Moon Potion 🌙

A variant of my Star Potion. This potion is to be charged under a full moon instead of starlight. 


  • Wilton’s Pearl Dust or Pearlized Sugar (Silver or White)
  • Drinking Water (bottled water would be good)


  1. Combine your edible glitter and drinking water
  2. Leave in the moonlight for a few hours to charge
  3. Refrigerate when finished
  4. Add a few drops to your tea, coffee, bottled water, etc. or use as a base for other potions


  • To assist in channeling lunar energy, or connecting with lunar energy in general
  • To aid in matters of emotions, moods, peace, dreamwork, imagination, the unconscious mind, memory, safe travel, protection, psychic abilities, divination, balance, sensitivity, and nostalgia.

The Loyal Subjects have shared a quick look at some of what you can pick up this year as their SDCC Exclusives found at Booth #4951!

On the pony side of things we have,

Pearlized Lickety Split(with her mane color finally correct!), a flocked Firefly, and both Snuzzle and Lickety Split as sparkle ponies! As mentioned in prior posts, these figures are articulated.

These four will come in boxes with a viewing window on one side, with a limited quantity of 262 available and a limit of 4 per customer. Priced at $18.00 usd. Each pony will become available to buy at different times throughout the con.

Pearlized Lickety Split is available today(July 19th) at 8pm!

Sparkle Snuzzle will be available on Friday July 21st at 5pm.

Sparkle Lickety Split will be available on Saturday July 22nd at 6pm.

And finally Flocked Firefly will be available on Sunday July 23rd at 12pm.

They will also! have the non-exclusive blind boxed MLP figures that have still yet to hit stores, available for $14.00 usd each. They will also be selling loose figures for $10 usd each, although it is unclear if from all current lines or specific/older lines. There will be no purchase limit on blind boxes and loose figures.


9/3/2017- Pony acquisition post #437: G4 My Little Pony the Movie Shimmer Fashion Style Princess Skystar and Seapony Applejack and Rarity!

Year released: 2017

YES! More movie toys are leaking into stores, and I finally found some lovely more seaponies! One of my local Walmarts did have a lot of the pirate Walmart exclusives, but I looked over all of those when I found some lovely seaponies!

First, to go with the brushable Seapony Twilight I got a while back, I got the brushable sized Applejack and Rarity Seaponies! Again, I love their pearlized coating on them and their wonderful colors, as Applejack is a lovely honey color and Rarity is a pretty pearly off white. The attention to detail here is superb- Applejack even has her freckles and each pony has different sea pony tails to match them. The only flaw I see is that Rarity’s mold has her hooves molded together so she can’t hold things (which I love to do with my toys) but other than that these toys are so well detailed. I love their glitter accents and Rarity’s longer horn too!

And what can be said about the Styling Princess Skystar that hasn’t already by other lovely collectors? She is SO beyond pretty, with her Shimmery eyes and lovely accessories. I love her so much and my mom even gave her a fishtail braid (cause she’s a…fish). Get it?

Original Condition: Mint!

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: Mint!

Seafoam and Sulking | PJM Merman!AU

Genre: Slight Angst, Fluff (?) (IDK what to call it)

Word Count: 6.1 k

Warnings: Mentions of death and depression

Merfolk. They aren’t to be feared as Greek mythology and European’s set them out to me. Just like it says, it’s all mythology. They aren’t creatures that lure sailors into rock bays to drown them to their death. They aren’t evil beings that prove a bad omen upon sight. They don’t see upon your future just to wreck it. In fact, they are quite the opposite. Sons and daughters of Lasiren. They have traveled the world, wishing luck upon those who believe. They prevent those whose lives are being wished to end and turn them a new. Those who they couldn’t help, are born again, new powers set ablaze to help those who were such as them.

The daughters learn from their mothers, who learned from their’s, and so on and so forth, all the way back to Lasiren, on how to possess those of mortal women for limited time to help them in love, work, health, and fortune. Then after they have helped them, they retreat back to underwater world until another young woman calls upon them.

The sons are masters in song. They lay beneath the waves and listen to the stresses of mortals, men or women. Then when they feel the need, they sing a song, undetectable to ears of humans, but still provides a sense of comfort and reasoning that sets the mind at ease for yet another day.

