Goal oriented girls need fun too - Evening at TILT

When someone goal oriented AF has their sights on something there is rarely any time for play; and one thing we all can relate to doing is putting ourselves last when our schedule gets busy. Its important to make time for yourself. Even if its only 2 hours out of the month to do something you really enjoy - guilt free. You deserve it.

I spent the afternoon supporting one of my best friends at her track meet, then headed to get drinks afterwards. We ended up at a bar and grill, TILT which had an amazing menu that would have set my fitness goals back a whole month and a ridiculously large bar.
It can be hard eating out or going to drinks when you’re on you fitness journey and eager to complete your goals. You don’t want to set yourself back and get off track but you also don’t want to become a hermit. Its all about finding a balance.
My friend and I both watch what we eat, so we decided to share a ‘huge’ salad (menu title) and got the dressing on the side. This way, you have control over how saturated you’d like your lettuce.

On spur of the moment occasions, or events that aren’t hugely important celebrations try to limit yourself to only a drink or two. Typically they are high in sugar and alcohol is a dehydrant so save your big 'turn ups’ for the really good stuff. I typically workout at night so I was still able to drink plenty of water and get to my workout by 9.

I made fun of Jalen for ordering a bloody marry; I can tell how young I am based on what kinds of drinks I like, so that definitely indicated shes getting old (lol not really). Her bloody marry came with bacon, which is a usual (but unusual) spin on anything made in Portland. You never know if you’ll find jelly beans stuck on the side of something or peanut butter and jelly thrown into the mix, so it honestly should have been expected. I ordered a lemon drop (because I like my drinks extremely sweet) which was really yummy! I had never one before and wanted to switch it up.

All in all, its okay to give yourself a moment. If you’re like me its a rare occasion and who knows when the next time you’ll get a chance to sit down and fully relax is. Take the opportunity and don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember, you deserved it.

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