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worried about su?!?!?!

I’m worried about su mostly because it’s views are down. And i mean down. “Tiger Philanthropist” got the least number of views this season, and I think we’re almost done with Season 4!!! Since CN isn’t advertising “Room for Ruby”, please tell your friends that it’s on March 10 at 7 3/10. And since leaks keep happening, the official number of viewers go down. Please watch Steven Universe on TV if possible!!!! It’s entirely possible that Steven Universe is winding down to a close.

Rose's Scabbard is a terrible episode

And I hate every excuse for Rose’s Scabbard because while I understand that nobody copes with the loss of a loved one in the most ideal way, Steven is a CHILD and Pearl is his fucking caretaker. Had this been Greg and Pearl, I would be more accepting to it because at least I could see why Pearl would lash out at Greg like this.

She gets mad because Steven knows more than her (you know that he’s part of Rose so why throw a bitchfit over it) and yells at him simply for trying to reassure her. She didn’t care about his safety when he chased after her and for christ’s sake, who was the writer who thought “yeah Pearl shouldn’t go save Steven. That’s TOTALLY in character.”

The scene where she starts talking about Rose seeing her through Steven’s eyes was so gross and Steven brushing off all that nasty behavior just so he can reassure her again (gee sounds a little too familiar).

Like you know it is common where parents lash out to their children simply for existing. Like often abusive parents/caretakers in media are portrayed as characters who harm their children simply for personal issues (the movie Annie is one example).

But SU portrays it as like this is acceptable. Lapis got told off for being rightfully angry with Peridot, but Pearl gets a pass to do all this shit with Steven because of her Rose angst.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Royal AU)

Summary: Prince James approaches his crown princess girlfriend with hopes of finding out why she still hasn’t accepted his marriage proposal, only to learn about the burdens responsible for the future Queen’s hesitation.

This story was heavily inspired by the following:
- series “By Royal Decree” written by @bovaria
- “The Crown” starring Claire Foy, Matt Smith, etc.
- the 30 page paper I wrote in Year 11 about the queens of England and Britain

A/N: Bucky is a Romanian prince [imagine the Romanian monarchy is still intact for this story], but not the heir apparent (think Prince Harry of Wales). Reader’s nation is purposely not specified.

It’s gloomy outside, the skies painted with gray with the threat of rain. Not much light filters through the window, but she appears to effortlessly attract light as if she’s an elemental force.

She’s a vision in royal blue, the dress specially made for her body proportions. Her back bears the straight posture of a ballerina, her legs elongated by the pearl gray pumps. While he can’t see it, he knows she’s wearing a strand of pearls that’s been passed down generations.

She is (Y/N), the crown princess of her nation and hopefully his future wife.

It felt right to propose, especially with six years of dating under their belt. Their relationship started after college and kept steady, even during his military service. She was his best friend and vice versa. He felt unanchored without her, and she was able to escape through him.

It also worked out perfectly with their royal duties. Bucky had always been one of the few eligible princes for (Y/N) to marry, but both royals weren’t aware of this until two years into their romantic relationship. From the start, Bucky knew he and (Y/N) were endgame, and it was a lucky coincidence that protocol and tradition wanted them to be endgame as well.

The Romanian prince was also aware of (Y/N)’s situation. Due to a series of health problems, her father planned on stepping down from the throne. He and Parliament created a plan of transition, meaning in two years, (Y/N) would be anointed and crowned as Queen.

Bucky watches his woman gaze out the main window of her study, and he can practically see the gears in her head racing. Though she handles everything with grace and resilience, Bucky knows her days are emotionally taxing for her. He can only imagine the irremovable burden she carries on her shoulder as the heir apparent.

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Hey guys! It’s been awhile! I’ve started my journey to nursing school so with work it’s been pretty hectic. Here’s some stuff I’ve been sketching and working on.

Obviously these are Mica’s ( @pass-the-pencil @mica-with-pencil ) babies. From left to right: Pearl, Finn, Olivia, and Tommy. Mica and I were throwing around head canons and I suggested a little baby girl who was full mermaid who was born a few years after the three of them. She isn’t exactly canon but Mica is so kind and loves to love me so she lets me put her in my sketches of her Merharpy AU.

And here are the three as late teens featuring their fishy friend :)


I Know Everything

 I want to share a pearl of wisdom someone passed on to me “A wise man once said: nothing.” This quote is particularly profound, in my opinion, because it shows that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. It also highlights the notion that true wisdom is knowing the extent of one’s own ignorance.

