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Do you Think he Likes me? (Part 2)

Phillip x Reader
Word Count: 1,480
Summary: Phillip formally meets Thomas Jefferson, who’s the father of Reader, over dinner.
A/N: This was requested, and I was excited to write it, I’m just not too sure it came out how I would’ve like it to ?? It’s kind of like a second part to ‘Goodbye, Smaller Hamilton,’ which is linked in my masterlist if you wanna read that first… Anyway, I’ll let you guys go, hope you’re having a beautiful day ☀️

“What type of stuff should we talk about?” Phillip asked nervously, stuffing his hands in his coat pockets.

You rolled your eyes; “Phillip,” you sighed, “Just normal things; we talked about this, you’re going to do fine!” You repeated yourself, for what seemed to be the millionth time that day.

Your father had allowed you to invite Phillip for dinner tonight, and needless to say, Phillip was nervous. Him and your father hadn’t really… Bonded. Of course because you were a Jefferson, and he was a Hamilton didn’t help anything, but that wasn’t your fathers main problem with your courter; he was upset that Phillip asked you to lie to your dad for months, and the only reason you told him the truth was because Phillip had made you cry one day.

Phillip nodded his head, “But just to straighten everything up-he definitely doesn’t like me?” He asked, biting his lip, anxiously.

You sighed; “Yes,” you admitted, “But not because of your name-because you hurt me when he first met you. So really, all you have to do is be a gentleman, be sweet, and then you should be great!”

Phillip quirked an eyebrow at you, “Was that supposed to be a confident booster?” He asked before turning his attention to your house that the two of you were now standing in front of.

You shrugged your shoulders, “It was just the truth,” you said casually. You grabbed his hand and pulled him up your driveway; “You’re going to be fine, Phillip,” you said, trying to be reassuring. You, of course, knew that your father would be acting hostile tonight, regardless of how kind Phillip will be being. You didn’t really want to tell Phillip that, though.

“If you say so,” he replied following you to your door.

You opened it up and instantly shrugged your coat off, taking Phillip’s, too, and hanging them both up. “Dad,” you called, “We’re home!”

Your dad peeked his head out of the kitchen so he could see you, “Hello,” he said, using his intimidating voice. You rolled your eyes.

“Hi, Mr. Jefferson,” Phillip said, doing his best to come across as confident, “Phillip Hamilton,” he introduced himself, walking to your dad and extending his hand for your father to shake.

Your dad eyed the hand, suspiciously, before looking back up at Phillip; “I know who you are,” he said, his eyebrows raised.

You sighed and took Phillip’s extended hand and held it in your own; “Dad,” you sighed, “You promised.”

Your father lead the three of you into the kitchen, then into the dining room. He sighed, “Dinner is ready.”

You rolled your eyes and lifted Phillip’s hand to your lips, pressing a gently kiss to it; you hoped your were being comforting.

“He’s just trying to be intimidating,” you said quietly to him, “I promise he was fine with it earlier.”

Phillip quirked an eyebrow; “If you’re sure,” he said dubiously.

You nodded your head confidently, “I’m sure,” you grinned.

Your father sat at the head of the table, you sat beside him, and Phillip sat beside you. “So,” your father sighed, “Three months, huh?”

Instantly, you pursed your lips and shut your eyes; you knew there would be no avoiding this, though. You just had to let him run his course.

Phillip dug his teeth into his bottom lip; “Seems that way,” he replied awkwardly. “We really weren’t sure how it would be accepted… I’m sorry, Sir.”

You looked to your father, gauging his reaction; he didn’t really have one, though. He was scooping some potatoes into his plate, and offering me some. Very maturely, though, he also offered some to Phillip, making you grin.

“It’s a long time,” your dad sighed, “To be lying, I mean.”

You had to fight not to roll your eyes; “Dad, we’ve gone over this a million times, already; stop it.”

“It was just a comment,” he quickly defended himself, using his dad-voice, which was soft and DIDN’T make you feel like you’re in trouble. There was a huge difference between his dad-voice and his cabinet-voice. This quickly changed though, once he turned to look at Phillip; “How did your father take it?” He asked gruffly, taking a sip of his water.

