pearl charms


Aaaaah my Pearlescent Pearl charms got here from @acornpress ;o;

Only ordered a small batch to see how they would turn out and omg they are so perfect and looks so neat when it’s surrounded by light since they’re ever so slightly translucent O:

Will be ordering other gems in the upcoming months. Thanks again to @acornpress for the gorgeous quality of these <3

10 are available on my Etsy at the moment! 

Barbie Cosplay Appreciation Post

***All credit to the owners of the cosplays and their Instagram accounts.

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So my girlfriend ( @misakizard ) and I took the time to nab some abilities off of these gems.
And this is what we got so far. It’s what we were able to make out.

Stone of the Sun - Flying Power

Pearl of the Mysteries - Infinite Lucky Charms

Pearl of the Heart - Cure the ???

Pearl of the Sea - Breathe and move Underwater

Stone of the Moon - ??? and ??? in space

If anyone can help out figure what it all says, that’d be great.


READY WIG! Charming Pearls par Amadiz