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  • petrol velvet choker with little robins egg blue pearl heart (31cm/12,2″)
  • lavender velvet ruffle collar with big bow (30cm/11,8″)
  • holographic shimmery aqua/pink mermaid pearl collar (32cm/12,5″)
  • gold/green collar with big bow heart and loud golden bell(31cm/12,2″)


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contest ends at april 20th 2017

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Gem location influences personality

So by now a lot of people have noted that gem locations and gem personalities are linked. Below I’ve compiled a list of how a gem’s personality is linked to their gem placement. This may lead us to predict traits of certain gems before we get to know them.

Forehead (Pearl and Peridot): Forehead gems seem to more intellectually-oriented and both Pearl and Peridot show symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Eye (Eyeball/Rubeye, various monsters): The one eyepatch gem we’ve seen was grim and mysterious. Both are classical personality traits of “the grizzled veteran”

Nose (Jasper): The only nose gem we’ve seen, Jasper, is both literally and figuratively “Hard Nosed”

Collar (Yellow and Blue Pearl): The collar, in the sense of a dog collar, symbolizes a lack of self-possession or ownership. The two gems with collar gems we’ve seen are both pearls, a slave caste who both appear loyal to and fearful of their masters.

Chest (Amethyst, Yellow and Blue Diamond, Doc, Bismuth [citation needed]): Chest gems are emotional and quickly angered, with their gem located right over their heart.

Navel (Rose, Steven, Navy): Navel gems tend to be significantly more sensitive and feminine than normal. Understandable given that the navel, the scar left behind by the umbilical cord, is symbolic of a maternal connection and feminine influence

Back (Lapis Lazuli): The one back gem we’ve seen, Lapis Lazuli is unable to leave the past behind her and it always looking back at what she’s left behind

Left Bicep (Army): A sign of brute strength. Army was noticeably more quiet and muscular befitting the strong, silent type.

Palm of Right Hand (Sapphire): The palm is symbolic of love (holding hands) as well as taking matters into one’s own hands, and the right is associated with strength and influence (regarding her title) “doing the right thing” as sapphire did when she gave up her title for the gem who protected her

Palm Of The Left Hand (Ruby): The Left on the other hand is associated with counterculture and subversive behavior, such as Ruby breaking the taboo of mixed-gem fusion

Back of Left Thigh (Leggy/Nuby): The one gem we met with a leg gem was overly cautious and easily frightened. The gem placement may symbolize a desire to turn tail and run away

EDIT: I should probably mention something else:

Gem location symbolism does’t apply to most fusions, but the few it does apply to all have a singular trait in common: They lost themselves in the fusion

Both Hands: Garnet takes matters into her own hands and lets her fists do the talking

Both Hands and Chest: Sugilite is combines strength with emotion to get wanton violence 

Back and Nose: Loss and wrath combine in Malachite to create a creature consumed by a desire for revenge against Steven

Okay, wow, that’s a big info dump, but what exactly do we do with this information?

The same thing we do every night Pinky; Speculate about children’s cartoons

tfw u tryna not wake ur cat up but u want her tO KNO U CARE

Always a Bridesmaid

A/N: It’s 3 AM and I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this story lol. I hope you all enjoy :) 


It was the day you had been waiting for almost a year now – one of your best friends and ex co-workers, Emily, was getting married. Not only were you excited to see your good friend happily walk down the aisle with the love of her life, but you were excited to travel to London to see it.

You had planned with your boyfriend, Richard, to go together and make a big vacation out of it – unfortunately, he had other plans. He broke up with you just a week before the wedding, leaving you heartbroken and dateless.

A trip you had been impatiently waiting for had turned into a trip you were dreading. Regardless of how you felt, you knew you had to put a smile on your face and focus on the busy week ahead of you.

The ceremony was beautiful – it was outdoors with a small crowd and simple but elegant, just like Emily. The groomsmen wore simple black suits and black ties and the bridesmaids wore long, black dresses with a simple string of pearls resting on their collar bones. Emily couldn’t chose who she wanted to be maid of honor, so you, J.J., and Penelope all shared that role.

Even though the wedding ceremony was rather small, the reception was enormous. Over 500 people were stuffed into a big, elegant ballroom. You had just given your maid of honor speech when you were sitting at your dinner table, pushing around the food on your plate. All of a sudden, you felt a hand on the back of your chair.

“How are you doing?”

You looked up to see Spencer, your co-worker and friend, sit beside you. You and Spencer had become incredibly close over the years working together, and you were happy to call him one your best friends. “Excuse me?” you asked with a puzzled look on your face.

He gave you a look. “I know you, Y/N – don’t think I can’t see that you’ve been upset since the moment we got here… Is it Richard?”


You looked down at your plate and took a deep breath. “Yeah… we erm… broke up last week”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Spencer asked, rubbing your shoulder comfortingly.

