Pearl Dust for an Anon

[Charasmatic, Flirty, No Sense of Humor, Lucky, Good]

CC: Skin - Hair - Eyelashes - Blush 1 [n8] - Blush 2 - Lips [cotton candy] - Glasses - Sliders

I made a female sim, since I wasn’t sure if you wanted a male or female ;)

TOU: Don’t claim her as your own or use as a base and I’d love to be tagged when you use her <3


Mardi Gras King Cake with Ambrosia Apple Filling

Mardi Gras King Cake with Ambrosia Apple Filling

Inspired by our trip to New Orleans I decided to add another tradition to our family Easter holiday. We’ve been suffering through the coldest winter on record (that I can remember) so I decided we could afford a colourful splurge to brighten our days; I decided to bake a King Cake. In the middle of winter pantry basics like flour, sugar, and butter are always available but I wanted my King Cake…

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Pearl Dust 

Step aside Gold Leaf there’s another jewelry food in town, that’s right Pearl Dust is here to take your place as extravagant food decoration. Pearls have always been associated with beauty, power and known to be potent aphrodisiacs that originally lead people to believe that pearls were droplets from the moon or the tears of gods. Now, thanks to Edible, you can consume pearls anyway you like by putting it into your drinks or dusting it over the top of a desert.


I was tagged by norwegian-woodstockand and fleurette-noir  Thank you!! <3

1) Write your name in song titles

L- Layla by Eric Clapton

A- America by Simon and Gafunkel

U- Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

R- Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

E-Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

N- National Anthem by Lana Del Rey 

2) Why did you choose your url?

It comes from the song Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac. It’s kinda a combination from the lyrics “Rock on gold dust woman” and “Rock on ancient queen” 

3) What’s you middle name? Elizabeth

4) If You Could Be a fairytale / fictional pet, what would it be?

Probably a dragon so I could fly and breath fire hell yeah

5) Favorite color? Black, gold, and red

6) Favorite song? I have SO many but right at this second probably America by Simon and Garfunkel. 

7) Top three fandoms? Fleetwood Mac, Classic Rock, 60s/70s

8) Why do you like tumblr? I like being able to express my interests and find others who share them, plus I’ve met some amazing people on here! :) 

9) Tag nine people: (I try to tag a few new people as well as the same few I usually tag when I do one of these, but don’t feel like you have to do it if you don’t want to!) ssaltyskin blameitonourwildhearts devilforthesympathy venus-pearl-nymph magicbvs underagedgroupie goddess1975 the-gold-dust-woman lladystardustt

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"is this it? this was the coordinates we were given. all we have to do is find them and we can leave. but what if they attack? then we fight back and retreat til we can complete the mission. i dont like this. i really dont. neither do i but we dont exactly have a choice. what if we get caught? then we'll figure a way out of it." onyx again started arguing with themselves. well more like having a worried conversation. just across the beach from rose's base and trying to keep a low profile.

Pearl was dusting the floor, still soaking in the awkward silence. Letting out a sigh, she grabs some window cleaner and headed for the window when she spotted them. She raised a brow and summons her sword, ready to fight if they were a threat.

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But do you know any good pearlrose fics? I'm new to the ship and I need my daily fix of pearlrose but I can't find any lol, thanks :)

i hope you like angst because literally every pearlrose fic is angst

and this is all the fics ive read since getting into su!

to dust (pearl centric)

honey, when your eyes have dried (pearl centric)

If We Meet Again

Prolusion (in progress)

cover me in honeysuckle memories

bird’s eye view (this fic is MY JAM. it really goes into detail about pearl’s “defectiveness” and gem ableism and honestly it’s just my favorite series)

More pictures of the DIY Viniq/Galaxy wine! We used pink pearl luster dust, holographic silver disco dust (if you use disc dust you have to mix the living daylights out if it so it goes under the water tension) and star sprinkle…. things. Lisa and Kaity ended up adding food coloring to their wine because it was clear while I simply had cranberry juice. Next time I want to get some more colors to get a more galaxy feel
#viniq #galaxy #galaxyWineThatICanDrinkAndWontKillMe


Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes on how we air brushed the flowers for this week’s #Sweet16 cake! We took white Dogwood flowers with a green center and used a combination of pearl and luster dusts to get the right blush pink. Spraying the pink over the green turned it a gorgeous shade of gold while the petals turned the pretty pink we wanted. It was that simple! #thekiltedcake #airbrush #flowers #flowercake #DogwoodFlowers #cake #fondant #fondantcake #blushpink #pink #gold #Temecula #TemeculaValley #TemeculaValleyCakes