pearl light purple

Last Gemsona, I swear! (For now….)

Matte Light Purple Pearl
Height: 4′9″
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Notable Abilities: Teleportation
Court of Origin: ??? 
Gem Location: Forehead
Bio: A very rare variant of Pearl, Matte comes from a now no longer made line of Pearls due to lack of resources to make them. She’s also one of the oldest Pearls as a result, as she was created a very long, long time ago, when the Gem Empire was still starting out. No one, not even the Diamonds, can remember who Matte was made for due to this, though Matte occasionally mourns the death of the Gem she was made for in solitude. She won’t say who it is, exactly, but what’s known about this Gem is that:

  1. They are not a Diamond.
  2. They do not share a color with Matte.
  3. They are also a no longer made Gem type.
  4. They were an Elite class Gem in a way.

Instead of having Matte given to another Elite Class Gem, one of the Diamonds took her in as their Pearl, to which they found out something that proved Matte was a unique Pearl: she could remember everything she heard and had a photographic memory. She also has a very talented artist, which may have been a result of the Gem that she was made for possibly being of the Artistic Gem type. So, they tasked her with documenting everything. To the history of the Diamonds to Gem Society as a whole, whatever they wanted her to document, Matte would do it without a complaint and with great detail. As a result, Matte has been in each of the Diamonds’ courts at least once each in order to document everything. Her documents are said to have been the most accurate, and are still used today in Gem Society to teach history. 

Matte was in Pink Diamond’s Court during the colonization and the war, and documented everything as usual. When Pink Diamond was shattered and the Homeworld Gems troops were forced to retreat and leave Earth, Matte was left behind. She managed to avoid the corrupting light by going deep into a cave where a group of Crystal Gem supporters still remained. The corrupting light couldn’t reach them.

While she wasn’t really upset by being left behind, she decided to keep up her documenting work, only this time it was Earth History. Like her documents of Homeworld, her documents of Earth History are said to be the most accurate. 

In the present day, she is using her talents to become a well-known author, and has written her life story in a book called “Musings of a Pearl”, which tells a lot more about the Gem she was made for, but like always, never says what the Gem’s Gem type is. 

Matte’s personality can easily be summoned up in one word: tired. Years and years of doing nothing but document history has left her in a permanent state of exhaustion and left her emotionally numb. She tends to fly off the handle if she gets artist or writer’s block, and will get pretty pissed if you interrupt her during her work. When she isn’t working on documents, or rarely paintings, she’s either sleeping or trying out Earth’s various foods and drinks. 


  1. Matte’s weapon of choice is a pair of sais. She can throw said sais at her opponents and have them return to her. 
  2. While Matte has the ability to teleport (the Gem she was made for wanted that specifically), she almost never uses it. 
  3. She uses “Matte Light” as her pen name when writing books. 
  4. She doesn’t consider herself a Homeworld Gem anymore, seeing as she was abandoned in their haste to leave, but she doesn’t consider herself a Crystal Gem either. She’s just… there.
  5. She has of all her original documents stored within her Gem. No one knows why she keeps the original copies.
  6. Don’t wake her up if she’s sleeping. It’s a guaranteed way to get yourself stabbed.
  7. Due to being a Pearl without an owner, she sometimes wishes she did have a new owner. That way, she wouldn’t get really nervous when doing things Pearls shouldn’t be doing, such as speaking when not spoken too. 
  8. What she wears now isn’t her original outfit. 

i was bored so i made random Pearls!

and im not 100% sure that these are they’r real names but whatever ;;;

Pink Pearl- used to belong to Pink Diamond

Peach Pearl- belongs to Yellow Diamond

Cranberry Pearl- belongs to Yellow Diamond

Matte Light Purple Pearl- Belongs to White Diamond

Blue Pearl- Belongs to Blue Diamond ( I forgot if it was blue or was it matte blue;; )