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562. Despite pleas from other students, most ravenclaws refuse to tutor people. This is because, although they can understand the content perfectly themselves, many ravenclaws struggle to explain their thought process to others

“What do you mean I’m doing it wrong?”

“You have to add the asphodel root before the pearl dust”


“Idk you just know”


♥ Birds n Roses ♥

  1. The ever handsome Sylvester Pearl
  2. The ever gorgeous Cocoa Dust
  3. Cocoa Dust & Glory Jr.
    She’s in love with him but he doesn’t understand
Bath Potions

I just wanted to make a simpler post on how to make shower gel spells. They look really pretty and are fun to make and practical cause you can use them any time. Here is a few pictures of mine. (another)

I make these spells to either:

  • Evoke a feeling, put me in a mental state (state of calm, state of clarity, state of alertness to wake up)
  • Attract Something (friends, money, good energy)
  • Banish Something (sheilding, etc)

There’s a lot of other intentions you could do but those tend to be my top 3.

They also look like cute colorful potions and make the bathroom feel more magical.. Aside from the brass cauldron full of drying bath mixes and glitter and powder and strange shit everywhere.

You will need

  1. A bottle of your choice! Glass is the best because it doesn’t leak into the formula and you can reuse it. Squeezy plastic bottles are ok too but glass is preferred. You can get the cool potion-looking bottles at Michaels, AC Moore, Goodwill, wherever. They usually cost $1 each. (Usually $1.50 if they are large).
    If you do buy a glass bottle they have a lot of different shapes and sizes. I use square shapes for protection or stability, round for different mental states or energy, hearts for self love, compassion or attracting love or social interactions, I mean there are many shapes so keep in mind what type of bottle you would like for what spell. If you don’t want to get that complicated then just get the most plain glass bottle possible lol.

  2.  Scentless gel soap. You can get pure liquid castille soap at a few stores, many people love this. I just get a $4 whole foods scentless shower gel brand that works nicely. They used to have this amazing shower gel that was so soft and wonderful at whole foods and I can no longer find it, but it’s called Shikai and it makes your skin feel like angels rubbed themselves on it. I have no idea why I can’t find it anymore.

  3.  (Optional) Oils for the skin. Some oils has its own magical properties but adding argan oil, coconut oil, aloe (not oil, but good for the skin) or olive oil in small teaspoons can help to moisturize the skin or give it a nice glow. Coconut oil is fun cause it separates and leaves a cool milky layer on top and when you shake it the solution is thick and creamy.

  4. Essential oils, fragrance oils, your favorite perfume, flower water, for fragrance. Anything that will help to evoke the feeling or magic you would want. This is a very basic instruction post so its very open ended. Just ingredients for the fragrance. 

  5. Ingredients to help further evoke this magic:  dried herbs, petals, rain water, snow water, crushed ice, decorative glass pearls, seashells, citrus peels, seeds, your breath, eyelashes, black sand, colorful sand, charcoal (great for protection and extracting crap from the skin), home made flower or herb extracts and oils, (great seasonal activity to make fragrance oils from collected flowers and herbs outside), etc. You understand the point. Things that you collect in your craft that’s safe to go on skin and has magical properties. For things like crystals that don’t do well in these types of solutions, use them to charge your solution afterwards by placing them around or on top of the cork.

  6. Optional: Things to give it some presentation such as food coloring, mica powder, glitter (some I have stars or heart shaped glitter in it, its cute and the glitter is too heavy so it rinses off of me).

  7. Your Intent (of course!) When you have all your ingredients gathered in your bottle, they will naturally be separated since oils and shower gel have different weights and textures. When you shake it together fusing them for the first time, make sure your intent is strong, Maybe meditate or take time to focus your energy before doing this!

You can use these things when you need them daily in the shower (High five to those super busy or low energy witches who don’t have the time or energy to do magic everyday!) Usually this can last up to two weeks or if you have multiple, it can last for months so you can feel magical daily by just taking a quick shower with this, plus its way easier than making a bath and using bath salt mixtures (-also to add, I understand sometimes people with low energy have trouble even getting into a shower but when I was in a rush sometimes I would just wash my hands with a solution and feel great).
If you have more time you can pour the whole bottle into a bubble bath! So it works as something for the shower and for a bath! Adding baking soda makes a SUPER foamy fizzing bath. So if you ever need a magical bubble bath you got a cute potion bottle sitting ready to go. They are easy and once you get the hang of making them it becomes really fun too!

  • I have made rejuvenation/calming potions with mint leaves and rain water (colored it a soft green, added light green pearl dust powder)
  • potions to evoke a clear mind with eucalyptus, rain water and sandalwood
  • potions for confidence with honeysuckle, gold glitter, and amber (colored it a deep blue for the throat energy to communicate well). 
  • potions for social attractiveness and attracting good vibes with cherry blossom home made oil and pink heart glitter and sugar fragrance

And then its fun to give them names and write down the recipes in your grimoire (which I have been neglecting to do), usually when I don’t have a name I just call them by what they do like Rejuvination I, Confidence, Clarity, and when I do have a name usually based on how they look and smell I named one Sunburst and the cherry Blossom one Sugar Blossom cause it smells like spring flowers and baked sweets.

I’ve gotten some compliments from this too. Like I have used shower gels to attract friendships or social interactions and people would notice there is an alluring smell and ask about it then I would be like: OH DID YOU MEAN ME?!?! Cause you know, I love it when I smell good ;)  (Also I am a Libra attention seeking ho in social situations)

Anyway I hope this helps. Shoot me questions if you need them to be answered!

this is like, waaay before it’s time, but we all know Sinnoh’s games are next on the table for remakes, so!

things I wanna see in Diamond & Pearl remakes:

  • really cute redesigns of Dawn, Lucas and Barry
  • mega evolutions for the Sinnoh starters
  • Riley returns and jumps on the mega evolution wagon
  • new Team Galactic character that also uses a gen iv mega
  • primal/mega evolutions for Dialga and Palkia
  • the return of the GTS
  • Lisia follows us from Hoenn to keep up with contests
  • a new Pokétch that’s way more high-tech
  • maybe a new gym leader somewhere?
reminiscence pt. III

part one : part two : part four 

Author’s note: ANOTHER NOT-SO-GREAT CHAPTER YIKES, I have a lot of cute lil ideas for the fourth part and I just wanted to build up to that, so here’s another filler chapter, I’m really sorry! I’ll make up for it by writing the last chap by tonight. This was originally going to be the last part, but it was far too long so I decided to divide it into two separate chapters. Thank you guys for all the positive response, it really means so much <3 Requests are currently open!


