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BTS Analysis - Meanings Of BTS Member’s Names

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Birthname: 金碩珍 (Kim Seokjin)

Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold 

Given name: Seokjin (碩珍) | Seok (碩) -> great, large | Jin (珍) -> precious, valuable

Meaning: Great gift, Big treasure


Birthname: 閔玧其 (Min Yoongi)

Surname: Kim (金) -> Grieve

Given name: Yoongi (玧其) | Yoon (玧) -> reddish (pearl) | Gi (其) -> that, if, probably

Meaning: That red pearl (?)


Birthname: 鄭號錫 (Jung Hoseok)

Surname: Jung (鄭) -> State in today’s Henan

Given name: Hoseok (號錫) | Ho (號) -> sign, symbol, code | Seok (錫) -> tin or copper, bestow

Meaning: Bestowed sign

Rap Monster

Birthname: 金南俊 (Kim Namjoon)

Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold 

Given name: Namjoon (南俊) | Nam (南) -> south | Joon (俊) -> talented, capable

Meaning: A great personality from the south


Birthname: 朴智旻 (Park Jimin)

Surname: Park (朴) -> Magnolia tree

Given name: Jimin (智旻) | Ji (智) -> wisdom | Min (旻) -> heaven

Meaning: Wisdom from heaven


Birthname: 金泰亨 (Kim Taehyung)

Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold 

Given name: Taehyung (泰亨) | Tae (泰)-> superior, big | Hyung (亨) -> prosperity, smoothly

Meaning: Big prosperity


Birthname: 田柾國 (Jeon Jungkook)

Surname: Jeon (田) -> (Rice) Field 

Given name: Jungkook (柾國) | Jung (柾) -> straight grain, spindle tree | Kook (國) -> country

Meaning: From a dlligent/beautiful (?) Country


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minyoonini-deactivated20170609  asked:

I saw on a blog that Yoongi's name means Red Pearl? I'm not sure if that's accurate or not

Yeah, apparently… I also came across a definition that said the bead at the end of an ornamental hairpin placed over both ears of a woman when placed in a traditional style. But I didn’t know how to connect that or red pearl to ‘Gi’, which apparently means “to ought to” ?????????? 

Pearl probably didn’t belong to White Diamond

I’ve noticed a theory going around recently that Pearl might have belonged to White Diamond before she rebelled. While I think this theory is interesting, it doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s probably obvious who I think owned her. I think Pearl was once owned by Rose Quartz aka Pink Diamond. 

Edit: I still maintain that Rose at least owned Pearl for a certain amount of time, but I’m less against the White Diamond theory now. I’m a fan of the idea that White Diamond gave Pearl as a gift to Pink Diamond (aka Rose). I definitely think there’s a connection between Pearl and White Diamond in some form. 

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