pearl cat ears

aesthetics for the signs

aries: a striking rose sunset during the summer, wearing glow necklaces in the dark, a full white moon with its visible craters.

taurus: golden sand dunes in the desert, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a bouquet of wildflowers, a lullaby played on a piano.

gemini: a strawberry field on bright sunny days, a pair of cherries, crinkled eyes and a plethora of freckles, rabbit holes and cool headbands.

cancer: the air outside moments before a storm, the scent of the ocean, warm tea and biscuits, sitting on swings with a good friend.

leo: little pearl earrings, the cat eye-liner, love confessions in the form of graffiti, white crumpled sheets in the morning, swans forming a heart.

virgo: The sight of the ocean in the morning, an underground tunnel road at night, an old marble chessboard, a globe of the world.

scorpio: blue lightning strikes, a row of crows on a wire, glowing jellyfishes in an aquarium, drawing on fogged glass, flower scented candles.

libra: a garden of only roses, visiting an art gallery with people you adore, leaning out the window during a road trip, a smile with dimples.

sagittarius: classy dark red lipstick and lipstick stains from kisses, a heart shaped lollipop, a rainbow reflection in your hands.

capricorn: a heavy misty morning in the city, collecting dried flowers in books, the calm noise of a cafe, writing a heartfelt love letter.

aquarius: paint smudges on clothes, a bath with flowers, matching tattoos with your best friend, an old notebook where you spill your heart in.

pisces: a river full of cherry blossom petals, holding hands with the person you love, abandoned mansions claimed back by nature.

“As if there was no tomorrow.”

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Love today because tomorrow may never come.

Request made by prince-of-edolas: A Diego x Reader based on the movie “Sky”. They meet at a casino but the reader loses her job so she heads to a costume party, wearing a cat outfit so she gets bored and leaves. So she heads to a casino and ahe encounters Diego and they meet, having a couple of drinks together. After that, they slowly start to fall for each other. So one night at a bar, Diego kisses her and a smut scene happens and Diego tells the reader that he loves her… Kind of like what happened in the movie.

First, I would like to say that this is the first and last time I write about “Diego” because it broke my heart to see the movie again. I can not! I’m weak! So from now on only Daryl or Norman imagines, because I realized it was so hard to write about Diego too, so… Case closed!
But i really hope you like this because although I think it’s not so good, I put it a lot of effort. 

I guess almost everyone has seen the movie, but if not, don’t read it if you don’t want to get a spoiler.

  • Diego x Reader
  • Words: 4,623
  • Warning: Bad smut. Sorry for the possible grammatical errors!

For the first time after 2 years, I could be home on a Friday night. I watched the sky above me from the seat in my window, with my black cat in my lap. I knew that nothing is forever, much less that work from which I was fired. But tomorrow when the sky awakens blue and bright, I will feel different; it will be another day and a new opportunity. Finally, my best friend opened the door to our room with white walls. Her naturally wavy hair was secured in a hair tail.

“If you’re here on a Friday night it’s because something happened at work.” She walked to where I was and sat down.

“I hit a man’s crotch in the bar.”

I said it naturally and Sam laughed although that cost me the job.

“I’m sure he deserved it.”

The salary was good; an income for our future plans, but life was unpredictable.

“Considering that he tried to touch me, I would say yes. How was the shift in the hospital?”

“Many patients who need physical therapy.” She sighed tiredly, but that’s what she loved to do. “There’s a costume party tonight.”

I didn’t like parties. I felt like a fish out of the water. However I have the night off to do something different and I ended up dressed in a black crop top, black high waist shorts, short black boots with heels, a black jacket, a black collar with a small bell, a silver pearl cat ears headband, a black nose and mustaches, and then I was a cat like Thunder and I was ready. To try and discover was the purpose, and if it didn’t work, I could walk away from there.

Ryan had a beautiful house. People were great, they had fun. But everything seemed false and unreal. That’s why I got up off the couch and walked to the bar, and I stopped in front of Sam and her new friend.