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Pearl dust. Ashwinder eggs. Peppermint. With the addition of every new ingredient, Sirius began to grow more and more nervous. He stepped back as Y/N briskly chopped up rose thorns, picking up the little powdery fragments on her knife and scraping them into the cauldron. He watched her tentatively, with a lot of admiration as the girl mixed in every ingredient patiently and with perfection, making Sirius feel quite sloppy as he looked down at his own messy, haywire table. Some random green, viscous fluid was running off the edge, and bits of leaves and petals had drowned themselves in the goo, creating a rather sticky situation.  

Y/N had noticed Sirius’ little spills and accidents but she was quite adamant on ignoring him at all costs. She had decided it was time she got over him, pushed him away into some far corner of her mind. Still, it wasn’t easy, what with Sirius constantly acting like an adorable goofball. His apologetic smile, as he tried to soak up the liquid with a sponge, made her melt inside and turn into goo herself.

He was so attractive, and it was as if he was completely unaware of it. Yes, inarguably his features were stunning; a chiseled bone structure, sharp jaw line, perfectly messy bed hair, devilish smile and his strong build was enough to make anyone weak at the knees. And it did indeed, with his many fangirls and fanboys clear proof that he was nearly godly. But it was his personality that she was more attracted to. On the outside, he was cool and calm, stealing hearts left and right with his charming lines and low voice. Sirius Black, the player, the one who had a new girl every other week. To his friends, he was a total sweetheart. Still rebellious and a complete prankster, he loved those who were close to him passionately and would do anything for them. Y/N had seen it firsthand. He was so brave; standing up for his friends, protecting them, making sure nothing could ever harm them. Sirius would be the one to make everyone laugh after a long, exhausting day. It wasn’t everyday you found a guy like him and Y/N knew that. Other girls knew it as well, and that was really why Y/N had decided to let go of him. There would always be someone smarter, prettier, nicer and Sirius deserved the best.

With the addition of a few demented looking twigs, she turned towards the disheveled-looking boy, raising an eyebrow at him whilst gently tapping the side of the cauldron with her fingernail.

“It’s done. We just need to let it brew and simmer for a little while longer,” she exclaimed, sitting down on her little stool, placing her backpack in her lap. Sirius sat right beside her, leaning in a little closer than usual. There was so much he had to say to her, he just couldn’t form the words.

The dark haired boy opened and closed his mouth twice, sentences lodging themselves in his gullet, refusing to come out. Finally, he mustered up the courage, taking a deep breath before clearing his throat as quietly as possible, earning a small glare from Y/N. Her gaze itself was enough to make him speechless, and it made him absolutely furious. He was always so calm and collected, ridiculously charming in front of every other girl. But when it came to her, he ended up gawking and staring at her like a fool, unable to comprehend what it was about her that made him so dumbstruck.

“I like you… your hair. Your hair is lovely today,” he mumbled, mentally smacking himself for stumbling over his words like a 12 year old talking to his crush. Y/N’s confused, exasperated expression made him want to hole up and die, his face heating up and going red from embarrassment.

“Look Sirius,” she mumbled, turning towards him and frowning a little, her hands fidgeting as they often did when she was nervous.

“I don’t like you like that.” Lie. She was head over heels for him.

“You’re just a friend, my best friend really and we wouldn’t even be that great together, right?” More lies. They’d fit together like two puzzle pieces.

Sighing softly, she placed her hand over his, squeezing ever so gently, not daring to look at him in the eyes. “Sirius I know how you are with girls, and I’m sorry I just… I don’t want to be another one of your toys.”

Flashing him a remorseful smile, Y/N stood up and walked away, checking on their potion to distract herself. Her heart felt as if it had been shattered into pieces. She had finally done it, and she had hoped to feel light, happier and more at ease. Then why did she feel more alone and defeated than ever?

Sirius was mirroring her feelings, though unlike her, his distress was clearly visible on his face. His usually cheerful expression was gone, and the boy took a few steady breathes before standing up rigidly. Y/N was just another girl. He could easily move on, there were plenty of more attractive women fawning over him. He had been rejected before. Why did this rejection feel so different?

Joining the girl, Sirius forcefully yanked off the lid, hoping to get even the slightest reaction from her.  He knew she liked him, he liked her too, they were meant to be. What he had- or could have, with her was not even remotely comparable to all his previous relationships. He was determined to prove it.

As he pulled off the thin lid, cloudy swirls of steam and vapour rose off the surface of the liquid, curling around the pair invitingly, pulling them in closer. Sirius leaned in first, taking a whiff, the smell already demonstrating its intoxicating effects.

Lemon. Lemon shampoo and coconut perfume, were the first most distinguishable scents. Closing his eyes, he pictured himself, hugging Y/N, burying his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling the citrusy smell of her hair, mingled with her warm coconut perfume. She always smelled tropical, fresh and inviting and he had always complimented and adored her signature scent.

He could smell coffee and leather, leather-bound books to be more precise. The Potter’s house. A cozy, safe shelter, one of the only places besides Hogwarts where he was truly happy.

The smell of peppermint chocolate pervaded his senses, taking him back to Honeydukes, cold, winter days when he’d buy mint chocolate candy bars for Y/N, who in her childish delight, would hug him very tightly, peppering his face with little kisses.

