peas work

Bruce goes on a date with someone the kids don’t like

Dick: *Yelling while pushing a reluctant and extremely suspicious Bruce out of the door* YuPp BYE OKAY! HAVE A GOOD TIME! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Dick: PheW!! Okay…time… to Sabotage™

——– half an hour later ———-

Tim: Why are we all wearing really bad beards and trench coats?

Dick: *Rolls eyes* becAUUUSE we’re in disguise Tim!

Jason: Alright, but why does the demon kid have a mustache? He’s like five??

Damian: I AM ELEV-

Dick: Tonight he is a man. A very very tiny and strange man!!

—— later ——

Date: …Why does that table of strange bearded men in trench coats keep flicking peas at you?

Bruce: *Calmly as another pea smacks him in the head* Gotham is full of… unique characters as I’m sure you’ve heard. A table of bearded men throwing vegetables at my head isn’t that alarming

Date: .. I think they’re trying to get your attention..

Bruce: *Loudly and firmly so the others can hear* Then they can make an appointment, we’re on a date and NOTHING IS GOING TO RUIN IT!


Dick: Damn it! The peas aren’t working…

Tim: We can try the carrots next?

Damian: *Glaring at his father* or the knives

Jason: I vote knives!!


Bruce: We should just order desert and go

Date: Okay

Alfred: *Appears wearing a glued on mustache on top of his original mustache and a waiters outfit* May I recommend the tart for the lady?

Bruce: oh my god

—– 20 minutes later —–

Steph: *Bursting through the restaurant doors a pillow shoved up her top wailing dramatically* BRUCE WAYNE YOU CAD! YOU TOM CAT! YOU MAN OF THE NIGHT! CHEATING ON ME WITH ANOTHER!!! WHEN I AM CARRYING OUR SECRET LOVE CHILD!!!!!

Dick: *Spooning large mouthfuls of ice cream sundae into his mouth* You’re too late steph, the chick left after Alfred called her a tart

Alfred: I did no such thing! I simply suggested a desert

Jason: *Eating his own ice cream* Suuureee Pennyworth, sure

Damian: *Huffing* She was hardly the same standard as Mother, Father!

Tim: *Gently patting Bruce’s head lay on top of the table in defeat*

Steph:*Ripping off the wig* Oh thank GOD! my ankles are killing me!!

Oh nice, my mom isn’t speaking to me. Is it because i, 1) bought something with my own money, 2) am bad at focusing on schoolwork, or 3) she’s angry at something else and taking it out on me via the silent treatment

Since I’m so eager to see the boueibu OVA that’s coming out sometime today, I’ve decided I’ll fill in my time by posting all of the Akoya’s I’ve doodled here an there in the past few months. 

I wonder if, now that 2/3 of Caerulas Adamas will be gone, will he persue the Conquest lineage or will he join the Earth Defense?? Who knows??

His magical boii’s color is a warm light pink (that I tried to emulate with 3 pencils i had at work) and his staff is a mix of a giant pearl and what holds it is a silvery design that loosely resembles his Caerulas Adamas sword handle.

ACOTAR series explained by food
  • ACOTAR: poor girl falls in love with a strong steak and has to destroy the mashed potatoes queen to save her steak, meeting one girthy sausage in the process.
  • ACOMAF: steak isn't helping this girl out anymore, and a certain green peas bitch leads poor girl further into depression and PTSD. Luckily, poor girl reunites with girthy sausage and decides to join his Breakfast Club. In the end though, poor girl disguises herself in BBQ sauce to appeal to strong steak (but she's really a spy for the Breakfast Club).
  • ACOWAR: poor girl ain't so poor anymore and becomes badass girl that gets her revenge on strong steak and green peas bitch. She works with a piece of bacon to escape and eventually reunites with her Breakfast Club. All is well until the War Against Obesity takes place, nearly ruining our favorite breakfast foods. But obesity king fails, once again overpowered by a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Nicknames: Switch, Mist
Is a combo of Fell Papyrus and Swap Papyrus

