pearls for peace

Life & Death & Love & Birth

Pink Diamond colonized the planet Earth, a world rich with organic life. She’s also commonly associated with imagery that relates to organic life:

The floral imagery on both her palanquin and the Zoo’s design.

In response to losing Pink, Yellow Diamond wants Earth to die.

Blue Diamond loved Pink Diamond.

And for White Diamond, that leaves… birth.


It doesn’t matter if OT5, JYJ only or TVXQ2, we should stop fighting and stick together! Our fandom is not strong as before anymore. We should STICK together to protect and support our boys! Look at ARMY’s example! They are now what we were before. Let’s be TOGETHER like in the past. Let’s make DBSK/JYJ name great again! For Jaeioong. For Changmin. For Junsu. For Yunho. For Yoochun.

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Steven Universe sheet music

Because memorizing the lyrics to the show just wasn’t enough, now you can play it too.

I play the viola, but the songs can be played by violinists as well as other band or orchestra instruments!

UPDATED: Now includes (in order)- Extended Intro, Stronger Than You, Do It For Her/Him, Its Over Isn’t It, Giant Woman, Strong In The Real Way, Be Wherever You Are, Both Of You, Peace And Love, (from Adventure Time) Everything Stays, and Something Entirely New

Kiss Me, I’m Sensible! Giveaway

I always forget how much I like about March until it’s here. Spring! More sun! Irish celebrations (I used to live in Ireland and I am So Fond)! And this year, a new job and a new place to live! In honor of all those things, I’ve decided to host a little giveaway to spread the joy ♥

☼The Prisma Visions Tarot Deck (Second Edition)
☼”Peace Pearl” soy candle from Aroma Naturals (orange, clove, and cinnamon)
☼Sea salt goat’s milk soap from Zum Bar
☼crystals (1 each labradorite, clear quartz, and black tourmaline)

1. Must be following @still-she-was-sensible
2. Both likes and reblogs count, but don’t spam your followers please! No giveaway blogs.
3. Must live in the USA (sorry, y’all, Tumblr’s rules)
4. Must be 18 years old.
5. Use the tag #kissmeimsensible if you want to tag. Do not tag with giveaway. Doing so will cause Tumblr to remove this post.

Giveaway will end at 11:59 pm on Friday, March 17th (St. Paddy’s Day). I will contact the winner within 24 hours of the giveway’s end. The winner must have their ask box open, and be willing to share an address I can ship to. They will have 48 hours to respond; if I don’t hear back, I will redraw at that point.

Good luck everyone! Thank you for being your beautiful, wonderful selves ♥

Legal fine print: by entering this giveaway you acknowledge that it is in no way affiliated with or accountable to Tumblr, that you are at least 18 years old at time of entry, and that you live in the United States. Total retail value of all prizes is approximately $70 USA.

[let absence /be, no orchard /bears fruit, /for your hands /smell of rosemary, /don’t come /to the mountains /if you’re

burdened by /time; see— /magnolias bloom /over your /barren skin, /do wear me /with your pearls /when you whisper]


Iris Agate

Iris Agate is the fusion of Topaz, Pearl and Amethyst. She is peaceful, kind, powerful and a little bit vain. Iris has the double height of Opal, A colorful hair, hindu reference clothes and the love between the integrants of the fusion. She likes to be around when the gems are stressed and she likes to stay silence to have peace! Hey guys! Here’s the final Official Version of Iris Agate! I hope you like her!

Curious Fact: Iris Agate would be voiced by ‘’Jennifer Martin’’ the voice actress of ‘’Mrs. Sara Bellum’’ from the Powerpuff girls!

Topaz Loves you!