Life is carefree in the ‘back of Lasiren’s mirror’, the world beneath the surface. But, there is a longing in everyone’s hearts. It is merely impossible for a merperson to fall in love with another. Though, they must mate to keep their kind alive. It was the ill-fated downfall of Her kin. She created them to fall in love with mortals of the land. But the only way they were able to walk amongst them was if they met the love of their life first, then they must truly love them back in their true form. After that they must wed in 6 months to remain on land or their love can choose to transform into a merperson as well. She wasn’t cruel, just challenging, as her kin describe her.

It is rare for a mortal to truly love a merperson in their true form. It is even rarer for a mortal to choose to give up their material life on the land to live a life of travel in the depths of the ocean. But this is a special story, how even generation after generation have managed to find true love and stay together.

Jimin’s POV

Laying in the warm ocean off the coast of Jeonsu, or as the mortals started calling it, Jeju was more relaxing than the blue oceans of the Caribbean. Sweeter than the waters of Spain. Calmer than the bays of the Maldives. Oh, and a lot less shark infested than the waters of Hawaii.

You’d be surprised how little the people of Jeonsu worry. It was like the carefree spirit of Lasiren’s ocean seeped into the veins of the island and shared it with the people inhabiting it. Though when worries did come my way, it was nothing a small tune and a quick strum of the harpsichord couldn’t fix. Of the merfolk surrounding the peninsula and the island, I was maybe one of twelve in total. Don’t be surprised, this is nothing, head to the East coast, especially around New York City and there are maybe 30 of us in a nautical mile. The water is so disturbed with the harsh plucks of cords and distraught and weak voices of merfolk that even us, who enjoy music that we practically live off of it, wish we could plug our ears with seaweed. I would stay in Jeonsu forever if I could, but the my mind filled with wanderings of the seas of Taiwan and bays of Nepal as I lyed here waiting for a struggled human to walk along Jeonsu’s sandy shores.

Perhaps I got this from my mother, from my grandmother, I learned that she was once a human and when she had met my father, she decided to give up her life on land to follow him through the oceans of the world. My grandmother, told me that she was a photographer on land, she was never in one place of the world for too long, always moving around ready to capture the next shot. She told me of how she was off the coast of Madagascar when she started wondering why she was always traveling, why she could never settle down. She began to wonder if her life possessed meaning.

That’s when my father came into the picture. He was getting ready to leave and head to the shores of Korea to visit friends when he heard her thoughts. Deciding to ease one more mind before he left, he swam back to the shore and hid by the rock that she was sitting on. As he started to sing, he could feel her spirits lift, and suddenly she turned around, catching a glimpse of him.

Here was where my mother would cut in from my grandmother telling the story. “It wasn’t love at first sight. It was amazement.” She would call it. “But amazement can lead to love, certainly in the most bizarre situations.” She would smile and glance at my father.

Back then she was, as my father described her, a woman of exotic nature and character. She had tan skin with bright green eyes. Her hair was dyed blue with a white ombre as her hair floated around her. A seashell clip that pinned back her hair was with her wherever she went. It was a gift from my father when he asked her to marry him, it wasn’t common for merfolk to do rings, more often than not, the man would create something worth meaning and give it to her. In my father’s case he made a pearled clamshell barrett, along with aquamarine lining it. Aquamarine is incredibly special to us, as it is what becomes of our tears, and when no black is present in the gem, it was happy tears, which is exactly what lined the shell of my mother’s clip.

My father on the other had was one of deep contrast. His hair color fading from white to midnight black, matched his tail, white with black spots. A powerful fin contrasted the gracefulness that he always traveled with. His white tribal tattoos created a powerful image against his dark skin. Along with the necklace around his neck that my mother gave to him once I was born. A black leather chain with a shard of mirror attached to it. She claimed that their wanderlust spirits may drift them apart, but shard of glass would reflect a light that she could see from oceans away.