Phillip shrugged his shoulders, and you held his hand underneath the table, “He was shocked at first, but I think he’s getting over it; my mother was overjoyed. Claims she knew it all along,” he chuckled, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand, “I’m not sure I believe her, though.”

Your dad cocked his head and shrugged, “Mother’s are pretty smart about those types of things,” he commented.

Both you and Phillip nodded your head in agreement, but it was you who replied; “But not you?” You asked, smirking.

Scoffing, your father raised his eyebrows, “I don’t want to give away just HOW much I know,” he began, “but I definitely noticed the increased singing, dancing, and giddiness in this household for the past few months,” he smirked.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes this time; “That’s a lie,” you stated, chuckling.

Stubbornly, your father shook his head, “Nope,” he smiled, “I never lie.”

“You’re a politician,” you laughed, “Lying is a requirement.”

Your dad continued to disagree with you; “Not lying,” he said through a mouth full of peas, “You’ve been happier,” he claimed, turning his attention from you to Phillip, “You make her happier.”

Phillip bit his bottom lip, and you felt your cheeks heat up. Before any of you could respond, though, your father continued; “Except of course, when you’re making her cry.”

You rolled your eyes.

“I don’t plan to make it a habit, Sir,” Phillip said, nervously, “I-I really do love her.”

You looked to your father to gauge his reaction, only to find him absentmindedly fiddling with his potatoes; as if not a single one of Phillips words had impacted him in any way. You had heard Phillip say this a multitude of times, but hearing him say it confidently, in front of another person, made your heart flutter even more than usual.

That’s how the rest of the dinner went; your father making offhanded comments, and backhanded compliments to Phillip, and Phillip awkwardly and apprehensively replying, afraid to push the already splitting boundary. The three of you had the unspoken, but understood knowledge that Phillip was skating on thin ice around your father, at all times, and for a number of reasons; one, your father has always been overprotective, especially being a single parent. Two, he was also upset that Phillip had asked you to lie to him for months on end. Three, he hated that Phillip had made you upset after your first argument. And four, your father hated Alexander Hamilton.

Despite all of this, your dad knew that Phillip was making you happy, and has been for the past few months. And although he was doing his best to intimidate and frighten Phillip, you knew it was only for show, and that he was slowly but surely coming to terms with everything.

Finally, at the end of the evening, you walked Phillip to the door, to say goodbye. Holding his hand, you smiled up at him, “I think he kind of likes you,” you grinned, giddily.

Phillip let out a breath of relief, “Why’d you think that?” He asked quietly, not wanting your father to overhear, “I kind of got the impression that he hates me.”

You rolled your eyes, and held both of Phillips hands in yours, “He’s only trying to frighten you,” you said, pulling on Phillips hands so that he would bend down. Once he did, you quickly looked to the kitchen to make sure your father wasn’t eavesdropping; when you seen that he was not, you gave Phillip a gentle kiss.

“You think he likes me?” Phillip asked, his lips still pressed against yours.

You smiled, pulling away from him; “He does,” you chuckled, “I promise, Phillip.”

He sighed, and leaned back down, to give you another kiss, which you accepted gratefully.

“Y/N!” You father called from the kitchen, making you flinch away from your courter; “I can’t hear any talking!”

You could feel your cheeks heat up instantly, and you could see Phillip’s turn a deep shade of pink.

“Sorry, father!” You called, grabbing Phillip’s coat and handing it to him. “We’re just saying goodbye!” You called, biting softly on your bottom lip, “Here you go,” you said to Phillip, grinning.

He took it and slipped it on, “Thank you,” he smiled, leaning down to press a small kiss on your cheek. “Can I see you again tomorrow? I want to know everything your father says about me once I’m gone.”

You chuckled and nodded your head, “Yes,” you grinned, “I can hardly wait.”

