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February 19th 1942: Japanese internment begins

On this day in 1942, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 9066 which allowed the military to relocate Japanese-Americans to internment camps. A climate of paranoia descended on the US following the attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan, which prompted the US to join the Second World War. Americans of Japanese ancestry became targets for persecution, as there were fears that they would collude with Japan and pose a national security threat. This came to a head with FDR’s executive order, which led to 120,000 Japanese-Americans being rounded up and held in camps. The constitutionality of the controversial measure was upheld by the Supreme Court in Korematsu v. United States (1944). Interned Americans suffered great material and personal hardship, with most people losing their property and some losing their lives to illness or the violence of camp sentries. The victims of internment and their families eventually received an official government apology in 1988 and reparations began in the 1990s. This dark episode of American history is often forgotten in the narrative of US involvement in the Second World War, but Japanese internment poses a stark reminder of the dangers of paranoia and scapegoating.


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That was in 1942. Earlier that year, on February 19, 75 years ago this Sunday, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an executive order, No. 9066, which set the internment into motion. On its face, the order was “neutral,” authorizing the military to designate whole swaths of land as military zones, and evacuate any persons from it as they saw fit.

But behind that facade lay a much darker purpose: to tear 120,000 innocent Japanese-Americans from their homes along the West Coast and relocate them to 10 prison camps scattered throughout the United States.

It didn’t matter, back then, that most of us were US citizens and had never even been to Japan. We were presumed guilty, and held without charge for four years, simply because we happened to look like the people who had bombed Pearl Harbor. For that crime, we lost our homes, our livelihoods and our freedoms.

Every year, on February 19, we Japanese-Americans honor this day as Remembrance Day, and we renew our pledge to make sure what happened to us never happens again in America. I am always amazed, and saddened, that despite our decades long efforts, so many young people today are not even aware that such a tragedy and miscarriage of justice took place here.


We are an interdependent people, sharing a common bond of humanity. The most pernicious aspect of Trump’s policies is thus the denial of those basic bonds and that humanity. I will not stand for it, and no people of good conscience should.

The internment is not a ‘precedent,’ it is a stark and painful lesson. We will only learn from the past if we know, understand and remember it. For if we fail, we most assuredly are doomed to repeat it.

When the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga (then Aiko Yoshinaga) was a senior at Los Angeles High School.

She remembers the day the following spring that her principal took the Japanese students aside and said, “You’re not getting your diplomas because your people bombed Pearl Harbor.”

Japanese-American families on the West Coast were rounded up and sent to internment camps. Yoshinaga was worried that she would be separated from her boyfriend, so to the horror of her parents, Yoshinaga and her boyfriend eloped.

The Yoshinaga family was sent to the Santa Anita, Calif., detention center, and later to Jerome, Ark. Meanwhile, Yoshinaga and her new in-laws were sent to Manzanar, near Death Valley. Yoshinaga remembers their first day as hot and dusty, even though it was only April. The barracks where the family lived were crowded and sparsely decorated.

At 92, A Japanese-American Reflects On The Lessons Of Internment Camps

Photo: Lauren Migaki/NPR
Caption: Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga was a high school senior when she entered the Manzanar internment camp. Now 92, she points to the place in Manzanar, near Death Valley in California, where she lived.

YOI x Sol International Pearl Acrylic Collection

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (4 Total):
Viktor, Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri

Yuri actually has a different hairstyle than the anime (Down instead of up) for his free skate version.

The Viktor + Makkachin + Yuuri + Katsudon at the bottom is an Animate exclusive!

More from the Sol International series!

Oakland, Calif., Mar. 1942. A large sign reading “I am an American” placed in the window of a store, at 13th and Franklin streets, on December 8, the day after Pearl Harbor. The store was closed following orders to persons of Japanese descent to evacuate from certain West Coast areas. The owner, a University of California graduate, would be housed with hundreds of evacuees in War Relocation Authority centers for the duration of the war.

“Dressed in his uniform marking service in the first World War, this veteran enters the Santa Anita assembly center for persons of Japanese ancestry evacuated from the west coast.” This is the original caption to this photo, taken in Arcadia, California, on April 5, 1942.

The attack on Pearl Harbor launched a rash of fear about national security, especially on the West Coast. In February 1942, just two months after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt as commander-in-chief, issued Executive Order 9066, which had the effect of relocating all persons of Japanese ancestry, both citizens and aliens, inland, outside of the Pacific military zone.

Roosevelt’s order affected 117,000 people of Japanese descent, two-thirds of whom were native-born citizens of the United States. Within weeks, all persons of Japanese ancestry–whether citizens or enemy aliens, young or old, rich or poor–were ordered to assembly centers near their homes. Soon they were sent to permanent relocation centers outside the restricted military zones. (Read more here:

On Saturday, November 19, the Japanese American National Museum is hosting our next National Conversation. This time the topic is “Immigration: Barriers and Access.” You can register to attend in person or watch the livestream:

girls like dollies chapter 9 (trixya) - lale

I say it every time I update, but I truly honestly cannot explain what it means to me to see the reaction from everyone to this fic. We’re almost at the end now, so I hope you all enjoy this update! As always, all the love and thanks in the world to Matilda and fleursverts, who are actual angels from heaven and are so much of the reason why this fic continues to get written!! i love you ladies!

