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“You’re the real McCoy, Sheba. You don’t need to fake it.”

Evie sat up, glaring. “I did not come to this party to hear a lecture from you, Sam Lloyd. You steal people’s wallets. Don’t act like you’re better than I am.

 “Me? Sure, I’m a thief and a con. But not you, kid. Unfortunately, you care. I know you.” 

“No you don’t,” Evie said, lying back again. “You just think you do because you’re my pretend fiancé. But nobody really knows anybody. We’re all just a bunch of Pears soap ads walking around clean and neat, ready to wash away to slivers.” 

“What’s real, then?”

“I dunno, anymore, Sam. I really don’t.”

I created a delicious salad for dinner and i am already excited to share the recipe with you!! I used:
1 can chickpeas
Juice from ½ lemon
1 Tbsp mustard
1 Tbsp agave syrup
Salt, pepper, oregano and dill to taste
And mashed everything with a fork 🍴
For the base I had baby spinach, red cabbage and i added a pear and mixed everything together with the “chickpeas mash”. 🌱👌🏻 You have to try it and tell me what you thinking I just love it!!! ❤️😉
I had it with a plate of delicious crunchy spuds 😍
Enjoy your evening ❤️
… .
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In the Vents - Readr x Clint Barton

Originally posted by michaelfassbender

AUTHORS NOTES:   So, I was super stuck and in desperate need of some prompts and the lovely @pickledmoon sent me a few. Thanks, dear. You’re the best. :)

PROMPT: if u want a clint prompt u could do clint and the reader spying on the other avengers?? maybe in the vents


 Why? Why up here?

 Every time Agent Barton went missing in Stark towers he always ended up in the rafters or in the vents. Unfortunately you had already checked the rafters and he wasn’t there. Which is why you had the great misfortune of crawling through the shiney, metal air ducts.

 You army crawled around a corner and sighed with relief. You had come up on one of the larger sections in the vents. It was only about the size of a childs play house but at least you could sit up with out hitting your head. Barton sat in front of a large grated panel that looked out over the common room.

 “Why is it that they always send you?” He whispered with a grin as he glanced back at you.

 “Why is it you always hide in the air ducts?” You whispered back as you sat criss-crossed beside him. You peared down ad could see Thor and Cap sitting on the couch, both looking confused as Tony and Bruce tried explaining something to them with a giant board for a visual aid. Wanda sat in a chair in a corner trying to read between spurts of laughter at Thor and Steve’s faces.

 “I like the quiet.” He answered. You gave a nod and continued spying on the team with your mentor. “Who sent you?” He asked quietly. When you looked over to respond you noticed his bow and quiver sitting beside him.

 “Nat sent me, what is that?”

 He looked at you like you had four heads. “My bow.”

 “No,” You huffed, realizing you had misspoken. “I mean why is that up here?”

 “Come on, rule one, kid.” He smirked. “Never go anywhere unprepared.”

 “Yeah but the vents?” You squinted and leaned against the wall.

 He shrugged and peered back down at his team mates. “Ya never know. You got your blades?”

 You chuckled and grinned. “Always.” You touched your sleve where you kept one of them hidden. Your time with the Avengers had just started, you had only been recruited last week. Clint was responsible for you since you two were of a similar skill set. He was, technically, more accurate than you but you were pretty sure the test Tony had put together was rigged.

 Of course, throwing knives wasn’t your only specialty. You had the ability to magnify your sight, ensuring the you always hit your target. Tony had taken it upon himself to dub you “Skope” and the rest of the team was taking to it pretty quickly.

 “What are they talking about?” You asked as Tony and Thor got into an argument.

 “You.” Clint chuckled.

 You whipped your head to Clint, confused. “Me, why?”

 “Tony is trying to explain to them how he thinks you got your super sight.”

 “Oh?” You looked down and zoomed in on the board. There was a large picture of an eye with all of the working parts labled. “And whats the running theory?” You asked as you refocused inside the vents.

 “Genetic mutation.”

 “What?” Your brows furrowed.

 “Means you were born with it. There’s a whole school for kids like you. I’ll take you there sometime.”

 “I was, born with it, I mean.”

 “So,” He shrugged. He picked up his bow and readied an arrow. “I really don’t see why it matters. You’re here, you help and you don’t have the ability to walk through walls or read minds. It’s a win for everybody.”

