I was bad and purchased $50 worth of plant swag in my post-exam exhilaration

Bought a lavender plant for my parents to replace the one we lost to Sandy

Now I own a fiddle leaf fig, another hen and chicks (Graptosedum rosa), another bigger “Shrek ears” jade plant (Crassula gollum), another String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), and some sort of distichous Gasteria/Aloeacea-looking looking plant labeled only as “African”. As well as some soil and pots

  • me, reclining on a deep purple velvet chaise lounge, reaching over to set my half-finished glass of chardonnay on the nearby mahogany side table so i can adjust one of the several strings of pearls around my neck and get more comfortable:talk to me about fma

Jean: *searching for Locke in a crowd*

Jean: “Alright, time for drastic measures I guess”

Jean: *whistles* “Gods, look at this place!… I’ve been told that the owner is the richest guy around here, and that his vault is full of the most finest, inestimable treasures…“ 

Locke: (shows up, one bag under each arm, three strings of pearls around his neck, and what appears to be a tiara on his head) “Not anymore. Been looking for me?” 

Jean: “Yes. For fucks sake Locke don’t tell me…” 

Locke: “Later. Help me carry that stuff.  We have to run!”


Baio - Sister of Pearl (Strings Sessions)

Filmed at Kings Head Members Club in London. This is Baio’s first solo performance + The Names’ preview show 

My Mom was a World Famous Jewelry Designer. When I became a pearl stringer she would send me pieces to make for her with extensive diagrams telling me where each pearl was to go.

One day she sent me this clasp with no instructions. I asked what she wanted me to do and she said “Have fun with it”. So I did this, and for the rest of her life the sign on her booth wall at the big Jewelry Shows said “Carrie Adell and Jo Adell” and my badge said “Exhibitor” instead of “The Daughter”.

“Red Kansas” 14K, 18K, 22K, Palladium, Whte Gold, Shakudo, Garnet strung with Fresh-Water Pearls, Hessonite garnet and Labradorite beads, 1998 or ‘99.

Look I DREW SOMETHING I’m very happy with her. She’s a sorceress or witch of some sort. That pearl ornament is permanently fused to her head. The pearl strings are attached to the big pearl but can otherwise be moved around, as In the other ends of the strings are detachable. She doesn’t have a name yet.

Also I have been sneezing all day and I am very sick. Also let’s pretend i know anything about clothes and how they work

anonymous asked:

Pearl plays a stringed instrument, and Amethyst plays a percussion instrument. So I'm thinking it'd only make sense for Opal to play a stringed percussion instrument like a hammered dulcimer.

that could make sense! that might look a bit silly though? maybe im thinking about it the wrong way

I’m really starting to see the beauty in purchasing succulent cuttings online because it’s so much better than driving to stores and nurseries, only to be disappointed at the selection and/or prices. I just wish I had discovered 5 Star Succulents on Etsy in the spring, rather than as fall is approaching.

Nevertheless, these cuttings are absolutely gorgeous. They’re really large and the stems are a good length to push into the soil. I’m so stoked about the variety that I received too. I haven’t been able to find some of these species anywhere on Long Island so I’m super happy. Here’s to hoping they flourish as the long summer days begin to dwindle down.

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Gems Fusion Dance Style

Amethyst: Club Dancing

Garnet: Waacking

Pearl: Ballet

Peridot: Robot

Jasper: Freestyle/Adaptive

Rose: a] Waltz b] Cha-cha

Lapis: Ballroom

Sapphire: Vogueing

Ruby: Popping


Peridot: synthesizer
Jasper: drums
Lapis: lower octave piano or keyboard piano
Pearl: Jazz piano
Rose: strings
Garnet: synth bass
Amethyst: electronic drum set

Hope this helps!