I, on the other hand, had a teal tail with darker spots creating a thick pattern lining down my side. Teal tribal tattoos lined one of my arms and up my neck, signifying my family heritage. My dark hair didn’t do anything to help contrast my eyes, but did create a softer look that apparently most mermaids found attractive. With it’s long length, there wasn’t a day that it was let loose, constantly up so I could see my way as I swam. I guess you could say that I wasn’t anything special in the sea. The only thing I had left of my parents was my father’s leather chain and my mother’s seashell barrette that I had attached do it. When I was young, we were living off the coast of Japan when my mother was captured in a fishing net and my father sent me to my grandmother as he went to save her. Before he rushed off, he handed me his leather necklace and her barrette that had fallen to the sea floor. It was if he knew that he might not return to me. Luckily, Lasiren was with him that day, she had freed both my mother and father from the fishermen but she told that that their bad luck was only beginning, so she gave them the option to live their lives peacefully as humans. They couldn’t bear to leave me so they declined, but she told them that this was their only chance, that she knew the good they had done under her following and wished to help them but that she wouldn’t have the chance again. Still, they declined and wished to stay with me.

Soon their luck turned to the worst, shark attacks, poachers, poison corals, and no matter how I pleaded them to leave to live a life worth living on land, they never would. And one day when they went to go hunt for fish to eat, they never came back. I went out searching for them. I crossed the oceans, Pacific back to Pacific, and never saw them. At first I had thought they had truly abandoned me, that they finally went to Lasiren and pleaded with her to make them human. But then, as I was traveling, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, probably around the Arabian sea, I saw a glint of light. I went down to the sandy floor and saw a leather necklace with a glass shard attached and a pearlized shell and aquamarine barrette lying next to it. I knew that Lasiren was right. I knew that their bad luck had gotten to them. It was ironic though, my mother always said that she could find her love with the glint of light that the glass reflected, and that my father said that shell signaled he would never leave her side. And here I found them, side by side, across the oceans, like they never left.

Here I was, sitting down on a bed of rocks, on a deserted part of the island, running my fingers over the small gems that lined the leather of the necklace. I don’t remember when I started to weep, but soon I heard a voice call over. It was a soft voice, lined with lace and sewn with silk and for once it comforted a creature’s whose job was to comfort others.

“Are you okay?” It called out again, this time closer. Though the voice didn’t scare me, I panicked as I looked down at my tail, glittering in the sun light. Quickly, I tied the necklace around my neck and dove into the water. I hid under the rock, and soon saw the face that belong to the voice. Beautiful tan skin and honey brown eyes that were hidden by glasses. Her hair, natural curls, dyed with a plum shade that faded into a light lilac with seafoam green highlights. Her clothes were simple, a oversized shirt that was tucked into shorts with suspenders hanging over her shoulders, a pair of light green sneakers to finish off the look.

After looking around for awhile, she came to the conclusion that I was gone. She carefully took her place on the rock that was previous harboring my own weight and looked up at the sky. Soon, she started to speak again.


“I guess this place is the official destination for all weepers on Jeju Island.” I chuckled sadly. I was originally walking my way down here so I could cry my worries to the sea in peace but I noticed a young man, probably a little older than me, his longish hair pulled back in a bun. He seemed to be weeping over what looked like a necklace. Ex-girlfriend? No, not that, he’s too good looking and kind featured for it to be that. My eyes scanned down his shirtless back and came to notice the sleeve of tribal tattoos lining his arm. Interesting. When I started getting closer, it was easier to tell he was crying over a necklace, wanting to make sure he was alright, I called out to him.

“Are you okay?” His head snapped up quickly and soon he hopped down from the rock, I guess he didn’t want to be bothered. After making my way all the way down, I looked around and noticed there was no sign of him. I sat down where he was previously sitting and looking out at the calm wave lapping against the hillside. It was already lifting my dampened mood and I had only just arrived.

“Why did he have to do that?” I thought out loud, almost stopping myself before I realized I was alone, so there was no point in hiding my inner dialogue. My grandmother was a large believer in the creatures of the sea. She always told me that when she disappeared from the land, she was going to be reborn as a part of the sea. She said the sea was always listening, that it didn’t judge and that it was there to help your spirit. Whenever I asked her how the sea did it, she always smiled and patted my head “My dear, just remember, there is always comfort in the water, and sometimes, you can find more, you can find love.” She would whisper.  As a young child, I never believed her, how could there be comfort in water? More importantly, how could there be love in water? But now I understood her, when she passed away, I lost the most important piece in my life, and no matter how hard I tried, nothing could fill it.