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I suppose that I'm falling in love with you (first date/fusion)

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The wind blew gently, rustling Pearl’s short hair ever so slightly.

She exhaled slowly through her nose, taking a tiny glance over at the blue skinned gem who was walking beside her. There were nerves pulsing through Pearl’s stomach, although they were entirely her own fault.

After all, she certainly hadn’t had to ask Lapis to spend this particular Friday night with her. Truth be told, she had almost totally talked herself out of it, when she had ended up walking straight into the blue gem.

Lapis had smiled at her, radiant and bright, and Pearl had been struck absolutely, shamefully dumb. Then she had just blurted it out, in the most undignified way possible.

But Lapis had simply laughed in that soft pretty way of hers and nodded, delicately tucking a bit of short blue hair behind her ear. Pearl had turned a bright blue and stammered something out, what exactly, she had no idea. But whatever gibberish she stuttered out made Lapis giggle again and flutter her eyelashes.

After that she had turned and left, skirts brushing against Pearl as she walked by. It had taken hours for the blue flush to finally fade from her cheeks.

And now she was here.

This was actually happening. Oh stars.

Because Pearl had absolutely no idea what the proper thing to do on dates was nowadays, she had turned to Steven. After a few inappropriate suggestions, (Pearl adamantly refused to take Lapis to the arcade to play video games) they had decided that she and Lapis would just walk around the boardwalk, and perhaps the beach, and then go from there.

The go from there part worried Pearl just a bit, but it was the best that she could manage.

Lapis had met her on the porch, fluttering down from the darkening sky, and landing with two small thunks onto the wooden floor. Her blue cheeks were flushed with excitement, a bright smile on her lips. Lapis had changed into a thin-strapped sundress, colored a pretty yellow.

It shone out against her blue skin.

Pearl’s entirely useless breath caught in her throat. Oh stars. She was absolutely radiant.

A smirk had danced on Lapis’s lips, and Pearl flushed darkly. She had caught her staring. Quickly Pearl had cleared her throat.

“I-ah-you look pretty.” she had coughed out.

Lapis laughed. “You look pretty too.” she said with a sideways grin.

Pearl had offered Lapis her arm, and the blue gem took it with a bright grin. “Thank you.” Lapis said with a silly smile. Pearl nodded, smiling nervously, and they had set off.

Now they were here.

Standing at the railing of the boardwalk, staring out at the swirling waters of the ocean. Lapis was quiet, eyes focused on the waters. Pearl wanted to say something, but all the words fell lodged in her throat.

She glanced over at Lapis. The blue gem’s eyes looked far away, and perhaps slightly wistful. Her short bob of blue hair danced around her cheeks with the soft breeze. Suddenly she seemed to realize Pearl was staring at her, and she glanced over, eyes meeting Pearl’s.

A small smirk danced on her lips.

“You’re staring again.” she murmured, barely keeping the laugh from her voice. Pearl blushed down to her collarbones. “I-I- sorry.” she mumbled, averting her eyes.

Suddenly she felt Lapis’s hand brush her own. Slowly she raised her eyes. Lapis was smiling gently at her.

“I never said I minded.” she said softly.

Pearl swallowed. The sky was growing darker by the moment, and in the fading light Lapis appeared as if she were glowing. Lapis held her hand a little bit tighter, squeezing it softly.

Slowly, as Lapis smiled at her, the knots of stress and shyness loosened inside Pearl. Softly she cleared her throat.

“Um, h-have you ever heard about constellations?” she asked Lapis, eyes darting to her own. Lapis shook her head, a bemused smile on her face. “No. What are they?”

“They-ah- they’re these…patterns that humans have created in the sky. They imagine lines between the stars, and it-it turns into a sort of picture or image.” She pointed her finger to the starry sky. Lapis followed her hand, eyes wide.

“How clever.” she murmured softly.

She leaned closer to Pearl, her shoulder pressing into Pearl’s own. Pearl swallowed. “Ah, yes, I suppose it is.”

Pearl pointed to a group of stars. “They call that one the big dipper. It’s supposed to look like a pot.” She waited a moment, as Lapis looked. The blue gem let out a small laugh when she found it.

“That’s so interesting! Homeworld never had enough imagination for anything so… fun.”

Pearl smiled wryly. “No, I think not.”

Lapis leaned even closer into her, eyes still focused towards the night sky. The weight of her body against Pearl’s was almost…comforting. After a good minute of internal conflict, Pearl finally decided to, very hesitantly, wrap an arm over Lapis’s shoulders.