Partners in Suffering-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine: #1 Prompt: #55

Word Count:1,051

Warnings:Bad parenting 

A/n:So this is my first time ever writing anything Teen Wolf related and I hope it’s good. This was taken from my Prompt list (#55) let me know what you think. 


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The Human Idiot

Originally posted by chrisevansz

*** Ok big thank you to the anon that requested this because the fantastic four was the first super hero movie that i have ever watched, and The Human Torch was my first crush! Thank youuu! I hope i do justice to my heroes!! *** 

Prompt: “Omg could you do one for the human torch? Like where you’re normal and you’re a friend of Susans who is staying with them and she catches his eye and he flirts with her but she is sassy af and aint havin none of that but Susan talks to her and they hang out some and fluff i guess eekkk “ 

(( Gif not mine, found on tumblr ))

“Wanna see me do a trick with my hands?” Johnny asked you while eating his dinner. You take a bite of your pasta and wipe your mouth, “No.” 

“Ok, ok i’ll do it. geez y/n stop asking!”

You roll your eyes in annoyance and look up in front of you at Johnny who is cheekily smiling at you. 

He sets down his knife and fork and looks at you, “Ok watch this.”

Everyone at the dinner table watch Johnny as he snaps his fingers and flames shot out through all fingers tips, he then puts his hands in a fist, opens his hand up, and the flames are gone.

Johnny looks at you waiting for a response, you roll your eyes and clap your hands sarcastically, “Johnny Bravo everyone.” 

Ben, Susan, and Reed laugh at your comment shaking their heads and continue eating; while johnny frowns down at his food.

“Ya know y/n, you’re in my house, under my roof, eating the food my house holds. the least you could do is tell me my flames are cool.” He says with a wink directed towards you.

You set your fork down and lean towards him, “No. I’m in my best friends house because she was kind enough to let me stay while i look for a job, so think again.”

Johnny copies your action and leans froward, “If its a job you, i already have one for you.” 

You cock an eyebrow up, “And what would that be Johnny boy?” 

“My lover.”

Reed chokes on his steak down at the end, while Susan sends a threatening look at her brother.

You lean back in your chair and smirk at him, not missing a beat;

“Id rather burst into flames, than to even think about liking you.” 

He smiles widely at you before reaching down at his plate, picking up a hand full of peas and throwing them at you.

You give him a bitter look before standing up and putting your plate in the sink, and pushing your chair in. 

You start to leave when you hear Johnny call behind you, “You know my doors always unlocked y/n!” 

You roll your eyes as you shut your door, “And you already know mines always locked Johnny!” 

He doesn’t respond, but you can hear his laughter carry down the halls.


There was a knock on your door that brought you out of your sleep, “Who is it?” You grumble out.

“Y/n its Susie.” 

You slowly get up and make your way over to your door and unlock it. 

Susan makes her way in and lays down in your bed she pats an open space next to her for you to lay at. 

You follow her directions and lay down, “Reed being a prick again?”

She chuckles and leans over to prop herself up to look at yourself, you copy her action. “Not this time, i wanted to talk to you about Johnny.”

You groan at the mention of Johnnys name, “Why? We didn’t hook up if thats what he’s telling everyone again.” 

She smiles at you fondly before blurting out, “I think you should give him a try, you guys would be cute.” 

You pretended gag which caused a giggle from Susan, “And you call him immature.”

“I am not immature, you’re just delusional.” 

Susan rolls her eyes at you, “Y/n i know you kind of like him, and he likes you. You know all his comments are weak attempts at flirting, right?”

“He likes me?” 

Susan looks at you in disbelief, as if she couldn’t believe you didn’t know; “Of course he does! Whenever you’re not around he always talk about how cute you are, and tonight after supper he asked us for advice on how to win you over.”

You lay on your back and stare at the dark ceiling, “But, he’s a player Susie. you know that i hate players more than anything,” 

“Johnny would’t play you. i know him and his feelings, he’s my brother y/n.” 

You turn your head to look at her, and she looks honest. “ Y/n, you won’t be with us that much longer. Please just give Johnny a try, its worth it.”


