It’s Toy Time Tuesday!
With…Breyer Wind Dancers Kholio!
This WD is their most recent release, coming out in probably early 2017. She has elaborate pink, yellow & lavender wings, like a fancy butterfly. She’s mostly pink & white, but do notice the all-over opalescent (rainbow pearly) shine glaze. She has a leafy green ‘necklace’ sculpted on & white hair with pearly white tinsel. She’s another where the tail is solid/sculpted so she can have 2 poses for display, running or rearing.
Because she’s new, this TTT has actual MOC shots so you can see how she’s packaged. They went back to super simple, effective bubble-carding for these two. (A good idea, the fancy package always got thrown away and was a waste) The back has other WD’s shown: the first 4, plus the other new one Aura. The “Story Book” they come with tells the vague ‘story’ of the WD’s, which is that when a lonely girl blew on a dandelion seed, 4 horses (the originals) magically came out along with the seeds. The book goes on to describe each one. Of course, since it was made years ago, it has nothing on any later released horse. The art in the book though is painterly & nice.
Kholio here is unfortunately super similar to a previously released horse, who is also pink and also in this same pose. Her open mouth & larger eye white leaves her looking a little ‘wild’ for her dainty color scheme. However, with the shimmering coating & fancy wings she’s still quite a nice fantasy horse to collect. These should be on Amazon for a while.

Everything You Need to Know About the Aug. 21 Eclipse

On Aug. 21, all of North America will experience a solar eclipse.

If skies are clear, eclipse-watchers will be able to see a partial solar eclipse over several hours, and some people – within the narrow path of totality – will see a total solar eclipse for a few moments.

How to Watch

It’s never safe to look at the Sun, and an eclipse is no exception. During a partial eclipse (or on any regular day) you must use special solar filters or an indirect viewing method to watch the Sun.

If you have solar viewing glasses, check to make sure they’re safe and undamaged before using them to look at the Sun. Make sure you put them on before looking up at the Sun, and look away before removing them. Eclipse glasses can be used over your regular eyeglasses, but they should never be used when looking through telescopes, binoculars, camera viewfinders, or any other optical device.

If you don’t have eclipse glasses, you can still watch the eclipse indirectly! You can make a pinhole projector out of a box, or use any other object with tiny holes – like a piece of cardstock with a hole, or your outstretched, interlaced fingers – to project an image of the partially eclipsed Sun onto the ground.

Of course, if it’s cloudy (or you’d just rather stay inside), you can watch the whole thing online with us at Tune in starting at noon ET.

If you’re in the path of totality, there will be a few brief moments when it is safe to look directly at the eclipse. Only once the Moon has completely covered the Sun and there is no light shining through is it safe to look at the eclipse. Make sure you put your eclipse glasses back on or return to indirect viewing before the first flash of sunlight appears around the Moon’s edge.

Why do eclipses happen?

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, casting its shadow down on Earth’s surface. The path of totality – where the Moon completely covers the Sun – is traced out by the Moon’s inner shadow, the umbra. People within the Moon’s outer shadow, the penumbra, can see a partial eclipse.

The Moon’s orbit around Earth is tilted by about five degrees, meaning that its shadow usually doesn’t fall on Earth. Only when the Moon lines up exactly between the Sun and Earth do we see an eclipse.

Though the Sun is about 400 times wider than the Moon, it is also about 400 times farther away, making their apparent sizes match up almost exactly. This is what allows the Moon to block out the Sun’s bright face, while revealing the comparatively faint, pearly-white corona.

The Science of Eclipses

Eclipses are a beautiful sight to see, and they’re also helpful for our scientists, so we’re funding eleven ground-based science investigations to learn more about the Sun and Earth.

Total solar eclipses reveal the innermost regions of the Sun’s atmosphere, the corona. Though it’s thought to house the processes that kick-start much of the space weather that can influence Earth, as well as heating the whole corona to extraordinarily high temperatures, we can’t study this region at any other time. This is because coronagraphs – the instruments we use to study the Sun’s atmosphere by creating artificial eclipses – must cover up much of the corona, as well as the Sun’s face in order to produce clear images.

Eclipses also give us the chance to study Earth’s atmosphere under uncommon conditions: the sudden loss of solar radiation from within the Moon’s shadow. We’ll be studying the responses of both Earth’s ionosphere – the region of charged particles in the upper atmosphere – and the lower atmosphere.

Learn all about the Aug. 21 eclipse at, and follow @NASASun on Twitter and NASA Sun Science on Facebook for more. Watch the eclipse through the eyes of NASA at starting at 12 PM ET on Aug. 21. 