“Sammy, my brother needs me to go home.” I’m a liar, but it’s best to avoid her insistence that I stay or her kindness to go with me. “Listen, if you need anything, call me. Okay?”

Her friend snorted as if I were her mother, but I care nothing and look at her.

“Anything, Sammy, I mean it. I’ll leave the car, but I’ll come for you if I have to.”

Only she knew what we’ve been through together.

“I promise. I’ll call you if I need you.”

I nodded and I walked down the crowded aisles while I said goodbye until I got to the exit. I walked up to my car and when I get to it I sat in the driver’s seat and take my leash bag, but I looked in the mirror and notice that I was still a cat. The night wasn’t over yet, and my heart was too anxious to just come home and listen to the silence, so I wiped my face with the wet towels in the glove box and got out of there.

The streets of Las Vegas shone and were noisy. Finally between turning corners and corners, I stopped at a casino. “The lucky one.” It was an ironic name, somewhat cliché, but the smile that provoked me looked a good sign and I entered. I walked to the left side of the place on the red carpet amidst machines that sounded and people having fun, like those two older ladies, a young girl with pink hair, and a man with a cowboy hat. Finally I reached that luxurious high-ceilinged bar and long chairs, and I sat in the corner of the bar. I left my bag on the floor and my cell phone on the table while one the bartender approached.

“Give me something with alcohol… and different colors, please.”

He chuckled and walked away. A minute later, the bartender put the drink on a napkin and smiled before leaving. I removed the umbrella and took a long drink although alcohol burned my throat.

“Hello…” A young man sat by my side, and the corner where I’m sitting allowed me to see him almost face-to-face. “Are you new here? It’s the first time I see someone as beautiful as you in these places.”

His direct attempt to dive into a conversation took me by surprise. His flirting was cheeky, and funny, but I didn’t want to do this.

“You’re very kind, but I’m waiting for someone and-”

“Ah…” he looked sadness. “Your boyfriend?”

I didn’t like to lie, but my cheeks flushed with discomfort.


“Liar. You thought about it too much. “He laughed. “My name is James…”

He extended his hand. Accepting it would give him the wrong idea, but I was taught to be educated, so I did it.

“(Y/n)” I said and let go of his hand. “Look, I don’t want to be rude-”

“I like your headband.”

However I was surprised he didn’t realize my disinterest.

“Thanks, but I-”

“Come on, baby.” He leaned forward. “I just try to start a conver-”

“Sorry for the delay, babe.” I looked over my left shoulder at hearing a hoarse voice, and I was surprised to see the man in the cowboy hat standing next to me and looking at James. “I’m sorry, bro, she’s already taken.”

I was speechless. James nodded, took his drink and left.

“Thanks for that.” I said, while he watched James really walk away. “If it were not for you I could have stayed with him all night.”

“No problem.” His voice was nice, like his eyes when he looked at me. “Have a good night.”

He walked away.

“Hey.” I called him and he turned, looking at me thoughtfully. “Can I invite you a drink as a thank-you?”

He just looked at me for a moment, and at the end he chuckled before walking toward me to sit on the seat James occupied. I called the bartender and he approached.

“A glass of whisky, please.” The cowboy says and looked at me as the bartender walked away. “May I ask what you do alone in a place like this?”

Appearances were powerful. And maybe I looked like a kid, like an easy prey for guys like James.

“My bodyguard has the night off.”

He chuckled. He had a friendly look, while part of his long hair covered part of his eyes.

“You have to know that you look vulnerable with that on your head.”

I chuckled as the bartender left the drink on the table and walked away.

“It’s because people don’t see beyond appearance.”

I knew how I looked. Indefensible, weak, easy to deceive.

“I see you.”

The look in his eyes was fascinating and intriguing at the same time as he rubed his finger against his lip, his elbow on the table casually. I narrowed my eyes at him, slightly because it was a challenge.

“Try it.”

He smiled slightly, sideways, like a child despite his age.

“By the costume and the little tattoo on your wrist… you like animals.” He took a sip of his drink, but I was surprised he noticed the tattoo. “If you have a dog and a cat tattooed on your skin I would dare say that you love them… Is that correct?”