It was her. She had been right in front of him, yet like an idiot, he had hopped from girl to girl trying to find his right match. And he had found her, finally. He had known her all along, she had been right by his side. He was just too blind to see it.

Sirius turned to look at her, his girl, his face glowing with excitement, his smile wider than ever. Upon seeing her expression however, he stopped, holding his breath. Something was off.

Y/N looked up at him in utter confusion, her arms crossed. She leaned over the cauldron almost immediately recoiling, turning to face him whilst shaking her head.

“We must have done something wrong.”

“What?” asked Sirius in bewilderment. The potion looked absolutely fine to him. “This has to be right, I could smell all sorts of things.”

“Really?” whispered Y/N, not quite meeting his gaze. She glanced at the cauldron, a frown etched on her lips as she turned to face the boy again.

“That’s odd. I just couldn’t smell a thing.”
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New Chapter - Diamonds in the Dust

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why does the night look to you when you’ve got nothing but lilacs pressed to your palms? tell me we’ve all got stars and pearl-dust in our drinks. tell me I’m getting drunk on something beautiful. I only feel beautiful when my feet can’t tell floor from hips. let’s play a game of hide-and-seek. let’s turn mirrors to canvas to hidden. cover them in our stripper lipstick and our favorite words. this want for a certainty is not subtle, not like the way I wake up with empty lungs and chimneys for fingers. maybe this would have been wonderful if I was a plant seeking out heat, but I’m a bubble on a rainy days. filled to the mouth with a child’s belief. the way every haunting remains a rumor when proven true. this is to say roses bloom in the pond I’m submerged in, like I’ve got amnesia for skin. I’ve got teeth made of diamonds biting into myself tonight. or maybe something grittier. metallic. something blue with risk. but like everything I’ve wanted to leave, I ask it to stay.

CALLISTEIA // Patricia Camille Antony

For @licentiam

Prompt: you wake up one morning and there is a vine barely starting to come out inbetween your ribs under your left breast. you want to pull on it but are afraid about what will come out. 

On The Run - Chapter Two

Summary: What would life be like if you fled the war with Draco Malfoy?

Warnings: Fleeing war, some fluff, heavy topics.

Chapter One  

(Chapter Three)  (Chapter Four)  (Chapter Five)  (Chapter Six)

A/n: If anyone wants to be tagged in this send me an ask. This is the edited version!

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Neither of you wanted to stop walking when it started to get dark. You were still too close to Malfoy Manor, Death Eaters would be looking for you two soon, if they weren’t already. But, your bodies were protesting against every step you two took and finding your way in complete darkness would be a problem. So, you sit down on a log and decide that the spot you found was good enough.

“We’re stopping here.” Draco sits down next to you as you talk.

“Alright.” He leans his head on your shoulder. You’re both beyond exhausted but there’s still much to do before you can sleep.

“Okay,” You groan and fall to your knees on the forest floor, opening the bag, “Accio tent.”

A tent, still in the box and covered in dust, flies from the bag and lands on the ground with a soft thump. You tear open the box and read the instructions to assemble it with magic.

“We never even went camping.” Draco says as he stands up. “We just bought it to have it.”

Draco gathers some logs and puts them on the ground haphazardly. You wave your wand like the instructions say and the ten assembles itself before your eyes. Draco starts the fire.

“We never had that luxury.” You sit down next to him by the fire, leaning onto him.

“My parents are muggles so magic stuff is kind of foreign to them.” Draco balances his head on top of yours.

“Well, muggle stuff is foreign to me.” Draco holds you hand in his as the fire crackles in front of you.

“Like, telerphonies.” You giggle at his mispronunciation.

“Telephone.” You correct genlty.

“And Eclecity.”

“Electricity.” You correct.

“Whatever. Point being, everything that you know about in the muggle world, I don’t know about.” You nod and put your hands out in front of you, trying to warm them. You could feel the temperature dropping and you knew that once night fell you would have to put out the fire but you were both so cold, and the fire was so warm.

“We have to put it out soon.” You draw out your words, heart sinking as you think about the cold.

“Why?” Draco says, his own knuckles were red from the already slowly dropping temperature.

“It’ll draw too much attention.” You reply with a disappointed voice. Draco hums in agreement.

“We’re both tired, we should just go to sleep anyways.” Draco stands up as he talks, offering you his hand. You groan as you stand up, body protesting against each movement.

“We’ll need our energy.” You walk towards the tent as Draco puts out the fire, dragging your feet with heavy eyes.

The tent is bigger on the inside, holding a queen sized bed, table and chairs, twin bed, and extra blankets in a box. You pull back the blankets on the left side of them bed and lay down, falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


You wake up with Draco squished against your chest, holding you close to conserve warmth on this cold morning. You get out of his stronghold, waking him up in the process, but he doesn’t complain. You can tell he wants to but he won’t, probably for both of yours sakes. The tent is quickly packed up and put back in your bag.

“Y/n! Get down!” Draco falls to the ground behind a log, pulling you with him. You’re about to protest when you hear a car drive past you. You must be on the edge of the forest.

“Maybe there’s a town nearby.” You brush yourself off when you stand.

“We can follow the road, I doubt any Death Eater can drive a car.” You say, starting to walk towards where you heard the car. It’s not a paved road like you expected, it’s and old, dirt road with divots where countless cars had driven.

“What if there’s a town nearby? What then?” Draco asks as you start to walk up the road, still going north. You were going North for two reasons, it was away from Malfoy Manor, and The Order of The Phoenix had a base somewhere North, you heard Hermione Granger talking to Ron Weasley about it last year.

“Then we find an abandoned house to live in. There might even be place where we can work to get enough money to buy food.” Draco nods along to your words but soon enough you fall silent again. Neither of you talk as you walk, too afraid of the possibility that a Death Eater could be around any bend in the dirt road.

After walking for a few miles you reach a tiny village. It’s quaint, with a couple of kids running around and a market. It sits at the bottom of the valley, which is good luck for you because on the side of the valley are a few abandoned houses. They’re up for real estate but the signs are dirty and covered in vines, no one was going to be wanting this house.