Knowing how much you don’t know is a great way of humbling oneself and staying grounded. When we speak we can only regurgitate what we already know - but when we listen we gain the opportunity to learn something new. This is why we have 2 ears and one mouth - to listen twice as much as we speak.

The wise man saying nothing indicates that he is wise for not speaking - as he is making use of the opportunity to learn something new. This indicates that he understands the extent of his own ignorance and is open to learning more by listening more than he talks.

I used to talk a lot - until I realised that I wasn’t learning anything new - talking only reinforces what you already know. When I started making a conscious effort to listen twice as much as I spoke I began to learn useful things that helped me along my journey of conscious evolution.

When others share their journeys with me I make sure to pay close attention to them - as this opens up opportunities for me to see myself in their position and learn of other perceptions of the same situations. Through listening to others I’ve been able to adopt perceptions that serve me and leave behind ones that don’t.

During these human experiences we are all students and teachers - yet we can only learn from one another if we take the time to listen. Ask yourself what you’d like to learn today and seek out this knowledge in the questions you ask and the conversations you involve yourself in.

When you speak you reinforce what you know - when you listen you may learn something new.

Peace & positive vibes.

Pearl theory:

(I’m not sure how likely this is, but I think it covers all the bases.)

Our Pearl once belonged to White Diamond, possibly as her personal Pearl. However, she was sent to Pink Diamond as a gift to commemorate Pink’s first colony, and to guide her with knowledge and experience. At the time, Pearl wasn’t particularly bothered by this. She felt more valuable, that she was being trusted to help a young Diamond, and she was happy to serve. But eventually, Pink Diamond got her own Pearl. A custom-designed Pink Pearl to match Pink’s colors and values, to be Pink’s personal assistant and confidant. Pearl was taken aback, but might have been satisfied that her important mission was complete had she simply been sent back to White Diamond as she expected, but White Diamond had already gotten a new White Pearl; she couldn’t be expected to go millennia without a Pearl to serve her. Pink Diamond thanked Pearl for her service, and graciously assigned Pearl to a high-ranking member of her court. Many considered this a sign of Pink’s generosity and sentimentality; to keep a Pearl that didn’t match your court! To gift a Pearl that had once been your personal Pearl to member of your court that hadn’t yet earned her own Pearl! Pearl, however, was suddenly acutely aware of her actual value. It wasn’t uncommon for Pearls to be passed around and gifted to others, but Pearls that served Diamonds typically served for life; this was a massive demotion and a massive blow to her self-esteem. Her new assigned owner, Rose Quartz, noticed her distress and felt sorry for her, and showed her sympathy and kindness. And the rest is history.

Church of the Poison Mind (Trixya) Ch. 4 - Dahlia


The flashback this week is a little heavy, but the rest is just all fluff!! I thought we needed a fluffy little break!! All the fluff!! Happy reading!!

Thank you so so so so much to all of the fucking angels who supported me and my writing!! To anyone who read and supported, thank you so fucking much. Also to Lale and Matilda, idk where I’d be without my bby dog lesbians <3 Lale the literal stepmom to my fic who had to listen to me whine for 8 years before I posted this, and cried with me over fluff!! Thank you thank you thank you. <3

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1. Bucky’s side: | 2. Steve’s side

[post-TWS, a mix for confusion, loneliness and parted memories]

i. iron woodkid  ||  the steady burst of snow is burning my hands / i’m frozen to the bones, i am / a milion miles from home, i’m walking away / i can’t remind your eyes, your face

ii. pendulum  - pearl jam  ||  this might pass, this might last, this may grow / easy come and easy go / easy left me a long time ago / i’m in the fire but i’m still cold / nothing works, works for me anymore

iii. if i had a heart - fever ray  ||  if i had a heart i could love you / if i had a voice i would sing

iv. communist love song  - soltero  ||  well i don’t know but i’ve been told / not to hang on to my hope / well i don’t know but i’ve been told / and i’ve been listening all my life

v. no rest for the wicked - lykke li  ||  i let my good one down / i let my true love die / i had his heart but i broke it every time

vi. ghost towns  - radical face  ||  i still miss you / but there’s no coming home / there’s no coming home / with a name like mine

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Beefy mama rock!

Ok but hear me out! Rose is a quartz and so is Jasper. Peridot says quartz gems are usually pretty big and so i thought; what if Rose has he same body-type as Jasper? Right? Maybe she chose a softer-looking form after the war, but she must have started out with hella guns! Thats my theory anyway.