pearl earstuds


Ok so I know a lot of people headcanon that Eve’s father was in the army but what if it was her MOTHER who was in the army and her father was a High School Literature teacher? And not just any military organisation but the MARINES? And she gets her stubbornness from her mother and her love for Literature from her father? I mean, she’s definitely a theatre kid bc she WAS Lady Macbeth in high school (and a great one at that).

What if it was her father who brought her out to watch the plays and musicals when she was younger and she hates spending Christmas in military bases because all she hears is the other officers ragging on her mother and them accusing her behind her back of how she’s sleeping with the general and that’s how she’s a Major? What if her mother was the first person who taught her how to defend herself, and that it was perfectly fine to look feminine even when work demands them to look otherwise? What if her father was the first one who taught her that you didn’t need to see the person everyday to love them, and the only person to watch her perform on stage as Lady Macbeth because her mother was away on a mission?

What if her first boyfriend was someone from her mother’s camp and her mother didn’t want her dating someone from the military and told her to stay away from the military (because she wanted to protect her daughter)? What if she joined the army because she wanted to prove to her mother that she could do it too? And in the military academy, she took Literature as a minor because she still loved it too much to drop it totally? What if she was also in the drama club of her military academy? What if her mother cried at her graduation ceremony because she was tremendously proud of her daughter who came out top of her class but at the same time incredibly scared for her because the wars overseas were getting worse?

What if, before her first tour, her father gave her books to bring along so that she’d have something to do during the many hours of down time and waiting that they’d have to do? What if, before her first tour, her mother puts on a pair of pearl earstuds on her to remind her to be true to herself? What if, before her first tour, her parents hugged her so tight that she had to work really hard not to cry in front of the rest of the recruits?

What if, on her many tours, she lends her books to her squad for them to read during their free time? What if she makes sure her team knows their classics and they use codewords from the books while communicating? What if her parents send her books as her birthday present every year she has to spend Christmas on the base? What if one of the reasons she hates Christmas is because even after all these years the rumours were the same? What if the rumours this time were about her and she tries her hardest to dispel them to little or no effect? What if some on the base saw her love for theatre and reading as a weakness? What if they spread malicious rumours about it? What if one Christmas, her team was dispatched on patrol and they got attacked, and she lost a lot of friends that night? What if, that night, she drowns herself in her books to try to forget what happened?

What if the first months she spends on leave after her first tour was filled with nightmares? What if, this time, it was her mother who brought her to see a show to cheer her up? What if it became their tradition together, to come back from a mission and watch a show? What if those nights out with her mother to watch the different musicals was the thing that pushed her forward, that gave her the will to come home?

What if, when she joined NATO, on her off days while in the different countries, she goes to the theatre, even if it’s in a foreign language? What if she never told anyone in NATO about her obsession with the theatre because she thought no one needed to know? What if even Sam (Denning) never knew of her obsession with the theatre?

What if, after that mission in Berlin, when she was leaning against her fridge and right before she gets the letter, she was wondering what show to catch to cheer herself up? What if, on the first week of moving into Portland, she celebrates by watching a show by herself at the local theatre?

What if, during the three months together, Flynn figures out that she’s really into the theatre? What if he brings her there for one of their dates? And what if, during Flynn’s absence, she goes to watch the same show because she misses him so much? What if one of the first thing he does when he comes back is to take her to the theatre as an apology?

What if she loves to sing songs from musicals while she’s doing housework? What if Flynn catches her singing The Lion King songs one day at home and he just watches her silently, enjoying it? What if she makes him promise not to tell any of the other Librarians and Jenkins? What if he kisses her, telling her it was their secret?

What if the others find out about her love for the theatre? What if she gets incredibly embarrassed about it but they’re totally okay with it? What if they don’t tease her about it (except Ezekiel, but never maliciously) and she’s very thankful about it? What if one day she’s able to proclaim her love for literature and the theatre proudly? What if it was because she’s surrounded by all the other nerds who are comfortable by what they love?

What if, one Christmas, they all watched a show together (even Jenkins) at the local theatre?