“Okay, here we go.” You walk up the front porch and take out your wand, looking nervously around you. “Alohomora.”

The door unlocks and you open it, immediately greeted by an empty house. It smelled like old wood and dust, no one had been in here in quite some time. Luckily, you found no sounds of rodents, it seemed that whoever had put this up for sale had been very adamant on keeping them out, every tiny nook and cranny was sealed tight. Draco was working on getting a fire started in the fireplace while you looked around. You walked into the kitchen and tried the faucet, nothing came out.

“The water doesn’t work.” You lean against a wall, looking down at Draco who was looking in your bag for a change of clothes. He didn’t look like the well-kept boy you met in school; his hair was a white-blond mess, his silver eyes were tired, his clothes disheveled, he looked like an entirely different person.

“Did you expect it to?” Draco stands up, holding clothes that you never expect would be in a Malfoy’s storage. It was a dark jacket, tee shirt, and a pair of jeans.

“Not really.” You walk over to the small window at the front of the house, clear the dust with your shirt sleeve before staring down at the village below.

“There’s a market down there, maybe someone will have some work.” Draco hums as he disappears into a room to change.

“We need food, Draco. The stale bread in the storage room ran out this morning.” Draco comes back into the room, dressed normally.

“We can take a walk down now, but you should keep your hood up.” He secures a beanie over his white-blond hair, effectively hiding it from view.  You flip your hood up and walk out of the house, the bag bounces against your hip as you walk.

“Why do we keep going North?” Draco asks as you walk down the hill. He holds our cold hand in his own, giving the people on the pavement the impression that you were just a normal couple.

“It’s away from the manor, away from all of them.” You turn a corner, hand tightening on your wand for a second before relaxing, “And I heard about a base up North, I figure it’s our best bet at a safe house.”

You fall silent again but instead of the air being tense it feels relaxed. The people around you give you both a chance to blend in and with the new clothes you looked positively normal. The market was at the bottom of the valley, it had expands from each end of the street on each side, all selling different things. You try to pay in Galleons but the man at the stand wouldn’t accept them, not even when you told him they were made of gold.

“Is there a pawn shop here?” You ask him, stuffing the galleons back into the handbag. You could sell some of the stuff in the Malfoy’s storage, that would give you enough money for food.

“Two streets over.” The man points down the street and you take Draco’s hand again, walking with him towards the pawn shop.

It wasn’t hard to find, the only shop on the road. Draco and you had debated what you could sell to the muggles that wouldn’t kill them if they messed around with it, you agreed on some jewelry. Diamonds, it looked like, but they were covered in dust, along with some pearls, also covered in dust.  

“We’re breaking the law, you know.” You say as you fast-walk to the shop.

“What?” Draco asks, pulling his eyes from the buildings to your face.

“ ‘Wizards cannot sell any items possessed by a wizard to a muggle without punishment.’ .” You recite the book you read. Draco rolls his eyes and throws his arm over your shoulder as you near the shop.

“Yes, we’ll be giving Arthur Weasley one hell of a job when the war is over. Selling dusty diamonds and pearls to muggles, imagine the shame, the humiliation.” Draco taunts as you reach the shop.

“Okay, Mr. Bad-boy.” The bell hanging at the top of the door jingles when you open it.

The woman who ran the shop stood tall behind the counter, with soft eyes and bushy brown hair. You smile at her and she smiles right back, her smile just as soft as her eyes. You walk up to the counter.

“Are you selling or buying?” She asks, pulling out a logbook and uncapping a pen.

“Selling.” You place the jewelry on the counter and she lifts it up to examine it.

“So, what do you think they’re worth?” You ask her. Draco stands beside you, his hand is in his pocket, probably holding his wand.

“Together? Six hundred.” She sets them down and looks to you expectantly.

“Alright, that sounds good.” She picks up the necklaces and starts to write in her log book right after you speak.

“Does a check work?” She asks, pulling out a checkbook slowly. You nod and she writes down the check.

“And I’m making this out to..?”  

“Y/n Y/l/n.” You say quickly, spelling it out when she asks you to. You take the check and exit the shop quickly, walking towards the tall building next to the church that was the bank. They were the only tall buildings in the whole village, you were surprised they were even there at all.

With the check cashed you headed for the market, stomach grumbling loudly. Draco wasn’t far behind, walking as fast as he could without drawing suspicion. You buy over a hundred pounds worth of food but as you walk back towards the house, you can’t think about the money you just spent, all you can think about is that you’ll eat tonight.

Neither of you cook -you don’t even think Draco knows how-, you eat bread and apples until you aren’t hungry anymore. The house didn’t have any furniture so you had to eat on the floor but neither of you were complaining, as long as you ate you didn’t have a problem. Laying on a blanket in front of the fire with Draco, you were both completely relaxed for the first time in over a year. That was until you heard a voice.

“Hello?” It belonged to an old man. You both jump up and hold out your wands. An old man walks through the door of the house.

“STUPEFY!” Both of you cry the spell at the same time, effectively knocking the old man unconscious as well as backwards ten feet.

“That was close.” Draco sighs, running his hand down his face.

“It was just a muggle, Draco. We should wipe his memory, just to be safe.” Draco nods and helps you carry the man outside. You stand over him, with your wand pointed at his face.

“Obliviate.” You whisper, turning your wrist slowly. Draco bites down on his fingernails once you get inside again.

“We have to cast some protection spells.” You walk back outside and start to cast protective charms and spells around the house. When you get back inside, Draco is still biting his nails.

“Draco?” You ask, walking up to him. His eyes are closed but he’s shaking all over.

“It’s alright, it was just a muggle.” You try to calm him down. He opens his eyes, they looked scared.

“I thought it was- that they were-” He cuts himself off, too scared to talk. You nod and pull him into you, holding him tightly.

“I know, I get it.” He wraps his arms around you, hugging you just as tightly as you were hugging him.

