pearls & swine

  • Bakugou: I'm thinking about pushing you off a tall cliff and filming what happens.
  • Izuku: What for?
  • Bakugou: 'Cause then I could get on one of those shocking videos and be famous.
  • Izuku: But I could get hurt!
  • Bakugou: There's no I in team.
  • Aries: Curtis
  • Taurus: Beetle Bailey
  • Gemini: Foxtrot
  • Cancer: Peanuts
  • Leo: Garfield
  • Virgo: Dilbert
  • Libra: Baby Blues
  • Scorpio: Pearls before Swine
  • Sagittarius: Zits
  • Capricorn: Blondie
  • Aquarius: Bizarro
  • Pisces: Pickles
Aquarius female: Mind, Body, and Soul ♒

She’s grace, she’s odd, she’s a goddess in human form, she’s the Aquarian female, the original water bearer of the Gods. Unlike her male counterpart who was a mortal hand picked by Zeus to become the new immortal cupbearer, Ganymede, Hebe was born an immortal. ‘Daughter’ of Hera (it was actually Hera in her virgin form), she was born a goddess who was nonetheless pleased to carry the task of self-rejuvenation to pour out immortal life sustenance and give divine substance. She’s a beautiful mutant, a saving grace to all, to both Humanity and the Gods. She rules the 11th house of future goals, community objectives, and spiritual unity.

She is wise beyond her years and she has a deep understanding of human behavior and divinity that go hand in hand. Separating the two would limit human spiritual experience. But she’s not so full of herself to be so self-absorbed by her own ego, unlike her male counterpart, she is humble and she rather invest her time and energy pouring herself onto anyone who she comes across. She is ready to serve those in need and who wish to experience heaven here on earth. She’s love, grace, and hope and she endows those same qualities unto the collective community. She’s unjudgemental, understanding, and hopeful and she instills self-confidence and self-motivation unto others. Anyone around her can feel incapable of any wrongdoing, she’s intoxicatingly beautiful inside and out and highly addictive.

She pours herself unto men. Making zero judgement or living up to societies expectations. Thinking of ways how to better serve others and make others happy, often neglecting her own needs. But, she keeps on living with that optimistic and whimsical attitude. Being a cheerleader to the underdogs and anyone who seems to be broken. Championing for those impoverished souls, standing up and becoming symbols of Hope, and fighting against opression and societies detriments. Becoming self-empowered women with great influence over others so that they themselves can become empowered. One can see this trait in famous Aquarian females: Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Virginia Wolf, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Most might assume that she’s making up for all this kindness due to her own faults and misery. But quite the contraire. She’s so pure in her intentions that most people end up taking advantage of our poor Aquarian. Including the men in her life. One might mistake her as a doormat due to her tendency to tolerate her partners idiosyncrasies as she usually ends up with an overbearing partner. Unlike the Aquarian male who’s striving to become this guru sent down from Mt. Olympus, she searches for a partner who she can mold herself into. A husband she can look up to and become one with. She subconsciously looks for odd characers, underdogs, misunderstood men. A man who has so much potential for greatness. And who better to help him achieve such status if not our rejuvenating cheerleader?

The problem with this vision is that she usually ends up with men who trample all over our Aquarian. And because she’s so compliant and graceful in relationships, she keeps quiet. Tolerating his behavior, keeping score, and counting the days when she’ll permanently walk away. She’s not a doormat nor a pushover as many believe. No. What she is doing is giving her all in her relationships so when the day comes that she needs to walk away, she will walk away for good with no guilt whatsoever. She gives her heart, mind, and soul to her partner and whatever he does with that, falls on him, not on her. So when her ex regrettably comes back remorseful for having treated our Aquarian wrongly, she’ll lay out all the cards she’s kept to herself all those years. Her ex will be left speechless, begging for forgiveness and a second opportunity.

An Aquarian is capable of forgiveness and second chances but when an Aquarian decides it’s enough, it’s enough. She will cast you out from her heart and mind, not looking back. She will have learned her lesson with each new passing relationship. ‘She will learn to not cast her pearls before swine’. She’ll soon find a man who is worthy of her affections. Someone who isn’t afraid of her true emotional depth. And when she finds herself in the arms of a man who finally takes care of her fragile heart, she experiences rapture.

As innocent and childlike as she might appear, she’s actually not. She exudes vibrancy and colorful lights but step inside behind those closed doors and you’ll realize that our Aquarian has a whole different persona. She’s feisty and coquettish in the budoir. Showing off her many flavor colored condoms, vibrators, and toys to her partner and she will do so so excitedly. One wonders, ‘Where did that innocent Aquarian go?’ She’s still there riding that hog she’s been wanting to pounce for a while (and had been fantasizing about). Mixing in pleasure with fun. Letting go of her inhibitions and showing a true and sexy side to her personality. It can be extremely alluring to any man, or woman, who witnesses the Aquarian going off on herself like if it was her first time. She’s enticing and addicting and her husband can truly feel free in the bedroom. Because she’s so open to anything, her husband can fulfill his deepest fantasies with her. Play dress up? She beat you to it…Sex in the alley behind the dumpster?You read my mind…S&M? Why didn’t you ask sooner?… Oral under the table? Baby I’m already there… Anything you can think of she will be open to and even if she doesn’t agree, she will suggest other alternatives.

