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Alfred F. Jones Incorrect Quotes

“Hahaha…I don’t get it.”

“Dude, you can’t bail on me! I’m boooorrreed!”

“Is watching horror films nightly and never sleeping a psychological disorder? I feel like it is.”

“I can’t adult today.”

“You think you have it bad? I have to drive to Canada for a beer.”

“I’ll just play some Skyrim before bed…Is that the sun?”

“Haha, I love it when my politics constantly counter each other and don’t make sense! Makes me question weather or not I’m in the Matrix!”

“But, like, do you know how cool dinosaurs are?”

“Wow, that sucks. I’m just gonna pop in a Disney movie and forget about that and the rest of my problems!”

“Psst…England’s a bitch, pass it on.” 

“No, you don’t understand, I’m the nice twin! Mattie’s a snarky asshole!”

“The memory of my alien abduction is very hazy, but I do remember them forcing me to watch The Fox and the Hound II as a form of torture.”

“The look on people’s faces when I use blunt honesty give’s me life.”

“Sure, I’d love to grab lunch with you, I need a reason to procrastinate anyway.”

“I want an AU where everything’s the same, but instead of cars, we ride dragons!” 

“Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, WWCAD: What Would Captain America Do?”

“Where’d Mattie go? Isn’t he supposed to be attached at my hip?”

“I’d say that life being a musical would be nice, but I get the feeling that over half of the songs would be China calling me an idiot.”

“No! I don’t miss being a colony! Running around outside in the front yard while England took care of the adult stuff?…No…I don’t miss that…at all…Nope…”

“What? Russia and I aren’t having sex in the closet! That’s insane! We do it in the bedroom like civilized people!”

“Why can’t my common sense be as good as my Math sense?”

“Dammit! I’ve been speaking English since before the 16th century, and I still don’t know how to fucking speak it!”

“Watch these mad skills!…OW! FUCK!”

The Last Airbender was the worst cinematic crime…I mean, the Pearl Harbor movie… Is The Last Airbender automatically better because it’s not a disgrace to a historical tragedy or?” 

“I just wanna go home and eat cookies!”


Ben Affleck Appreciation Week︱Day Two: Favorite Role → Capt. Rafe McCawley (Pearl Harbor, 2001)

“Ma'am, I’m never gonna be an English teacher. But I know why I’m here: to be a pilot. And you don’t dogfight with manuals. You don’t fly with gauges. I mean, it’s all about feeling and speed, and lettin’ that plane become like a part of your body. That manual says that a guy who’s a slow reader can’t be a good pilot? That file says I’m the best pilot in this room. Ma'am, please: don’t take my wings.

Request: Hi! I love your imagines, they’re really well written and amazing to read! Thank you so much for writing them. Could you write one where the reader is an army nurse and she meets Collins and has a bit of a crush on him after getting to know him? (Any Farrier mentions would be great!) thanks!

A/N: this imagine was inspired by the movie Pearl Harbor, takes place before the events of Dunkirk.


“Y/N! We’ve got a group of men coming in this afternoon for physicals, do you think you can handle the blood work?” Your boss asked, peaking her head into your office.

“Of course!” You replied, heading towards the exam room to start preparing.

You’d been an Army Nurse for a year now, joining right after university. You loved your job, but sometimes the men could be a little too much to handle. They always hit on the young nurses, yourself included, and sometimes it drove you nuts.

You were kind of immune to it now. You found that if you didn’t react to the flirting, they would stop.

Two hours later the men were filling into the hospital. You noticed they were all in the Air Force and you breathed a sigh of relief. The Air Force men were much more bearable than the others.

You worked quickly, drawing the necessary amount of blood for each of the soldiers. You settled into a routine; call the next person in, review the chart, take the blood, sign the chart, send the man out, transfer the blood, and repeat.

“Next.” You walked out into the sitting area again, briefly catching eyes with a blond haired, blue eyed man before you looked away.

“Tha’ would be me.” He instantly strolled forward, discretely grabbing the chart of another man before you looked back at him.

“But mate, you just-”

“Ready ma'am?” He asked, cutting off the man he had been walking with. He was shorter than the blond, but he made up for it with a mass of muscle. The second man sighed, shaking his head at his friend as he walked away.

“Chart?” You asked, holding a hand out as you pulled the door open for him. He handed it to you, taking a seat in the corner of the room.

You quickly looked through the chart, making sure he hadn’t given blood before, and checking for any allergies. Once you were finished, you grabbed a few vials and the needle, walking towards him.

