pearl foams


Some quick shots of my Pearl armor this weekend. We had so much fun at AB, and I was extremely excited to wear my armor in full for the first time. Unfortunately my spear broke during transport, but that just gives me the opportunity to make a better one for next time!

More photos in the coming week, including some amazing ones that @kingofregeneration took of me outside of the convention center!


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I really love it😂🦄
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iwaoi wedding headcanons bc i’ve been watching too much say yes to the dress?? 

  • since iwaizumi and oikawa are both going to be pro volleyball players, their wedding will be like a national event where everyone wants to be invited but it’s a very exclusive wedding!! 
  • makki jokingly tried to sell his ticket online to see how much it would go for and he almost did bc $$$$
  • but it’s going to be a friends and family only kind of wedding!! as much as oikawa likes the attention, he knows iwa-chan would rather not declare his love on national television 
  • oikawa spends a lot of money on the wedding. lots. makes iwa-chan cry when he sees the bill for the day 
  • but it makes oikawa so happy?? when he comes back from some kind of wedding prep without iwa, he lights up as he recalls what he did today bc it’s their wedding, he’s planning their wedding!!! so iwa lets it slide, he’ll just take up another sponsorship or something 
  • bc oikawa being happy is iwa’s biggest weakness 
  • iwa helps with wedding prep bc it’s his wedding and he’s also afraid oikawa will do something dumb like have a ring bearer that’s actually a bear with the rings on it’s back 
  • makki and mattsun fight over who gets to be who’s best man which actually ends up in them ignoring each other for half hour until iwaizumi tells them they’re being dumb and it doesn’t matter bc they’re all friends
  • iwaizumi gets kyoutani and kindaichi while oikawa gets kunimi and yahaba. they end up arguing over who gets watari bc they both wanted watari and actually got into a small fight bc of it 
  • watari ended up being in both parties but will stand on oikawa’s side since takeru got really pouty when they said he was going to ring bearer but he insisted he was too old and wanted to be one of hajime-ojisan’s groomsmen!! (“why don’t you want to be apart of tooru-ojisan’s party! i’m your actual uncle!!” “bc you’re super lame, tooru!!”) 
  • their wedding colours are relatively the same as their seijou colours but it’s a sea foam pearl and eggshell white (“so like turquoise and white, right?” “no, iwa-chan there’s a difference!!”) 
  • bachelor party was the bomb dot com and fucking wild. they don’t talk about it much but by the end of the night, iwa lost his shirt and makki’s shoe got stuck in a ceiling?? 
  • they get married on january 4th (iwa wanted to get married on april 1st bc “it’ll be like a joke, kind of like this relationship” “mean, iwa-chan! mean!”)
  • day of the wedding was hectic. oikawa kept freaking out, stressing over the small details and almost cried. iwaizumi had to come and sit by the door and calm oikawa down bc oikawa refused to let him in bc it’s bad luck to see the groom on the wedding day!!
  • oikawa, unsurprisingly, cries on the day of the wedding (iwa does too soon after oikawa does bc they had all these dreams when they were children but now they’re all coming true)
  • the two of them end up leaving the reception early (sneaking out) to sit on the roof to just talk and kiss a little bit (more like a lot) 
  • also their friends start calling oikawa, ‘iwa-chan’ for a bit until they found out he actually really liked it and insisted they call him that so they stopped 

cremebunny prompted: Harry takes Draco to the Beach, and Draco’s never been there before, and hes mesmerized by the scenes and the waves, he also can’t swim, so Harry has to hold him while they swim
Rating: PG-13
Words: +2000

“Harry, come on! Get up! We’ll be late if you don’t get your lazy ass out of that bed right this instant.” Draco said in a loud voice, shaking Harry’s shoulders. “You were the one who suggested this, now get up!”

“How could we possibly be late, Draco?” Harry mumbled, eyes still closed. “We’re going to the beach, there’s no waiting line, it’s not going to close after midnight, we can go whenever we please – which is not right now.”

“You’re pathetic, Potter.” He huffed. “You got me all worked up about this beach place and now you’re bailing on me.”

“Don’t be dramatic, Draco.” Harry chuckled. “We’re going, don’t worry. I’ll be up in a couple of hours.”

“No, you have to be up right now. I’m ready to go.” He said petulantly.

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