A tealight and incense stick holder of my coyote ghost, Charulata! Her body has pearlized white paint to help push a ghosty feel. First non-mask sculpture and made in a sleep deprived haze, but not bad for a first time sculpture
Made of wire, painters tape, polymer clay- painted with automotive pigments and acrylic.
Progress of the sculpt can be seen here. Full view can be seen here.

She is posed with the scented ritual candles I made today, Hall (dark skull), and real-life Charu (white skull)

I’m probably gonna make a mold of this after I move, mainly to practice molding a more complex shape than I’m used to and so I have a backup in case I ever accidentally break the original

anonymous asked:

Can you post some stuff with glitter? Or really any kind of metallic or pearlized or shimmery finish. It can be paint or slime; I just really like glitter :) thank you so much!

I went with paint mixing and kind of a mix of both!

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