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we’re taking a bit of a step back


When Pearl didn’t come out of the water, Amethyst was beside herself. She had fished out Pearl’s gem and inspected it for cracks, sitting on the edge of the fountain for at least ten minutes. There were no cracks or scratches, not even a scuff, so why wasn’t Pearl here? She should be here.

Amethyst went back to the Temple and waited for Garnet to come home, hoping that she wasn’t on one of her longer solo missions. Hours went by and she still wasn’t home. However, Steven was.

When the boy walked through the door with Lion and Connie, Amethyst quickly shifted positions so she could easily hide Pearl’s gem behind her back. After some talking she managed to get away and escape back to her room, leaving Steven satisfied to play games with Connie, coming out a while later once Steven and Connie left again.

Garnet finally came home and Amethyst explained what had happened to Pearl to the best of her ability, which Garnet then passed on to Steven that night. The boy immediately volunteered to watch Pearl again but Amethyst wasn’t hearing it. She was too worried to let Pearl out of her sight.

Eventually, with a bit of arguing, Garnet finally allowed Amethyst to be Pearl’s caretaker while she healed. Steven continued to offer his help as well, but was turned down by Amethyst every time, stopping once Garnet talked with him.

Now, after nearly a week, Amethyst lay alone on the couch, her teammate still inside the gem resting in her hands. Last time Pearl had to heal it had taken twice as long, but she was really hoping it wouldn’t be like that this time. All she wanted was for Pearl to come back so she didn’t have to worry anymore.

“Come on, Pearl. Hurry up…”

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