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Dane DeHaan and Anya Taylor-Joy grace the covers of W’s His and Hers issue. Dane DeHaan is photographed by Craig McDean, styled by Max Pearmain. Anya Taylor-Joy is photographed by Paolo Roversi, styled by Edward Enninful. W Magazine, April 2017.

Nancy Drew Dream Games → Road Trip Edition

Nancy, Bess, and George (and Togo, too!) hit the road for a trip through all 50 States to celebrate their graduation from River Heights High. They meet old friends – and a few old foes – as they journey East, West, North, and South in quest of adventure and a little old-fashioned bonding. Of course, as they’re chasing good times, mystery chases them…

California → Family Ties

The Tinseltown Tattler isn’t normally the kind of paper where Nancy finds cases worth her time, but she can’t resist picking up a copy in the checkout line when the big, red headline blares: JASMINE IVY SEEKS PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR TO FIND EDA BROOKS. The melodramatic story inside spins a tale of jealousy and tragic pasts, lost fortunes and found family, and a sinister cult in the Hollywood Hills. Against her better judgment, Nancy puts a call through to Jasmine’s new manager, Simone Mueller.

In a true Hollywood twist ending, the rumors are true: Eda Brooks has been seduced by a mysterious cult and she’s given them millions of dollars to finance… something. Jasmine claims to fear for her sister’s life, but Nancy suspects she’s more worried about the cash. Simone Mueller makes no bones about wanting her own back payment, but Nancy wonders whether she has something bigger waiting in the wings.

And once Nancy finally passes all of the initiation tests and boundary lines, the leader who has Eda so ensnared is someone Nancy never would have expected.


→ Reappearances of all of Nancy’s showbiz acquaintances: Jasmine, Eda, Simone, Mattie Jensen, Rick Arlen, Lillian Weiss, Millie Strathorn, Brady Armstrong, Lori Girard, Tino Balducci, John Grey…
→ Spying on the Hollywood starlets and their entourages as Nancy works in a chichi sushi bar making maki rolls!
→ Get some acting lessons from the great Wickson Pearmain to fool the Leader…
→ And turn to Tino Balducci for tips on how to interrogate a suspect using the same skills.