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"I love you. I don’t know why. You’re completely stupid, you dress like a tranny prostitute. I hate your music, you’re crazy, you make me crazy, but I’m crazy about you and think about you all the time, and I love you, yes. Do you understand? I love you. Just not in English. I can’t."

— Stockholm Syndrome, Richard Rider

blue song — mint royale | balaclava — arctic monkeys | natural’s not in it — gang of four | backward bullet— maxim feat. chris corner | cupid carries a gun — marilyn manson | stockholm syndrome — muse | nature of inviting — iamx | paper planes — m.i.a. | baby’s on fire — die antwoord | you and my pearldiver — tnt jackson feat. chris corner | fuck the pain away — peaches | bulletproof cupid — placebo | kiss with a fist — florence & the machine | the sex has made me stupid — robots in disguise | kiss and swallow — iamx

Many thanks to the lovely, lovely basooniverse for creating this amazing cover art!