pears ad

I’m submitting this piece to Austin Artboards, a project that seeks to replace advertisements on billboards with art from local artists.  I have loved this project and believe in the endeavor, so I thought I’d throw my name in the hat.  

I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!  Maybe this’ll be large and in charge above the freeway!

anonymous asked:

Hi Tini I rly need ur help rn. I just hinged on 3 breads and one pear and added my calorie intake to 2100kcal till now and I still need to eat dinner. Idk what do and I feel so guilty. Please help

1. Calorie counting will only upset you like it is now. Really truly, no good can come if it
2. Your body is SO so smart, please trust me! It knows what to do with extra food. Please don’t let your ED tell you otherwise
3. 3 pieces of bread and a pear really truly is not a binge. Your body needed nourishment and you gave it what it needed: I am PROUD of you for doing that


“You’re the real McCoy, Sheba. You don’t need to fake it.”
      Evie sat up, glaring. “I did not come to this party to hear a lecture from you, Sam Lloyd. You steal people’s wallets. Don’t act like you’re better than I am.”
      “Me? Sure, I’m a thief and a con. But not you, kid. Unfortunately, you care.
I know you.
      “No you don’t,” Evie said, lying back again. “You just think you do because you’re my pretend fiancé. But nobody really knows anybody. We’re all just a bunch of Pears soap ads walking around clean and neat, ready to wash away to slivers.”
      “What’s real, then?”
      “I dunno, anymore, Sam. I really don’t.”

“I don’t know anything anymore.” Evie swallowed. “Like you and me, for instance.”
      “There is no you and me. You made that pretty clear tonight,” Sam muttered. “Listen, you asked me to play a part, and I did. From now on, I travel solo.”
      “Now who’s lying? You forget. I read your personal effects.
I know you.
      “You know bupkes.”
      But the gin had loosened the last of Evie’s restraint. “I’ve seen you. The true you. I’ve held your secrets in my hands. You’re scared, Sam. You pretend you’re not, but you are. Just like the rest of us.”