Age: 16
Roommate: Bobble
Brother: Flip
Closest friends: ???(Karma’s brother), Karma, Serif, Streak, Bobble
Hobbies: Guitar,  smoking (please don’t smoke it’s bad for you),
Likes: Pickles, music, Ghosts, his brother
Dislikes: Direct communication, peas, yard work, puns

Switch is one of the first combos made after Flip, He likes to make himself seem older by hiding what he’s thinking and dressing and acting older. But he’s a big softy under his aloof and distant exterior. He likes to keep to himself about most things but has been caught talking to himself a lot. His caretakers try over and over again to get him to quit smoking but it never works. (Thinks it makes him seem more mature. Hint: It doesn’t.) Does what he can to look after his brother but stays out of his way for the most part.

Unlike Flip, Switch actually has an ability, but he keeps it well guarded so he doesn’t upset his brother or make others think he’s crazy.

                             A new student is coming to Ever After high… 

                       Say hello to the son of the Princess and the Pea!~ 

I’ve been working on Pearson on and off for a long while now. He was a lot of work and detail, from the earrings to the embroidered sleeves to the polka dotted socks on his feet. Easily one of the most complex customs I’ve ever done, but I’m in love with the results!


[ Request: Imagine you’re deaf and a little sister to Jax and Opie. One day, Juice approached you and tried to talk to you, but he got stressed because he doesn’t know sign language. The guys starts teasing him, but at the end they helped him. ] - [[ I ended this super cheesy because I just think Juice is the most precious thing who deserves endless happiness. ☺️]]

“Uh, hey.” 

Juice was standing behind you as you sat in the Sons clubhouse, your nose buried in a book. You were oblivious, of course. You couldn’t hear him walk up, and he was just out of your line of vision. You had no idea he was standing behind you, trying his best to strike up a conversation with you. 

“She’s deaf, idiot.” Tig stated with a roll of his eyes.

“Right.” Juice nodded his head. “Yeah.” He had been trying to work up the nerve to talk to you for months now. He finally decided to take the plunge and strike up a casual conversation. He was so nervous, obsessing over the perfect thing to say to you, that he had completely forgotten you were deaf.

He stood behind you, continuing to nod his head.

“That means she can’t hear you,” Tig said, speaking slower than normal and pointing to his ears to poke fun at Juice’s mistake. 

“Yeah.” Juice nodded his head. “I know what it means.”

“Why are you so tweaked?” Tig asked, taking a bite of his apple. He carefully watched Juice, who was still standing behind your seat, looking nervously back and forth between you and Tig. “Oh, my god,” Tig mumbled, his face spreading into a knowing grin. “You got a thing for her!”

“I do not!” Juice defended, his cheeks turning red.

“You do!” Tig cackled, “You got a thing for the deaf girl!”

“She’s not just a deaf girl,” Juice mumbled, his cheeks growing redder by the second.

“I know, I know.” Tig took another bite of his apple. “You gonna talk to her or what?”

“I- I don’t know,” Juice shrugged. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Aw, don’t be a pussy. Go talk to her, man!”

“Talk to who?” Jax asked, walking up to Tig and Juice. 

Juice’s eyes widened and he started fidgeting nervously. “Oh, uh, nobody.”

“Juicy’s got a thing for Y/N over there,” Tig answered, grinning wide.

Jax turned to Juice, an amused grin spread across his own face now. “Is that so?”

“I, uh - I don’t know what’s he’s -” Juice sighed loudly. He knew there was no point in lying to his brothers. They had already figured it out anyway. He nodded his head. “Yeah. I got a thing for her.”

Jax laughed and glanced over at you. You were still reading, oblivious to the conversation being held just a few feet behind you. You had grown up around Jax and Opie. You were three years younger, so they had always been a little over-protective of you. They both loved you and treated you like a kid sister, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Jax turned his attention back to Juice. “You should go talk to her.” 

Juice looked up, a surprised look on his face. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Jax answered with a nod. He looked back over your way and smiled. “I think you should.”