The shorter gem stiffened for half a moment, and Pearl was about to immediately remove her arm and apologize, when Lapis let out a small sigh and let her head fall against Pearl’s shoulder.

Pearl’s blush darkened. But she still couldn’t help the silly smile that tugged at her lips.

They walked along the beach, hands laced together, as they made their way back to the temple. They were both silent, but it was less awkward than it had been before.

There was a strange warmth growing inside of Pearl, a feeling that she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Vaguely she wondered if Lapis felt anything right now.

A part of her desperately hoped that she did.

All too soon they came up to the temple. The stone woman loomed out over the beach, eyes still, but ever watching.

They stopped at the stairs to the beach house. Lapis’s eyes met her own, and they knew that they were both nervous now. Pearl swallowed. “Well, I suppose…”

Lapis nodded absently.

“I had fun.” she says shyly.

Pearl smiles, nervous all over again. “The boardwalk is very fun, I will agree-“

“I had fun spending time with you, Pearl.” Lapis said, stopping her runaway sentence.

Pearl blushed. “I enjoyed spending time with you too. Lapis.” she added, rubbing her thumbs together.

Lapis’s eyes fell to her feet, covered in the sand of the beach. She said something under her breath, and Pearl didn’t hear it. “What was that Lapis?”

“I- Maybe, you’d want to hang out again, sometime? Y-you could come up to the barn or…” she trailed off, blue cheeks turning darker.

Pearl stared at her, and then all of a sudden she was beaming. “I’d love to.” she said softly, and it made Lapis smile widely.

“That-that’s great. I-I’d love that.” she murmured, smile overtaking her face, and, with her blue hair fluttering around her cheeks and smile shining wide and bright, Pearl thought that she had never seen a gem so beautiful and wonderful.

The warmth was building inside her. There was a moment, and it felt as though the universe was frozen.

And then it unfroze, and Lapis was leaning towards her, and she was moving closer to her, and then they were kissing, turning Pearl’s mind to something that felt like mush. Lapis’s lips were soft, and her body was light and gentle.

Like a gentle wash of an ocean wave.

Her arms twisted around Pearl’s neck, and Pearl let her hands rest lightly at Lapis’s waist. They kissed for another minute or two, and Pearl realized that she had missed this.

Missed the comfort of kissing someone. Of having a hand to hold her own.

Pearl sighed, and slowly, reluctantly, they pulled apart. Lapis’s eyes fluttered open hesitantly. They were both blushing.

Lapis bit her lip, but it wasn’t enough to hide her smile. “That was…”

“Wonderful.” Pearl finished, blushing harder. Lapis giggled softly. “Yes.”

They basked in the moment for just a minute, and Pearl realized that they had yet to pull away from one another. Lapis’s arms were still round her neck, and her hands still rested at her hips. Finally Lapis sighed.

“I’ll see you later?”

Pearl nodded. “Yes.”

Lapis nodded slowly, eyes far away. Slowly, as if she was as reluctant as Pearl, she pulled away.

They stood there a moment, lingering.

Then Lapis darted over, quick as a butterfly, and kissed her cheek. Her lips were soft against Pearl’s skin. “Goodnight Pearl.” she said softly, before she darted into the sky, flying away.

Pearl stared after her, hand pressed to her cheek. It took her a minute or two to realize it, but there was a bright smile pasted on her face.

  • Garnet: Steven, please! You are making Pearl very upset!
  • Garnet, internally: I just saw a possible future where Pearl fuckin loses her shit AGAIN so better avoid that by just telling Steven to shut up for a sec and hope that Pearl doesn't start crying AGAIN

International Women’s Day Playlist Part 2

1. Chumped- Something About Lemons

2. Screaming females- Ripe

3. VersaEmerge- Fixed At Zero

4. Hop Along- Sister Cities

5. Be Your Own Pet- Becky

6. The Runaways- Cherry Bomb

7. The Distillers- Drain The Blood

8. Fight Like Apes- Tie Me Up With Jackets

9. September Girls- Black Oil

10. The Eyeliners- I Could Never Hate You

11. Milk Teeth- Grease

12. Next Stop Atlanta- I’m Not Morrissey

13. No Doubt- Spiderwebs

14. The Coathangers- Hurricane

15. Anavae- Anti-Faith

16. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Bad Reputation

Or listen on spotify here!

girls like dollies chapter 5 (trixya) - lale

Here’s the next chapter of girls like dollies! Poor Trixie’s struggling with her feelings a lot this chapter – bear in mind the warning for internalised homophobia – and it was kind of cathartic to write this after spending all of my teenage years convincing myself that I had ‘girl crushes’ instead of crushes! I hope you all enjoy!

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When you realize the depth in Steven Universe

Garnett is an interracial couple

Pearl was a slave

The gems are fighting for freedom

Peridot is/was a prisoner of war

Peridot is a racist

Amethyst is a child growing up in this conflict

Rose was a pioneer and a martyr

The diamonds are supremists. Authoritarian.

Steven is a child of exile.