I tried to fill it with old photos of the two of us, I tried walking along the same path in the old park that she loved to stroll. I tried singing the songs she would use to lull me to sleep. I tried cooking her favorite dishes and reading her diaries and poems. But nothing worked. Then I thought back to the countless times that she told me that the sea would bring me comfort and I was so desperate to feel the love she brang back into my life that I sat on the sandy beach of Busan, after dark, for hours. When only the moon was present against the water’s surface, she was right. It was as if I could feel her gentle fingers washing away the tears that slide down my face. It was as if she was THERE herself. My grandfather insisted on giving her an islander’s burial. Her ashes were spread at sea, and as I watched I swore I saw them turn to sea foam as they touched the water. It was a windless day, not a lashing wave to be in sight yet even after I rubbed my eyes and cleared my throat, I could still see the sea foam forming from the ashes.

It was that night when I started talking to the water. I longed for the feeling of her presence and the water was the only thing that could sedate it.

“Why did he have to leave me broke and abandoned? Why did he have to cheat on me with someone I thought my dearest friend? Scratch that, my own sister? Why did he have to lie to me and tell me that it was because I never had time for him? Why did he have to blame it on me and say that it was my fault he was like this.” I asked the ocean, as if it would give me back answers. And after I talked, the gentle lapping seemed to egg me on to scream my worries as loud as I could to let it all of my chest so it could absorb them to the deepest pit it had to offer. “WHY DID I HAVE TO BELIEVE HIS STUPID LIES AND BLAME MYSELF FOR A MAN WHO HAS NO DIGNITY? WHY DID I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH HIS CRAP AND NOT HAVE THE HEART TO LEAVE? WHY DID MARK BREAK MY HEART IN TWO?” At the last question I threw myself back down onto the rock and began to weep.

Like I said the whole reason that I ever came to the ocean was because I felt a connection with my grandmother there, but in this moment it was a different feeling. I felt like gentle arms were rocking me back and forth. Whisper no-nothings into my ear that I was going to be okay. It was a feeling of a cool, breezy night, the wind not strong enough to lash out at your skin but enough to sedate the empty feelings people have.

As my tears stopped cascading down my face, I started to hear what I thought was a harp, looking around I wasn’t able to find anything. Then, as I paid closer attention to it, it seemed to be coming from below the water’s surface, peering over the side of the rock, the clear water showed nothing worth interest, but I could still hear the sweet melody playing. Continuing to look around, a small voice surprised me.

“You could hear me?” Whipping around, the young man from earlier had his upper body leaning on the rock that you were both previously occupying.

“That was you? The harp, I mean.” I referenced the small hand held harpsichord he had in his hand.

“Most people can’t hear me play.” He commented, not fully answering my question. He cocked his head, staring at me intently.

“What do you mean most people can’t hear you play?” I asked, staring back at him with just as much curiosity.

“Are you from her?” He asked, hesitantly, cocking his hand back and forth, staring at me even more. To be honest,  I didn’t feel uncomfortable, more or less confused to say the least.

“From who?”

“You know, from HER. The creator?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” I shook my head at him in disbelief, to any other person, whatever he was saying would have been passed off as spouting bullshit, but for some reason I could tell he was asking me a serious question.

“Then how could you hear my harp?” He also looked genuinely confused at this point.

“Well, most people are able to hear when other people are play music, especially as something as unique as that was.”

“No, they aren’t, that’s the whole point. We are supposed to remain invisible. Yet here you are hearing my harp and talking to me and I don’t know if I like it.” Okay, he is blunt. I thought to myself.

“Well, how about I introduce myself, so then we know each other a little bit better?” I offered, sitting back down on the rock, facing him. “My name is Y/N and you can obviously tell that I have a horrible ex-boyfriend that I hate with my guts.”

“What’s hate?” He looked back at me.

“Are you serious?” He nodded his head. “Hate is when you can’t stand a person. You don’t want to be around them, you don’t want to know how they are doing. You don’t want to have any association with them. You loathe the idea of them.” I explained.

“I hate those people.” I thought I heard him say in a small voice, under his breath. Speaking up, he focused on me. “My name is Jimin.” He gave a slightly smile.

“So whose necklace is that?” I asked, motioning to the leather strip knotted around his neck.