Juice didn’t know, but you had been harboring a crush on him for months too. You didn’t pursue it, though. You figured a guy like Juice wouldn’t be interested in a girl like you. So you kept it to yourself. Or at least you had tried to. Jax and Opie figured it out pretty quickly, and they hadn’t let you live it down since. You had a crush on a guy with a faux-hawk and scalp tattoos, and Jax and Opie thought that was hilarious.

Juice nodded his head again, clearly nervous. He walked towards you, taking a deep breath and reminding himself to calm down. 

“Try to make sure she actually sees you this time!” Tig called, howling with laughter.

“Shut up!” Juice called back, shaking his head. 

He stepped in front of you and tapped you on your shoulder. You looked up from your book to see Juice standing directly in front of you, a nervous little smile spread across his cheeks. “Hey.” He was rocking back and forth on the heel of his boots, his hands shaking ever so slightly. You smiled. It was endearing.

“Hey,” you said with a smile.

He began talking to you, but his nerves got the best of him. He was speaking too fast for you to read his lips. You had no idea what he was saying to you.

You shook your head and furrowed your brows. “I can’t - “ you motioned to his lips.

“What?” he blurted. He glanced over at Jax, a visible sign of distress. He was blowing his shot with you, big time.

“You’re talking too fast,” Jax explained. “She can’t read your lips.”

Juice nodded his head. “Yeah. Okay.” He turned back to you, swallowing hard. He knew he had to calm down, or he was going to lose his chance with you. He began talking again, but you still couldn’t make out what he was saying. You turned to Jax. 

“He’s from Queens,” Jax told you, shaking his head and laughing. “He doesn’t know how to talk slow.”

You looked at Juice. “It’s okay,” you told him with a smile. You stood, placing your book on the arm of the chair you had been sitting in, and walked outside for some fresh air. You had no idea Juice was trying to flirt with you, and you had no idea just how nervous he was.

“Shit!” Juice ran his hand over the top of his head. He raised his arm and motioned to the door. “It’s official. She hates me.” 

Jax and Tig exchanged glances. Both men broke out into laughter.

“Dude, you just gotta slow it down,” Jax told him.

“I didn’t even know your little pea-sized brain could work that fast,” Tig added.

“That was a wreck, Juicy,” Chibs stated, walking up to join his brothers. Juice hadn’t even known Chibs had been watching. He looked around to make sure none of the other guys had witnessed his failure.

“What am I gonna do?” Juice groaned, glancing out the window at you.

 Chibs slapped Juice on the back. “We’ll help you, brother.”


You felt a finger tap you lightly on your shoulder. You smiled. You already knew exactly who it was standing behind you. You turned in your seat. Juice was standing behind you, a wide child-like grin on his face. He began moving his hands. Your mouth opened in disbelief, and your smile grew wider. He was using sign language. He had learned it just for you. 

“I learned sign language,” he stated, signing along as he spoke. He shrugged and flashed you a hopeful smile. He was waiting for your approval. You nodded your head, urging him to continue. “I wanted to talk to you,” he explained. You nodded your head again. “I like you,” he said, but his signing wasn’t quite right. You just blinked at him. Juice bit his lip, now flustered. “I, uh - shit. I don’t know.” He shook his head. “I’m not sure how to - I just, I like you. I don’t know how to sign that.” 

You laughed lightly and placed a hand on his cheek. “I like you too, Juice.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “You can understand me?”

You nodded your head and laughed. “Yeah. When you’re not talking 100 miles an hour.”

Juice took a deep breath and let it out as relief washed over him. He bit his lip and grinned back at you. “Good.” 

He leaned over suddenly and placed a kiss on your cheek. You grabbed his face, flashed him a big smile, and pressed your lips to his. 


Baby Don’t Hurt Me (Bumbleby)

“What do you think love is?”

Blake looked up from her position underneath her shady tree. “So sunsets make you philosophical. I hadn’t realized. It makes sense, though.”

“I dunno.” The shape of sunlight shifted as Yang plopped down next to her. ”Maybe I’m just in a mood to be thinking about lovey-dovey stuff!“

Giggles. Blake shut the third volume of the Grimmborn Saga. "It’s a simple enough question. But … it’s also a very complicated answer.”