He looked at me with fun and confidence.

“Maybe,” I said. “Anything else?”

He rested his elbows on the bar entering the game.

“Inspiration, serenity? For those tattoos on your knee I think you’re somebody quiet. I think you like to read… but you don’t believe in all those stories.”

“The love that books sell is false, I believe, but I can’t help but aspire to have something like that even if it doesn’t exist.”

He looked at me thoughtfully.

“You don’t have a boyfriend.”

I looked thoughtful too. He was right but I wanted to know why.

“Is it because I aspire to something impossible?”

But he shook his head.

“It’s because you’re the kind of girl who deserves more than just a simple love, not one that ends like everyone else.”

I frowned slightly.

“In divorce?”

“In a boring marriage,” He answered confidently.

I nodded slowly. I knew about those things.

“The monotony is boring to anyone.” I convinced myself to believe that all marriages ended up the same. Whether couples break up or decide to stick together because of the custom… like my parents. “I guess you’re not married.”

He looked away and finished his drink in one gulp.

“Some people are not made to love.” He said without looking at me and called the bartender. “Give us two tequila drinks, please, and take the lady’s glass.”

The bartender took the glass and left.

“I’ve never seen you here before.” He looked at my headband for a second. “I guess the costume party was boring.”

I shrugged.

“I never liked parties but I didn’t want to go home yet.”

“Do you live near here?”

His question took me back to the past while the bartender left the drinks and the salt plate on the table.

“I moved to Summer Springs a few years ago. You?”

He shook his head and tried a bit of lemon before taking the drink.

“In the California desert, but I come here to get some fun.” He looked at me and I knew what he was referring to. Everything here was fun for adults. “Why did you decide to move here?”

“It’s a long story,” I said. My chest felt heavy. “My brother gave me the opportunity for a change. It was difficult but it was worth it.”

“The monotony is boring.”

“And sometimes dangerous.” I took the glass and drink it in one gulp.

“I guess you have a story like everyone else.” But he said it to himself and made a sign to the bartender to bring more drinks. “Were you looking for adventure?”

I shook my head.

“I walked in the same direction as everyone without knowing where I was going. Then my brother told me to move in with him if I wanted to stop just surviving. It wasn’t rebellion or a tantrum as my parents called it… I just … I didn’t find myself in that place.”

He looked at me intently.

“And you did it? Do you feel that you are living?”

“Yes,” I said confidently. “I threw myself into the unknown and started a life here from scratch.”

“And what happened tonight that made you come here?”

I chuckled.

“I got fired.”

He frowned in confusion.

“Was that so terrible?”

“It wasn’t terrible: it’s a stone in the road.” I sighed. “I’m making plans, to have something of my own… growing as a person. It becomes complicated but I will find a way to solve it. I was a bartender, and today I am a cat. “I chuckled and removed the headband from my head. “Who knows what I will be later.”

He chuckled and took off his hat, some strands of his hair rose and fell, and he put it on my head.

“You’re a cowgirl now.”

It made me laugh, but joy didn’t last when my phone rang.

“I’m sorry.” I said taking the phone but he made a gesture with his hand to tell me it’s okay, but he looked at me intently. I could feel his gaze on me. Sam’s message arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning. I got annoyed with myself for thinking that that boy would try something with her, and in the end it happened. I texted to her that I was on my way. “I have to go.”

He looked at me, nodded and called the bartender.

“The bill, please.” The young man walked away and he looked at me. “Something’s wrong?”

I didn’t how much it happened.

“I hope not. Otherwise I’ll have to punch someone.” I leaned over to grab my bag and I heard him chuckled, but when I got up he was pulling his wallet out of his back pocket. “I said I invited.”

“I didn’t hear that.” He said earnestly handing over the money to the bartender, and then he gots up and looked at me. “Come on.”

I put my phone and the headband in my bag and I got up. I thanked the bartender and walked to the exit. My stomach burned but I felt good. We left the casino and the street was still noisy. I breathed in the cold air and approached the sidewalk to wait for a taxi.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than the city at this hour with the cold air.” I said, and he chuckled at my side.

