pregnant with twins- and it’s obvious who they belong to.

The Curse(?)- Like everybody else, Peter and Y/N have no idea who they really are due to the curse. But then the curse is broken. (feat. Tommy) (that made it sound like a rap album or smth) (feat. ya boi, Tommy Clark)

(o my)

The Lost Girls- The one where there has always been tension between Y/N and her Lost Girls and Pan and his Lost Boys. Pan and Y/N had both wanted full power over the island, yet they knew they couldn’t have that with the other around. But neither of them wanted to start a fight between each side, and therefore kept to themselves and lived in somewhat of a harmony on other sides of the island. Every now and then, the Lost Boys // Girls would play pranks or set traps on each other, and they would obviously end up injured, but this time the boys had taken it too far. After a seeming prank war between the sides that had transitioned from bruises or gashes to sprained ankles and broken bones, the Lost Boys decided to retaliate when one of their own had come back to Pan with three missing fingers. But this prank ended in the death of their youngest Lost Girl, whom Y/N had taken a sworn oath to protect. And this started a war between the two, the two of them (well, not really Pan) growing a hate for each other that lasted for decades. But when a new threat comes to Neverland, they find themselves having to join forces in order to survive.

Robbie Kay~

Amnesia- The one where, storming out after a fight between the two, Robbie is hit by a car and becomes an amnesiac. Y/N must cope with the fact that she is the only person whom Robbie, her lover of almost three years, has forgotten. And though he feels there is something different about her, he simply does not love her like he did.

Childhood Friends- Y/N and Robbie were best friends ever since they started kindergarten together. But then Robbie was moving away before middle school could start, and they lost contact all together. But what happens ten years later when Robbie comes back to visit his hometown?

Kissing Lessons- Y/N had managed to get the lead role in their school’s play, and Robbie couldn’t have been happier for her. He was always there to help her memorize her lines and to manage her time between school and rehearsals. He is soon shrouded in jealousy when he learns that Y/N must kiss another lead role- that is, until she comes to him and requests that he teach her how to kiss.

Letters to Y/N- Robbie and Y/N are close. Very close. It’s gotten to a point where they often wonder what they are; best friends or lovers? The feelings for each other and questions between them have not been answered or justified when Robbie is given a role for a new movie- he will be leaving her for, at the least, four months. It’s the day after his departure that Y/N finds a letter to herself from Robbie, and inside it explains every feeling and thought he has about her.

Tommy Clark~

A Secret Admirer- Tommy has had a crush on Y/N for as long as he can remember, but he was always a shy boy, and he kept quiet about it. He figured their friendship was too valuable to put at stake, yet he couldn’t help himself as he began to leave little gifts around for her- short love poems, chocolates, flowers. He left them in her locker at school or on her front doorstep on weekends, and the entire time, he kept it anonymous. Y/N doesn’t know that it’s Tommy, and she gushes to him how romantic she thinks it is. Tommy continues to do this, happy that Y/N feels loved, even though she may not know it’s him. But how will he react when she does find out?

Lifeguard(?)- Tommy gets a job at the community water park as a lifeguard for the summer, and he decides to use his free time to teach Y/N how to swim.

List Imagines-

-Tiny Things Pan Fell In Love With
-Tiny Things Robbie Fell In Love With
-Tiny Things Tommy Fell In Love With
-Dating Pan Would Include…
-Dating Robbie Would Include…
-Dating Tommy Would Include…
-Little Things Pan Does For You
-Little Things Robbie Does For You


Stronger Than Ever— a playlist for the hero, tommy clark

Winter Things— a christmas playlist for you and your fave

(there are like 100+ more that I was too lazy to include//are not well thought out yet but anyways, leave some feedback?)


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Liz, Red and Beauty and the Beast Myths: the New Edition

I felt this essay deserved to be brought out again and smartened up. The following is edited for coherency and to fully reflect the whole of season 1. It will, as the title suggests, be most palatable to those tolerant of a Red/Liz pairing bias. I’ve put a great deal of effort in at this point, I hope you will read and tell me what you think!

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