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stranger things themed asks

eggos: what food would you love to have an endless supply of?

bat: name one thing you were unprepared for

hawkins: where do you feel most at home?

upsidedown: have you ever gotten lost somewhere?

demodog: name one thing that turned out different than you expected

demogorgon: what is your worst fear?

christmas lights: what is your favorite color?

labratory: whats the strangest dream you’ve had?

walkie talkie: do you have any friends on tumblr? if not, is there anyone who you’d want to be friends with?

bikes: if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

pentax: any hobbies?

bitchin: what makes you feel cool?

nougat: do you have a favorite memory?

television: what’s your favorite tv show?

mews: do you have any pets?

farrah fawcett spray: how long does it take you to get ready?

pearly whites: list three things you love about yourself?

chocolate pudding: what does a perfect day to you look like?

snow ball: got a crush?

telephone: have you experienced anything paranormal? if so, whats the story?

pumpkin: what does the last text you sent say?

run: do you get scared easily?

mouthbreather: whats the stupidest thing you’ve done?

alphabet: what is your native language?

void: what is your happy place?

promise: have you ever made a promise you regret?


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Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader (platonic)

Warning(s): the kinda language Steve would smh at

World Count: 3827

Author’s Note: I got so into this it’s not even funny. After like, two years of not doing anything on tumblr, it isn’t surprising that i write a Steve oneshot for the first time since. But on that note, I don’t only do Steve works, please feel free to request other characters and/or fandoms: masterlist - prompt list.

Preference ★ Imagine ★ One Shot ★ Drabble

[Y/N] [Y/L/N] was an asshole.
You were an asshole.
You are an asshole.

You were slightly narcissistic with an ego as big as the tower, you were very beautiful, and the last person on earth to ever be considered shy.

That made you and Tony Stark best of pals (most of the time), and you and Steve as foes (all the time). He wasn’t rude or a jerk or at all hostile, Steve was just always on edge with you. He didn’t know whether or not your jokes were jokes (you always reverted back to slitting your enemy’s throats – Steve being a righteous guy and all, he wasn’t all that optimistic with that choice), or if you really were here to save people and not for the money the government and Tony Stark paid you — eh, what can you say, it’s very, very good money.

Humble was also not on your list of qualities.

Bold red lips, a wide grin to showcase your pearly white teeth, and heart shaped sunglasses. That was you in your room as you blasted out music at exactly 2100 hours.

You and Steve shared a floor in the Avengers tower.

Why? It was a decision that was absolutely not your choice, but you had no problem with it. Fucking with Steve was fun.

See, Tony had a whole floor to himself, same as Bruce and Vision. Nat and Clint were right below them (Clint usually at his place with Laura, though), Sam and Scott also had their own floor, Wanda and Pietro, then last but not least, Thor either in Asgard or London with Jane – which then pretty much left you and Steve together. Peter kind of lived here during the day then and back at his apartment with May during the evenings. He was a total pest.

A knock went by unnoticed by you. But an upset looking Steve did. He stalked into your (much larger) room and paused your music. He turned and gave you a look.

You raised your brow as you paused your late night dancing. You pushed your sunglasses further down your nose to peak up at the Captain. “Captain.” You greeted, nodding your head towards the brooding soldier once. “May I help you?“ You raised your perfectly sculpted brow in questioning.

Steve took a deep breath and crossed his (also very large) arms. “Your music was too loud and I’m trying to sleep. Can’t you at least keep it down?”

You snorted. “It’s barely nine o'clock, grandpa.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “I’m not a grandpa.” He grumbled with an offended frown. “Just turn it down, will you?”

You smirked and pushed your glasses back up. “Oh, I’m sorry, have I spangled your stars, grandpa?”

With a final narrowed stare, Steve twisted his Dorito-body around and stalked back to his room.

You chuckled and resumed to your midnight dancing with wine.

That was the first time you got on his nerves. It was also the first time you were on the receiving end of his very famous looks.

The second time you received a stupid look was during a mission - in the middle of combat, mind you. This stupid robot who called himself Ultron was trying to ruin everything, and apparently, it was up to you and the rest of the Avengers to stop him – or it. It’s not that you wanted to. it was kind of what Tony Stark paid you to do. And like hell would you pass up Tony Stark’s pay checks.

Steve trusted you now, at least. You only saved his ass, like, a hundred (three) times after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell and he found out his best friend from seventy years ago was still alive. A wild ride, that year was.

Anyway, you and the team were in Sokovia fighting robots.


Fuck this shit, if the money wasn’t so good you’d drop your signature double pistols and walk the opposite direction. But one, your pistols were very delicate (silver with diamonds), and you were asked very nicely to stay by Bruce - and you could never say no to Bruce.

