• Aries: Eyebrow Pencil/Powder
  • Taurus: Matte Lipstick
  • Gemini: Fake Lashes
  • Cancer: Highlighter
  • Leo: Bronzer
  • Virgo: Mascara
  • Libra: Blush
  • Scorpio: Eyeliner
  • Sagittarius: Bright Eyeshadow
  • Capricorn: Contour
  • Aquarius: Lipgloss
  • Pisces: Pearlized eyeshadow

Time for the professional pictures~ 

Kirito from Sword Art Online II. Otherwise known as Gun Gale Online.

Photoshoot at: Hawaii Convention Center at Kawaii Kon 2015

Courtesy of: Courtney Kanoelani Kama Metzger and Hawaii Media Source

Cosplayer: Krystal Grow from Cosplay Cove

Costume Statistics
Creation Time: Roughly three weeks.
Materials used: cotton, car upholstery, sports fabric, worbla, airbrushed paint and pearlizer
Wig: Arda Wigs natural black
Contacts: pinky paradise


Meet Cumulus, my newest customized Breyer! I transformed a classic Black Stallion model into a pearlized blue and white paint unicorn with silver horn, all hand-painted in acrylics! The horn is hand-sculpted in epoxy putty with a wire armature, and his logo has been removed. Pictures do NOT do him justice, since his shiny coat makes it a bit tougher to photograph him.

Cumulus IS for sale! You can find him right here on my Etsy shop:

Hello! I saw that you have some of our work listed in your master list. Thank you so much for that!  I thought I’d share some new stuff, if that’s OK.

We’ve got some Pearl gems up, in your choice of either round or oval.  They are resin cast with pearlizing powder on top to give them a pearl coating.

Then we came up with an Opal set. We use our Amethyst and Pearl molds and put mylar trim and use an opalescent glitter backing. The effect is pretty awesome in person.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. <3


It’s Toy Time Tuesday!
With…Sunstar Princess Gwenevere Jewel Riders Flying Unicorn!
Now HERE is a cool toy. This is one of the more elaborate & interesting toys for TTT. Gwenevere & the Jewel Riders was a show from the 90s and of course, she needed a magical animal friend. In this case, it’s Sunstar who is super beautiful in toy format. But, do you recognize the pose?
Yes, this IS a Fashion Star Filly Sassy Sixteens horse mold. They altered & re purposed it for this toy. Raised solid ‘jewels’ have been added to create a symbol, & a carved necklace has been added, as well as the unicorn horn.The plastic is all transparent yellow. The white parts are sprayed-on pearlized white paint. 
The saddle holds the wings (it is remove-able) which are clear hard plastic sprayed with pink & dusted with iridescent glitter. The wings are pose-able too, there are several ‘elevations’ that can be achieved via their metal hinges & tabs.
The mystery of the dot!
Look on her head. Why is there a clear dot behind her horn? It is to make the magic jewel appear to ‘glow’ or be brighter than a normal plastic piece. Since most house lighting is from above, light goes in that dot on the head, is channeled down through the neck to the chest, making the gem brighter. (You can test this by putting a finger over it & observing the jewel) They really went all out with this figure!
The only minor downside is no comb-able mane & the eyes are just sort of abstract shapes which drains the personality. The unicorn IS a character in the show who speaks, so it’s sort of sad. (Well, that and that the Zebracorn never got made, Moondance is also gorgeous & will appear as a TTT) This is a very  uncommon fantasy collectible, with accessories.


Ok,  I’m gonna need a few of yinz to buy some prints so I can afford the Lin Beifong hoodie I want so badly…..  
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All acid-free pearlized paper, signed by me.
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thank you. 

to be wed / francis + madeline

It was hard to believe that the day was finally here. Just two short weeks ago she had arrived at France and met the prince she was to marry, and now here she was, getting ready for her wedding celebration. During the past two weeks Madeline had taken the chance to familiarize herself with the palace, while also squeezing in some quick French lessons here and there. She had grown comfortable to Francis’ company, and could confidently say that she enjoyed any time the two spent together. Today was the day that both their countries had been waiting for. The day their alliance would be solidified with wedding vows. Such an important event that her parents, the queen and king of England, had traveled to French court to witness the celebration. 

Madeline stared at her reflection in the mirror as one of her ladies in waiting finished lacing her gown’s corset. The wedding gown was a beautiful pearlized white color, custom made for today’s festivities. It matched the extravagance of the royal palace with every beaded detail running through the skirt. It truly was one of the loveliest gowns her eyes had ever seen. Once her dress was in place, the future queen grabbed the crown that had been set aside for the wedding and placed it nestled on top of her hair. This was it. All that was left was the veil and she would be ready to walk down the aisle.