Yang’s looked at Blake from the corner of her eye. “Need some time to think about it?”

“No. No.” Blake traced the patterns the sun and the shade created on the cover of her book. “I have an answer. It’s just … complicated. And messy. And somewhat long-winded.”

And then, suddenly, there was a blonde head in her lap. “Got all night.”

That coaxed a smile out of Blake. And, eventually, a response. “I’ve heard that love is patient, and love is kind.” The book was set aside. “I know others believe that love is selflessness – that it means sacrificing for someone else, and putting their needs above your own.”

Skin slid along fabric as Yang titled her head. “You don’t think that’s right, though?”

“I do, but …” Fingers found their way to yellow bangs. “I think there’s more to love than that. At least, the way I see it.”

Yang hummed, quiet, eyes slowly drifting shut. “Take your time.”

Golden tangles drifted over knuckle and nail, and for a while, Blake did. “It’s easy …” She paused, for another curl, another daffodil strand between index and forefinger. “It’s easy for me to feel worthless, sometimes.”

Yang’s eyes snapped open. “What?”

“Like I’m the first draft of a better book than me.” Blake bit her lip. Just a little. Just for second. “Meandering, too wordy, too depressing. Heh. About half a million dangling plot threads.” Fingers over bangs, fingers over bangs. “And probably a heartbreak, on the last page. Pointless.”

For a moment, there was only the setting sun.

“. . . you know, if it helps …” A knuckle pressed itself, gently, into Blake’s thigh, and began moving. “I’ve always thought you were the best book I’ve ever read.”

“Hmm. And then, whenever I feel that way, you go and say something as simple, and as complicated and, mostly, as … sweet as that.” Blake watched a falling leaf as it settled on Yang’s stomach. “And all at once, I’m reminded that we write our own stories, and more than that, we make our own points. We make them, and decide how bright they shine, and put lines between them to connect them into the shape we want them to be.”

“Blake …” Yang spoke so softly, and almost certainly too loud for her own satisfaction.

“Isn’t that remarkable?” Blake spoke softly, too, and barely breathed. “One sentence from you, and I go from feeling meaningless to feeling like a constellation. Isn’t it amazing that, as hollow as I can feel, you hold me and touch me and remind me how to fill me up with myself? Isn’t it incredible that I feel braver than I’ve ever been with you at my back?”

“Hee, hee. You’re gonna make me blush, kitten.” Too late.

“Sometimes, as silly as it may sound, I even think I don’t deserve you.” The sun was setting fully, now, casting shadows over the curvature of Yang’s face. “And then you rest your head in my lap and look at me as though I’m someone you can trust. And I, in return, can’t help but trust you.” Fingers traveled slowly from forehead to cheek, tracing a path between old aches and pains. “A lifetime of being lied to, and manipulated, and led on a leash … an existence of feeling pointless and empty and scared and undeserving. Then you come along, and you tell me the truth, and I believe you.” Blake sighed, fondly. The breeze felt so nice on her uncovered ears. “Wholeheartedly.”

“You realize you’re probably giving me way too much credit, right?” Even when she was lying down, wind found plenty of purchase to glide through Yang’s lengthy golden locks.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” Blake allowed her eyes to wander, just for a moment, before looking directly into Yang’s own gaze. “Do you know what I thought to myself when I looked in the mirror, this morning?”

Yang had pressed her palm onto Blake’s own, some time ago. She pressed, now. “What?”

Blake had fought so many smiles – but she refused to fight this one. “I thought: ‘wow. I look beautiful, today.’”

Yang took her turn at giggling. “You look beautiful every day.”

“Exactly my point.” Her heartbeat felt so slow, and so fast – all at the same time. “Love, you see, is when someone cares about you so, so much … that you start caring about yourself.” Blake breathed in through her nose, and out through her mouth. “True love is a good night’s sleep.”

Yang was quiet for a while – long enough for the sun to nearly finish setting.

“Well, that’s what I think, anyway.” Blake shrugged, settling back against her tree. “What do you think love is?”