In hindsight, the view wasn’t so bad and I guess – I guess – that saving people felt a little good (don’t tell anybody). Sokovia was so far high into the sky that you could have sworn that you could see angels flying around in the distance – some helpful angels, huh.

The sky was beautiful, though. And so was Captain America’s ass.

You beamed at the sight and turned to Steve. “Hey, Cap?” You called out, shooting a robot.

Steve grunted in acknowledgement as he kicked another robot and decapitated it with his shield. “What?” He gave you a glance that barely lasted a second.

You shot another robot. Then another. Then another. Then you turned to him. “Nice ass.”

That was look number two.

"Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

"Yes, Ms [Y/L/N]?”

"What’s your faculty on nicknames?”

"Activated by Mr Stark, Ms.”

"Huh … so, like, what are you allowed to call me?”

"Whatever you ask, Ms [Y/L/N].”

“Right, right … how about Supreme Leader [Y/L/N]?”

"Activated,  Supreme Leader [Y/L/N].”

"Huh … thanks F.R.I.D.A.Y.”

"Of course, Supreme Leader [Y/L/N].”

Of course, that didn’t go unnoticed for long. You were eating dinner with the team – something that didn’t happen often – and Steve took this time to lecture the team about a mission in a few days time. Three days, to be exact. It was located in Paris, and you were all to attend a gala crawling with HYDRA agents, mercenaries, psycho bitches, and anything else in between.

“ – so we’ll go over the plans again after dinner – ”

You groaned loudly and threw your head back. You dropped your knife loudly causing a clink made by the knife and plate. “Rogers!” You whined, “We went over this yesterday! And this morning at breakfast! And two seconds ago while I tried to enjoy my dinner in peace, fighting the urge to grab this fork and shove it through my eye – ” you ignore his wince, “and now again tomorrow?! If you even bring this stupid mission up again, I will resign.” You threatened. “Resign, you hear me. R. E. S. I. G. N.” Drama Queen is also in your list of qualities. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. tell him.” 

Natasha rolled her eyes, Sam cleared his throat, Steve still had his wince and sullen/guilty face, Clint looked bored as he played with his peas, Thor looked confused, Pietro look amused, Wanda was too busy chatting up Vision, Scott was – where was Scott? Tony had a smirk, and poor Bruce just didn’t know where to look. Peter just chewed his chicken in anticipation, looking back and forth between you and Steve for a reaction.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang out soon enough. “Of course, Supreme Leader [Y/L/N].” Then the AI began repeating your every word.

Natasha’s brow shot up. “Supreme Leader? Really?”

“ – And this morning at breakfast. And – ”

You shrugged your shoulders.

“ – seconds ago while I tried to enjoy my dinn – ”

Steve groaned. “That’s enough, F.R.I.D.A.Y., please stop.”

“Yes, Captain.”

You rolled your eyes. “Traitorous bitch.” You mumbled.

Cue look number three.

The fourth time you received a look was when Steve was fixing a lightbulb and he suddenly found himself on the floor. He did know you guys hired people for that kind of work, right?

Anyway, you and Pietro - bored as hell and without anything to do - you both decided to race from the ground floor of the Avengers tower, to the very top – on foot – using the staircases.

And the silver asshole was absolutely not allowed to use his powers. If he did, you had every right to shoot him in the shoulder with your trusty diamond pistols and he would have to take it like a man. He promised so, himself. “Scouts Honour.” Pietro said, saluting you.

To which Wanda replied with a snort and, “What Scouts Honour?”

You were enhanced, yes, but you were tired. Not too much, just enough not to be tired after running twenty-six flights of stairs. You and Pietro both slammed into Steve’s ladder as he fixed a lightbulb.

You didn’t even bother looking back.

You could not lose this bet.

The entire time you ran, you repeated the same thing in your head over, and over again. Run, Forrest, Run! Whatever - If Pietro won, you had to massage him whenever he felt like it for an entire month. If you won, well, he had to give you a piggy back ride whenever you felt like it. Also for a month.

Steve was really upset after that. He wouldn’t look at you for a week, and when he finally did, he gave you a long lecture about racing inside the tower. “Blah, blah, blah, someone could get seriously hurt, blah, blah, blah, if I see you two race again, blah, blah, blah.”

You leant over towards Pietro who sat beside you. He was also slouched on his chair, eyes looking at the ceiling in boredom. “Are you also feeling the urge to shove your foot up his ass?”

That was look number four.

Look number five + look number six was kind of your fault.

