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Peach Aura Quartz

Peach Aura Quartz is the fusion of Rose Quartz, Garnet and Pearl. When they fuse, they are able to spend love and charisma around everything and everyone! And although she doesn’t exist for too much, she does her best for the impossible missions!

curious fact; Her hair resembles a Rainbow Cupcake!

This was a request from a very close pal @megarosemewtwo!

Topaz Loves you!

The next Pearlmethyst Week will begin on Sunday, March 26th, and end on Saturday, April 1st! 7 days of shipping goodness!


March 26 - First Kiss (Might as well start out strong!)

March 27 - Crossover (Combine Pearl & Amethyst with another fandom! Ex: Pearl/Amethyst dressed as Peach and Mario)

March 28 - Flowers (Interpret this as you will,  just make sure it includes flowers!)

March 29 - FREE DAY! (The sky is the limit, y'all.)

March 30 - Angst/Drama (Make us hate you and love you at the same time…)

March 31 - Date Night (Self explanatory!)

April 1 - Opal (Because we all still Hopal for Opal)

Use whatever medium you like! I’m not picky! Just make sure you tag @annadesu OR @fuckyeahpearlmethyst so that I can find the submission, and reblog it! Tell me if I miss your art by PM! I want to make sure I get everyone!

Late submissions will be allowed, just please try and post your work as close to the actual date as possible. Please, nothing NSFW! Human AU is fine@!

If you have questions, contact me and ask away! Have fun, everyone!

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@lelxndi’s Abalone Pearl gem. They just asked what I thought.
It’s great, it’s bright! I probably would’ve done it more like the second and third ones I made, just to make it match the style more. (You can also use those, I dunno.) That’s just me being picky. Good job!


Ussingite* a gemsona fusion of Peach Pearl and Topaz. Both uncolored and colored versions🍑
I had so much fun doing this (((:

Topaz gemsona belongs to @cheshirecatfish