pearl crystal jewelry
by CrystalGemStudio
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I’m selling Steven Universe inspired bracelets! They’re all made to order with a mix of real and artificial gems, and there’s more styles on the way once I get more beads!

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Cookie Cat Brooches and Rings are now available from the Advent Cafe Store!

Lovingly baked in the Advent Cafe oven, we present to you Steven Universe Cookie Cat Rings, Brooches and Necklaces are handmade with polymer clay and look just like real cookies!
Each one is unique with it’s own perfections and imperfections and contains both strawberry and vanilla filling and are 30mm or 1.2". Rings have adjustable bases so they suit all kinds of fingers.
We do our best to create a beautiful product but due to the nature of handmade they may hold some unique imperfections.

Necklaces are coming soon!


Coming Soon: Steven Universe themed bracelets!

(Please click on the images for descriptions.)

These are all my first prototypes. So far I’ve only made one in each style. The beads are all roughly 4mm, a mix of real and artificial gems, strung on elastic thread and 7.5 inches long before I tied them off. They fit comfortably on my skinny wrists, but I should probably make them longer. I just now found out that 8 inches is the average length for bracelets, and I want these to fit as many people as possible

I’m thinking of redoing the Opal bracelet with more opals (I only have three so far) and darker amethysts. It looks too similar to the Rainbow Quartz bracelet with the pale amethysts, and I want them to look more distinct from each other. Also a Sardonyx and Alexandrite bracelet is on the way, I’m just waiting for the beads I ordered to arrive.

Once I’ve Sardonyx and Alexandrite, I’ll open a story on Etsy so I can sell them. Still need to figure out prices, and if I sell enough of these and there’s enough demand, I’ll consider making bracelets for popular ships from the show.

Stay tuned for more updates!