pearl jewelry brooch

Carolingian cloisonné brooch of gold, garnet, multicolored glass, and pearls, dated to c. 800 CE. It is referred to as the Dorestad brooch, as it was discovered in a well in Dorestad (Duurstede), Netherlands. Currently located in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


1) Mourning ring, 1550-75, Europe.

2) Mourning pendant, 1704, Massachusetts, Colonial America.

3) Mourning brooch, early 1800s, England.

4) Mourning brooches, mid 1800s, England.

5) Mourning bracelet, 1840-60.

6) Mourning brooch, 1851.

7) Mourning brooch, 1859, England.

8) Mourning stickpin, late 1800s, England.

9) Mourning brooch, 1887, England.

10) Mourning ring, 1896, England.