Long Time Coming

Written For: @wakinguptiredfics

Written By: @showingthroughtome

Pairing: Niall/OFC

Word Count: 15,700

Warnings: language, sexual content


Ruby hates the idea of going to Harry’s wedding. She hates the idea of dressing up and seeing friends she hasn’t spoken to in years, acting like they still have things in common.

Niall is the “friend” on the top of Ruby’s hope I never see again list. Or, well, that is until she sees him for the first time in six years and his laugh is possibly less torturous than it was when they were cramped together in the lunch room of their high school.

A reunion fic including the perfect ex boyfriend, his annoying best friend, and a steady flow of alcohol.

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BELLES & WHISTLES - photographer: Gregory Harris - fashion editor/stylist: Tabitha Simmons - hair: Tomo Jidai - make-up: Virginia Young - manicurist: Megumi Yamamoto - Vogue July 2015

  • Game of Throne’s Nathalie Emmanuel: Lanvin tassel necklace and silk dress.
  • Aya Jones: Balenciaga earrings, pin, brooch and wool dress.
  • Actress Carson Meyer: Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry 18k-rose gold earrings. Ralph Lauren Collection wool jacket and silk blouse.
  • Gigi Hadid: Dolce & Gabbana velvet headband, tourmaline earrings, and knit dress.
  • Kendall Jenner: Chanel glass-and-pearl necklace, chain bracelets and muslin dress.
  • Liu Wen: Prada crystal hair clip, ostrich coat, mohair sweater and silk shirt.
  • Brazilian actress and producer Sofia Paz: Undercover crystal bib necklace. Christopher Kane velvet-and-organza dress.
  • Musical duo Charly and Margaux of Chargaux: Bottega Veneta necklace and embroidered lace dresses.  Tiffany & Co. necklaces and bangles.

Hey all! I have a ton of jewelry I’m desperate to get rid of. For now I can only do trades or sales in the US unless you pay for shipping.


  1. coffee bean earrings
  2. yellow stud earrings
  3. handmade red glass bead earrings
  4. dangly synthetic pearl earrings (these used to be my favorite)
  5. various broken stud earrings, easily fixed with some glue

charms and chains:

  1. charms: gold heart charm with a small diamond, cat charm with blue stones, charm with a fake crystal, metal charm with a cross cut out, gold heart locket with engraved cross, crucifix charm that says “I am a catholic. In case of serious accident please call a priest.”
  2. 14" thin metal chain
  3. 16.5" thick metal chain
  4. mouse charm with chain
  5. heart pendant on chain, genuine silver, made in italy, tarnished
  6. triple folding heart locket with engraved cherub, genuine silver, made in japan, tarnished
  7. angel charm on chain
  8. heart locket with engraved cross on chain, sterling silver
  9. cross pendant with stones


  1. five beaded bangles
  2. handmade beaded safety pin bracelet, slightly damaged/missing beads (also an old favorite)
  3. jangly button and rhinestone bracelet
  4. elastic metal and pink rhinestone bracelet
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christian things??:

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  • patches
  • buttons
  • candles
  • journals
  • teas
  • zines
  • books
  • stones, particularly any kind of quartz
  • quilting grade cotton fabric
  • art supplies and fiber arts supplies
  • money or pay for shipping
Breaking down the trailer

The facts:
1. Sana knows Noora’s email address and the password to her account. Let’s be real who can forget that exper5 mess.
2. Sana knows that Isak has messages with Sara where she trashes members of the girl squad (along with other Russ girls in their year).
3. Sana was the one to trip Noora in the season trailer.
4. Sana is currently on the outskirts of her squad, and as we have seen several times over the course of the season her friends tend to overlook the things she says. (Especially when it comes to Sara, who they all seem to trust.)

My theory:
I think there is a good chance Sana is going to use Noora’s account to expose Sara. It would make a lot of sense with everything that’s happened so far, and it would set off the chain. A pearl necklace is often a symbol of status, and the breaking of the necklace could represent both the shattering of the image she’s built up in her head of her relationship with the Pepsi Max girls and the loss of status that will occur when that image is broken.