“My parents…” He trailed off, looking over his shoulder to the sea. “They are from the ocean. Well, my father is. My mother is from the mainland, he always called her his landlady.” He was surprisingly open, as if he needed another person to speak to it of.

“Of the ocean? Like a sailor?” I was slightly confused at the way he described his father.

“No.” He shook his head bluntly. “Like a merperson. Son of Lasiren. Healer of broken hearts and stressed minds.” He looked up at me, and I could help but laugh.

“Are you serious? How can a merman even exist?”

“You are talking to one.” He commented.

“Sure, yeah, whatever you say dude.” I shook my head, in disbelief. He then let of of the rock and fell back into the water. He swam out a ways, before resurfacing and leaning on his back. Expecting to see a pair of legs appear underneath him, I was even more shocked to see the bright teal tail with black spots littering where his side would be.

“Believe me now?” He called back, before swimming his way back to me. Once he perched himself in his previous position, I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I rubbed my eyes. I smacked the side of my head. I pinched my skin. I breathed deeply. Nothing seemed to wake me up from this dream I was experiencing.

“They… exist?” I looked back at him amazed.

“Yes,Y/N, they exist. Did you seriously believe that there is this huge unexplored ocean and merfolk couldn’t exist?”

“How, how many?” I kind of just stared into space at this point.

“Of merfolk? Well, it’s too hard to count really. Millions at the least. New York harbor has probably a million alone, it’s like working over time there, sucks really, I don’t understand why my people even stay there to begin with. Let you humans deal with your own stressing life anyways, why do we have to feel the incessant need to help you?” He started ranting.

“What do you mean to leave us to deal with our lives ourselves?” His comment snapped me out of my daze.

“Did you really think that the ocean was calming because Triton made it so?”Not only is he blunt but he is also sarcastic. “Our singing and harp is what calms your chaotic lives. Plus mermaids can possess bodies of those willing to bring good luck and love to women who believe.” He acted as if it was no big deal and nothing out of the ordinary.

“So I could be possessed by a mermaid right now?” I looked over my skin, prodding and poking it.

“No.” He rolled his eyes. “Trust me, you would definitely tell if you were being led by a mermaid. They usually describe it as an out of body experience.” He said, trying to explain it as simply as he could.

“Y/N!” You heard your grandfather call down the rocky slide. “We have to leave now.”

“I guess that’s your cue to leave.” Jimin gave a quirk of his mouth.

“Do you usually hang around here?” I asked him. At this point I was hooked on finding out more about him.

“Well I was going to head to Spain but I’ll stay behind to help educate a human.” He smiled.

“Okay, tomorrow then? I want to know about that necklace.” I stood and dusted off my shorts and legs.

“See you tomorrow.” He said, now seeming less excited than what was to come.

Time Skip

I quickly detangled my hair and slipped on my shoes before giving my grandfather a rushed goodbye as I ran out the door and headed to the beach to see Jimin. It had become a natural part of life. Everyday I would meet him at the beach and he would delve deeper into his world with me. It even got to the point that he would hold my hand and bring me underwater with him. Apparently a merperson’s energy can leak into you when you hold their hand, giving you their abilities.

But it had also been 5 months and he still hasn’t told me the story behind the necklace. The more I talked with him, the more it sounded like there was a rough past and difficult life behind the leather strip and shelled barrette. The few moments that he mentioned his parents, he often looked down at the shelled necklace and I realized that his incessant crying when I first met him had to do with their past. But, today, I was determined to get him to tell me about the necklace. He had learned everything there was to know about me at this point. Everything from the adoption by an elderly couple, who I later learned were my biological grandparents. From the struggling of learning about my parents’ ill fate, from my grandmother’s passing. To my worries about my future and my education. To my horrible relationships. To my past mistakes.

All I had learned about him was that he was a merman. Surprising. Other than that, it was more about their history and their people. Their purpose in life. But every time I looked into his eyes, I fell deeper into the chocolate swirls that passed off for his irises. I shook my head to rid myself of the trance I had buried myself into, staring at his eyes, while he talked. Later, I realized that he was too passionate about what he was rambling about to notice my staring, rather waving his hands about, frantically, trying to paint me a photo of the different places he had been, the people he had met. The stories he had encountered.