Steve had arrived after being gone for months. He, along with Sam, had been off around the world searching high and low for James Buchanan Barnes. You wanted to go, you really did. Despite your love for annoying the living shit out of Steve, you still cared about him more than you let on. That was not your fault. How? Well, you know the whole shebang: 

Tragic back story: check. Trust issues: check. Daddy issues: check. Issues with not being able to express how you feel without wanting to physically vomit: check.

However, it was in your job description to be able to read people. You were an intelligent person. You knew a lot, you sensed a lot, you observed a lot. You just didn’t show it a lot. And without saying anything, you knew how people felt and most importantly, what they needed.

And Steve just needed his own space – Sam excluded. You were actually kind of jealous of Sam (tell anyone, and you won’t live until the next day). Sam was kind of Steve’s boyfriend (along with dear old Buck-a-roo and Tony).

So while he was gone, you kept your distance. Steve didn’t need any more on his plate, let alone more of your shit. Whenever he called the team for a report or to simply catch up, you never said anything. You had told the crew to just inform him that you were on a mission, in the gym, or off gallivanting somewhere - anywhere, really.

Steve really cared about you though, you knew that. Every time he called he’d see if you were there. And you were. You were there, right behind the monitor that projected him along with the the camera that projected the team from your end. Your face would be resting on your hand, your elbow propped the table. You actually smiled whenever he asked about you. It was cute.

Anyway, you kind of deserved look number five.

Steve had finally arrived with Bucky by his side. Sam had already said his hellos and received his welcome-home handshakes and hugs. Steve stayed behind the Quinjet for a few short minutes before hopping off and finally introducing the famous James Barnes. 

But you didn’t know that.

And neither did Scott.

You two weren’t racing – nope. You were simply just running to get to the last slice of cake in the main kitchen. In both your defence, it was the last slice of the cake Pepper brought home from Paris. Paris. You loved Paris. And apparently, Scott did, too. If that wasn’t worth running for, what the hell was?

You distinctly remember Pepper saying that it was from Paris, and that it was the best cake she’d ever tasted.

So, without looking, you barged through the team yelling bloody murder. Scott was a little behind seen as though you’d throw whatever the hell you could at him. That last slice was yours, and ramming, pushing, throwing off the building, and threatening whoever you needed to just to that slice, you would sure as hell do it.

You felt your hip slam into a corner of a table: ignored. You tripped over a step: ignored. You felt your shoulder ram into a very strong and metal-like object: ignored. You saw a couch: ignored + jumped over.

But alas, you held in your hand … the slice.

A grin erupted on your face. Poor Scoot looked crestfallen.

“Sorry, Lang. This one’s mine.” You grinned.

A clearing of the throat made you jump. What the hell did they want? 

When you looked up, you saw the entire team + Steve + The Winter Soldier.

Well, shit.

“Oh.” You trailed off. You gave Steve a sheepish smile. “Hi, Steve, good to see you again. Did I tell you I missed you? Because I did.”

“Didn’t I tell you to stop running in the tower?” Steve stared into your [Y/E/C] eyes with his blue ones.

“No. You told said to stop racing.”

Steve didn’t reply. Instead he gave you look number five.

You chuckled nervously and stalked towards them. “Sorry.” You looked to Sam and gave him a large hug despite already giving him one earlier. Your right hand still refused to let go of the platter of cake. Then you looked towards James Buchanan Barnes.

Steve cleared his throat. “Buck, meet [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. [Y/N] [Y/L/N], meet Bucky.”

Neither of you did anything. Just kinda stared at each other in thought. He tried to read you while you tried to read him.

He was lonely.

Okay, you thought. So you reached your right hand up and gestured him to take your plate. “Here you go. Nice to meet ‘cha.” 

Steve gave you another look, only, this one was different. It looked funnier – more odd and curious. A look that you had never seen before. That was look number six.

And this time, you didn’t see anyone’s reactions. You just stared at James Buchanan Barnes, while he stared at you, to the cake, then back to you again. 

Thus, a beautiful friendship was born.

Few months later,
Look number seven.

You found yourself in this position a lot, it seems. It would be two in the morning, your head in your hands and your ears perked up.

As an agent, you were trained this way. Your mind had its own mind. Every morning at exactly one o'clock your eyes would flutter open, and without a single thought, your body would move almost mechanically. You’d get up, wash your face, then throw a hoodie over your head. Afterwards, you’d find yourself sitting on the edge of you bed, head in your hands, and your ears waiting for Bucky.

After sleeping in the same floor as Steve and Bucky, Bucky’s room was right across yours. Both your doors were so close you could stand in the hall way, spread your arms, and you’d be able to touch both your door knobs.