At around 11 you give in and knock on Johnnys door, “Johnny? its y/n.” 

“Its unlocked!” 

You open the door and walk in to see him eating chips and watching TV, he acknowledges your presences and mutes the TV, “ I forgot that you’re doors always unlocked,” you sheepishly admit to him. 

“My door is always unlocked for you.”

You smile at him and he smiles back at you, “Whatcha need y/n?” 

You sway from side to side, “I was wondering if i could sleep with you tonight?” 

Johnny leans back surprised at first but soon smirks at you, “My beds also always unlocked for you.” 

You laugh at his comment while covering up with the blankets, Johnny sits up and raises his arms over his head, “You finally did it!” He exclaimed. 

You turn to him and give him a puzzled look, “Did what? Sleep with you?” 

Johnny turns to look at you; “you laughed at me. Thats all I’ve ever wanted you to do.” Your heart tugs a little at his comment. 

“But the sleeping in my bed works too,” he says with a wink.

You push him slightly and laugh, “You’re too cute Johnny boy.”

He looks at you and is quiet for a moment. 

“You’re perfect.”

Your eyes direct themselves to his, “What?”

“I said you’re perfect y/n. in every single way, and you don’t know how happy i am to know that you’re here with me right now.” He explains to you. 

You smile gently at him and smile while reaching out and cupping his cheek with your hands, “Im glad I’m here too.” 


In the morning the morning you wake up to find yourself laying on top of Johnny while he’s sleeping peacefully. 

You smile up at him before kissing his neck and getting up.

When you enter the kitchen you see Ben standing and drinking his coffee, while Susan and Reed are talking by the stove. 

When Susan sees you enter the room and smiles big and runs up to you along with Reed and Ben.

So they were all apart of it.

Before you could answer Johnny walks into the kitchen and gets a bottle of water for the fridge, “Good morning all freaks,” He waves  to the others before walking up to you and kissing your cheek then your lips; “Good morning my princess.”

 He intertwines your hands and you both walk into the living room, while Ben starts to follow turning behind him to look at Reed pointing a finger; 

“You owe me 50 bucks.”

God i hope this was ok for you guys, i feel like the past few one shots were straight trash. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

“We are late bloomers”

They are the good souls amongst the servants of the famous series “Downton Abbey”. A meeting with cook Mrs Patmore and housekeeper Mrs Hughes.
You could sit with them in a local pub or have a picnic. Lesley Nicol, born 1953, and Phyllis Logan, born 1956, are two outgoing Brits who are still amazed that half of the world is interested in them and their show. Including the Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama and George Clooney.
Strictly speaking, their names only mean something to the biggest fans. But they are much more present in their “Downton Abbey” roles. In the series, the residents of the impressive manor (the show is set around the First World War) have to deal with the fast approaching modern times and the changes of british society. But so far the separation between upstairs, the world of the aristocratic Crawley family, and the downstairs servants, stays intact. In their roles, Nicol and Logan are two of the main characters downstairs. Nicol plays Mrs Patmore, the cook. Logan is Mrs Hughes, the housekeeper. Patmore has a big heart and knows why she has to be strict with her kitchen maids: her cooking represents the Crawley family, it’s their business card. During the course of the series she becomes friends with Mrs Hughes who’s also not a very relaxed character but loyal and discreet. Whoever has a problem at Downton best talks to Mrs Hughes.
Maybe the success of Downton Abbey can be explained by our love to watch people have a relaxed cup of tea while we are used to drink coffee, drive a car and check our e-mails at the same time. Maybe it’s the punchlines that are perfect for each character. Although sometimes they are better suited for a different character than originally planned, as Nicol and Logan tell us during the interview at the Hamburg “Hyatt” Hotel. We are sitting on a comfortable couch and are having some water. “Frizzante? What’s Frizzante?” Nicol asks and looks at the bottle of water in front of us. Or is it the british aristocracy that fascinates fans of “Downton Abbey”?

