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Please Put your Toad in my Hole (Pearlet) - Leatwerpenn

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I am SO SORRY. I have been rubbish lately. I actually wrote this on the plane on the way to Japan. However, life seemed to catch up with me and I just forgot to post it! 

I am having major issues with City of Stars at the moment! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it! It is all written, but I feel like some scenes are missing and I’m unhappy with it, therefore, its not getting posted yet! Sorry!!!

This is the long awaited PREQUEL to ‘Be a Burrito with Me’ AKA, the ‘One Night Stand.’

I am writing all of these so that they COULD be read as One-Shots, however, if you would like to read the next part, go HERE.

Not many warnings for this. Its fairly fluffy. Obviously, sex is going to occur!

Enjoy! >.<

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@reflectionsofacreator and I did indeed beat Vagrant Story together, and it was almost solely due to a last-ditch workshop session, the result of which was a tiny-ass dagger we dubbed The Fuckening.

Sure, my usual “strategy” in Vagrant Story can basically be summarized as “no weapons specialization, we chain attacks against everything using the same iron spear and build up a hundred RISK and die like men.” And sure, damascus is the strongest material in the game - but I don’t think we really expected what was going to happen when we slapped two Demonias and an Angel Pearl into its grip.

Some facts about The Fuckening:

  • We stepped out of the workshop and immediately used it to decimate the two nearest soldiers - human-type enemies - in just a couple of chains. Keep in mind neither of us had ever chained with daggers before, and those soldiers had been the bane of our existence every time we were topside in Leá Monde.
  • I think for a while we just stopped using Herakles and Prostasia against evil-type enemies.
  • The Fuckening, plus its corresponding shield (which really wasn’t anything special), allowed us to do something I have literally never done in all of my many years of playing this game: survive Guildenstern’s Bloody Sin without interrupting his attack when he flies overhead.
  • In fact, The Fuckening was so reliable at surviving Bloody Sin that a good chunk of our damage from the final boss came from reflecting Bloody Sin back at Guildenstern a good six or so times.

Honorable mention for weapons goes to our mandatory iron spear, which we renamed Do It For Gilly.

sighlanvaneck  asked:

for the prompts: jesper and kaz's friendship?

brotp, brotp, brotp 

  • the process of getting back to where they once were was sluggish
  • jesper thought things would be looking up after inej delivered the message about him being missed around the slat, but when he returned for a day there was no ceremonious reunion. kaz received jesper’s presence with indifference
  • affronted with the reality that being missed wasn’t the same as being back in good graces, jesper convinced himself not to be the first one to cave
    • it was possible kaz could even miss his enemies for the sense of purpose and routine they offered him. i’m an idiot
  • he wouldn’t cross that frigid bridge isolating them no matter how badly he wanted to. if kaz wanted him back in his life, he’d have to meet him half the way
  • and deep down he knew kaz wouldn’t. he stopped waiting for any extended civility from him and kept himself busy
    • (though he remained in awe of kaz’s feats as a barrel boss from the distance)
  • the fact he hadn’t expected change made it easier for kaz to take him by surprise
  • it was typical for jesper to optimistically read into everything kaz said. he knew it wasn’t wise. kaz’s mind was inhabited of nothing but deviously beautiful schemes. contrived words from his mouth could make even a skeptic believe. but that never stopped jesper from searching for double meanings
  • so one night when jesper showed up at crow club and kaz sidled to his side asking “is it wise for you to be here?” jesper noted the concern in his voice and instead heard i’m worried about you being here
  • they both turned in unison to the tapping of the rotating makker’s wheel. cheery bellows erupted from the table, fortunes won, drunks celebrating, losers fuming. jesper could taste the rush from where he stood. he tightened his grip around his drink and tore his eyes away.
  • but intent to give kaz a hard time he countered, “why wouldn’t it be?”
  • “because you look ill. considering you ordered a drink without liquor in it, there must be another reason you look as if you’re about to soil my floor.”
  • jesper raised an eyebrow. “were you watching me?”
  • “you’re the tallest person in here and you’re wearing a shirt that rivals only the sun in brightness. hard not to notice your movements.”
  • “i don’t need a nursemaid. i’m not going to gamble.”
  • kaz continued to check on him regardless, but he’d never admit that’s what he was doing.
  • and as jesper stood among the throng of familiar faces—dreg members who clapped him on the back insisting his mischief was missed, wasters that frequented the three man bramble table with him in the past who said they missed collecting all of his money—jesper could see the way kaz’s shoulders shook with silent laughter a few feet away while he eavesdropped
  • jesper glared at him, but kaz looked amused back at him
  • so jesper returned whenever he wasn’t busy. of course kaz would have known jesper was there solely for him, but he didn’t seem to mind
  • one day jesper filled the silence between them by asking about inej and her voyage hunting slavers. or he at least attempted to. the only information he managed to squeeze from kaz was she sent a letter saying she was safe
  • jesper quit trying to probe him and instead changed the subject. he joked about other dregs members behind their backs and kaz occasionally laughed with him
  • he knew things were truly improving when kaz proposed a job offer. “i’ve gone legit, kaz. i don’t need the money.” jesper reminded him
  • “don’t do it for the money, then.”
  • jesper laughed. “what other reason would i have to do it?”
  • “i need someone who i know will watch my back.” it stunned jesper
    • kaz trusts me again. 
  • and it was the closest he ever got to admitting he needed jesper and that the sharpshooter, his second in a fight, couldn’t be truly replaced. he accepted the job, but he would bargain different compensation for it
  • he watched kaz’s trickster fingers. the crimson gambling tokens he was entertaining himself with were shockingly bright against his pale skin like rose petals against the snow. “i’ll go.” 
  • “i’m sensing a condition.”
  • jesper tapped the pearl grips of his revolvers. “wylan and i are going to go visit my da together. he’s asked about all of you. if i take this job, come with us to see him.”
  • kaz’s face remained devoid of emotion, but his fingers stopped, the chips disappearing before jesper’s eyes. jesper knew from this that he stunned him right back. “to the farm?”
  • jesper shrugged to seem indifferent, but he rummaged his thoughts for something more persuasive. “plums are in season,” was the first thought that came to mind
  • kaz flicked his wrist, the crimson returning between his fingers again. he held jesper’s gaze with his amused, black eyes and said, “well in that case…” 
  • jesper beamed back at him. kaz shook his head at the absurdity of it all, but there was a smile playing at his lips.
  • and it was on the farm with the sun glaring down at them as they sat side by side, nearly swallowed by the tall grass and overwhelming mounds of hay colm made them arrange that kaz admitted, “jordie was my brother.”
  • jesper didn’t know what inspired him to confess, but he accepted the information in content silence. if kaz once compared him to his brother, maybe there was more hope for a full reconciliation than he realized
  • jesper had a sense things would never go back to how they used to be. 
  • instead, maybe they’d be better…
Night Falls: Chapter 9