“I’m a blood traitor, now.” He pulls out of the hug, looking down at you sadly.

“And I’m a mudblood-”

“You shouldn’t call yourself that.” Draco says quietly.

“Why not? I’m a mudblood and I’m proud of it!” he gives you a feeble smile, “My point is, Draco, titles that other people give you are not you, not really.”

“You can’t let others put you in a box, that’s just wrong.” You hold his hands in yours.

“Where did you learn that?” Draco asks. You give him a small smile.

“I learned that from Hermione Granger.” You let go of his hands and walk to the fire, sitting on the blanket in front of it. Draco sits next to you.

“They don’t care that we’re good, they don’t care that we have the capacity for love, they only want us dead.” Draco leans his head on yours as you talk.

“That’s why we fight, Draco,” you intertwine your fingers with his, “for what we love.”


90s Rock Albums Turning 20 in 2016

  • Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop by Stone Temple Pilots (March 26th)
  • Evil Empire by Rage Against the Machine (April 16th)
  • Down on the Upside by Soundgarden (May 21st)
  • Bringing Down the Horse by The Wallflowers (May 21st)
  • Odelay by Beck (June 18th)
  • Dust by Screaming Trees (June 25th)
  • Tidal by Fiona Apple (July 23rd)
  • Unplugged by Alice in Chains (July 30th)
  • No Code by Pearl Jam (August 27th)

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“I’m like 75% this won’t explode on us.” for jaytim :D

I spent so long thinking about it, got so many opinions on what houses the boys would be sorted into, and then never even mention their houses in this.


“You chopped them too much,” Jason says.

“I did not.” Tim points to his notes, to the words finely chopped peppermint leaves. “It says finely. This, Jason, is finely chopped.”

“That,” Jason points to the mess on Tim’s work station, “is pulverised.”

They only have two hours to complete the potion, and they spent the first one arguing about the order of ingredients. Now, with time running out, it’s compromise or fail.

(Failing is a near thing.)

“It’ll work,” Tim insists as he tosses in the bits of leaves. “Now the pearl dust, and then we’re done.”

Jason carefully measures out the dust and hesitantly holds it over the cauldron. “Before I put this in, I want it on record that I think we did this wrong and it’ll be all your fault when it blows up in our faces.”

“I’m like seventy five percent sure this won’t explode on us,” Tim says right as Jason pours in the last ingredient.

“Only seventy five?

Both boys freeze, holding their breath and waiting for something to happen, possibly an explosion. After a minute when the mixture does nothing but bubble a little, they relax.

“Right.” Tim grins. “See? I was right.”

Jason scowls. “Haven’t seen that yet. It still probably won’t work at all.”

Tim ladles out a small portion and hands it to Jason. “Ready to fall in love with me?”

“Fuck,” Jason groans. “Of all the people to get partnered with for this, I got you. Such cruel fate.”

“I know,” Tim commiserates, only mostly mocking. “Now drink up.”

With a glance to the antidote sitting nearby, Jason knocks back the potion like a shot. He waits. “I knew you fucked it up,” he finally says, sounding torn between being happy that Tim messed up and angry that they won’t pass the assignment.

Tim frowns. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t feel any different.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I would know if I were suddenly madly in love with you.”

Tim raises an eyebrow. “Would you?”

“For Merlin’s sake,” Jason snaps, “you try it.”

Tim does. He sighs. “I don’t feel different either.”


Tim shakes his head. “I don’t understand. I’m certain it’s right. It’s the perfect color and consistency and everything.”

Jason bottles up the potion to turn in to Professor Wayne while Tim starts to clean up.

(Later, Professor Wayne will examine the potion and mark it as excellent.)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Amortentia

5k words, G rated

This fic involves potion making, oblivious boys, wise Rose, and a little bit of making out. Based on wild headcanoning about what Albus and Scorpius would smell if they were around Amortentia. 
For once there are no spoilers under the cut!

Thanks as always to @bounding-heart for beta-ing. 

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Unexpected Nights(Part Two!) - George Weasley X Slytherin!Readership

A/N: this is quite long about 1000+ words, nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy!

Part One

Prompt List // Masterlist // Request Here

The Gryffindor boy closed his eyes, reminiscing the moments of the night before. He hadn’t really forgotten much of last night. If he was honest, he remembered every second of it. George wanted to forget it, instead it consumed his thoughts. She had consumed his mind.

The Slytherin girl looked across the room, watching as Angelina Johnson place a hand on his shoulder. It was just a one-night stand.Pansy tapped on her shoulder, “You alright?”

She nodded and faked a smile. Y/N picked at her food for the rest of lunch. Someone sat in front of her and cleared their throat. She slowly looked up to see Fred. As much as she disliked George, she at least had the common decency to tell the difference between him and his brother. Most just dismiss them as FredandGeorge, which she could tell bothered the two.

“Hi,” she muttered, looking back down at her food. Other Slytherins from around the table gave her a stares of confusion and anger of sorts. Many muttered insults under their breaths but it never bothered her. He bit his lip, “You two need to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about? It was a one-time thing. It doesn’t matter–”

“Well it clearly does to George,” he cut in.

Y/N rolled her eyes and stood up, “Whatever you say..” She readjusted her tie, “Now if you excuse me, I’ve got potions to go to.”

The ginger laughed raising an eyebrow, “Double potions with Gryffindor?” Her false smile fell to show her true emotions. “What?”

Fred got up and began to walk off, “See you in potions, Y/L/N!”

Y/N dropped her books on her desk, causing Professor Snape to snap his attention towards her. She muttered an apology and began to drum her fingers against the table. The class had been empty, since she decided to come extra early. Her heart was pounding, she new Fred was up to something. Then again, he always was.

She squeezed her eyes shut, silently praying that the class would run smoothly. Of course, that was unlikely. The scratching of chalk echoed through the empty room. Eventually, the sound was drowned out by the groups of students chatting and through the room.