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  • the bright sessions: comfy sweaters, sentimental lockets, ankle length skirts, oval rimmed glasses, oversized varsity jackets, studded earrings--casual and easy to approach but carries an air of mystery around them, your new best friend at first glance
  • jim robbie and the wanderers: wide brimmed sunhats, goggles, flannels tied over tank tops, high tops and colorful socks, jean jackets around the waist, crochet bracelets--fun without risking comfort, always ready to attend a concert, go on a road trip, or chill at home
  • kakos industries: fishnet stockings, stilettos, clunky jewelry made of diamonds and onyx, gloves up to here, lingerie shipped from france, sunglasses indoors, their necktie costs more than your house--seem naked even when they're fully clothed, kissing them might slowly poison you but you do anyway
  • our fair city: turtlenecks, overalls over dress shirts, large, shiny buttons, pea coats, duffle bag full of secrets (likely contains moles), berets, stripped winter scarves, argyle sweater vests--always warm and cozy, will talk to you about classic literature and plays
  • welcome to night vale: nice vests, furry pants, long scarves in dark and moody colors, itchy cat sweaters, owns a lab coat but isn't a scientist, cactus flowers woven through braids, fanny packs full of flies--uncoordinated and yet still highly coordinated dressers, smells like sand and sunlight
  • wolf 359: beanies over messy hair, t-shirts with whole paragraphs on them, jeans, space themed key chains, colorful belts, star shaped earrings, clunky boots, always has spare hair ties--friendly and talkative on the surface though seems to be holding in tears, long conversations about stars and potential alien life

So I’m kind of addicted to the dehydrator. It has been going almost nonstop since I got it. There are wasabi chick peas in it now.

Claire was all “don’t make more food than you can eat” but like I’ve been forcing myself to hold back on scarfing everything down because CrUNChY SALtY VEgGIE ChIPs!!!! And chick peas. And dried kiwi which is just like… pure sugar.

But I want to get “ahead” on good snacks to bring to work like the chick peas (filling and full of protein, yo) so I can easily bring healthy snacks places.

I Miss You {m.c.}

(A/N: So basically I’m making a series about talking to the boys again after you two have broken up because I live for sad fanfics lmao)

Prompt: “today was the first family gathering i’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and i had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures i took of you to feel okay again” AU 
(from  tragicashwritingprompts)

Word count: 1,107 (finally i’ve written something under 2k) 

Warnings: None…kinda sad I guess????

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It’s a tiny cucumber that looks like a watermelon.

And it’s featured in a new story by my friend Eliza Barclay (with photos by Skunk Bear producer Ryan Kellman) about the most pampered vegetables in America. 

Get this: there is a specialty farm in Ohio that the nation’s top chefs can call up and say, “I need a pea-sized eggplant!” Full story here.

Headcanon Series: Be My Squishy

Headcanon: Maura secretly loves Finding Nemo (having watched it countless times with TJ). One night a tipsy Maura sidles up to Jane, who’s talking to Angela in the kitchen, squishes her cheeks and says: I shall call her squishy and she shall be mine.

Origin: pear-pressures

A/N: DAMN SON, this turned out hella longer than I thought. Serious fluff-fest, you will need to book an appointment with your dentist afterwards. Guess I needed something cheerful what with the angst in Saving Me. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. IDENTIFIED HEADCANON-ORIGIN TO BE FROM PEAR-PRESSURES who is a wonderful human being. Many thanks to the Anon who tipped me off!

~ ~ ~

“Thank you so much for doing this, Maura,” Angela beamed, folding the blonde woman into her arms.

“Oh, it’s not a problem, Angela!” Maura smiled right back. “I love spending time with T.J.”

“You’re a saint. And you know you’re like my daughter too, right?”

Maura could feel the familiar swell of emotion at the words of the Rizzoli matriarch. It never ceased to move her whenever any of the Rizzoli clan reaffirmed her inclusion into the family. She responded with a small squeeze and a nod before stepping back and picking T.J. up from where he sat in the pram.

“Hello, T.J. We’re going to have lots of fun, aren’t we?”

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