Insomnia was something you had as a child. It came very naturally. So, as a cure, you’d take sleeping vitamins – not pills. Though it would help you fall asleep, it was up to you to keep yourself asleep. Five hours was your maximum. If your sleep was disturbed, that’s when you would wake up every day from then on unless you trained yourself otherwise all over again. That could take days, or even weeks going up to months.

So every day, it was up to you. You didn’t want Steve waking up and losing precious sleeping hours. So instead of training yourself to sleep for five hours all over again, you allowed yourself two hours of rest every night. From then on, you’d stay awake and listen for Bucky’s screams.

Then you’d find your feet silently landing on the floor and rushing towards Bucky’s room.

Here are your steps:

  1. Lightly press a pillow on Bucky’s metal arm and cover it.
  2. Sit on his arm to keep him from attacking you.
  3. Softly say his name as many times as it takes for him to wake up.
  4. Press your body harder onto his as he thrashes around.
  5. Then hug the hell out of him and cradle his head when he wakes and begins to weep.

This would have been the one hundredth time you’ve done this. Even now, you could still remember the fourth time you had done this. You had accidentally left Bucky’s door ajar.

You were observant and smart. 

You knew Steve was there.

You guessed you just took a little longer that time to wake Buck up.

You definitely saw Steve’s look then. And again, this look was kind of different. It was a funny look that you had no idea how to read.

The fact that this look was so different, to say it irritated the hell out of you was an understatement. Out of the both of you, it was meant to be you that got under his skin.

You hated feeling this way.

Nowadays, you’ve been more confused than in control.

Back then, you saw Steve, you’d feel the urge to irritate the hell out of him. But now, you’d see Steve, and suddenly, you’d feel a funny feeling in your stomach.

So, naturally, you absolutely despised him for it. Tonight – or morning – when Bucky woke up, he didn’t cry. He just asked if you were hungry. And, naturally, you had said yes. You were always hungry.

Soft music was playing. You didn’t want to wake up Steve, after all. So you stood in the kitchen of your floor and began making pop tarts. Bucky was sitting by the kitchen island while you decided to cheer him up. While the pop tarts were cooking up, you decided to change the music to pop. Then you began dancing.

You were not a dancer. Add that to your list of non-existent qualities.

You sort of just threw your hands in the air and hoped for natural rhythm to save your dignity. 

Bucky looked somewhat amused, so that was the goal accomplished.

It all came to an end when Steve cleared his throat. He stared at Bucky in a way that made all of you uncomfortable. Bucky was going to be just fine, that’s what you thought, anyway. Steve thought otherwise. Steve treated him like a broken vase.

That’s how you and Bucky got so close. 

You refused to look or listen to any of Steve’s old war stories about Buck. Thus, why you called Bucky “James”.

He wasn’t the Bucky he was in the 40’s. And he wasn’t The Winter Soldier, either. He was someone else.

Steve’s eyes bounced from you, to Bucky, then from Bucky, to you. “[Y/N], maybe now isn’t the time to – ”

“No, Steve,” Steve’s eyes snapped towards Bucky, “it’s fine.” Bucky said quietly. “She’s actually making me happy here.” 

After that, nobody talked to a while. Bucky stood from his stool and began to walk off. 

You stepped towards him, “James - ”

He shook his head. “It’s alright [Y/N], trust me. I’ll be fine tonight. I’m gonna try and go back to sleep.”

Well, that was new.

You gave Bucky a funny look but nodded. “Okay. Call if you need me.”

Bucky didn’t say anything after that. He just walked back to his room.

Your pop tarts popped out from the toaster. After that it was left untouched.

Steve cleared his throat. “[Y/N] – ” 

You shook your head. “Nope.”

Steve’s forehead frowned. “What?”

“Do you want Bucky to get over what HYDRA did to him?” You asked. You didn’t wait for him to reply. “Well, too bad so sad, he isn’t going to get over it. Bucky needs to accept it. Then he needs to be angry. Then he needs to be sad. Then after all that, he needs to forgive himself.” You said, your hands on your waist. “And you making him feel like broken glass isn’t gonna help. It’ll confine him and make him feel crazy. Treat him like a normal person, you jackass. Let him feel like a man. Not a baby.” You took a deep breath and pulled your eyes away from his piercing blue ones. You looked at your pop tarts briefly before turning around and walking away.

And you didn’t miss his look when you did. Steve had already realised he was wrong the moment his eyes fell on the toaster.

You left your pop tarts.