Y/BF/N sat in the seat right besides her. The room was divided in half, Gryffindors on the left and Slytherins on the right. Class began five minutes earlier than normal, due to Professor Snape starting before all the Gryffindor students had taken a seat.

“Today we will be creating a quite difficult concoction,“ his gazed turned to the Gryffindor side, “if you’re up for the challenge.” Stifles of laughter emerged from the back of the class. Which, Professor Snape ignored since they were Slytherins.

As Snape’s voice droned on, Y/N averted her eyes to George who’s smile returned to his face. He was definitely happier than he was in the Great Hall. The two made eye contact and she watched his smile falter, but immediately forcing a new grin to appear on his freckled face.

“We will be creating the Amortentia Potion. Now can anyone tell me what that is? Anyone? Y/N?“

Her head shot up with widened eyes, “Uh yes, Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world.” Professor Snape grinned and grabbed a pink bottle and spilled the contents into her cauldron. Steam arose in spirals from her cauldron and other students looked at it in awe. The potion had a mother-of-pearl sheen and it glowed throughout the classroom.

“Now, explain the smell.”

She cleared her throat and glanced around the room. All eyes met hers besides the ones she wanted to see. George was quietly chuckling at joke Fred told him. Y/N shook her head and began to explain, “Well, the scent differentiates for each person. It varies based on what the person is attracted to. For example, I smell,” she leaned in to catch a whiff of the Amortentia, “butterbeer, new books, and,” she paused at the scent, “burnt popcorn?“

Little did she know, George was paying close attention to what she smelt. When she made eye contact with him he quickly looked away and began to bite his nails. Which was a terrible habit that he had not planned in stopping. The professor then passed ingredients around and clearing out Y/N’s cauldron. He had expected them to create the potion as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

George and Fred ignored what he said and were constantly whispering and filling the room with laughter. Of course, Snape came around making snarky remarks about the two. “You Weasley’s will never get anywhere will you?”

The twins grinned, “Perhaps not, Professor.” He narrowed his eyes at the Gryffindor boys and decided to split up the two. Snape called Y/BF/N to work with Fred while Y/N was told to work with George. As the two switched spots, Fred placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered, “You guys need to talk about last night.”

They remained silent, Y/N mixing in pearl dust. Meanwhile, George looked at the ingredients with confusion. He was constantly glancing at her cauldron then back at his. More accurately, he was trying to catch glimpses of Y/N but she kept her focus on the task at hand.

“Merlin, talk to me!” Y/N jumped at his words and continued to stare at her cauldron. Her body stiffened and she slowly began to look at him. He heard her mutter an apology and bit his lip. “Please just talk to me.”

She gazed into his chocolate brown eyes and gulped. “C'mon, let’s just be honest. You didn’t expect more than a one-night thing. So let’s just get over it and move on.” He raised an eyebrow, “So that’s it? The kiss didn’t mean a thing to you?”

“You were drunk! You didn’t even remember what–” She paused. George averted his eyes to the floor. He fiddled with his fingers, getting ready to get yelled at. “How do you even remember that?” She whispered.

George ran his fingers through his ginger locks, “I tried to forget. Trust me. I’ve been trying to move on for years now. I can’t, alright? Apparently, feelings don’t work that way. I’m sorry–”

She pressed her soft lips against his, which caught him by surprise. He smirked deepening the kiss. George placed a hand on her cheek, brushing a hair off her face, but soon enough they pulled away. As expected, students were staring and whistling at the two. “Couldn’t wait until you got out of the room, I see,” Professor Snape told to the class, earning snickers from behind the room.

Y/N pecked his lips and inhaled his scent. She looked at him, smiling widely. “What is it, love?”

She laughed, “Burnt popcorn..”

~Sparkle Drinks~
Hey guys! I made this the other night and figured you all would like it.
To make it, I took Pearl dust, also known as luster dust or shimmer dust, and added it to Sprite! Just about any drink would work, though I’ve yet to try anything opaque.
Pearl Dust comes in just about any color, too, not just silver!
It is soooo fun to shake, and I got the idea from an alcohol I posted earlier, called viniq, which I believe is made from the same technique!

Eyes on Her

Pairing: Yellow Pearl/Blue Pearl

Summary: Yellow Pearl can’t stop watching Blue Pearl. 

Incompetent and morose- Yellow Pearl knew to keep eye on her and perhaps improve the blue pearl. After the diamond’s ask them to leave, Yellow Pearl tries to get her to dance properly. Maybe she can stop watching after that.

minor spoilers/hints at ‘That Will Be All’


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Shatter Me: A Jaspearl Oneshot

For tiddygem and jaspersuniverse. Agate has officially made me Jaspearl trash, and you both inspire me so much. Thank you both for your beautiful ideas. <3 I just hope I’ve done this beautiful terror of a fusion justice!

No matter how many they cut down, they just kept coming, wave after merciless wave.

She tore like a streaking comet through the hordes. Keening screeches echoed across the plain as dozens fell in Jasper’s path, but hundreds more sprung up to replace the fallen. Sticky black guts covered her from head to toe and had her hair all but plastered against her body. The acrid stench of the fallen arachnids was foul on the wind. Everything was chaos - and they were losing.

“Got a big one coming up on your left flank there!” the warrior shouted to her companion over the din. She barreled her way towards the pale Gem, sending twitching legs and broken mandibles flying in her path. Still her partner did not seem to hear the warning, and dread pressed down like a lead weight in her belly. “Pearl, guard up! Pearl!

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dobby-is-the-father  asked:

Hi! (I really love your tumblr). Could you do a scorbus one-shot of either their Patronus or amortentia lessons? Thanks x

I only read it through 10 times but there are mistakes so forgive me, (and i really liked this prompt,thank you!)


The two friends of the slytherin house,Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter,had both been placed in advanced potions for their fifth year at The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Who could boast such Alumni like Albus Dumbledore,Alice and Frank Longbottom,and more recently,Hermione Granger (the newest Minister to Magic and the brightest witch of her day and time),and Harry Potter (savior of the Wizarding World,a household name for all Magicians and avid fantasy book readers.)

