pearl metal gold


Gold Model Sheets 

(also that GoldPearl doodle because it’s nice)

Made these because I needed the practice but also if you ever wanted to draw your gem/rock/metal with Gold, here are some good refs! 

“Weapon” is her cloth

She was a peacekeeper for Yellow Diamond with the power of attraction but after losing her Gold Pearl, she escaped to Earth to find the Crystal Gems with the help of some other gems who served her 


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Newest dabber!!! ✨✨✨
Hanging river pearl with a turquoise bead because turquoise just looks so clean with gold.
Gold wire all around accented with spirals.
Definitely one of my favorites, super classy and the pearl dangled so nicely as well as the turquoise being the perfect place to put your thumb.
Let me know what you guys think!
-goon ♥️

[170828] fancafe update trans

This is Choeun Entertainment.

Here is Choeun Entertainment’s position on the official color. 

As the team name 24K means gold, we tried to use the colors Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold, but we recently filed a complaint in the parent company that they [colors] are the same as Metal Gold Pearl (t/n: Infinite’s official color), and the company has decided not to use the official color for the time being.

We thought we should be careful not to overlap the official color with other groups, we have accepted the same objection in the fandom, we sincerely apologize for the fact that we have caused confusion over the official colors.

The official color of 24K will be announced as soon as its decided. 

August 28, 2017
Choeun Entertainment

i love how companies try to give groups the most absurd fan color names in order to seem like theyre not copying other groups. like infinites pearl metal gold. thts so pretentious i love it. its fuckign yellow

Happy Birthday to our wonderful leader Kim Sungkyu!

Kyu, Gyu, we INSPIRITS hope you are having a wonderful day full of strawberries, laughing, and lots of norebong singing. 

You are truly one of the best Leaders we have ever seen. You are a true hyung to your sometimes (let’s be honest-MOST of the time) silly group mates, laughing with them when they tease you and letting your self be the end of their jokes. 

You also know when to take things seriously, having the boys practice and practice until everything is perfect. Though, this may be tough, look how well it worked. INFINITE is one of the most in sync dancers in Korea, and ALWAYS sing beautifully and live at performances.

Though, you try and put on a tough “cool Gyu” exterior, we know have the biggest heart of gold (or should we say Pearl, Metal, and Gold) there ever was. To the members, you are Woohyun’s rock, Dongwoo’s brother, Hoya’s confidant, Myungsoo’s day brightener, Sungyeol’s support, and Jonggie’s mentor.

To INSPIRITS, we know you to be our kind Leader. ALWAYS stopping to say hello, ALWAYS ninety degree bowing, and ALWAYS thanking INSPIRITS for your success. You even gave K-Inspirits some money so they could get a cab home after one of your performances. You are a true Leader.

You have the most wonderful manners that many people could learn from. You have taught our boys to be nothing but polite, and people have noticed. Even when having a hard day, you all bow and smile, and after the Idol Olympics, you helped pick up trash afterwards. True gentleman.

So here’s to you, Sunggyu. Thank you for guiding, loving, and supporting the boys. Thank you for taking INSPIRITS along for the ride. Thank you for being family.

We love you and will work hard for you. Don’t ever stop smiling.

The Inspirits