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Final Fantasy - Beatrix & Terra

Since promising to bring more final fantasy characters/bosses in large scale to the convention I have a variety of sprites I have just finished.This is a sneak peek at two of my favorites. I will be at Phoenix Comicon Artist Alley @ Booth 906! Next week you can expect a variety of posts showing the entirety of my stock so you all can see why I have been so quiet these last few months.


If you haven’t heard yet, I’m moving July 30th. I’d rather not move my shop’s finished products with me. WHICH MEANS EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!

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Everything in my shop has been marked down 30-50% off. No, the sales will not get better if you wait longer. But stuff you want may disappear. I’m not doing custom orders, and I’m limiting myself only to what’s already made (Pride flags patches and pearler bead key chains are an exception because they don’t take long to make.) For most items, that means there’s only ONE (1) left.

Live in the US? Shipping is free!

Live internationally? Shipping is open to you on all items for the first time!!! Etsy has the weight and dimensions of the envelope your order will be shipped in and is calculating the cost for you!

Additionally, stuff that was previously not available on etsy individually is being put in mass listings and hitting the floor. That means you can finally order button earrings with confidence!

Have at my shop!

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[image description: two round bottles of white craft PVA glue and a small square plastic tub with a blue lid containing a blue glitter slime. Everything sits on a red and green round watermelon slice pillow. The labels on the bottles read “Lincraft Creative Mates Craft Glue” in cartoon-style type, followed by safety information, and the size is listed as 250 mls.]

For Australians and New Zealanders who are after a white PVA glue that makes slime and doesn’t cost $6 AUD a bottle like the white craft PVA Riot Art and Craft has started selling for slime-making or the UHU white PVA glue at Woolworths:

Lincraft’s Creative Mates Craft Glue, $2 AUD for a 250 ml bottle. (No online listing, sadly.)

(“Creative Mates” is the “crafting for kids” line at Lincraft. It’s the brand name under which they stock kinetic sand, pearler beads, pony beads, craft kits, etc. I’d try this specific glue, or any glue aimed at kids’ crafting, over Lincraft’s PVAs targeted at adult crafters, since my professional woodworking and bookbinding PVAs don’t make slime. I still don’t know why this is, mind you, and this is on my Things To Research Someday list, but I think there’s a higher chance of getting working slime if one looks at kids’ crafting PVAs.)

It makes a smooth, very non-sticky, putty-like slime that doesn’t have as much stretch as the glitter paint or clear gel glue slimes I’ve made, but it is supremely non-sticky. (I’ve had it sitting untouched in the container for two weeks now and it hasn’t gone sticky at all.) It feels like a slightly softer, slightly more rubbery version of my knock-off Thinking Putty.

I made the slime above using my recipe for the Monte Marte Clear Gel Slime, without the extra water added while kneading. I wonder if a fraction less borax in the activator will give it a shade more stretch, which I will try at some point!

Sadly, this doesn’t hold the glitter quite as well as the Monte Marte glue; it does leave a little on my hands. I was so thrilled to discover a white PVA glue that actually works, though, that I almost didn’t care!

I feel like life is a constant running game of which kid things I hate the least. Pearler Beads, play dough, stickers, scissors, play dough, connect four (mostly because they’re terrible at it), chalk, glue, baby strollers, play dough, barbies…


Come quite a long way, my collection now includes: 6 themed cage cuffs(ninetails, charizard, bassrush, Cheshire Cat, mermaid, rainbow), 5 themed necklaces(plur, deadmau5, snowflake, shm) 3 themed facemasks(avicii, smiley face, CA flag), 7 blasters, 3 cuffs, 4 peyote stitch cuffs, 15+ singles, 1 kandi belt, 1 kandi water bottle holder (with straps) 1 deadmau5 keychain and 1 kandi vest… And so much more that been given away!