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 2,886


A/N: Shoutout to one of my awesome followers, @attractiverandomness ! It’s their birthday today, so this chapter is dedicated to them! I promised you chapter 9 for your birthday, and here it is! Enjoy love!

And Chapter 10 may take a while. I’ll be doing research into how the FBI works so I can start getting things accurate for the upcoming chapter, so I’ll need a little bit of patience.

Also, please forgive any missed typos. I’ve been crazy exhausted this week

Prologue, Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8

You didn’t sleep the rest of the night; once you had calmed down, Dean had brought you a cup of tea and dragged a kitchen chair up the steps and leaned it against the wall, his feet kicked up and resting on the empty side of the bed.

You had asked him to leave, not wanting to ruin his chance at sleep, but he refused.

“It’s my job to protect you,” he stated as he lifted his feet up on the bed and settled himself into his chair. “From anything.”

His eyes finally fluttered shut around 3am, and you knew he would be exhausted in the morning.

You just laid there, curled up on your side and staring at the wall. You were terrified of what you would see if you dare closed your eyes.

Every so often, a few unexpected tears would escape, and by the time the first of day’s rays glowed through the doily curtains, the tears finally dried, and you wondered if you had finally run out.

You had never cried so much in your life, sharply reminding you just how cushy your life had been.

You flip over onto your other side, your knees tucking into your stomach as you stare at Dean; his head lolled to the side and his mouth parted. His arms were crossed over his chest—a position you determined to be his signature pose.

You think back to the conversation you had on your trip up, how it had just been Dean and his brother growing up. He clearly didn’t have the white picket fence and apple pie life you had grown up in, and you had to wonder if that held any motive to the man that he had become. Nothing about the sleeping man in front of you screamed “FBI” except the badge that noted him as a government agent.

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MysteryPearl Week Prompt 1: Firsts

When Pearl regenerated, she had about thirty seconds to enjoy her new form before she was attacked by something. The something doing the attacking was Sheena, thankfully, rather than the pain-crazed gem monster that had damaged her in the first place—Pearl just managed to stop herself from drawing her spear, and curled her arms around her girlfriend’s warm back.

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Marston 1857-64 Patent Derringer Pistol

Manufactured in New York City, USA c.1864~72.
.32 rimfire, three shots with separate superposed barrels, top break action, pearl grip and brass frame with spur trigger.

Note the cute little selecting knob on the side of the gun. These guns were not as much mass-produced as manufactured in factory to be later fancied up individually.

Get to Know Me!

