Fucked up revelation of the day:

If Pearl was created just for Rose Quartz as a decoration to dance for her and for her to kiss on if she got bored, then Rose suddenly deciding to be (relatively) partnered to Greg suddenly has a way different meaning for Pearl
It wasn’t like Rose leaving her as a lover
It was like Rose putting down a plaything to move onto someone she actually had feelings for

and it also gives new meaning to this line, too…

This wasn’t Pearl realizing that maybe Rose had greater feelings for Greg than for her– this was Pearl realizing that she wasn’t Rose’s favorite toy anymore.

oh man, that was really cute, it’s just like I thought - Greg stayed in Beach City after meeting Rose rather than try to pursue his career, because it would make him happy to be with her. That’s sweet. It’s something I could definitely see Steven doing, which makes sense since they’re so much alike

Ohh my gosh though, young Gems! Little, more feral-like Amethyst (she was so cute with short hair), Pearl has that outfit with the leg warmers you can see the silhouette from in “Steven the Swordfighter”, and Garnet is just like “I’m going to throw him back over the fence” haha (I’ve forgotten what her outfit looked like, I need to go rewatch). Amethyst and Pearl seemed to get along better. And then Pearl is, like, immediately jealous of Rose’s interest in Greg “I can sing”. Gosh Pearl

It’s neat to see kind of what Rose was like, at least by Greg’s description. I loved the bit at the beginning where she’s talking to him about the album theme and then later when she excitedly says his gimmick is space. So cute.

gosh, they were all so cute, I need to see more flashback stuff with them all

Also, there’s that fence Pearl was talking about in “Full Disclosure” (and she’s so excited about barbed wire because if there was barbed wire Greg wouldn’t have climbed over it and end up changing their lives forever? maybe reading too much into that)

Pretty sure Marty is Sour Cream’s dad and Vidalia is his mother

Gonna go rewatch with my little sister now, lets see what she thinks of it


hadn’t seen any of this precious pearl yet somehow so here u go



It had been a few hours since they had returned from the kindergarten. The sun had since gone down and Steven has since gone to bed. Amethyst has gone to her room only a few minutes after getting home; she needed to think. She didn’t know what about, but she knew she had to think.

With a loud groan Amethyst fell back on her mattress. She sat up a moment later and her gaze followed the waterfall up to Pearl’s room. Okay. We have to talk…about…this.

Pearl had told her something she never thought she’d hear, and it made her want to know what more she had to say. She had to know. But she was still…uncertain.

With a heavy sigh the purple Gem swung her legs off the mattress and got to the ground, walked over to her door, and entered the house, only to turn around a second later. The gem to Pearl’s room glowed for a moment before the door opened and Amethyst walked in.

“Pearl, we need to talk.”

Weapon Design Overview - Penta Pearl

Our next weapon is the water-themed Penta Pearl

It creates a shield of 5 pearls around you, each doing damage to enemies on contact.

By default this weapon isn’t too effective. It has a low range and will only really get rid of the weaker enemies

But wait! This weapon has a secondary effect. Press the fire button one more time and…

It expands and reaches high rotation speeds, damaging everything around you. The main strength of this weapon is reaching targets above and below

This increased range only lasts a second, so you have to time it well

Remember our list from before? Let’s see how this weapon fares

- Must fill a role that no other weapon does

You can hit enemies directly below and above you, something no other weapon does. It is also the only weapon that goes through walls

- Must have a unique purpose

It has a short range, and a second activation mode. Each pearl can hit enemies 3 times, so it thins out as you hit stuff

- Must not fall under the “dominant strategy” category

Enemies with invulnerable parts will wear out your pearls, while you deal no damage. This weapon also doesn’t deal as much damage as others. it’s power lies in it’s other properties

- The boss you get this weapon from will use it against you

Keep your distance while this weapon is active!

This is a good opportunity to mention another weapon that existed in the early stages of development. It was called 4-Sided Beam, and it would hit enemies in 4 directions near you

Didn’t take long for us to notice it was kinda redundant… Remember the first item on our list?

Whoever was in this office over the weekend TURNED THE HEATING OFF and now it’s been off all weekend and I’m the first one in today and

holy mother of pearl

it’s 4 degrees C and I have been forced to make a cup of tea and use it as a rudimentary hand warmer

Also my coworker just texted me with ‘please start by dusting our desks and cleaning the mugs away’ hahahaha no I will not be doing this but thanks for asking

What’s the weather like where you are? Is it freezing and desolate or do you have better luck with these things (ie you don’t live in Britain)