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We couldn’t just go through this series without having a few Mad Scientists! Hehehe. This is Pearl Forrester (played by Mary Jo Pehl) from Mystery Science Theater 3000– probably my favorite show ever. If you want to make quick friends with me just be a fellow fan of this show.  
Pearl works to rule the world through mad science while torturing people with bad movies on the side. Surprisingly, I ended up liking Pearl even more than Dr. Forrester. A+ choice to keep her on as the main villain once he left.

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View of singer and actress Pearl Bailey in a scene from the musical “Hello, Dolly!” Bailey stands on staircase. Stamped on back: “Direct from Broadway, David Merrick presents America’s greatest musical. Pearl Bailey in Hello, Dolly! Co-starring Cab Calloway. Directed and choreographed by Gower Champion.” Handwritten on back: “Pearl Bailey.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ep. 821: Time Chasers

This was always one of my favorite Mike sketches…probably because it feels like a Joel sketch, y'know? I just love the idea of the hero and the villain just chillin’ and shootin’ the shit, sharing a mug of coffee in the infinite vacuum of space…

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Because why hide snacks in your pockets when you could hide them in your Garnet?

Steven:  You were in space too, Mayor Dewey?

Dewey:  Oh yeah, back in my internship at Gizmonics Institute.  You probably haven’t heard of them, they went defunct as of recently.  Next Sunday, AD, I think.

Dewey:  See, these mad scientists who worked on floor Deep 13 were working on an experiment to take over the world by playing the worst movies ever made to drive the populous mad.  They needed a test subject, so they kept me prisoner on a satellite and beamed up a bad movie for me to watch about every week.

Dewey:  Oh, but I was crafty.  I built some robots to keep me company.  Some to run the higher functions of the ship, but others were my buddies who kept me sane from the experiments.

Dewey:  Oh, I can still remember the memories…

Buck: Dad, for the last time, you were not stranded in space.

Dewey:  Yes I was.

Dewey:  HI KEEBA!!

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#56 - Pearl and Mike’s heart-to-heart  (821- Time Chasers) (submitted by anonymous)

Supposed to get down to absolute zero; that’s why I always wear a sweater.

Hey, Mike? I despise you and all you stand for, and you’ll never esca…oh, you know the rest!

Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite moments, too. I like seeing characters just talk to each other on a personal level. It’s really sweet.

I think my favorite thing about this (other than the mental image of Pearl letting Steven write in jokes omg) is that Pearl’s rewrite is, apparently, really good.

I’ve mentioned over and over that I think that it’s possible Pearls as a gem caste are a caste of performers.  Pearl has experience with theater, dance, stage fighting, and, apparently, scriptwriting.  It could just be things that she was interested in, but…

…But…the things Pearl is interested in are things she actively pursues.  The sciences.  History.  Combat.  She emphasizes those things.  Here, it sounds like someone who was trained, and trained very well, saw somebody do a poor job and corrected it offhandedly, but not as something she’s particularly interested in.