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ill keep myself off anon for these !! but i have a question i think youd enjoy answering ! In my house, there has been a benevolent presence since i was 4-5, and he is incredibly shy, but tells me hes here thru knocking on doors and the sound of dropping pearls (when there are obviously no pearls in sight) . hes a very old spirit, but incredibly shy. hes definitely in his late 30s, and i feel lost as to his identity, because when i saw him (once, a long time ago) he was dressed in romantic era

-clothing. I am assuming he is somebody i knew in a past life , as his presence has this aura of both familliarity and sorrow? idk ! help !!!

-also my dog keeps looking upwards at some kind of figure who hangs around the door/ music room where i cant see (this is also where most activity happens, i also have portraits that i feel as though watch me in there ? ) is there any thing this could be ? im confused hhh

you seem to have a pretty good idea of who he is, id say if you have this clear of a notion on his personality, that could very well be the case. the most obvious suggestion would be to look into your house’s history if you havent already. does it go back to the era that this ghost seems to be from? even better is if you can get records of who lived n the house and see if anyone matches his description. also, if you have access to your family history, see if he matches any of your ancestors from that era?

otherwise yeah the impression im getting here is of a human entity of some sort who is attached to the house youre in. my one question is, do you think the entity your dog notices is different from the first being you talked about? this might just be me misreading the tone, but it seems to be a more unfamiliar and ominous presence than the man

Oh, sweet! Pearl in a tuxedo! She looks nice…

Wait a minute…


Completely True SU Theory

The Cluster inside the Earth is just a decoy. The real Cluster is the moon

Look at it being menacing in the background

Thinking we wouldn’t notice…

Steven Universe’s Sixty First Episode should have been titled 
“Mic Drop”. Here’s why …

When I was first introduced to Steven Universe, I made assumptions automatically based on the fact that it was being aired on American television for an American audience- namely that it was a children’s cartoon show. All of my life I’ve been watching animated shows from both Japan and America and there has always been a stark difference.
Of course, the origins and uses for animation developed very differently in both America and Japan, but I think that this particular show is the beginning of something very new in America’s development of animation and its uses.

I want to discuss how Steven Universe will hopefully change American animation.

In America, any sort of animated cartoon has fallen into two categories: “for children” or “for adults”. Stay with me a second. We’ve had things like Fire and Ice, Aeon Flux, Bevis and Butthead, Southpark, Drawn Together, Family Guy and The Boondocks (there are many I’m not naming). These were created with a clear audience in mind- adults. Then, we’ve had children’s shows that use adult humor such as Ren and Stimpy(the best example, really), Rocko’s Modern Life, other Nicktoons, sometimes Disney, sometimes Looney Tunes, and most certainly others on occasion to create crude or lewd situations within an animation that is traditionally aimed at a children’s audience. In these instances, there is something present within the episode or the show as a whole that has a distinct meaning that adults will understand differently than children would. Adult content in children’s animated shows presented the idea that growing up and becoming an adult was evil or uncomfortable. What you didn’t understand as a child and therefore must have been ‘adult stuff’ was weird or evil or uncomfortable.

Steven Universe also contains adult elements. What makes it different?

Steven Universe is the first animated series produced in America to use adult themes positively. Yes, I’m saying that, for the first time, a children’s show is showing us how there are many positive aspects of adulthood that need to be understood and cherished. The show explores the definitions of family, friendship, society, culture, politics, and most importantly – love (romantic, familial, etc.) Now, I’m not saying everything in Steven Universe is positive, because it’s not. What Steven Universe is doing, however, is showing, especially through the Crystal Gems (our very human aliens), that adulthood is about ultimately overcoming what is negative- not letting it define you. This message about adulthood written in a way children can learn and grow to understand is the kind of content in media that gives me hope for the future. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but I honest-to-god mean that.

I was pretty shocked after watching the most recent episode, and I really needed to hear the perception of the target audience (I use that term loosely at this point, since obviously the purpose of this show is to shatter that concept for American audiences.) I talked to a friend who has two children (ages 10 and 12) he watches Steven Universe with regularly. He told me this: “They don’t quite get all of it. They love the show. They love Steven. They pick up on me being all “WAOOOOAAAAHH!!”, so they mimic that, but they get it at a different level. They like the adventure and feel sympathy, but I don’t think they can get the whole single parent or third culture kid stuff… . We watch it altogether. I like SU because it helps me feel human, too. I like it because the main character is soft, sweet, and amazingly powerful and kind and he loves, unashamedly, and that’s exactly the sort of thing I want my kids watching.

These are just my thoughts and opinions from my tiny corner of the internet, but I had to share them, because I want to celebrate. I want to celebrate the future where media may be used to positively influence and prepare our children. Other shows have been doing this recently, but only in the context of what children may understand, such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Steven Universe is going beyond that positive impact and taking it a step further to help children grow and develop into positive and understanding young adults or teens, and I think that is something to truly celebrate.