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Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ep. 821: Time Chasers

This was always one of my favorite Mike sketches…probably because it feels like a Joel sketch, y'know? I just love the idea of the hero and the villain just chillin’ and shootin’ the shit, sharing a mug of coffee in the infinite vacuum of space…

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leepala  asked:

YYAASS. I'm so glad pearl is someone else's fave too!!!!!! 😍

I am so late in responding and I am SO SORRY.

But YES there is so much love for Pearl here! In rewatching the show, I’ve found her downright inspiring and I know that might sound weird to some folks since she is supposed to be evil, but everybody hear me out.

Pearl Forrester has had to face repeated failures and setbacks:

~ Her henchmen are not very good at…henching.
~ Her experiments, no matter how awful, couldn’t quite break Mike and the Bots.
~ I don’t think she ever got approved by the International Board of Mad Scientists. (She tried so hard.)
~ She’s unintentionally screwed up some spacetime junk. (Ancient Rome?!)
~ She accidentally broke the SOL.

However, in spite of these examples and so many more, she kept trying.  Fail at one thing? Well, let’s just try it again.  This carries over even in the new show, when she tells a despondent Kinga, “A Forrester NEVER gives up!” Mary Jo plays her so brilliantly, that I really can see it from Pearl’s perspective. I feel for that woman. I feel like that woman.

Pearl is persistent and that’s an admirable quality in any human.  I may not be able to take over the world, but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying.

TL;DR: Pearl is awesome and more people really need to appreciate her. <3


CultureTHEATER: “Hello Dolly” - 1967 Production

In 1967, Pearl Bailey & Cab Calloway headlined an all-black cast version of the musical on Broadway where it played to sold-out houses. Bailey was given a special Tony Award for her performance and RCA released a second original cast album featuring the performers. 

We couldn’t just go through this series without having a few Mad Scientists! Hehehe. This is Pearl Forrester (played by Mary Jo Pehl) from Mystery Science Theater 3000– probably my favorite show ever. If you want to make quick friends with me just be a fellow fan of this show.  
Pearl works to rule the world through mad science while torturing people with bad movies on the side. Surprisingly, I ended up liking Pearl even more than Dr. Forrester. A+ choice to keep her on as the main villain once he left. 

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In the not too distant future

Next Wednesday A.D.

There was a mayor named Joel

Not too different from you or me

He worked for the town of Beach City

A little coastal place with some history

He did a good job cleaning up the place


“We’ll send him cheesy movies!”

“The worst we can find!”

“He’ll have to sit and watch them all, and I’ll monitor his mind.”

Now keep in mind; Joel can’t control where the movies begin or end

He used up all that energy







If you’re wondering why the gems did this

And other canon facts

Keep in mind; they’re just fanfics

You should really just RELAX!


Art by everyone’s favorite cyclops, @hickory-tickory-tock

View of singer and actress Pearl Bailey in a scene from the musical “Hello, Dolly!” Bailey stands on staircase. Stamped on back: “Direct from Broadway, David Merrick presents America’s greatest musical. Pearl Bailey in Hello, Dolly! Co-starring Cab Calloway. Directed and choreographed by Gower Champion.” Handwritten on back: “Pearl Bailey.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

#56 - Pearl and Mike’s heart-to-heart  (821- Time Chasers) (submitted by anonymous)

Supposed to get down to absolute zero; that’s why I always wear a sweater.

Hey, Mike? I despise you and all you stand for, and you’ll never esca…oh, you know the rest!

Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite moments, too. I like seeing characters just talk to each other on a personal level. It’s really sweet.