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Glow in the dark orgonite with mother of pearl chips. Wrapped in sterling .925 and fine .999 silver. Handmade.

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Value of Pearl Silver Jewelry

Many people love pearls, everybody know that pearl is good for our health, especially for silver pearl jewelry.But many of them can not list where the real good exactly. Here is some medicinal value of pearls, and believe that it is useful for you.

There are variety of amino acids contained in pearl, they show their talents with participating in a new array of metabolism in the body. Threonine is lacking chelating agents, can cure Iron deficiency anemia; Histidine can cure stomach ulcers, anemia, arthritis; Aspartate can cure hepatitis, liver wrong fans, cirrhosis of the liver; Proline can accelerate wound healing, also can cure chronic hepatitis; Leucine can promote growth and kidney fluid secretion;

Glycine can inhibit gastric acid secretion, muscle weakness and other treatment. In a word, a variety of amino acids is essential to maintaining and nitrogen balance. It is good for making the skin soft, white, delicate, moist, smooth, can reduce wrinkles, prevent aging, rejuvenated.

From the instance reported, when we wear pearl jewelry, as the pearl close to the neck, its active ingredients may enter into the body through friction. Pearl has certain absorption capacity for humoral selection. The pharmaceutical ingredients of pearl can be absorbed into skin, and even affect the local lesion, played the role of anti-inflammatory therapy. Therefore, wearing pearl jewelry for healing, this statement is not misrepresentations.

Pearl jewelry not only beautiful but also have so many benefits, so many good reasons make me love it more.Source: