When Did This Happen?

So uh guys, when did not shipping fusions become a thing? I’m just saying everyone’s like “OMG PEARLNET/GAMETHYST (or any ship with Garnet) IS DEAD!” But what about Pearlite? Or Opalnet? Seriously, why not just go with the funky flow. You can’t say something nice about the ships, then shut your face. No one wants to hear it.

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Nyong I wanted to ask you about your Ships, what are your Top 7 Ships in Steven Universe?😉

1. amethyst x pearl
2. lapis x jasper
3. sapphire x ruby
4. connie x steven
5. lapis x peridot
6. pearl x lapis
7. mystery girl x pearl

It is roughly like this.

Fucked up revelation of the day:

If Pearl was created just for Rose Quartz as a decoration to dance for her and for her to kiss on if she got bored, then Rose suddenly deciding to be (relatively) partnered to Greg suddenly has a way different meaning for Pearl
It wasn’t like Rose leaving her as a lover
It was like Rose putting down a plaything to move onto someone she actually had feelings for

and it also gives new meaning to this line, too…

This wasn’t Pearl realizing that maybe Rose had greater feelings for Greg than for her– this was Pearl realizing that she wasn’t Rose’s favorite toy anymore.

Here you go, fandom.  I stitched this together by hand just for you.  I rewound this part several times just to watch their transformations again, and because Arima is my second favourite (after En).

I’m trying to do Pearlite, too, because these scenes are absolutely gorgeous, but his hair is all floaty and making things difficult.  No promises.  :(

Psst!  “Open image in new tab” for high resolution.

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You do know Mayor Dewey is a creepy stalker and he sexually harasses Pearl, right?

Do you not know what those things are? Sexual harassment and Stalking?

I actually cant tell if you’re just trying to rustle my jimmies and troll me, or you are actually this ignorant.

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This is the first interaction between Bill and Pearl, and aside from him calling her the hot one, and his response, he was on business there

He was professional. He didnt hit on her, or try to barge his way in, or ask her out, his concern was the town.

In fact, she indirectly insulted him

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And refused to help clean up the mess she herself had made because Garnet said no (Which pisses me the hell off)

The time he spent alone with Steven was all about him trying to keep the town’s peace. Keeping them calm

He DIDNT probe Steven for information about Pearl or how to get with her, hee didn’t ever bring her or the Gems up.

The 2nd time they had chance to interact, they didnt, not directly at least. Bill was focused on finding out where the freaking ocean went.

He was a sweaty late 30-ish man who was concerned about his town and its people.

And the 2nd time these two interacted, was the first time Bill actually tried to talk to Pearl

It didnt go well, she didnt like what she was hearing because didnt like what she read, and he was bragging about his self-insert Mary Sue fanfiction of a script, whose sole purpose was to make Bill look good and help him with his anxiety (I suspect)

You know what she did?

She got up and walked away

You know what Bill DIDNT do?

Follow her.

If he did, he would be stalking and harassing her, and you would be right… but he didnt. He sat there with his son instead

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And he felt embarrassed by the fact his ancestor (or should I “he”) was being depicted as clumsy village idiot in her version (Which im sure she embellished a little bit herself)

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And it turned out for the best. People liked it, and he was praised for it

And you know what happened afterwords?

They talked in a positive manner

He thanked her, complimented her and she did the following

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She gives her approval and acceptance… in a very condescending manner.

Shes not disgusted by him, and he doesent harass or stalk her. In fact, I dont think hes actually made any real attempt to even hit on her.

The play wasnt written to impress her specifically, it was written to impress the towns people as a whole, her being there was just gravy for him

He doesent use anyone like his son, Buck to help him getting with her, he doesent talk to Steven or Greg or Amethyst, or anyone else.

She is on his mind, but he respects her boundaries as far as I know. He doesent say or do anything creepy. He doesent invade her space.

A creepy stalker he is not

But he is sweaty, and thats because hes at the freaking beach in a suit

If you think having a crush on somebody and/or trying to talk and impress them is harassment, you have a lot to learn about life


hadn’t seen any of this precious pearl yet somehow so here u go



It had been a few hours since they had returned from the kindergarten. The sun had since gone down and Steven has since gone to bed. Amethyst has gone to her room only a few minutes after getting home; she needed to think. She didn’t know what about, but she knew she had to think.

With a loud groan Amethyst fell back on her mattress. She sat up a moment later and her gaze followed the waterfall up to Pearl’s room. Okay. We have to talk…about…this.

Pearl had told her something she never thought she’d hear, and it made her want to know what more she had to say. She had to know. But she was still…uncertain.

With a heavy sigh the purple Gem swung her legs off the mattress and got to the ground, walked over to her door, and entered the house, only to turn around a second later. The gem to Pearl’s room glowed for a moment before the door opened and Amethyst walked in.

“Pearl, we need to talk.”

Weapon Design Overview - Penta Pearl

Our next weapon is the water-themed Penta Pearl

It creates a shield of 5 pearls around you, each doing damage to enemies on contact.

By default this weapon isn’t too effective. It has a low range and will only really get rid of the weaker enemies

But wait! This weapon has a secondary effect. Press the fire button one more time and…

It expands and reaches high rotation speeds, damaging everything around you. The main strength of this weapon is reaching targets above and below

This increased range only lasts a second, so you have to time it well

Remember our list from before? Let’s see how this weapon fares

- Must fill a role that no other weapon does

You can hit enemies directly below and above you, something no other weapon does. It is also the only weapon that goes through walls

- Must have a unique purpose

It has a short range, and a second activation mode. Each pearl can hit enemies 3 times, so it thins out as you hit stuff

- Must not fall under the “dominant strategy” category

Enemies with invulnerable parts will wear out your pearls, while you deal no damage. This weapon also doesn’t deal as much damage as others. it’s power lies in it’s other properties

- The boss you get this weapon from will use it against you

Keep your distance while this weapon is active!

This is a good opportunity to mention another weapon that existed in the early stages of development. It was called 4-Sided Beam, and it would hit enemies in 4 directions near you

Didn’t take long for us to notice it was kinda redundant… Remember the first item on our list?