Tears were starting to build up in your eyes just thinking about the situation you had been trying to internalize for entirely too long now. “I didn’t want to make Emily’s day all about me… I’ll tell everyone eventually, but right now just isn’t the right time”

Spencer gave you a sympathetic look. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You looked at the room around you, focusing on Emily and her new husband, Mark, twirl around the dance floor. Giving weak smile, you turned back to Spencer. “It’s just… I really thought he was the one, Spencer. I thought he was different. He said… he said it was because of this job that our relationship wasn’t working out. He said that I was away too much… he made me choose” you paused for a moment, dabbing at the tears falling down your cheeks with a napkin then looking down at your fiddling hands. “Looking at Emily and Mark, seeing how happy they are together, and being part of this whole wedding experience makes me wonder if I’m ever going to get the chance to have my own one day”

You raised your gaze up from your hands up to Spencer. He took your hands and started rubbing them. “I don’t know what else to say, other than I’m really sorry, Y/N… and, I didn’t really like Richard anyway. No way he was good enough for you” he gave you a reassuring smile. “You’ll have your day, you just need to find the right guy”

For the first time since you got to London, you gave a genuine smile. “Thanks Spence” you said as you lightly patted his cheek.

After sitting for a few minutes, hand in hand, watching the guests twirl around the dance floor, Spencer turned to you. “Do you want to play a game?” he asked with a mischievous smile.

After seeing the apprehensive look on your face, he added, “It involves alcohol” he said with a bigger grin.

“Lead the way, Dr. Reid”


The drinking game started off with pretty rigid rules – if you heard someone call the bride “stunning,” you take a shot. If you saw someone eating a piece of cake, you take a shot. When someone tapped on their glass trying to get the couple to kiss, you had to finish your drink, and so on. 

After the first few rounds, the rules went out the window and the two of you were taking shots for simple things: taking shots if you saw a woman wearing lipstick, saw a child without their shoes on, and eventually you took a shot every time you saw Emily and Mark.

Two hours into the game, you had never been so drunk in your life.

You and Spencer were giggling uncontrollably when Hotch came over to talk to you. “I’m glad you two are having fun, but I think maybe you should grab a cab back to the hotel…” he laughed at the state you and Spencer were in.

“Aww, thanks dad” Spencer slurred as he grabbed Hotch around the neck and gave him a hug, getting a big laugh out of you.

It was Hotch who led you both out of the ballroom and into a cab. You stumbled into your hotel with Spencer. Knowing you were entirely too drunk to take the stairs, you opted to take the elevator.

The elevator doors slid shut when you turned to Spencer. You looked him up and down. You weren’t sure if it was your current state of inebriation, your recently broken heart, or if it was the wedding atmosphere, but you were beginning to look at Spencer in a way of affection rather than of just a friend. Noticing that you were looking at him oddly, Spencer cocked his head at you. “What?” he slurred.

“Oh erm… nothing” your face blushed as you looked down at your feet.

The elevator doors opened and you both stumbled out and down the hall. After wandering the halls trying to figure out which hotel room was yours, you finally found the right one.

“Thanks for playing the game with me, Y/N… I really hope you feel better… I hate seeing you upset” he told you as he leaned against the doorway of your hotel room.

You inched closer to him. “No, thank you for all you’ve done to make me feel better… You’re a great guy Spence” you took his tie and started playing with the end of it.

His breathing accelerated when you touched him. You were feeling rather risky, so you decided to give in to your urge to kiss him.

Tugging on his tie, he fell happily into your lips, obviously feeling the sexual tension you had been feeling all night too.

His hands gripped tightly around the small of your back as your fingers tangled in his hair. He ran his tongue along your lips and you granted him access into your mouth, breathless and yearning for more. His hands released his grip on your waist and trailed down to your bottom, softly at first then urgently gripping at your curves.

His lips pulled away from yours and began to travel down your neck and across your collarbone, making you gasp. “Do you… want to come in?” you asked breathlessly. He didn’t even have to answer – he turned the door handle to your hotel room and pushed through.

Writing:  A Smile for My Sons

((OOC: So this one got a little weird….

Inspired by the fabulous @sirussly, specifically this post  and the second part here.))

A Smile for My Sons

Walburga never spoke about it.  Not because it was painful, she was beyond such things.  Not because it was an humiliation either, far from it.  Births were not easy for noble women such as herself, the power latent in their unborn children all too often rejecting the power steeped into their mother’s very bones at the time of their birth.  It was not even that such things were one of those personal, uncomfortable moments that needed no discussion.

No, it was the tiny curl of envy that unfurled whenever Druella complained of being bored of frills.  It was the dusty wedding dress mouldering away in the dark depths of her wardrobe.  More than anything, it was the cold shock of disappointment that took advantage of her weakened state when her nurse informed her that her second child was a boy.  Regulus’ first days were marred by his mother refusing to see him, screams and curses and furniture smashing itself against the walls, all born of un-felt grief and bitter injustice when she was told she would never conceive again.  That failed opportunity had been the only opportunity.  A sign of the power latent in her blood, her mother would have told her - a badge of pride for women such as herself.  She had the equipment to make more.  Only she didn’t now.  There would be no more.  Two boys would be her legacy.

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