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I Will Always Protect You || Supercorp

Andromache/Mor headcanons

If you didn’t think I was going to hop the fuck on board the AndroMor ship then you played yourself lmao (and you bet your ass I’m writing it in present tense)

-They’re close in height but Mor is a couple inches taller

-Golden Queens™

-Mor’s favorite sign of affection with Andromache is running a thumb over her bottom lip or brushing her fingers over her cheekbones

-I am CONVINCED that Mor taught Andromache how to fight

-Andromache is like the Golden Queen’s ancestor so of course she has these lovely curls

-But they get in her face a lot so she pins them back with these lovely pearl clips

-And after one night together, Mor finds one she left so she tells herself she’ll give it back the next time she sees her lover

-She never does and 500 years later she still has it

-Laying in the dark listening to each other breath with their hands clasped in between them until whoever snuck away (most likely Mor) has to leave

-Mor realizing she’s in love when Andromache describes what she wants her kingdom to become and her description sounds very, very similar to Velaris

-Or perhaps she fell in love when the Queen refused to sit on her ass and not be involved with the war camps and actual horrid parts of the war

-Sneaking out when the stars are high in the sky and Mor feeling, for a split moment, like it’s almost a blessing

-Everyone knows they’re friends, that’s not the secret

-Andromache gives Mor kisses on the nose

-The human Queen is the first person outside of her family that Mor ever really opens up to

-They rarely get to spend the entire night together but one night they do and Mor falls asleep

-And she has nightmares about her father and Eris and all they’ve done to her

-And when she wakes up, Andromache is threading her fingers through her hair

-She whispers to her that everything might not always seem okay, but right now it is, and she might be a human, but she will always protect Mor