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Steven Universe Pocket charms are now readily available on my Etsy store! Click Here!

Steven, the crystal gems, and a bunch of other pals can now be yours in a little 2.5" pocket sized key chain!

2.5" keychains can go for:
1 for $12
2 for $20 = $10 each
5 for $45 = $9 each

Credit to @acornpress for being able to make these keychains!


So they came in today! I now have 25 of each of these lovely charms I designed up for sale.
They look really nice for my first time getting charms made (phone camera does not do them justice I am sorry for the bad quality pictures…), I will be using Chilly Pig Creations if I decide to make more in the future!  \ ^^ /
If you are interested in purchasing one or a pair, let me know, I’ll try to set up an Etsy page for them ASAP!
I have never sold anything online before however so I won’t be selling outside the United States until I do more research, sorry! ( ;´Д`)

EDIT Aug 20th:
Just made an Etsy listing if you are interested in buying from me. With working almost every day, it may take me a while to get to the post office, though I will try to go once every week/every other week if I receive orders.
Here’s the link to the store page:


I just found a HD-Video of the Ladybug Panel on the NYCC.

This was the first time I saw:

  • A good version of Chloé with the Bee-Kwami

(Possible names are Bee Bee or Hunni, if you ask me)

  • Also a good version of Alya and Trixx

(Trixx is so motherfjhchuidskj…cute)

  • 3 absolute adorkable superheroine

(And…yeah I know that Alyas hairstyle has been changed)



Ok…… There are 3 pearls and 2 stones…

  1. Pearl of the Sea  (breath and swim under water)
  2. Stone of the Sun  (flying power)
  3. Stone of the Moon  (fly and breath in SPACE)
  4. Pearl of the Mysteries  (inf(initive??) lucky charms)
  5. Pearl of the heart  (cure the akumatised)


YOI x Sol International Pearl Acrylic Collection (Vol. 2)

Original Release Date:
August 2017

Featured Characters (4 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Makkachin

This set has an adorable summer theme, from the main trio posing as sailors to Japanese festival participants - or just relaxing on the couch at home!

I’m very curious about the bottom right one - what did mischievous-looking Yuri do to have Viktor looking upset and protecting Makkachin??

More from the Sol International series!


Sea witch altar set and ocean key - available on etsy

This altar set is for those who feel a strong connection to water and the ocean. Using these items for meditation will help you draw power from the ocean even when you’re land-locked. As an offering set it will help you in water-based magick and worship of Sea Gods.

The wand’s shaft of the wand is made of pine driftwood (9cm) and finished with a tip made of a crab claw (7cm long!). Both were found on the beach and are naturally charged.

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I wore this with my comm at JAFAX! I had a lot of fun, definitely will try to go again next year.
Coord rundown:
Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK and Headbow (Grey, it looks lavender haha)
AP Romantic Bustier-Style Short-Sleeved Blouse
AP Romantic Cat OTKs
AP Scalloped Heart-chan Round Pouchette
AP Dolly Pearl Charm Wristcuffs
Metamorphose Temps De Fillle Jewel Cat Necklace
Handmade pink bow hair comb
AP Ribbon Romantic Shoes