Because to an Aquarian sex should be free and loving. She let’s go of all those negative emotions (or at least supress them for a while longer). Sex to her is an experience that she feels grounds her down to terra firme. Because she’s so detached emotionally and so different, she feels like she can connect with her partner intimately via sex. All those deep feelings she had been supressing will come out in long sessions of love making, followed by laughter, high-fiving, and long conversations. Her husband can truly feel he has hit the trifecta…fucking, friendship, and no heavy sentiments? Bingo! What more can he ask for?

Of course our Aquarian will never settle for someone who she doesn’t feel a mental, emotional, and sexual connection with. She will subconsciously test her future significant other on many levels. Testing his boundaries because no matter how sweet she might come off, she’s actually a tempest. And he will never know he was subjected to such tests. She needs to know he’ll be able to handle her with ease and sensitivity but also with authority. If he fails, she will ghost herself out of existence only to pop up years later with a ‘What’s up? How’s it going?’ But, when he’s managed to pass her many ‘tests’ she will enjoy letting him in into her true world. A world full of colorful rainbows, hope, love, grace, peace, and an exotic ‘lifestyle’. One can see why an Aquarian female is the true Goddess of the Zodiac.

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How about you actually go make something ORIGINAL and not from other people's content. Gif making other people's hard work really gives you ego doesn't it. You're the fuck boy old ass never was or could've been. Get off the internet old man.

take those shades off ya shit talking turd

you don’t know me, i got no ego from making gifs - it’s kinda embarassing actually. in terms of skating i am an old man at 36. it’s hard af to stay stoked on skating when your body isn’t springy anymore so come talk to me when you’re still skating after 22 years on board

original? i’ve been shooting photos since 96 but why would i give pearls to swine like you

as for other people’s hard work - that’s why i tag & credit my posts so underground rippers can get some shine. as for what i get outta doing this… lovely messages like yours. thanks a lot


Still a Pig

        Swinton walked down the hall, her heavy Preyda purse bumped against her hip in time with her slow, casual stride, her security entourage followed closely behind her as she strode through the doorway and onto the field. Swinton couldn’t help but gawk; the Oasis Stadium, a massive structure designed to seat a respectable percentage of the city’s population, was bustling with countless citizens and visitors. Reflexively she smiled and waved, but was greeted not with cheers, but ire as the massive crowd burst into a hissing, angry buzz, a jostled hornet’s nest of indignant mammals. There was little she could make out, but the overall message was clear, this crowd was only a precious few increments away from storming the field and stringing her up from the nearest street lamp.

Boy, this chapter and the next few strips turned out to be much more divisive than I had anticipated. A lot of people seem upset with the shift in tone that we’ll see for a little while going forward… Well, I hope you’ll just stick with me despite it all, if nothing else I’ve had a great time working on these next few comics, and that’s what’s really important to me so there! 

If you’re curious about what all the hubbub is about then keep reading under the cut, but do keep in mind that this won’t make much sense if you haven’t been following the Swinton sidestory!

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A Terrible Thirst

The ice cubes clinked together in the Lalique crystal glass, the ambrosial scotch rippling and lightening as the chilled water mixed in. She brought it up to her snout and sipped delicately, savoring the smoky, peaty flavor of the 25-year single malt. The bite of the overproof and following warmth in her belly eased some of the tension in her shoulders.

‘I can’t say,’ the foreman had said. ‘You’d better get down here.’

As always a thousand thanks for Writeanon for the story! Keep reading under the cut for more, or go check it out on AO3!

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Heyyy so I have a question or kinda wanted to know your opinion on something: I've been, like, a heavy Evilde shipper ever since Noora's season and Julie once hinted at Vilde possibly being gay as far as I remember, so that made me think there'd be a Vilde centered season in the future but now we know that this one's gonna be the last season.. and also so far Julie made it seem like Vilde is really straight and really into Magnus... So what do you think, is there still a chance?

Hello!! Yes I still believe Vilde is gay or atleast bi yes. And because of the trailer I 100% think that something will happen between them this season, but nothing good. That Vilde will fall for Eva but Eva won’t return the feelings, or the other way around (or Eva will fall in love or not tell, or she’ll tell but Vilde is too scared)

Because I interpret the trailer as either a reference to “do not throw pearls before swine” and that Vilde will fall in love with Eva who doesn’t return the feelings and ‘trump them under her feet’ OR that Eva literally and metaphorically falls for Vilde.

Or even if none of these happen I most definitely think Vilde isn’t straight!
I think she’s trying too hard to be interested in Magnus and straight™ sex and boys in general, and well, she did say she got horny when she was making out with Eva!