 He pulled back the string to the side of his face and took in a deep breath. On his exhale, the arrow vanished and bounced around the common room untill it finally landed at Tony’s feet. Steve hid behind his shield and Thor summoned his hammer.

 “Very funny Barton!” Tony shouted and looked around the room. “There will be reprocussions.”

 Clint chuckled quietly to himself. He had hoped his little stunt would have made you laugh too but it didn’t. You stared down at the team below with your lips drawn down.

 “Come on,” Clint elbowed you and you composed yourself. “That was funny. You should be laughing.”

 “Yeah, it was. I just- sometimes I feel like I don’t quite fit in, yet.” You confessed.

 Clint sighed and handed you the bow. “I’m not gonna sugar coat it, You don’t. But you haven’t been here very long so I’m sure that will change.”

 “But what if it doesn’t.” You asked as he handed you an arrow. You prepped the bow and pulled back on the string.

 “Then we’ll kick you out.” He smirked. You whipped your head to him and the string slipped from your fingertips, sending the bow soaring straight into a wall in the common room.

 Clint grabbed the bow and pushed you back againt the wall of the air duct. Both you and Clint sat flush with the walls, and it was clear that he was trying to make sure that the two of you wouldn’t be spotted. You glanced out the vent and saw Tony and Thor looking up in your direction.

 “I was joking.” Clint explained. “We wouldn’t kick you out. You’ll find your place here, I promise. Besides, Nat loves you so you’re pretty much stuck here.”

 “Sorry.” You mumbled.

 “It’s fine. I think our cover is blown, though. We should probably head down stairs.”

 “Probably.” You gave a tight smile and inhaled. Going down stairs meant having to crawl back through the vents. “I don’t really wanna crawl back through, though.”

 “Tough luck, kid. I’m not giving away my favorite hiding spot because you’ve got claustrophobia.” Clint smirked. “Not to mention, you’re the smallest one here your gonna be doing things like this a lot, now. Might as well get used to it.”

 "Wonderful.“ You mumbled.

I’m submitting this piece to Austin Artboards, a project that seeks to replace advertisements on billboards with art from local artists.  I have loved this project and believe in the endeavor, so I thought I’d throw my name in the hat.  

I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!  Maybe this’ll be large and in charge above the freeway!

  • minecraft: hey we're adding pears to the game
  • you absolutely original geniuses, you critical legends: CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“You’re the real McCoy, Sheba. You don’t need to fake it.”
      Evie sat up, glaring. “I did not come to this party to hear a lecture from you, Sam Lloyd. You steal people’s wallets. Don’t act like you’re better than I am.”
      “Me? Sure, I’m a thief and a con. But not you, kid. Unfortunately, you care.
I know you.
      “No you don’t,” Evie said, lying back again. “You just think you do because you’re my pretend fiancé. But nobody really knows anybody. We’re all just a bunch of Pears soap ads walking around clean and neat, ready to wash away to slivers.”
      “What’s real, then?”
      “I dunno, anymore, Sam. I really don’t.”

“I don’t know anything anymore.” Evie swallowed. “Like you and me, for instance.”
      “There is no you and me. You made that pretty clear tonight,” Sam muttered. “Listen, you asked me to play a part, and I did. From now on, I travel solo.”
      “Now who’s lying? You forget. I read your personal effects.
I know you.
      “You know bupkes.”
      But the gin had loosened the last of Evie’s restraint. “I’ve seen you. The true you. I’ve held your secrets in my hands. You’re scared, Sam. You pretend you’re not, but you are. Just like the rest of us.”


So I wanted to write some more with my OC. Read if you want and leave comments if you can! It’s 50% funny and 50% fluff. The whole pear thing is based off of it’s always sunny


“ROADTRIP!” Star cheered. She put a few boxes in the trailer hooked up to the car. “This is gonna be awesome!” Star jumped up and down. “Janna did you get the snacks and stuff?” She asked. Janna nodded.

“I got the snacks and drinks for the road loaded in the car.” Janna assured. Star smiled.

“Great…. Tom, where did you get a car anyway?” Star asked Tom.

“Yes, I would like to know that as well.” Marco crossed his arms. Almost positive his boyfriend was up to no good… again. Tom looked offended.

“Are you three implying that I STOLE a car?” Tom demanded. “Because that’s an unfair accusation.” He claimed, but his case was thrown away when Avery ran towards them from down the street.


“Oh look it’s Avery.” Marco pointed out. She ran up and hit her brother upside the head.