The time it had took me to crawl my way through all the thoughts that bombarded my mind when I thought of him, I had reached the rocky beach. Slipping down the obsidian slides, I reached our daily meet up area, the rock on which we met. Jimin was usually there by the time I had arrived, but this time he wasn’t there. I waited for a while, expect him to swim up any minute, scanning the ocean horizon for his black hair and navy blue tattoos, his teal tail in the clear blue water. It never came…

Jimin’s POV

She startled me on a daily basis. I never expected Y/N to show up the day after she promised to visit me again, but she did. And every day after that. The more I looked at her, the more I found myself scanning her facial features over and over again, committing them to memory.

But I knew that everyday that I spent with her, loomed me closer to a dream I knew would never happen. That she would like me back, that she would gaze into my eyes with the same interest and wonder that I did with hers. So I decided that I needed to distance myself from her. I decided that I needed to let go of the false hope that she could ever fall for me. Coincidently, the day that I decided that I was going to leave was the same day that I was going to open up to her about my past, about my parents.

I gazed at the rock from a distance, remembering the first time that she had come to the water with a bathing suit, diving in as soon as she reached it. It was the first day that I had taken her under water, showing her the beautiful sights of Jeonsu that was unknown to the world of humans. She gasped underwater which made her realize that holding my hand extended my powers to her.

Shooting up to the surface she started blurting out questions about how that happened and how she wasn’t expecting it. Looking at her I smirked, asking her why she didn’t just ask me while she was still underwater. That sent her into a frenzy and she grabbed my hand, pulling us back underwater where she started screaming at how she could speak without choking on water.

I also remembered when she told me about how she thought she saw her grandmother’s ashes turn to seafoam as they hit the water in an islander’s burial. I fought back the urge to tell her that mermaid’s turned to seafoam when they passed, that they were turning to the previous state they existed before Lasiren created them from the waves. I didn’t think that she could learn that she might have been part mermaid. I still wasn’t sure if it was true and that her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her mourning mind.

But my favorite memory of all was when I caught her staring at my tattoos and she suddenly blurted out “What do they mean?” and we spent the next hour, going through the different meanings of my tattoos, how I got them, and what they stood for in my culture. She seemed so immersed in me that I was being to believe that she was starting to fall for me as well. That false hope was the reason I was treading here, looking at the rock that held the memories of the best months of my life when I noticed a familiar figure making her way down the rocky slides. She sat on the rock, fingers gracing the water quietly, waiting for me. Hours later, she still sat there, waiting for me to show, her knees now drawn up to her chest and her face buried in it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw another familiar figure swimming towards her.

Kanuha. Or One who sulks. A merman that was hated by our people. Outcast by Lasiren herself, instead of healing peoples broken minds and hearts, he fed off of their despair, he lived to make their lives worse. It’s no lie that we live long lives, far out living our human counterparts, and he had been causing destruction for as long as he had known how. Remember the Great Depression, he’s the one to blame for it. The assassinations of some of the best presidents in the world, turn your eyes to him. The horrible oil spills that wrecked our oceans, just his revenge. He was single handedly the most hated merman to grace the blue oceans. And here he was treading his way towards the one thing that gave my life meaning, even if I had to leave it behind. But I couldn’t leave her behind like this.

I rushed to the rock, hoping, praying to make it there before Kanuha. I quickly pushed ahead of him and made it to the rock milliseconds before he was in front of me.

“I hate it when you folk stop me from my missions.” He gave me a once over before glancing at my tattooed arms. “I hate it even more when your people step in my way. You don’t want to end up like your mother and father do you?” He glared evilly at me, glancing down at the strap that hung around my neck.

Through the commotion I heard Y/N’s gasping voice calling out my name. “Stay back. He’ll just hurt you.” I threw my words over my shoulder, warning her.

“But what’s going on?” Well, I guess this was a good as time as ever, I sighed.

“You are looking at the man who murdered my parents.” I said, barely above a whisper, still staring Kanuha down, letting him know that I had no intention of letting him lay a hair on Y/N, who was still sitting behind me in a dazed panic.

The second his hand flew up, so did mine, landing right on his face, his grabbing my neck and I felt the tug of the leather before it broke free. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the strap go flying, somewhere into the water, but I was too focused on not letting Kanuha anywhere near the one thing that gave my life meaning again.

