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Fire Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

Tools: Ash, Alcohol, Athame, Axe, Black Salt, Blown Glass, Bonfire, Burn Safe Containers, Burned Herbs, Campfire, Candles, Charcoal, Charred Wood, Cast Iron, Dagger, Double-Headed Axe, Electrical Appliances/Items, Fairy Lights/Christmas Lights, Fire Pit, Firewood, Golden Objects/jewelry, Kitchen Supplies/Appliances/Tools, Knives, Lamps/Lights, Lantern, Lava Lamp, Leather, LED Lights/Candles, Lighters, Lightning Bolt Imagery, Matches, Pots & Pans, Razors, Requests on Paper/Written, Rod, Scourge/Whip, Smoke, Skillet, Spatulas, Staff, Sun Imagery, Sword, Tea Lights, Tinder Bundles, Wax Melter, Wooden Spoon, Volcano Imagery

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow and Gold

Corresponds to: Strength, passion, love, lust, anger, rage, wrath, war, competition, courage, power, willpower, sex, desire, labor, cleansing, destruction, banishing and protection

Crystals: Amber, Sunstone, Carnelian, Obsidian, Fire Agate, Agate, Ruby, Garnet, Star Garnet, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Diamond, Red Tiger’s Eye, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Fire Opal, Lava Rock, Pumace, Sulfur, Thunderstone

Metals: Steel, Gold, Brass, *Nickle

*can be dangerous in raw form or if ingested

Herbs: Cinnamon, Basil, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Peppercorn, Peppermint, Rosemary, Chile Peppers, Cacti, Prickly Pear, Coffee, Nettles, Garlic, Thorn Trees/Plants, Thistle, Onion, Allspice, Juniper, Hibiscus, Red Poppy, Almond, Clove, Chamomile, Bay Leaf, Sunflower, Marigold, Holly, Oak

Animals: Lion, Tiger, Puma, Lizards, Dragon, Snakes, Coyote, Fox, Mantids, Scorpion, Ram, Goat, Squirrel, Salamanders

Elementals and Beasts/Creatures: Girtabilu, Dragon, Salamanders, Djinn, Sprites, Genies, Efreet, Hellhounds, Lampad, Phoenix, Cherufe, Manticore 

Sense: Sight, Taste

Body: Eyes, Head, Heart, Blood, Muscles, Arms, Stomach, Reproductive Organs

Fire Related Magick: Sun, Love, Sex/Lust, Fertility, Candle, Strength, Kitchen, Burning, Destructive, Offensive, Competitive, Motivation, Emotional Strength, Intimidation, Revenge, Banishing, Cleansing, Unbinding, Curse Removal, Energy Work

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i was reading your overwatch prompts and i wondered if spiderbyte had gone on a date for that coffee before volskaya happened or not :)

Yes they did! They went on it a couple days after Sombra asked Widow out.


Widowmaker could feel Sombra’s eyes on her from across the table as she used her fork to carve out a ladylike bite of pear tart. They sat in an outdoor cafe, both wearing sunglasses. Sombra was in a pale lacy pink blouse with wide-leg high-waisted gray trousers, and Widowmaker in a lavender A-line dress and Grace Kelly-style headscarf, Widowmaker knew Sombra was smirking. She could feel her smirking. Widowmaker glanced up. “What?” she said.

“You’re a liar, Araña,” Sombra said with a grin.

Widowmaker arched an eyebrow.

“’My metabolism has slowed to the point that food turns to ash in my mouth,’” Sombra leaned back in her seat dramatically, imitating Widowmaker’s whispery voice.

“It’s an expression,” said Widowmaker, picking up her coffee and sipping it, “You’ve seen me eat before. The difficult part is enjoying it.”

“Taking enjoyment of food away from the French…” Sombra’s eyes widened, “Truly Talon is something to be feared.”

Widowmaker huffed a little and took another bite of pear tart while making eye contact with Sombra as if to prove a point. “Is everything a joke to you?” said Widowmaker.

Sombra blinked a few times and returned to a bit more normal seating position. “No, but someone’s gotta lighten up this bunch.”

Widowmaker sipped her coffee. “We are trying to start a war,” said Widowmaker, “We do not need to make light of anything,” she paused, “But… you never joined because you believed in that, did you? You have a different goal, and we are a means to an end for you to reach it.”

“Are we doing this?” said Sombra.

“You asked me out,” said Widowmaker, gesturing at her with her coffee cup.

Sombra’s brow furrowed and she sipped her coffee. “War as an end in and of itself is good enough for Akande,” she said, “What I’m looking for is information which, is a very hot commodity as is today and will be even more so in war so…good for Akande and me but…” Sombra suddenly looked around and Widowmaker followed her sight. 

Sombra knew Reaper was keeping tabs on her. She knew Talon itself gave her flexibility in her operations. She had definitely pushed things back with Katya Volskaya, but thankfully with Akande wrenching power back from Vialli, Talon was with her in the opinion that Katya Volskaya was of more use to them alive. Reaper knew she had her own agenda, and concordantly Akande knew she had her own agenda, and until it became an inconvenience to her, she didn’t mind. There was another watcher she feared, and at this point she was pretty sure it wasn’t within Talon.

 Apparently satisfied, Sombra leaned forward and dropped her voice a bit. “There’s a bigger picture.”

“There is always a bigger picture,” said Widowmaker.

“I mean there’s a force that goes beyond Talon, beyond Overwatch, beyond nations,” said Sombra, “And I’m going to find it.” 

Widowmaker looked unconvinced.

 Sombra huffed, “Well… you asked,” she said. 