“Is there an arm you prefer?” You questioned, setting the items on the table.

“Me left one ma'am.” He replied, rolling up his sleeve. You rubbed the alcohol at the crevice of his arm, pulling the needle out in the process.

You were able to place the catheter correctly the first try, so you began drawing the blood you needed.

“You’re quite beautiful, did he know tha’ ma'am?” He spoke up, causing your eyes to dart to his for a moment.

“Thank you.” You said simply, exchanging the vial attached to the needle.

“I mean it. And I’d really like to take ye out for dinner.” He continued, making you roll your eyes slightly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t date my patients.” You responded, removing the needle as you drew the last bit of blood.

“Surely ye can make an exception?” You were kind of shocked at how persistent he was, but continued to avoid his offers.

“No, I don’t think so.”


“You can go soldier.” You told him, turning to collect all the vials. He sighed from behind you, but you ignored him as he left. You didn’t want to get in a relationship with someone who might ship out tomorrow, and some handsome Scottish man wasn’t going to change that.

“Miss…” The handsome man was in front of you again, demanding your attention. “I just wan’ to say tha’ I really really lick ye.” He slapped a hand to his mouth in shock, muffling a gasp. You stared at him in confusion, setting down the vials in your hand. “Like ye. I didn’ mean to say tha’.” He corrected, hand falling limply to his side. “Look I just.. I wan’ to ask ye please if I can donate dinner.”

All of your attention was on him then, watching him with concern. You’d seen this one time before, a reaction to having too much blood drawn.

“Or well, buy ye dinner.” You quickly picked up his chart, looking through the pages for his history. You began to notice that this wasn’t his chart, he must have taken someone else’s.

“Have you already had blood taken?” You asked, worriedly watching as he swayed on his feet. He grabbed an IV pole to keep himself steady, still staring at you.

“I well, yeah. I had it once. Listen, can I take ye out?” He tried again, making you groan.

“No!” You exclaimed, annoyed as you slapped the chart on the table. The next moment he lost his balance, face crashing against the side of a supply table.

The man groaned on the floor, blood dripping from his nose. You quickly rushed to him, dropping to your knees beside him.

“Sir? Are you alright?” You asked, leaning down over his face to try and get a better look.

“Well, at least I got ye on yer knees for me.” He slurred, before his eyes closed in unconsciousness. One of the doctors took him from there, and you couldn’t help but smile slightly at this crazy man’s antics.

Later that night you went to the local bar with a few of the other nurses. It had been a really long day, so all of you wanted to relax.

You hadn’t even been in there for 10 minutes when you overheard a conversation with a familiar voice.

“Mate, isn’t that the nurse from earlier?” Someone spoke from behind you, but you ignored it at first.

“It must be me lucky day Farrier, tha’ is her.” You instantly recognized the voice of the handsome soldier, making your body tense.

“Why don’t you go talk to her?”

“She can already hear you both.” You spoke, turning away from the bar to face the two men. You recognized the other man from earlier, he was the shorter more built friend.

When you turned to face the blond, your eyes widened in shock. His nose was covered with gauze, signifying he must have broken it.

“Can i at least get yer name darlin’?” He asked, making you swoon internally at the pet name.

“I’m Y/N, and you two gentlemen are?” You asked, glancing between the men.

“Names Farrier, and I see a lady in the corner calling my name.” He replied, excusing himself as he made his way across the bar.

“And I’m Collins.” The blond spoke, taking your hand in his and pulling it to his lips. You brought your hand back quickly, a slight blush coloring your cheeks.

“Collins.” You tested the name on your tongue, making said man smile widely. “Tell me Collins, is that broken nose a result of blood loss?”

“I uh, yeah.. it is.” He told you, glancing down at his feet briefly, before looking back at you. “I may have gotten me blood taken righ’ before I saw ye.”

“Why did you even do that? You could have gotten yourself killed!” You questioned, shaking your head at the man’s stupidity.

“Because I saw ye walk out o’ the room and I couldn’ help it. I wanted to talk to ye, even if for 5 minutes.” He explained, making your knees weak.

“As sweet as that is, it was still stupid.” You scolded, but there was a slight smile on your lips.

“Yeah, I guess it was.” He replied, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “But would ye let this idiot buy ye a drink?” He questioned, his eyes bright.

“Just one.” You conceded, allowing him to lead you to the bar.

“Well, at least it’s a start. I’ll take wha’ I can get.”