“Did you ever walk down the street at this hour?”

“Sometimes, but in my neighborhood when I can’t sleep. Everything is better then.” I stopped looking at his thoughtful expression and raised my hand to stop the taxi. It stopped and he opened the door, and I took off the hat and put it on my head. “Bye, stranger.”

But he chuckled.


It’s a pretty name.

“(Y/n)” I said and I entered the taxi.

He closed the door. The taxi drove away. I didn’t know why I spoke to a stranger tonight. We never know if the decisions we make are good or bad until we are in that precise moment when everything is defined, and then the result appears, but at this moment, I knew that I made the right decision.

The sunset painted the sky. Here ended another afternoon of taking photos for my portfolio, near the Las Vegas highway. Natural photos were the best and the most beautiful. But I was surprised to hear a horn and I looked around the road, and then I saw him. It’s been more than a week since we met. His pickup truck was parked a few paces behind me, and I got closer until I was level with the passenger window.

“What are you doing here?” His deep voice startled me a little.

“I was taking pictures.” I tapped the camera strap that hung on my shoulder. “And what are you doing here?”

But he looked at the road, and a second later he looked at me again.

“Are you going home?”

I watched the road. The day was ending.


“Come on in,” He says and drew my attention. “I will take you home.”

Diego was kind, I accepted his invitation and I opened the door of his truck. I put my backpack and camera no the seat and closed the door. The car moved.

“You work as a photographer?”

“Yes.” I leaned slightly toward the window and breathed in the fresh air. “For a tourist magazine.”

“Sounds fun.” Diego looked at me for a second before looking forward again. Although he didn’t smile, I believed he meant it.

“What do you do?”

“Park ranger, at your service.” He moved his hat as a greeting and I smiled.

“Wow. That’s great.”

But he just shrugged and rubed his eye with one fist.

“And you punched someone that night?”

I wanted to laugh at his question but I didn’t.

“Nobody hurt my friend so I didn’t.”

“Would you be angry if someone hurt your friend?”

His question surprised me.

“We have been friends since we were 5 years old. I will protect her whenever I can.” I said with seriousness and thought about it, but rubed his eye again. “You’re okay?”

He looked at me sideways.


I could feel that the atmosphere suddenly became heavy and I decide not to ask again. Since I met him he has a strong presence, but now was different. His natural calm form of acting became more than just seriousness. As the minutes went by, I realized there was something else, but I appreciated his kindness until he drove through my neighborhood in the suburbs.

“That’s my home. The letterbox with the dinosaur over.”

For the first time, he chuckled.

“Should I suppose there’s a child at home?”

“You don’t think I put it on, do you?” I chuckled. Diego parked the car and I took my things. “Thank you for bringing me.”

He looked at me, and in the end just nodded. I opened the door, went out and closed it again. I circled the car ahead and reached the curb to walked to the door.

“(y/n)?” That was the first time he said my name and I turned. But he looked at me, and I have the feeling he wanted to discover something about me. “Bye.”

I tried not to look confused.

“Bye. Drive carefully.”

Diego nodded and drove away.

There was a basketball hoop over the door of the house garage where Liam and I played sometimes. But my nephew wasn’t here and even if throwing the ball alone wasn’t fun, it kept my mind busy. And I needed it. I got tired but I felt calm for a moment, at least until a car stopped. His car. Diego went down, still wearing his hat and a black shirt.

“Playing alone?” He speaked casually as he approached. “Something’s wrong?”

I didn’t know if I looked bad or he asked because it was strange to see him.

“What are you doing here?” It’s been more than two weeks since we last saw each other. But he didn’t respond, and asked for the ball with his hands. I threw it at him, and to my surprise, the ball entered the ring. “Wow. Park ranger and basketball player. Awesome.”

But he didn’t laugh.

“I came to apologize.”

I looked at him with concern.


“Because of the way I acted the other day.”

He noticed it, too.

“You don’t have to apologize, Diego,” I said truthfully. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

But the force in his gaze stopped me.