Look number nine:

Again, it was in the kitchen. Bucky’s nightmares were slowly fading. Whenever he woke, you’d stay until he fell back asleep. Then you’d proceed to the kitchen and rummage for food.

“Hey, Supreme Leader.” Your head snapped towards the kitchen entrance.

You gave a nod to the blond man in acknowledgement. “Captain.” You said in a mocking soldier’s tone.

You both stood in silence for a while. You didn’t mind it for a while. Your arms were preoccupied with balancing cartons and containers of food as you boldly chewed on your Lucky Charms cereal – and then the silence just got too long. Steve stared at you with a funny look. Eh, eating cereal without milk at three in the morning wasn’t all that unusual – but for some reason, you had a really big feeling the look wasn’t about the cereal. That was actually the reason why Tony always complained about all the marshmallow gone in the morning. Not your fault. Marshmallows were the best part and everyone knew that.

You squinted your eyes as you watched him watch you. A silent growl of impatience rose to your throat. You couldn’t really speak so you opted with growling.

Still no reply.

Finally, you forcefully swallowed your marshmallow and pointed an accusing finger at Steve. His look was different again. It wasn’t annoyed or of frustration. Really it just frustrated you.

You huffed. “You’re looking at me funny.”

Steve just smiled softly. “Bucky loves you.” He said from his position by the entrance of the kitchen.

You just smirked and shoved another handful of marshmallows into your mouth. “Figured that one out a long time ago, Rogers.” Your hand reached into the box once again. “What can I say, I’m good at making friends.” 

Steve chuckled silently. Then he swallowed and looked directly into your eyes. “I love you. And not the way Bucky does.”

You swallowed. The you nodded slowly. Your heart felt so full, you had no idea what to say. And so you said the first thing that popped into your head. You said what you would say, and not stupid Nicholas Sparks movies.

“I know.” You grinned. “And I may or may not feel the same.” Before he could reply, your smile wiped off as you pointed your finger at him again accusingly, “I said maybe.”

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a BTS and the part/parts of the woman body they're the most attracted to? I'm quite curious about this one and it's pretty interesting, like what attracts them the most in the woman body, of course, if astrology provides anything in this matter!

this is v v general and based on a mess of signs (sun, mars, venus) but here we go

Jin - a nice smile. cute, unique lips. pearly white teeth that belong in a colgate commercial. he wants to be blinded. also, a pretty laugh (because he’ll be hearing it a lot with his dad jokes)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi - soft boobies that he can rest his head and nap on after a long day

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Hoseok - nice, smooth legs that he can fixate on for hours. also, pretty hair. i think he’d really be into someone who dyes their hair unique colors.

Originally posted by jhope-shi

Namjoon - curvessss. he’s weak for a shapely, feminine woman. they don’t have to be drastic or over exaggerated. subtle beauty is good too.

Originally posted by teamwang

Jimin - he’s all about the booty. and he doesn’t discriminate in size. as long as he can grab a handful whenever he pleases

Originally posted by jiminiminii

Taehyung - well groomed, manicured, or delicate hands and feet. enough said

Originally posted by herthealbum

Jungkook - a sucker for natural beauty, and it doesn’t have to be conventional. someone who exudes charm in the most simple clothing; who can take his breath away while wearing sweatpants and no makeup

spellbound (m)

Pairing:  Jimin x Reader
Genre: witch!au (sort of based on the secret circle), smut, comedy, slight angst
Warnings: dom-ish!jimin, magical sex rituals (so slight blood play, breath play, temperature play), rough sex, cumplay
Word Count:  10k+
Summary:  The only reason you agreed to do this magical ritual with Park Jimin’s Circle was for the sake of your own Circle - to strengthen your individual magic. Yes, that means you’ll have to fuck him, but no, you weren’t happy about it because you hate Park Jimin. Once again, you were only doing this for your Circle. 

Keep reading

dating exo: aesthetics

Chanyeol: arcade dates at night, the light of a neon sign, pearly white grin, uncontrollable fits of laughter, playful teasing, teaching you how to play the guitar 

Jongin: a light blush dancing across his cheeks, full picnic baskets, sleeping in, resting his head on your lap, the smell of freshly made cookies, leaning on you

Minseok: hot coffee, singing on long car rides, sunshine after a downpour, , nights spent at home, playing with your hair, hand firm around your waist, cat cafes

Yixing: handwritten notes, laying together in the grass, writing songs for you, legs entangled while sleeping, acoustic guitar performances/lessons, a sky full of stars 

Kyungsoo: cooking dinner together, comfortable silence, hands held tight; walking side by side, jazz cafes, can’t help but smile every time he sees you, soft humming

