Norma Shearer - the fan

Norma was most definitely a fangirl. She always felt more like the apprentice next to the great star when she was starring with actors who had been much longer in the acting business than her or which she admired. She almost treated them like legends and was eager to know about their ways of acting, to be able to learn some more or hear stories of their lives as an actor. Since she fell in love with acting she felt that way. One time, when she was around fifteen, she adored actress Pearl White. She sat through her movies for hours, flailing, thrilled and totally fascinated by her, When White made a special personal appearance at the Strand Theater in Montreal, Norma waited outside with other admirers eager to catch a glimpse at her star. Then, when White got into her car, Norma mounted her bike and followed her down the street. She certainly was a high-spirited, fun-loving girl in those days and she never lost that sense.