“Yes, I do. I was going through a bad time and I came across you.” His gaze fell for a second before he looked back at me. “I’m sorry, (y/n).”

There was an emptiness inside me.

“It is not necessary. I just hope you’re well…”

He didn’t move, just blinked at me and nodded before walking towards his car.

“I’d like to show you something in the desert but it’s a long trip.” He stopped after opening the door and looked at me. “You can do it? I would have to come for you at midnight.”

His gaze was so deep that it catched me, and I had no fear or an absurd doubt about him doing me something bad. Maybe I’m stupid, but i nodded.

“Then bring your camera.”

He didn’t say anything else and got in the car, and once again, Diego just drove away.

We walked along a rock path over the desert from 4:30 in the morning. I pushed the ground with my boots but that was the most fun I did in a long time. And right now, as I looked at the landscape, I realized it was totally worth it. The sunrise was beautiful. The horizon lights were perfect. The colors were perfect. Right there where the horizon broke between the sky and the earth, I realized that my grandfather is really gone. The only person who held me to earth is gone. It took my breath away. The pain in my chest didn’t subside, and for a moment I was scared that pain will live with me for the rest of my life.

“You okay, (y/n)?” He looked at me with concern.

I looked at him, as deeply as he did with me from the first time.

“My grandfather died last night.” It was easy to say but it seems unreal. I looked at the horizon and wonder if he’s there. “I couldn’t tell him that I got a place in the magazine I always wanted to work for. It’s a great opportunity… but he doesn’t know it.”

I hear him breathing.

“I’m very sorry, (y/n). We shouldn’t have done this today.”

“I think we did it at the perfect time.” There were tears in my eyes but I dared look at him just so he knew I was completely honest right now. “This proves that after his death there is still beauty in the world.” I looked away from him. The sun was rising and the world was painted orange. “I know that… this pain will live with me forever, but I will learn to control it and I will be able to get ahead. He taught me to do it… and I’m not going to fail him.”

But then the weight of his hat fell on my head and I chuckled.

“You’re definitely something else, (y/n). I should have done something really good in my past life to have run into an angel like ya.”

I knew he was just being nice and i smiled. There was a small flame in my heart, a small flame of hope that I knew it will turn a fire impossible to extinguish.  

“2 months.” He said and took his glass of tequila. “2 months since I saved ya.”

I laughed with sarcasm.

“I could have saved myself.”

“Yeah? I don’t think so. “He chuckled.

"Don’t think your company was always pleasant. You have mood swings that I don’t understand.”

Diego chuckled, for a little moment before he stared at me. We were face to face and even he stopped moving, and his blue eyes made me sink into a new kind of ocean. But before I could ask, Diego leaned over the bar and kissed me. The music in the casino bar where I met him lost all the sound and I plunged into this new world as he held my face in his hands as we kissed. His lips moved against mine, and I accepted everything. Everything he offered me now. But I felt brave, strong thanks to him, and I took my chances.

When we parted, he stared at me. If I sink too deep, I should just swim back to the surface.

The room was dark and it stayed like that while he pushed me with his body against the wall. I threw his hat and my hands tangled in his hair just to keep his mouth on me. His left hand held himself against the wall, while his right one moved on my body, on my back as he pulled me towards him so that our bodies were pressed together. I could feel the fire in my body. My hands went down to his chest when his mouth took my neck, so hot that it made me moan. He growled against me and his hands took my waist. They pushed me to him, just to left me feel the bulge on his pants. He held me tight, made me turn, and he lay me down on the bed. He took his shirt off before climbed on me. The heat of his body was overwhelming as he pressed himself against me. My legs were tightened on his waist and his hand began to look under the skirt of my dress. The touch of his hand was sensual, passionate and it melts me like honey. It was exciting, and it took my breath away as he kissed all his way from my neck to my mouth again.

“Be mine, babe.” He said closed to my lips. “I will only be yours as long as we are together.”

A knot formed in my throat and I felt the tingle in my stomach. I licked my lip and my tongue touched his lip, and I saw it, he resisted until I said it.

And I nodded.