Having been entered into the advanced potions course,witches and wizards were expected to perform at their highest capabilities,as this was a more challenging course.

In reality though,Hogwarts was also the school for many….misunderstood geniuses,meaning its a miracle some of those idiots in Scorpius’s and Albus’s class got in.They spend all of class doodling or sleeping and when there was a potions lab,little to no work gets done and the parchment that the instructions were printed on are doused in toxic fluids.

Somehow,despite the friend’s peers poor behavior in class,the teacher has permitted them to do a special project:Amortentia.

For those who don’t know (and i hope you all know) Amorentia is a fairly challenging position to create and its purpose is that of almost frivolous intentions(at least in this class,consumption of this potion is band in school) but interesting none the less. Amortentia,if you could not tell by the root word of Amor is a sort of potion whose smell is different to the every individual.The aroma is what the individual finds most attractive,whether they know it or not.

Stirring the final ingredient into the potion,pearl dust (a staple ingredient to any love potion),Albus dares to lean down into the foaming,pink concoction breathing in deeply through his tanned,freckled nose.

Pulling back up into his seat he described to his partner,and closest confident and mutual crush,Scorpius,what he perceived: “Sugar,clean laundry,and a bit of…sweat.” he furrowed his eyebrows at that last one.

Scorpius helped his friend decipher his own perception of the potion before trying himself: “well,sugar could be from the copius amount of candy we consume and the laundry because your kinda a neat freak.” he said matter of factly,placing his elbow on the table.

Albus gently punched the blonde boy’s shoulder and said: “I learnt that habit from you.”

A pause between the two,empathizing their chatty background,then Scorpius leaned his face down into the amortentia. With the scent of old quidditch gear,shampoo and wood burned into his nose,Scorpius pulled himself out from the cauldron although temptation to keep his face in a moment longer was strong.

He recalled his encounters to his best friend and for the rest of class they pondered at the back of thier minds what their amortentia experience could mean,one genuinely confused and the other’s suspicions have been confirmed.At the front of thier minds,allthough,was the task of bottling a sample of thier lab for grading,disposing of the rest of the potion and general clean up.


Scorpius,unlike Albus,was confused as to what what his encounters could mean.He was in love with Albus,for sure,but none of the things struck him as Albus.Sweaty sports equipment?What did that mean??He for sure felt as though his greatest attraction would be to Albus…..unless,subconsciously,it wasnt.And for the dumbest reason,Scorpius began too worry.For once in his life,he began to wish his greatest attraction was to his only friend.It was a strange feeling for sure.


Uncommon was it not for Albus and Scorpius to have less than deep and serious conversations far into the night with classes looming over them and only hours away.And many times would they fall asleep on top of the covers and on each other.

Lying next to each other,Albus could smell the clean laundry that he associated with Scorpius on him and in the air.Maybe he was romanticizing it,but knowing Scorpius was his greatest gave him a new edge and confidence in his feelings,like they were right.For once,something was right.

Scorpius had fallen asleep,their hands being intertwined (sometimes that happens,they pretend they thought nothing of it,far from the truth really)the aroma of fresh cut wood lingered in the air.

Albus’s friend woke with a start only a few minutes after dosing of.Albus had jumped in his skin and chill ran up his spine for he had been watching Scorpius sleep before he stirred unannounced. “Are you okay?” Albus asked,as he knew nothing else to say and his friend was panting and his hand gone sweaty in Albus’s

“Its you.”He said through a breathy gasp.

“It is me.”Albus replied,it was a strange twist of sarcasm and legitimate worry in his voice

“No,”Scorpius pulled himself into sitting position above Albus and took his face. “Its you,y-you were what I smelled in the Amortentia!”

“Oh?” Albus said,mildly interested. “What did I smell like?”

“Wood,freshly cut…..and shampoo and old quidditch gear.” Scorpius said through yet another breathy sentence,pulling himself down to Albus,his eyes wide and inches from Albus’s. “My greatest attraction is to you!” He closed the gap between their faces a bit more as excitement oozed from his voice.

“Wait,I smell like old quidditch gear?…And wood?…..”

Scorpius peeled himself of ALbus,retreating almost. “Well,the gear smell is actually more of your house,and the wood….that’s the shed in your backyard.”

Albus chuckled and smiled,saying “You like the smell of my house?” in an asking tone,happiness peeping through.

“Ye…..well I think its more I feel at home with you.”

“Thats bloody brilliant.” Albus smiled more,almost to himself.”

They continued a conversation like usual,jumping from topic to topic sporadically.But something has shifted.The entire dynamic of their friendship has changed slightly….for the best perhaps.


If you sent in a prompt please know Im getting around to it,im a slow writer :b

Several playlists and channels later, well into the night, Connie was asleep in a half curled ball, using Pearl’s leg to make up for how terribly small the couch cushions were. Steven had followed her example, still half sprawled across Garnet’s lap, huddled between the two Crystal Gems, with his fingertips barely brushing Connie’s.

That left Garnet and Pearl with no room to escape without disturbing either of them, and Pearl sat rigidly, one hand buried in Steven’s thick hair, the other wedged into the couch to give Connie space. Not that the human girl seemed to want it. She had been dozing off and on for the better part of the night, more often than not with her face pressed against Pearl’s shoulder.

“They can’t possibly be comfortable like this,” Pearl murmured, casting an uneasy look up at Garnet.

Steven answered with a rumbling snore, and Garnet gave the leg loosely draped over hers a soft pat. The boy didn’t stir. “He’s down for the count,” the fusion said, “Looks like you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

She wasn’t surprised that the joke went cleanly over Pearl’s head, and she chuckled to herself all the same. But when Pearl spoke, panic bubbling up in her chest, it cut Garnet’s mirth short.