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Relationship Status: Single and probably going to stay that way forever because people don’t like me.
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Top 3 Fictional Characters: Avarice from AJ’s book Grip, Pearl from Steven Universe, and Yuri from Yuri!!! On Ice.
Top 3 Ships: Alphyne (Alphys and Undyne), Vikturri (Viktor and Yuri), and Rupphire (Ruby and Sapphire).
Books I’m Currently Reading: The Grapes of Wrath, which has made no sense so far….

Occam’s Gift Horse (DC TV)

Title: Occam’s Gift Horse
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2309
Characters: Mick, Len, Lisa
Summary: Inspired by this post. Len and Lisa are not very good at receiving gifts.

Mick hadn’t gotten more than five feet into the safehouse before Len, going the other way, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out without missing a step. Flummoxed, Mick asked, “What’s going on?”

“Place’s been compromised.”

Tension gripped at Mick’s back, instantly alert for anything out of place. He hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary but if there was one thing he was willing to trust over his own instincts it was Len’s. “We bailing completely?” Wouldn’t be a total loss. They’d learned pretty quickly not to get attached to things in case of situations like this.

“Not sure. Maybe,” Len said shortly, dropping Mick’s arm once they were out in a crowd.

Half an hour of meandering, doubling back and ducking in and out of buildings later, Mick finally asked, “What tipped you off?”

“There was a gun on the table.”


“Derringer. Mother-of-pearl grip, engraved barrel. Darbynians must’ve tracked us.”

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Tight Budget

Pearl (Matt) x Violet (Jason)

{Description: Ru used up all of season seven’s budget on her merchandise, so three queens have to share one hotel room. Pearl and Violet are pleased to discover what a deep sleeper that Max is.}

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Pearlmethyst day two: Angst

Ultimately, it was Amethyst’s fault.

Not in a malicious way, of course- it was an accident, after all- but it boiled down to her failing to notice the attack (lightning, or something similar) and Pearl having to save her.

So while no one was exactly blaming her, it was still, technically, her that caused their current predicament.

And it wasn’t even that the injury was that grievous- a small chip taken out of Pearl’s gem, which hilariously caused her to forget basic math problems and sneeze when she saw yellow (two things that Amethyst took advantage of any chance she could), but rather that it required a trip to the healing springs, which was hindered by Pearl having to stop every few minutes to clutch her head in annoyance when asked what 2+7 was (spoiler: not 14).

But finally, after Garnet picked up the confused and frustrated gem (and shot a glare to the one cackling in the background), they made it.


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Eyes on Her

Pairing: Yellow Pearl/Blue Pearl

Summary: Yellow Pearl can’t stop watching Blue Pearl. 

Incompetent and morose- Yellow Pearl knew to keep eye on her and perhaps improve the blue pearl. After the diamond’s ask them to leave, Yellow Pearl tries to get her to dance properly. Maybe she can stop watching after that.

minor spoilers/hints at ‘That Will Be All’


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The Mistress and Her Maid

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)

Explicit. BDSM elements.

Violet loved the slick feeling of latex against her body, and the way that the straps cut into her skin. Her waist was cinched tight, and she felt like she had total control. She cracked her whip in the mirror and narrowed her painted eyes. God, she looked fucking fierce.

“How come I get cast as a maid?,” Pearl asked from where she lay sprawled out on the bed. Her legs were lazily spread open, and, from where she was standing, Violet could see her black, lace panties. 

Their eyes meet as the room grew hazy with smoke.

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So like, while I wait for the consensus on which of the boys I should do next I would like to draw your attention to holidays in the Penthouse. I’ll keep the bulk under a read more so as not to clutter dashboards too much.

Jack goes all out, she never really asks about the boys’ pasts, but she has some idea that none of them had the greatest home lives, so she makes sure that Christmas is always a huge affair. The first weekend of December she rounds her boys up, puts out a big punchbowl of eggnog (and barks instructions at Geoff not to spike it), and gets to work. She loads up their biggest car with all her boys and they drive out to a tree farm, and they get the biggest one she can find, she gets Michael and Ryan to strong arm it back up to the car and strap it to the roof, and she picks up a few new ornaments in the little shop there (she leaves a huge tip for the owner because he always saves the biggest tree for them because of the nice woman who comes in with her rag tag group of funny boys). Jack owns the most bizarre and mismatched set of sentimental ornaments, from a little cross stitched one given to her and Geoff by Ryan on their fifth wedding anniversary with their names and the date, to a $400 crystal star tree topper that Gav picked up from a vintage shop one year as a Christmas present for her after they’d made it big in the Gang world. She puts as many of them on the tree as possible, especially the ones her boys have given her, or that she and Geoff put in their stockings every year.

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