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Slytherin Things Part 3


-Black Nail Polish

-Crisp Creases from recently ironed school uniform

-Working until the sun comes up without realizing

-Sephora discounts because “you’re a regular”

-Knowing just who to go to for gossip

-Coffee is a less dignified version of tea

-Cute underwear because why not

-Cramming for a test whilst slightly tipsy

-Not giving into peer pressure because “what is this, a crappy 90s high school movie?”

-The feeling of oblivion washing over you as you look up at the night sky

-Midnight Dates

-Reading classics because you actually like them

-Learning Latin, French, and Spanish

-Going to art galleries mainly for the architecture of the building

-Having a reputation of being the epitome of class and sophistication

-Only your closest friends know what you are like when no one is watching, and have the triple chin 3am snapchats to prove it

-Silver Rings

-Pearl Earrings

-An utter and complete trust for your closest friends, yet a reserved distance with others

-Love the tea but will never, ever slut shame, or allow themselves to be embarrassed due to rumours


OOTD: Swing Dress

Little throw back to my ootd in March when I attended my friend’s wedding ceremony in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. I choose to wear a vintage style swing dress from Zaful. Its pattern and fabric is great and slightly flexible with reasonable price.

The first picture, it’s me with a vehicle called “Skylab”. (Tricycle vehicle looks like Tuk Tuk but commonly use in Northeastern of Thailand).

Dress : Zaful
Shoes: Zanotti
Pearl necklace/ear rings: My mother’s
Watch: Casio
Location : Chaiyaphum, Thailand

anonymous asked:

hey. so i'm aware this may come across as weird but i think i'm not a slytherin. everyone says i'm too kind and nice and slytherins are generally not. i think about what other ppl think about me SO much. i am self conscious and have low self esteem as a result. i'm not ambitious- lazy, in fact. i'm not smart or am cunning. can't speak to people let alone speak honestly and be mean towards them. i know this might offend some slytherins and i'm sorry for it but these are some common traits.. (1/2)

“(2/2) i did a test with the exact same pottermore questions and was put into slytherin but it showed percentage and i missed hufflepuff buy 2%. did it multiple time alternating my choices and sometime hufflepuff was more than slytherin-but too close. is it possible that i am maybe both? slytherpuff is that and option? am i being too caught up with the stereotypes? could you help, maybe?

 (3/2) sorry this is too long. i was going through headcannons and i am not one of them. i don’t wear pearl earrings or sliver rings. i hate coffee. don’t go out. don’t get tipsy. i’m not sarcastic. i never ever said anything like ‘i love you but i love myself more’ i’m insecure about myself and i’m just a disgrace to the slytherin house.. “

First of all, You are not a disgrace to Slytherin. Don’t you dare assume that. 

Now, of course you can be a Slytherpuff. Slytherpuffs are the ones who keep the Slytherins sane, and stop them from doing stupid things on a whim. Slytherpuffs are the ones who acknowledge their insecurities but try to get over them, rather than supressing them like Slytherin or wallowing in them like Hufflepuff. Think of Neville. He spend the majority of his time at hogwarts thinking he belonged in hufflepuff, because he didn’t adhere to the Gryffindor stereotype of loud-mouthed, abrasive, extroverted heroes. I think you are indeed being caught up in stereotypes, which can happen of course, but are not true. One of my friends is Slytherin through and through, and is the kindest person you will meet, has social anxiety and is extremely lazy, traits not often immediately associated to Slytherin. Furthermore, a fear of failure is a large part of Slytherin, a house full of people who have grown up with tremendous amounts of pressure placed on them.

Finally, don’t take my headcanons too seriously. I am on the very extreme end of Slytherin, which of course not everyone will relate too. If you want to find something relatable, look for ‘Slytherpuff headcanons”, but again, don’t use them as the defining factor. I believe that you are indeed at least part Slytherin, and I am honoured to have you in my house.

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Tommen Vs. Joffrey Pt. 2

(Alright, I’d say this is pretty good since I’ve been struggling to get it typed up for weeks haha. I left the ending the way it is in case someone wants future parts. I hope you enjoy…)

(Llink to Pt. 1:

(Word Count: 1,675)

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - Elizabeth Debicki as Victoria Vinciguerra wearing a black and white halterneck dress with jewelled belt, accessorized with pearl cluster pendant earrings, beaded rings and a gold bracelet. Later in the film, she pairs the dress with a black and white belted cape, sunglasses and printed silk scarf.

The costumes were designed by Joanna Johnston.