“What do I do? Do I just sit here?” Pearl asked frantically, keeping her voice hushed, she reached instinctively for her friend, but stopped herself short, a hand hovering between them. Long fingers twitched, longing to settle safely on Garnet’s arm, but with the past week weighing heavily between them, she didn’t dare. “Garnet, don’t go, please—“

“I’m not going anywhere,” Garnet tipped her head to the side, watching as relief and uncertainty flitted across the smaller Gem’s face. She indicated Steven’s location, still sprawled across her lap. Pearl nodded, pale cheeks dusted a soft teal. The fusion sighed, pulling her visor away from her eyes and allowing it to vanish in hand. The glow it generated drew Pearl’s gaze, and she slowly lowered her hand to stroke Steven’s back absently. Her fingers shook, just barely, but even in the dark Garnet could see the tremor plainly.

“You’re a wreck. You don’t need to worry about something going wrong while they’re asleep. It’s nothing you can’t handle, Pearl.”

An obedient nod wasn’t the answer she had hoped for. “Pearl, look at me.”

Sure enough, glossy blue eyes turned toward her at her request, wide and hesitant. “Garnet?”

“You can handle two sleeping children until morning. What you cannot do is change the past. And there’s no point wallowing in it. Just move forward.”

Pearl’s brows creased, thin lips turned downward in a frown. “I don’t…” she sighed, extracting her left hand from the couch’s maw to push back her hair. “Garnet, I hurt you so badly. Sapphire and Ruby, too. I almost got us all killed. By Peridot, of all things! I was so… so thoughtless.” Her vision swam, clouded with tears, and she scrubbed the back of her palm across her eyes to slow them down. “I was selfish and risked everyone. Everything. I can’t trust myself, how can I expect you to trust me again?”

“We’re talking about two different things.” Garnet’s voice was almost gentle—but Pearl could hear the beginnings of ire creeping in.

“I can’t stop thinking about it,” Pearl admitted in a whisper, “I couldn’t even consider your feelings. You mentioned finding Peridot at the hub, and it just… that was it. I couldn’t do anything else. Everything hinged on that.”

“You took it as a mission objective.”

Pearl laughed, but the sound was empty and hollow. “Still a Pearl,” she muttered sardonically, and Garnet felt her stomach churn at the pain in her companion’s voice. “I suppose being defective doesn’t mean I can think for myself after all. I can’t get by for a second without–”

“Pearl!” Garnet cut her off with a low hiss, “That’s caste talk. You’re your own Gem.”

Connie stirred against Pearl’s side, and she turned her attention to the girl, a good distraction. She held her breath, watched the wrinkle of the girl’s brow, and smoothed back a tendril of her hair from her forehead. When the girl visibly relaxed, sighed so contently that Pearl’s heart swelled in her chest, the Gem forgot to breathe. It was one thing for Steven to be affectionate and welcoming, when he had known her even before he could walk, but his friend, her student…

“How can any of you trust me with the mistakes I keep making? With the errors? My plans, my lessons, everything—How can I move forward on my own when I keep failing like this?” her voice was barely above a whisper. “If I make one wrong step, how many more casualties…”

Pearl jolted when Garnet’s fingers brushed her cheek, and she turned to find herself face to face with the fusion. “Stop. You haven’t been like this since the war,” Garnet whispered, voice a low rumble that the petite Gem could feel down to her core. She couldn’t help tightening her grip in Steven’s hair. “Trust me when I say that things are fine now. Here. With us. Focus on this, and do not lose yourself in what was or might be.” Pearl’s mouth opened, prepared to protest, and Garnet intercepted her with her fingers over her mouth to silence her.

“For tonight, you need to rest. Clear your mind of worries and guilt,” she said firmly, “You aren’t your mistakes. You’re bigger, stronger, and you’ll overcome them with time and work. Just close your eyes. Don’t think. Just listen to my voice.”

She obeyed, going without protest as Garnet pushed her into a reclining position. For the briefest of moments, the fusion looked uncertain—but barely—eyes darting in turn between the sleeping children, then back to Pearl’s pale face, barely illuminated by the moonlight that crept in through the loft window. Garnet’s fingers left her lips, settling over the hand on Steven’s head.

And Garnet began to sing.

To go on changing and without

Are both hard, but I like the two of us as we are

I go on spreading the wings of dreams on a back of showering stars

A space flight that makes the heart dance, to the far distance…

Let’s look for what smiles we lost by rushing too much

When I’ve forgotten freedom

You give me courage to look at the true face

Let’s dance in the stardust

Now in these joined hands

A small miracle is being born…

Despite herself, despite her best efforts, Pearl felt warm tears spilling down her cheeks. It had been thousands of years—it was a song Chrysoprase would sing after battle, one of the few old Homeworld songs that had lifted spirits rather than destroyed them. She knew every lyric, every note like the back of her hand, but her own voice had never held a candle to their comrade’s. Garnet’s voice, however, was warm and soothing and all-encompassing, and with only the two of them, the two sole survivors out of the thousands that fought for Earth, to fully understand its meaning, it held an entirely different meaning. This time, when she reached for Garnet’s arm, there was no hesitation, and she pressed her face into the darker Gem’s shoulder while she cried. Garnet’s fingers threaded through hers, resting her cheek against the cool surface of Pearl’s Gem, and she sang on.

Both long ago and now, we look at the starlit sky

I want to be reborn over and over next to you

When I’ve forgotten nature

You give me land to run on with bare feet

These overlapping shadows

A new history goes on overflowing

Let’s dance in the stardust

I go on spreading the wings of dreams on a back of showering stars

A night flight that makes the heart dance, to the far distance…

From where she lay, still nestled against Pearl’s side, Connie peeked up at the strange display before her. Garnet’s song was haunting and soothing, bittersweet and hopeful, and nothing like anything she had ever heard. She forced herself to look away, to give the Crystal Gems some kind of privacy, and found Steven staring at her, no doubt awake for the same reason she was. The boy reached, extending his hand just barely in invitation, and Connie nodded, slipping her hand into his palm.

In these joined hands

A miracle is being born…