“I’m yours.” I said and I could see the peace in his blue eyes.

He held my face as he kissed me and I felt the tension in our bodies as he pressed against me. He pushed my dress up, his hand trailing my body until it climbed up to my waist. I arched my back and he pushed it even harder. He wrapped an arm around my waist and lifted me up to sit on the bed, with him kneeling between my legs. His hand tightened on my bare waist, his mouth searching for a spot on my neck. It was cold but my body shook with the heat that I was overflowing inside, and I felt his hands on my back to take off my bra.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered. “Lie down.”

His lips closed around my breast the moment my back touched the soft blanket beneath me. My legs tightened around him as his tongue moved over my nipple. I moaned in the cold air as he moved to the other breast. His wet tongue started moving down living a trail on my belly, and right under my underwear. He pulled them, lower and lower until they left my naked legs. He took his time, first taking my boots off. He knelt in front of me, his nose breathing in the most sensitive spot of my body. His tongue ran over my clit, the tip of it playing over me. He continued just kissing, touching softly my skin in a teasing way until he pushing his tongue inside my body. I moaned in surprise, feeling how his tongue moved in every way inside of me. He held me against his until I was panting.

When he was on my level again, I extended out my hand to his face, almost afraid, and I used my thumb to gently draw the line of his eyebrow. My fingers gently touching his skin and he sighed. His eyes shone, but his right hand caught mine before it fell, kissing the palm of my hand and then he let it go. He hit the center of my being, making me clenching my hands on his shoulders at the time I felt like falling edge. The air left my lungs and he took my last breath with his lips, taking all of me. The cold air in the room disappeared when I melted into his embrace, closing my eyes to no longer open them for a long time.

When I opened my eyes it was already day, a blanket was on me, and as I was behind him with his chest against my back, his hand drew up and down over it, his breath tickling my neck. Everything was perfect, until I heard him sob. I tried to turn, but he stopped me when he held me against him.

“I love ya.”

Life is unpredictable, darling, and sometimes puts us in situations that before our eyes seem impossible to resolve. Your grandfather is not as wise as you always thought, but I tell you that time runs without stopping, it is cold sometimes and doesn’t always give us the opportunity to do the things we would like to do, so I hope this serves as a small push for you so that you continue to love the people you love and to love the thing you do. Never stop doing it. Choose happiness above all. The choice is yours.

Be strong.

With love, grandpa.

The world collapsed for a second under my feet when I knew Diego was dying, but he and I were still here. I parked the car in front of his house as he opened the door. He knew what it meant. On half on the way his body found mine and he lifted me, my legs around his waist. I could hear him sobbing against my hair and the lump in my throat grew.

“There may not be a tomorrow for us but that doesn’t mean that I will stop loving you.” I said. “When tomorrow doesn’t come I will be here, loving you, still.”

anonymous asked:

If I may, I'd like to say that Warp Tour made me very uncomfortable watching it. Like, it is genuinely an episode that is unpleasant for me to re-watch. Especially Pearl's part, because, this is just me being personal here, she reminded me of my abusive stepmom, forcing me to defer to her opinion and even grabbing my face just like that and demanding, "Agree with me. Nod your head. Say yes." Down to the angry, hostile gestures, shouting Steven down, forcing him to accept the situation (cont.)

(2/3) … patronizing him when he suggested that it may’ve came from space: “I don’t… appreciate your tone!” and then flaunting her authority into his face: “You don’t get to tell ME what I already know!” I even detected some gaslighting (making Steven doubt his perception): “And I know you didn’t! (when he said he saw something outside the stream). Maybe I’m overreacting, but this was so accurate to my stepmom it really kinda freaked me out, even down to using my own actions against me: “But wait!

(3/3) …This warp pad is broken! Marked inactive by the very depressed cartoon sticker you placed here yourself!” My stepmom would do that to me ALL the time and make me doubt my own accounts of events.

Of course you may! I honestly think that we’re supposed to be uncomfortable with what’s going on. Good art should make you question things and realise things, and this was one of those scenes that drove that concept in, hard.