Junmyeon: surprising you with gifts, always sincere, going to the movies, resting your head on his shoulder, talking about you nonstop, sightseeing, soft candlelight 

Jongdae: silly dancing to your favourite song, looking at you as if you are his everything, singing in the shower, inside jokes, cuddling on the couch, gentle waves at the beach 

Baekhyun: playing games together, spa days, chatting all night, bathing in warm sunlight, never failing to make you laugh, holding you close, handpicked flowers 

Sehun: taking naps together; laying on his chest, constant giggling, park dates w/ vivi, sweet candy, his eyes lighting up anytime he talks about you, shy smiles


Fandom: Zelda BoTW

Summary: After Link accidentally injures Sidon in a sparring match, he is so distraught from the mistake that he runs off. When Sidon tries to chase after him and console him, however, he doesn’t fully realize just how ridiculous his injury is.

Author’s notes: ….of course my first contribution to the Zelda fandom ever is fluffy garbage I’m not even sorry. 

Also yes, yes this is the thing I contemplated writing not long ago. It’s not as shippy as I thought it would have turned into knowing me, but this is still pretty damn cute and I am still pretty damn pleased. 

I just. Can’t stop picturing Sidon with a gap-toothed grin. May you never get the image out of your mind either. 

Also, if you’d prefer you can read here on Ao3! Or you can just click the read more button below! 

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Byun Baekhyun//Batter Up

Summary: Byun Baekhyun is the star player of your college’s baseball team - plenty of people have a crush on him, and of course you do too. But you have one thing they don’t have: a quiet friend who can’t pick up her damn phone and a head full of air.
Scenario: baseball!au, fluff
Word Count: 4,353

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I’ve Got This Friend | Steve Harrington

Anon: Hi! Can I request a Steve Harrington Imagine based on the song ‘I’ve Got This Friend’ by 5SOS? Ik, it’s a bit dorky, but I hope you can make it into something! I love you!

Author’s Note: Ofc bby! Don’t even think that 5SOS is dorky, I used to be a huge fan and I still listen to their music! I’ll try my best. I love you too! X This imagine is definitely going to be in two parts, and it kinda jumps point of views a lot, but it’s easy to follow.

Characters: Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers, Nancy Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Billy Hargrove (mentioned)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1.3k


Walking down the hallway with your two friends, Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, books in hand as you all headed to your next class (Nancy had English and Lit, while you and Jonathan had Biology).

“So, it’s set! Friday night we can meet at my place since Dustin will be with his friends, and my mum will be out at a cat club of some sort. I’ll organise snacks, Nance, you can organise movies and Jonathan can deal with board games,” you smiled as you looked at the two love birds.

“That’s cool, (Y/N). Thank you for sacrificing your house, since Mike will never let me into the basement for a night, and I’m sure Jonathan’s mum doesn’t need a bunch of teenage kids in her living room,” Nancy giggled as she stopped in front of her class. Pecking Jonathan on the cheek, she walked into her English class and left Jonathan and I to walk to the science labs.

“So are you going to ask Nance to homecoming?” You looked at Jonathan, grinning. Homecoming was merely two weeks away, and you were so excited. Even if you ended up third wheeling with Jonathan and Nancy, you didn’t mind. They were your best friends.

“I’ve got the tickets in m-“

“(Y/N)!” You turned around, seeing the familiar tuff of hair that belonged to the one and only Steve Herrington. Furrowing your eyebrows as you looked at Jonathan and then turning around to face Steve with a smile on your face. “Have you got a minute? I-uh, I’ve gotta tell you something.”

“What’s up, Harrington?” You spoke, shifting your books in your arms and standing next to Jonathan. “I don’t mean to be rude, but please make it quick. We have Mr. Fischer for Biology,” you nervously laughed and letting Steve talk.

“I heard that someone likes the infamous Henderson sister,” Steve smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. A blush started to pool on your cheeks, making you swallow a lump in your throat.

“R-Really? Who?” You asked and he clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth a few times, shaking his head.

“You’ll find out,” Steve winked, patting Jonathan on the back. “I’ll see you both later.” He grinned, turning around and walking away, hands in his jean pockets.

Turning to Jonathan, surprised and a grin on your face. A squeal came from your lips as you jumped in victory. “Do you think I’ll have a date to homecoming?” You giggled, planting both feet on the ground.

“Who knows?” Jonathan grinned, placing his hand on your upper back and pushing you towards the science labs. “I guess we’ll have to wait for Steve to give us more clues.”