A raging battle ensued. Punches thrown, powers abused. Water pelting each other at horrendous speeds. Then, something I had witnessed in 13 years, happened again. Lasiren materialized in the water before us and while I immediately ceased my fighting, Kanuha continued throwing punches, causing waves to push my battered body around, and hitting me in the chest with everything he had. Suddenly, his assaults stopped and I looked over to see a purple glow emitting around him, realizing that She had used her powers to stop him.

Her sweet, honey like voice officially announced her presence. “It’s been a long while, hasn’t it been Jimin?”

Third Person POV

“It’s been a long while, hasn’t it been Jimin.” Lasiren, turned her attention to the merman in front of her. Her long, moon white hair cascading around her and floating in the water. Nodding, he remained unable to speak.

“And you, my dear, we have never met.” She turned toY/N, transforming, changing to human form, walking on the rock, helping Y/N stand to her feet, shaking her hand while at it.

Y/N looked to Jimin and mouthed the word “Lasiren?” to Jimin, not going unnoticed to the white haired woman, who now graced a light, seafoam colored flowing dress that swirled around her ankles, seeming to become the waves of the sea itself.

Chuckling, Lasiren nodded her head. “You are a special one.” She commented in her dripping voice. “You truly loved a merman and you wouldn’t admit it to him in hopes to keep your friendship.” Glancing between Jimin and Y/N. “And you my son, thought that I would let you get away with leaving the love of your life?”

“Love… of… his life.” Y/N whispered under her breath. Did she hear correctly.

“Yes, dear. Love of his life. Didn’t you know that a merman meets the love of his life, only once, and that it is destined to be a human? Or did Jimin leave out this small tidbit of information.” He cast away his gaze, opting to instead to look at his fin waving back and forth between the water. “And Jimin? Have you even tried to walk on land yet? I thought you knew better than to wait too long to try things.” She shook her head solemnly. “And you, Y/N. Have you ever tried to swim underwater without the help of Jimin? I think you would be more surprised at your own capabilities than you think.” She smirked in her direction.

“And for you, you filthy scum, I thought banning you from my world would be enough, but as it turns out, you still manage to wreak havoc across the ocean and destroy my precious world.” Lasiren commented in a lowly voice, that fitting of what Kanuha had done. “I think instead of hurting you I would rather keep my eye on you for the rest of your days.” She turned around facing both of Jimin and Y/N. “Now Jimin, you are a very special person in the ocean, and in the world, and I have only granted this wish to two other people in this world. You and Y/N are allow to extend your stay on land for however long you like, or as in the ocean as well. Feel free to travel willing between the two. I know this is a shock to both of you, but you both have a large destiny in this world. And Jimin, they live in a nice apartment on the edge of Hyeopjae, and have never given up hope in looking for you.” And with that she dematerialized into the waves, leaving behind nothing but sea foam.

“I hate you so much.” Y/N slapped his shoulder, causing him to turn around in the water. She cried. “I can’t believe that you ever thought that I would want you to leave. That I didn’t like you. How have you not noticed through that thick skull of yours that I would stare at you for hours on end? And how come you never told me about your parents? I would have been there for you! We could’ve figured it out together! I can’t believe y-” Y/N was cut off by Jimin’s lips on her, silencing her rant before wrapping his arms around her. She felt cloth touching her skin and looked down to see that they were both standing on the rock, him in a dark teal hoodie, a light undershirt, and teal and seafoam green spotted converse. His clothes looked like the spitting image of his tail, his necklace miraculously around his neck again.

“I hate you too.” He whispered affectionately in her ear as he continued to hug her. “I hate that I hid the truth from you.”

“Well, now I want to see what my tail looks like! Then we have to go find your parents.” Y/N added as an afterthought and dived into the water, her clothes disappearing, rather a long, graceful, dark purple tail, littered with green accents replaced it. Jimin quickly dived in after her and grabbed her hand, dragging her to the bottom of the sea floor.

“I can’t believe this!” She screamed as Jimin grabbed her hand, spinning her around underwater.

“I can’t believe I fell in love with someone who screams as loud as you do!” He screamed back.

