pearl shoe

i just got an idea for mamadot AU that depending on who you are, could either be cute or sad

since the AU, of course, takes place in the future, all 3 of the senior CGs would likely have different forms than from they currently do in canon

the idea i had is–what if they’d base their new forms off of peridot’s uniform, as a way to pay tribute to her?

friendly reminder (because I still see people doing this) that, if you are cosplaying/thinking of cosplaying pearl, please do not wear actual pointe shoes for the cosplay! this is, of course, applicable for any character depicted as wearing pointe shoes/something similar, but with the popularity of steven universe this is something I see a lot. so please, unless you are a trained ballerina/o who has danced en pointe long enough to be considered extremely well trained (we’re talking years, even, guys), do not wear pointe shoes for this cosplay

here, let me give a (by no means exhaustive) list of reasons why you shouldn’t do this:

  • pointe shoes are hella painful. if you have not broken them in properly, and you have bought them for the sole (heheh) purpose of this cosplay, I cannot stress enough the fact that you will be in pain. just like ballerinas don’t buy a new pair and wear them for the first time in a performance/at an audition, so you should not wear a new pair in a cosplay.
  • pointe shoes are also wayy expensive. literally why would you want to pay all that money for a pair of shoes you literally have no use for besides this specific event. pointe shoes are so ridiculous when it comes to price I literally had to give up buying a new coat (I hadn’t gotten one for 4-5 years) because my sister needed two new pairs of pointe shoes, one for compeition and one for class. because guess what? you can’t just borrow/hand down pointe shoes. they are literally tailored to the owner’s feet. my sister’s first fitting for a pair of pointe shoes took 2+ hours. do not buy pointe shoes it is so unbelievably ridiculous
  • on a related note to the first point (hehhehee) - if you have not trained en pointe before, you will (almost certainly) injure yourself. it doesn’t even matter if you’ve taken ballet before - if you never learned, from a trained professional, how to properly move and walk and, yes, dance in pointe shoes, you will almost certainly hurt yourself. many people I knew took dance classes for ten, fifteen years, and still had to wait and train even longer to go en pointe because they didn’t have the strength just yet. friends of mine have tried to go en pointe too early and have literally broken their ankles because their ankles were too weak to hold them up in such a strenuous situation. do not ever, I repeat, ever, try walking/dancing en pointe without the proper training.
  • “but,” you says “I won’t stand en pointe! I’ll just wear the shoes and walk flat-footed! I’ll be fine then”
  • no
  • do not
  • you will not
  • this can hurt your feet, this can hurt the shoes, and no matter how much you promise you won’t do it, it is almost guaranteed that, at some point, you will feel tempted to go up en pointe and you will fuck up your feet so, so terribly. and whether you’re en pointe or not, if you have pointe shoes on your feet and you are not standing correctly, you can get bruises, you can get blisters, you can lose your toenails, even. just from standing wrong, not even dancing around in them. even if you think you’re up right, and yes, even if you’ve gotten training, you can still fuck up your feet very, very badly this way - I won’t include pictures, seeing as it’s totally nasty, but people have permanently damaged their feet to such an extent that they couldn’t dance any more. case and point, my cousin - she was a beautiful ballerina, played both the sugar plum fairy and sleeping beauty in her studio’s productions, but she had to stop dancing because it caused too much damage to her feet.
  • and one last thing - it’s rude. literally, it’s just incredibly fucking rude. a ballerina works and trains for years to earn the honor of getting to go on pointe, often being shut down numerous times along the way - they have earned that thing, blood, sweat, tears, and all, through ridiculous amounts of hard work and pain, both physical and mental. earning your pointe shoes is the moment at which a ballerina can say “fuck yeah, I did it. I finally fucking did it.” it’s one of the biggest moments in a ballerina’s early career, and the last thing that someone who’s worked so hard for that wants to see is someone going “look at me, I’m such a cool ballerina lol” and stomping around in pointe shoes with no training, no had work behind it whatsoever. I’m not kidding, this is an insanely insulting, horrible thing to do. end of discussion. no debating, no protesting. you’re essentially saying “hey, your hard work doesn’t matter - these shoes that prove your dedication and hard work and pain are just a bit of costume that anyone can wear if they feel like it.” it’s just flat-out rude, okay? know that.

so, like I said, this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list - there are other reasons not to do this, but these are some of the biggest, most important things.

“but then what do I use for [insert character name here]’s pointe shoes?” you ask. “they have to look realistic!”

well, lucky for you, there’s these amazing things called ballet slippers!

  • they look like this
  • they come in pink and tan (most often), but can also be found in white and red and tbh quite a few colors actually
  • they’re surprisingly easy to dye actually (if it’s a dark color)
  • they! are! literally! slippers! they! do! not! hurt! at! all!
  • it is incredibly easy to sew ribbons onto them if your cosplay so requires
  • they’re like 1000 times cheaper and more durable than pointe shoes
  • you don’t have to break them in how lovely
  • these can absolutely be borrowed! sizing is so much more forgiving! you don’t even have to buy your own!!
  • they look like pointe shoes y’all
  • no ballerinas will be upset if you wear these
  • did I mention they’re hella comfortable
  • they’re basically socks I’m not even kidding
  • you can get them in leather, like the ones above, or you can get ones with this stretchy-ass fabric between the ball of the foot and the heel, which means it’s super comfortable and even easier to move in (although slightly less durable))
  • in conclusion please wear ballet slippers for cosplay instead of actual pointe shoes
  • no one will look down on you for that and you will have a 100% better time I can guarantee that
  • have a lovely day and don’t try going en pointe without the proper training and preparation yaaaay

Costume worn by Queen Victoria to a ball inspired by ‘The Court of King Charles II’ on the 31st July 1851, with Victoria records in her diary -

‘… My costume was of grey moiré antique, ornamented with gold lace, - a very long waist & sleeves trimmed with old lace. The petticoat showing under the dress which was all open in front, was of rich gold and silver brocade (Indian manufacture) richly trimmed with silver lace… In my hair I wore an arrangement of pearls. The shoes and gloves were embroidered to match the dress.’

1851 drawing of Victoria in her costume, with Albert in his costume made for the ball. I love this drawing because it really gives you an idea of how short Victoria was!