“You stole my goddamn car!” Avery shouted at him. Marco narrowed his eyes at Tom.

“You did steal it.” Marco accused.

“Okay fine, I stole Avery’s car.” Tom admitted. Everyone groaned.

“How were you expecting to drive?” Avery asked. “You guys are fifteen!”

“Well then do YOU want to take us to the Grand Canyon?” Tom asked. The group of children looked at Avery with pleading eyes.

“… Fine.” She caved. Everyone cheered.

“Road trip!” Star cheered again.

“Do you guys have a GPS or something?” Avery asked.

‘What? No, this is going to old-school.” Star insisted. “Earth-girl style. We’re going with old road maps I found in Marco’s parent’s car.” Star lifted the crumpled maps.

“Star these are like… really old. Are you sure they’re accurate?” Janna asked. Star shrugged.

“It’s fine. If we wanted this to be easy we would’ve just taken a portal. This is a good old-fashioned Earth roadtrip!” Star jumped up. “Lets kick it!”


“This is so exciting!” Star exclaimed. She was in the front seat while Janna, Tom and Marco road in the back.

“I have to say guys, I’m excited too.” Tom admitted. “I’ve never left the city before.”

“Wait… you’ve never left the city?” Marco asked astounded. Tom shook his head.

“I’ve been in a whole bunch of other dimensions, but when it comes to earth I’ve never left this city.” Tom said. Everyone stared at him for the longest time.

“I cannot BELIEVE you have never left the city!” Marco exclaimed.

“I’ve also never had a pear before.” Tom added. Everyone was in shock.

“You have never eaten a pear?” Janna asked. Tom shook his head.

“I don’t trust them.” He explained. “Where do you start? The top? The bottom? They’re so oddly shaped.” Tom told the group.

“This is crazy. Tom, what else have you not done?” Janna added.

“Well… I’ve never see the ocean.” Tom admitted.

“YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THE OCEAN!?!” Marco cried. “That’s actually insane!”

“I’ve also never had a strawberry.” Tom continued. “Or a blueberry.”

Avery pulled the car over at the supermarket. “That’s enough. I’m getting this kid a pear.” She concluded. “Everyone out.”

The kids climbed out of the car. “We’ll go in here for a minute, get some pears, and then hit the road.” Marco told everyone. “We’re on a tight schedule… Tom you’re with me. We’re going to get you a pear.”

Tom and Marco walked into the fruit aisle, Marco picked up a pear and put some money on the counter. “Okay, Tom, eat this.” He gave him the fruit. Tom took a bite and made a face.

“It tastes like sand.” Tom complained. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Well maybe that one’s not ripe.” He concluded. He went to the stand again. Marco picked up a new pear. “Here try this one… Tom where’s the pear?” Marco asked.

“I ate it.”

“You ate ALL of it?” Marco asked, astounded.

“Yeah, you said to. I didn’t like it, it was gross.” Tom told him.

“Well of course! It wasn’t even ripe! And you ate the whole thing!? The seeds and stem and core too!?” Marco cried. Tom shrugged.

“Was I not supposed too?” He asked, he was very confused. Marco groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You’re insane. You’re crazy.” Marco said, he began laughing despite himself. Tom on the other hand looked concerned.

“Wait, Marco… If I shouldn’t have eaten it tell me.” Tom begged.


“Alright, we all here?” Avery asked. She turned on the car. “Doesn’t matter if we are because I’m driving away.” She pulled out of the parking lot only to hear;

“WAIT!” The group turned around to see Janna run to the car. “You guys were gonna leave me here!?” She said, offended.

“Not our call, Janna, Avery was the one who drove away.” Star defended. Avery rolled her eyes.

“Okay sure, just throw me under the bus.” She murmured. “Get in the car we’re leaving.”

Janna climbed in the backseat, this time it was her Star and Tom while Marco sat up front.

“Tom, did you try a pear?” Star asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


Avery looked back at Star, Marco and Janna, who were all asleep in the backseat. They switched up so now Tom was upfront with Avery.

“So how’s it going with… The whole ‘dating a human’ thing?” Avery asked. She seemed a little skeptical.

‘It’s going fine.” Tom told her. “Great actually.” He continued.

“Good… good… he makes you happy?” She made sure. Tom nodded.

“Yeah… really happy.” He assured her. Avery smiled.