“I can’t believe I fell in love with a merman, thanks and bye.” She jokingly let go of his hand and swam away, him hot on her tail. (All puns intended thank you)

  • Aries: Eyebrow Pencil/Powder
  • Taurus: Matte Lipstick
  • Gemini: Fake Lashes
  • Cancer: Highlighter
  • Leo: Bronzer
  • Virgo: Mascara
  • Libra: Blush
  • Scorpio: Eyeliner
  • Sagittarius: Bright Eyeshadow
  • Capricorn: Contour
  • Aquarius: Lipgloss
  • Pisces: Pearlized eyeshadow


Celebrity Makeup Artist Nick Barose sheds light on strobing.

Lately, you may feel like everywhere you go, there’s a twinkle in your eye—and maybe a little bit of envy—from seeing everyone’s on-point highlight in action. Lancôme’s celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose shares his top tips and tricks for creating a luminous look on deeper skintones. JESSICA VELEZ

Why do you think highlighters are having such a moment?

“Highlighters are the easiest way to add dimension to the face on days you don’t feel like contouring. When placed on the high points of the face, highlighters catch the light in those areas, and the features become more defined in a neutral and subtle way. Not to mention that, with the right formula, highlighters are 100 percent effortless to apply and look beautiful in all types of light. The right highlighter will also look beautiful in photos.”

What are your thoughts on the strobing trend?

“It’s basically a new word for highlighting. With strobing, or highlighting, the goal is to look radiant and lit from within. The key is to start sparingly and build until you create a beautiful, natural highlight. A heavy application will result in a harsh glare, and that is never pretty!”

How are the Lancôme Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighters different from any other?

“I love the creamy yet powdery texture, so it’s truly the best of both worlds. The fact that it’s creamy to the touch makes it easier to blend—but then once it touches the skin it has a luminous, velvety finish, and it’s never greasy. It provides just the right amount of versatile sheen for a variety of looks, beginning with a soft-focus glow. It can be layered for a more vibrant and intense look, which would be perfect for a nighttime look.”

What are the general highlighter shade rules for those with deeper skintones?

“Always pick the shade according to your skintone like you would a base color, such as foundation or concealer. It’s important to ensure the highlighter has the right undertone so that it blends seamlessly into the skin. This is where a lot of people go wrong, and often the highlight ends up looking too metallic or silvery with a white cast. In general, rose gold and bronzy tones are best for those with deeper skintones, like Rosegold Lights and Amber Lights. Gold Lights is also great for medium complexions.”

Let’s talk more about the Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighter’s rose gold and bronze shades. Why do you think those shades are important to include, and what skintones and undertones work best with them?

“Highlighters are not one shade fits all. All of the different subtle undertones can either look fresh if the shade is correct, or fake if you have the wrong tones. The rose gold highlighter has coppery tones to it, so it works well on deep, dark skintones. Amber Lights is great for medium-deep to truly deep skintones; it adds a soft golden glow for a beautiful, fresh finish.”

What should those with deeper skintones stay away from, highlighter-wise?

“Stay away from a formula that is too silvery, frosty, or pearlized. It will always look harsh and very unnatural on dark skin.”

How do you build a glow from a subtle sheen to a more intense radiance?

“For a soft and subtle effect, I place the highlighter underneath the tinted moisturizer or foundation, so it shines through. I sometimes also dampen a beautyblender or brush with the highlighter and dab it onto the skin for a sheer, veil-like effect. For a more dramatic look, I use a small brush and lightly tap it on top of base makeup and layer from there for more intense shine.”

What are your go-to application techniques?

“On deeper tones, the skin naturally appears to reflect more light. So I tend to control the application more than I would for someone with a lighter skintone. I use a smaller brush or mini beautyblender to dab the highlighter on top of the cheekbones, and usually that’s enough for a daytime look. But for more drama in the evening, or for an event taking place with dim light, I add highlighter onto the bridge of the nose, chin, and temples and then blend well. For nighttime, it is important to always start with foundation and then powder before layering highlighter on top.”

What makes the Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighter and Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation the perfect pair?

“The Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation is more matte, so it’s a perfect way to control the shine on your face when adding highlighter. This ensures that the finished look looks fresh and not overly shiny, or even sweaty.”

What’s the most innovative way you’ve used a highlighter before?

“I’ve brushed highlighter over brows to add golden highlight and to soften darker brows. I also sometimes dab it on the center of dark lipstick to bring a bit of light and dimension to a dark lipstick look.”