“Nah, I think you might be right, actually.” The words were a gentle murmur. “But … there’s one more thing I think about love.”

“Oh, really?” Blake raised her eyebrow. “And that is?”

Yang smiled at Blake, like the world unfolding.

“I think I might be talking to her.”

Jeonghan: Are You My Mom Now? (pt 3)

[table of contents] I. II. III. IV.

Summary: when was the last time I wrote something for jeonghan lmao uh rip (I’m only thinking of writing a couple more parts to this series jsyk)

“So,” He starts, pulling one of Chan’s many sippy cups from the cabinet above the sink. “My mom’s been asking when we’re going to get married.”

Jeonghan’s mom has been asking when you were going to get married since you moved in together, it’s not anything new. You shrug.

“And, your birthday is coming up, you know? What size ring do you wear?” He teases. You roll your eyes and elbow him in the ribs.

“Tell your mom that we don’t have time time or money to even be considering a wedding right now. And I am perfectly happy with where we are right now.” You say. You move to place your mug in the sink, but Jeonghan grabs your arm and stops you.

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My humble ideas for new fairytale-based Disney movies

1. The Princess and the Pea

According to legend, only a princess can tell that a pea is between that many layers of mattresses, and so the queen tests a lady professing to be a stranded princess by placing a pea on one of the mattresses she sleeps on. However, the prince is not interested in marrying any princess. The princess cannot fall asleep because she can feel the pea, and upon tossing and turning, decides to go for a walk. She meets the gardener’s son, tending to frosted roses, and starts talking to him. Eventually, they fall in love and although the Queen demands for the princess to marry the prince or be locked away in the dungeon, the prince saves the day by letting her free and leaving the castle as well in pursuit of adventure. The princess and the gardener’s son return to the gardener’s cottage in the woods where they grow flowers and food crops (including peas) and get to know each other. No wedding is shown.

1911 Illustration by Edmund Dulac

2. The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Twelve princesses sleep in twelve beds in the same room, and although the king has their doors securely locked each night, the next day finds their dancing shoes worn as though they had been dancing all night. A visiting soldier with an invisibility cloak gifted him by an old woman follows them each night on their dancing escapades. This tale is so delightful in itself that the only thing I would change is - for the soldier to fall in love with one princess (in the Grimm tale it’s the eldest) and attend a masquerade ball one night just to dance with her. Each of the twelve princesses are to have their own personalities - maybe there can be a pair of twins, or triplets to reduce the number of varying characters, and while the story is at its core a love story, it should also be as equally about revelry and that particular secret joy of bending the rules harmlessly for fun.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Ruth Sanderson

3. Rumpelstiltskin

Can we have a version of this where Rumpelstiltskin seems to be the villain at first but is really a prince cursed by a witch, and he can only break the spell when a lady who loves him guesses his name? It brings such a poignant touch to the story because not having anyone know your name is so tragic and he just wants to be known. And instead of the miller’s daughter stumbling upon Rumpelstiltskin chanting his own name, she stumbles upon the king (who has been asking for gold in his greed) laughing as he counts his gold, as he is in cahoots with the witch who cursed Rumpel. She tells Rumpelstiltskin his name, and breaks the curse - Rumpelstiltskin turns out to be the rightful king, enchanted by the evil witch, and he throws both false-king and witch into the dungeon that previously held the miller’s daughter. As he has helped her escape death by the false-king’s order and got to know her, they are already in love. He resumes the throne Lion King style and they give the gold spun from straw to the poor.

Rumpelstiltskin by Anne Anderson

4. The Elves and The Shoemaker

This story I imagine to be in the style of Carl and Ellie’s love story from Disney-Pixar’s Up. A poor shoemaker and his wife have nothing to eat because they have not enough material or money to make new shoes. Elves help them and in return they make the elves new elf-sized clothes. I don’t think you can make this story more whimsical than it already is…Maybe this should be a short rather than a full-length film.

Illustration: Rie Cramer “The Elves Began to Stitch, Sew, and Hammer.” Grimms Fairy Tales. 1927

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