I think I’ve mentioned this before (but about a separate instance), that Pearl is deflecting and trying to bury everything she’s not comfortable with about the past. She fixates on Rose and views history with literal rose-tinted glasses. She’s quick to tell the glorious and victorious narrative of the war, when clearly we’ve seen it was anything but beautiful, and that it’s left a much deeper mark on her than she lets on.

The other thing, now that you’ve brought up moms. There are a lot of people who call the gems motherly, Pearl and Garnet in particular. And that’s how Steven sees them, and that’s easier to say now. But in the first episodes of Season One, the gems would have made terrible parents, I think, because they had a really bad understanding of how to raise a child. This includes teaching Steven, taking care of him, and being there for him. We have to understand that Steven didn’t start living with the gems until relatively recently. His formative years are a product of Greg’s care, Greg’s understanding of the world, showing him that there’s good in everyone. The Gems are born adults and don’t have the physical and physiological needs that human children do. 

Don’t get me wrong, the gems do care about Steven dearly. They “stole” but didn’t really, a stockpile of Cookie Cats for him and tried to help him summon his weapon (a defining trait for gems) all in the first episode. But they had an incomplete understanding of his needs.In the early days, the gems often left Steven alone to go on missions on their own. He was a child, alone at home. And they seemed to fall back on the thinking that he was human, and incapable of helping on missions. Steven had to insist on going on those missions and later proving himself in Cheeseburger Backpack. Again, not that they didn’t care. The gems honestly didn’t know when his gem powers would kick in, or if they would kick in at all. But there could have been ways to assess him early on, train him the way they were trained in the early days, and that’s something they didn’t attempt to do.

And the refrigerator was often empty. In one episode, Amethyst comes home and dumps a giant bird egg in it, and it’s empty. In later episodes, we see that now there’s food for Steven. That’s a big step up.

But there were indeed times when their personal issues got in the way of their caring for Steven. And yes, they’re individuals, and they’re allowed to be imperfect, but they’re taking it out on him in Warp Tour. That’s not okay. 

This is why I liked Joy Ride so much. It featured Steven opening up to his fellow human beings, and those human beings clearly being multi-dimensional and strong as well, ready to defend Steven against aliens who could clearly have pounded them into oblivion. And I love that episode because we got to see what it was like on the receiving end of their “justice.” It’s terrifying, and sometimes misguided, influenced by old habits and high-running emotions. It put Steven in a dangerous position and I’d like to think before that, and definitely after, the gems had begun to pay more attention not only to Steven but also to their own actions.

What’s lacking of course, is their dealing with it more openly and transparently. But snippets are starting to come through. Steven is pushing the walls they put up and I’m certain he won’t stop until he knows they’re okay. Perhaps the challenge for Steven was not changing Peridot’s view of Earth, or helping Lapis open her eyes at what she was missing. Perhaps his real challenge is reaching out to his authority and parental figures, figures we’re all told are always right, are stronger than us, and realise that those things aren’t true and they can be just as flawed as the rest of us. And the challenge then will be getting them to open up so they can finally deal with the demons haunting them since the war.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I sincerely hope that your situation is a lot better now and you’ve managed to find your own space and a safe environment to call home. And this goes out to anyone. If you ever need an ear, don’t hesitate to PM or send me an ask. :)

Inspired by Millie “propmaster of death” Strathorn in Stay Tuned for Danger (x)

There are many words I could use to describe this room– quirky, eclectic, intriguing, odd. It has the strangest atmosphere. Every prop has a personality, and I can’t help but feel I’m being watched in there. It’s all very mysterious. And of course, the room’s mascot is the dubious Millie Strathorn. There’s just something surreal about her. I wanted to channel her crazy cat lady vibes into a stylish look. Pair a retro navy dress with a timeless cardigan and cute oxford flats. Spruce things up with a lacy clutch, pearl necklace, cat earrings, and a locket bracelet inspired by the one in the jewel box. Ta da, you’ve just transformed the propmaster’s look into something wearable.

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DIY: Cat Ear Headband! Merry Christmas also :-)