Throughout Biology, you couldn’t focus. Mr. Fischer had called you out many times, but he gave up by the fifth time, Jonathan backing you up and stating that you were up all night keeping an eye on Will and Dustin. Mr. Fischer nodded, understanding and letting you go. Turning to Jonathan, you gave him a smile and mouthed a ‘thanks’.

By the time you were finished in Biology, it was lunch time, so you walked with Jonathan towards Nancy’s class. As soon as Nancy exited the class room, Steve had popped up again.

“Okay. So this lover boy that has a crush on you. Let me tell you about him. He gave me permission to,” Steve walked beside you, and Nancy was looking at you with wide eyes. Shrugging as you looked at her, you let Steve continue. “He’s kinda my size, and he’s currently follow- No! Don’t look back!” Steve grabbed your shoulders and kept your body facing towards the cafeteria.

“Okay! Okay, you can get your sweaty hands off me,” you huffed, wiping at your shoulders. “Go on,” you raised an eyebrow at him and saw him cough as he begun to talk again. “You talk to him almost every day, and he really, really likes you. Especially when you’re at his basketball games, jumping with the cheerleaders.”

“So he’s on your basketball team?” You questioned, trying to think of who else you talk to on the team. “It’s not that Billy kid, is it?” You groaned a little bit, but Steve shook his head.

“No, no, no way. I wouldn’t be doing this if it was him,” Steve scoffed. “He just, he wants to know what you’d say if he were to ask you to homecoming?” Steve looked over his shoulder, biting his lip. If only you knew it was actually him.

“I mean, I’m in need of a date for homecoming. If he’s a gentleman, I don’t see the problem,” you giggled as you sat down at the cafeteria table, setting your food tray, that you had grabbed while Steve was talking, down on the table and taking a bite of a carrot stick.


“Dustin!” Steve groaned, looking at the younger Henderson, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his car as he drove him to the arcade. “How do I get your sister to like me?” He whined and Dustin gagged.

“Honestly, I don’t even see why you like (Y/N), but whatever. She’s a huge fan of Sunflowers, so maybe anonymously send them to her in class or when you pick me up, I can pretend that they were on the front step for her?” Dustin raised an eyebrow, looking at Steve.

“Yeah, yeah. Good thinking, Dustin. Now get out.” Steve stopped his car, handing Dustin an extra roll of quarters and winking at him. “I’ll see you at 8:00.”

“8:30,” Dustin tried to bargain with Steve, but Steve merely shook his head.

“I was told to keep an eye on you, so if you’re not out the front at 8:00, I’m coming in for you.” Steve watched as Dustin got out the car and he drove off, headed towards the flower shop.


“Who do you think it is?” (Y/N) sighed, laying on her back in the basement of her home, licking her lips. “He’s on the basketball team and I talk to him a lot.”

“Adam Stanley?” Nancy suggested and (Y/N) grimaced, shaking her head. “If it is, I’d rather third wheel with you guys.”

Letting out a chuckle, Jonathan spoke up. “Did you ever think that it could be Steve Henderson, himself? He could just be putting on a huge façade to trick you.” Biting your lip, you pondered the thought, but shook your head.

“Steve wouldn’t even think of that.”


Letting out a huff as Steve looked at the Sunflowers that were residing on the dash of his car, he watched as Dustin walked in front of his car, opening the passenger door. “Why do you look so depressed?” Dustin questioned, buckling his seatbelt.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Steve looked at Dustin, starting his car up and putting his foot on the accelerator, starting the drive to the Henderson residence.

“Trust me, I’m a ladies man. It’s gonna work.” Dustin grinned and Steve raised an eyebrow.

“How are you a ladies man?”

“These bad boys,” Dustin smiled, showing his pearly whites and doing his little growl/purr thing.

“Oh God.”


“(Y/N)!” You heard your little brother, Dustin call out as he closed the door behind him. Pushing yourself up off the carpet, you excused yourself from Nancy and Jonathan and ascended up the stairs, seeing Dustin in the kitchen.

“What?” You questioned, opening the fridge so you could grab the water jug and three cups from the cupboard.

“These were on the porch. They have your name on it, but not who it’s from,” Dustin frowned, and so did you. As you were admiring the flowers, you didn’t see Steve’s car drive off from the front of your house.

Telling Dustin to go have a shower, you went back downstairs, cups left on the counter and Sunflowers in your hand. Looking at Nancy and Jonathan, who were both looking at you.

“They know I like Sunflowers,” you whispered, looking at Nancy and Jonathan. 


Welcome! This is my first Stranger Things Imagine, and I am quite proud of myself. I do indeed have a part 2 coming. I just couldn’t get enough of writing this, and I’m hoping that my flow is back. 

I just wanna thank you all, and let you know that I love you!

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