pearls & swine

Pearls Before Swine, Chapter 2 is up on AO3!

Pearls Before Swine
Mature/R (rating may go up later)
Warnings: Suicide/Self-harm mention
Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo, slight Sanzo/Goku, mention of Kougaiji/Dokugakuji/Yaone

Chapter 2:  The Unwanted and Unexpected Visitors

Hakkai is awake on a morning where he didn’t think he would wake up, and things only become more improbable from there.



Magnus: Was there anything else we needed to do in here besides get attacked by one of your janky-ass cockroaches because you don’t clean your elevator room?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, that’s how it works, it’s my cockroach just cause it happened to appear-

Magnus: It’s your lab! Clean your shit!

Lucas: Yeah my shit is pretty clean, okay? I don’t spend a lot of time polishing the elevators. My bad, I guess. Anyway, no, there’s not much else to do in there except appreciate my bold vision of the future, but I guess pearls before swine and all that.

Magnus: No, it’s super great. I love your shitty elevator and your weird glass town.

Lucas: Did you see the airships?

Magnus: Yeah that was great. You’re a real dork.

Chakotay: What are you supposed to be?

Captain Janeway: Vito Corleone. I’m going to a Mob Costume party.

Chakotay: A Mob Costume party?

Captain Janeway: Yeah. And this is a statue of Jimmy Hoffa. Tuvok made it for me. I bring one every year.

Chakotay: What for?

Captain Janeway: At the end of the party the mobsters blow it up. There’s a little fuse in his head. But I think we need to change the design.

Harry Kim: Why is that?

Captain Janeway: Because people are always re-doing the fuse to make it shorter. That way it blows up right when they light it.

Harry Kim: But that’s not safe.

Captain Janeway: I know. That’s why I’m changing it.

Harry Kim: What are you gonna do?

Captain Janeway: I’m gonna make them a Hoffa they can’t re-fuse.


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Q: Does this have spoilers?

A: No, it honest to Darwin doesn’t. I just wrote it for a chance to draw Pearl/Rose angst. It only has vague allusions to my own theories about SU theories. None of it is canon. It’s just artistic license. 

Q: Ok I read it, when does it update?

A: Uuuuh, the easy answer is “when I have time”