“Okay good. Tom… I just want to make sure that… you’re happy… with everything going on in your life.”

“I am… are you?” Tom asked. Avery smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I think I’m okay. I think we’re going to be okay.” She said, mostly to herself. “Tom, just make sure you’re with someone who makes you happy. Who makes you feel like you’re worth something.” Avery instructed. Tom blushed and looked back at his boyfriend.

“Marco makes me feel… like I’m everything.” Tom admitted. “Don’t tell him I said that.”

“Your secrets safe with me, kid.”


“Wake up! Wake up!” Star called. Marco sat up in the back seat, he blushed when he realized he had been using Tom as a pillow. He shook him gently.

“Get up, Tom… I think we’re here.” Marco said. Tom nudged Janna and the three got out of the car. They looked over at the Grand Canyon, out was just getting dark and all the stars were starting to come out and light up the Canyon.

“Wow.” Janna mused. “It’s really big.”

“It’s SOOO pretty!” Star chirped.

“How many people do you think died down there?” Avery asked. Tom shrugged.

“You’d think a lot but… I’m not too sure.” He answered. Marco shook his head. He took a few side steps to stand closer to his boyfriend.

“So are you happy you decided to leave the city?” Marco asked. Tom smiled.

“Yeah, this was definitely worth it.” Tom said, he put his arm around Marco. Avery nudged his side.

“Tom, use the pick-up line I told you!” She whispered. Tom blushed and looked over at Star who gave him a thumbs up. She mouthed the words;

“Use it!”

Tom huffed and looked down at Marco. Marco noticed he was looking at him.

“What are you looking at?” He asked. Tom rolled his eyes, and Star made a pleading face for him to use the line. Tom finally groaned, but obliged.

“I’m stargazing. There I said it.” Tom huffed. Marco blushed and gave Tom a big hug and covered his face in kisses.

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” Marco cried. Star, Avery and Janna all gave the demon a thumbs-up.

“I told you it would work!”


I hope you liked it! Tell me what you thought!

COOKBOOK: Healthy Oat Crêpes (no sugar added)
External image

Crêpes were always a signature dish of my childhood, and trust me when I say that hasn’t changed now.

The recipe, however, certainly has.

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Dedicated to my wonderful little pear giupear, because we’ve added each other to our growing nakama fruit baskets, and our love of pizza is too real. Also, because Natsu gave me a pizzaI wish I could write in Italian..

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 1,636

Summary: Lucy was extremely glad Natsu knew that a bowl of soup wouldn’t cure her cold.


Lucy Heartfilia wasn’t the type of person to be defeated easily. 

She’d written a fifteen page research paper about the ancient Fiorian empire in just one night, formatting every citation perfectly, so much so, that her teacher asked to keep a copy of her report for future reference.

She babysat every thursday night for Alzak and Bisca’s daughter Asuka, who undoubtingly was a very sweet and upbeat child for her age, minus her persistent desires for piggy-back rides and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. 

She had straight A’s and had been placed on the high honor roll all four years of high school, all coinciding with writing her hopefully-to-be-published novel. 

There was nothing that she couldn’t tackle. 

That is, except for an intruding head cold. 

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Changed up my Oriental oatmeal by adding pear today and it turned out more delicious than ever! :)
Chai-spiced banana, date & pear oatmeal (made with coconut & rice milk, chai tea, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla extract) topped with banana and pear slices, pomegranate, almond butter, mixed nut butter, almond flakes, dried mulberries and maple syrup ❤️

Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Washington, DC

Written by my-own-patronus

2400 words

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #9

There were many reasons why Kurt was glad his father was in Congress. Making a difference in the lives of LGBT people, for one. But right now, he was most thankful that it meant that for the next two nights, he and Blaine would be staying in Burt and Carole’s DC apartment and not in some seedy hotel.

Kurt had been several times before, and had even helped his father decorate the Dupont Circle apartment when he had first come to DC. Thus, Kurt felt much more at home here and didn’t waste one moment before flopping face-first on to the bed.

“Come on, Kurt!” Blaine called, “too much to do, not enough time! I want to get to the mall before all the museums close!”

Kurt groaned. “Why don’t we just stay in tonight? Besides, didn’t you already see all the monuments and stuff on your eighth grade field trip?”

“That was years ago, and I didn’t care about any of that stuff back then. Anyway, I thought you were the one who wanted to make out in front of the supreme court in honor of marriage equality?”

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