“I didn’t ask, I stated,” said Widowmaker with a slight smile. She leaned forward a bit in her seat, “So is this to further your goals?” she gestured at the pear tart and coffee between them.

Sombra smirked and sipped her coffee, “This is to make sure I don’t go crazy while furthering them,” said Sombra.

“You asked out an unfeeling killing machine,” said Widowmaker, “Are you so sure you’re not already?”

“But the unfeeling killing machine said ‘Yes,’” said Sombra, booping Widowmaker on the nose with the word ‘Yes,’ “So I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track.”

Something like a smile tugged at the corner of Widowmaker’s mouth and she took another bite of pear tart.

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Name: Lyvius Lavellan

Age: Born in Firstfall, 9:20 Dragon. He’s 21 at the start of inquisition.

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Profession: Formerly Clan Second, Now Inquisitor. He becomes a merchant, owner of Elvehn Remedies, a small shop in Tevinter after the events of Trespasser. Still he stays in touch with Cassandra and the others just in case anything were to happen.

Background: Lyvius was the only son of Keeper Herrilyn of clan Hallavirn. He was to be clan First. However at age 12 he tried to have his vallaslin, but couldn’t stand the pain.

He ran away, farther than his clan could track him. In the forest he gets ambushed by a group of wolves and injuries himself trying to fend them off. In the end he is saved by Horux, a hunter of clan Lavellan. When brought back the clan adopts Lyvius as their own.

In clan Lavellan he honed his magic and trained his will. Finally at 15 he was able to get his vallaslin. Shortly after that he became clan Second. During his time in clan Lavellan, however, Lyvius developed feelings for Horux. One drunken night he confesses his love and Horux returns his feelings. But Horux is already married so Lyvius becomes entangled in an affair.

Lyvius was so ashamed and guilty, but couldn’t bring himself to end it. When the Conclave came it was an excuse for him to run away again. So he did.

Body type: Lyvius has a slim frame. His fingers aren’t boney, but they are long. He has just a tiny bit of chub in his pubic area because of his drinking problems. Thanks to his agility trading he has nicely toned calves. He doesn’t think much about his body. He thinks it’s strange that people differentiate whether his hair is white or silver. He really starts thinking about his body more when he’s with Dorian because the man will always be telling him how cute or handsome he is, which does make Lyvius happy.

Eyes: Orchid

Hair: white/ silver

Skin: Fair. It doesn’t burn really easily, but the Hissing Wastes sun was not kind to him at all.

Height: 5’7 / 173cm

Weight: 156lb / 70kg

SKILLS (S. P. E. C. I. A. L. +M)
Strength: 4/10 He’s not very good at doing things that require lots of extended manual labour. And in a fight he feels much more comfortable using magic from a distance than melee combat.

Perception: 9/10 He’s very aware of his surroundings and he’s very good at reading people. It’s when he’s drunk that he tends to say too much however.

Endurance: 8/10 Dalish life forces an elf to be strong to survive. Lyvius is no exception. He is no stranger to hardships.

Charisma: 5/10 He is stoic in his face most of the time, but when someone gets to know him he’s witty and always up for a laugh. He’s good at speaking logically to solve a problem.

Intelligence: 10/10 Lyvius is very smart. He’s good at complex problem solving, and is always excited to learn new things. He may not always radiate his intelligence, but his gears are ever turning.

Agility: 9/10 He’s very agile. From dodging attacks, or maneuvering around precarious areas, or bending into a certain position he’s almost mastered.

Luck: 2/10 Lyvius has always seen the glass half empty. He only has 2 moments in his life he would recount as lucky. The first would be when Horux saved him from the wolves. The second would be meeting Dorian and falling in love with him. Other than that it feels like the world is out to get him.

Magic: 9/10 He trained very hard to become the Second of clan Lavellan.
Lyvius is very in control of his magic now, even though people question it because his hands will spark when he gets angry.

Colors: His favorite is rich blue tones, but he also likes other shades of the color. He also enjoys autumn colors like muted browns, oranges and yellows.

Smells: Lyvius is very fond of the smell of the first rainfall of Spring. Embrum and Vanilla bean flower scents he could smell all day long.

Food: he doesn’t really have a favorite food. As long as it doesn’t taste like ass he’s fine.

Fruits: He likes Apples and Pears and Plums

Drinks: Coffee or Tea in the morning, water throughout the day.

Alcoholic drinks: Lyvius will chug anything to get drunk. His own recipe for Rashvine Whiskey is among his favorite to drink, or when he wants to actually savor a drink he prefers fine crafted beers.

Smoke: Has a few times, but doesn’t on a regular basis.

Drugs: Other than alcohol he’s pretty clean.

Drivers license: In a modern au I suppose he would, but he’d suck at parallel parking.

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Picture 1-3: Leftover Roast Chicken Salad, Pasta Soup Using the Leftover Roast Chicken Bones & Breadsticks Dinner - September 2017

Picture 4: Leftover Soup Pasta, Nashi(Japanese Pear) & Coffee, Next Day Breakfast - September 2017

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Packaging patterns for a limited edition range of ‘Air Effects’ products from Febreze including room sprays, candles and plug-in diffusers.

The patterns are themed around the American Fall season and holidays.

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🌷 What’s your favourite flower?
🍎 Favorite fruit?
☕️ Tea or Coffee

🌷: Roses
🍎: Pears
☕️: I don’t like coffee, but I’ve never tried tea before.

I’m paying 50k for each item! Aurora Screen is top priority on my wishlist. Also throwing in a basket of perfect pears and superb coffee beans to anyone willing so sell it to me or any other item on here.

Thanks in advance!