pearl cat ears

aesthetics for the signs

aries: a striking rose sunset during the summer, wearing glow necklaces in the dark, a full white moon with its visible craters.

taurus: golden sand dunes in the desert, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a bouquet of wildflowers, a lullaby played on a piano.

gemini: a strawberry field on bright sunny days, a pair of cherries, crinkled eyes and a plethora of freckles, rabbit holes and cool headbands.

cancer: the air outside moments before a storm, the scent of the ocean, warm tea and biscuits, sitting on swings with a good friend.

leo: little pearl earrings, the cat eye-liner, love confessions in the form of graffiti, white crumpled sheets in the morning, swans forming a heart.

virgo: The sight of the ocean in the morning, an underground tunnel road at night, an old marble chessboard, a globe of the world.

scorpio: blue lightning strikes, a row of crows on a wire, glowing jellyfishes in an aquarium, drawing on fogged glass, flower scented candles.

libra: a garden of only roses, visiting an art gallery with people you adore, leaning out the window during a road trip, a smile with dimples.

sagittarius: classy dark red lipstick and lipstick stains from kisses, a heart shaped lollipop, a rainbow reflection in your hands.

capricorn: a heavy misty morning in the city, collecting dried flowers in books, the calm noise of a cafe, writing a heartfelt love letter.

aquarius: paint smudges on clothes, a bath with flowers, matching tattoos with your best friend, an old notebook where you spill your heart in.

pisces: a river full of cherry blossom petals, holding hands with the person you love, abandoned mansions claimed back by nature.

Inspired by Millie “propmaster of death” Strathorn in Stay Tuned for Danger (x)

There are many words I could use to describe this room– quirky, eclectic, intriguing, odd. It has the strangest atmosphere. Every prop has a personality, and I can’t help but feel I’m being watched in there. It’s all very mysterious. And of course, the room’s mascot is the dubious Millie Strathorn. There’s just something surreal about her. I wanted to channel her crazy cat lady vibes into a stylish look. Pair a retro navy dress with a timeless cardigan and cute oxford flats. Spruce things up with a lacy clutch, pearl necklace, cat earrings, and a locket bracelet inspired by the one in the jewel box. Ta da, you’ve just transformed the propmaster’s look into something wearable.

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DIY: Cat Ear Headband! Merry Christmas also :-)

anonymous asked:

If I may, I'd like to say that Warp Tour made me very uncomfortable watching it. Like, it is genuinely an episode that is unpleasant for me to re-watch. Especially Pearl's part, because, this is just me being personal here, she reminded me of my abusive stepmom, forcing me to defer to her opinion and even grabbing my face just like that and demanding, "Agree with me. Nod your head. Say yes." Down to the angry, hostile gestures, shouting Steven down, forcing him to accept the situation (cont.)

(2/3) … patronizing him when he suggested that it may’ve came from space: “I don’t… appreciate your tone!” and then flaunting her authority into his face: “You don’t get to tell ME what I already know!” I even detected some gaslighting (making Steven doubt his perception): “And I know you didn’t! (when he said he saw something outside the stream). Maybe I’m overreacting, but this was so accurate to my stepmom it really kinda freaked me out, even down to using my own actions against me: “But wait!

(3/3) …This warp pad is broken! Marked inactive by the very depressed cartoon sticker you placed here yourself!” My stepmom would do that to me ALL the time and make me doubt my own accounts of events.

Of course you may! I honestly think that we’re supposed to be uncomfortable with what’s going on. Good art should make you question things and realise things, and this was one of those scenes that drove that concept in, hard.

I think I’ve mentioned this before (but about a separate instance), that Pearl is deflecting and trying to bury everything she’s not comfortable with about the past. She fixates on Rose and views history with literal rose-tinted glasses. She’s quick to tell the glorious and victorious narrative of the war, when clearly we’ve seen it was anything but beautiful, and that it’s left a much deeper mark on her than she lets on.

The other thing, now that you’ve brought up moms. There are a lot of people who call the gems motherly, Pearl and Garnet in particular. And that’s how Steven sees them, and that’s easier to say now. But in the first episodes of Season One, the gems would have made terrible parents, I think, because they had a really bad understanding of how to raise a child. This includes teaching Steven, taking care of him, and being there for him. We have to understand that Steven didn’t start living with the gems until relatively recently. His formative years are a product of Greg’s care, Greg’s understanding of the world, showing him that there’s good in everyone. The Gems are born adults and don’t have the physical and physiological needs that human children do. 

Don’t get me wrong, the gems do care about Steven dearly. They “stole” but didn’t really, a stockpile of Cookie Cats for him and tried to help him summon his weapon (a defining trait for gems) all in the first episode. But they had an incomplete understanding of his needs.In the early days, the gems often left Steven alone to go on missions on their own. He was a child, alone at home. And they seemed to fall back on the thinking that he was human, and incapable of helping on missions. Steven had to insist on going on those missions and later proving himself in Cheeseburger Backpack. Again, not that they didn’t care. The gems honestly didn’t know when his gem powers would kick in, or if they would kick in at all. But there could have been ways to assess him early on, train him the way they were trained in the early days, and that’s something they didn’t attempt to do.

And the refrigerator was often empty. In one episode, Amethyst comes home and dumps a giant bird egg in it, and it’s empty. In later episodes, we see that now there’s food for Steven. That’s a big step up.

But there were indeed times when their personal issues got in the way of their caring for Steven. And yes, they’re individuals, and they’re allowed to be imperfect, but they’re taking it out on him in Warp Tour. That’s not okay. 

This is why I liked Joy Ride so much. It featured Steven opening up to his fellow human beings, and those human beings clearly being multi-dimensional and strong as well, ready to defend Steven against aliens who could clearly have pounded them into oblivion. And I love that episode because we got to see what it was like on the receiving end of their “justice.” It’s terrifying, and sometimes misguided, influenced by old habits and high-running emotions. It put Steven in a dangerous position and I’d like to think before that, and definitely after, the gems had begun to pay more attention not only to Steven but also to their own actions.

What’s lacking of course, is their dealing with it more openly and transparently. But snippets are starting to come through. Steven is pushing the walls they put up and I’m certain he won’t stop until he knows they’re okay. Perhaps the challenge for Steven was not changing Peridot’s view of Earth, or helping Lapis open her eyes at what she was missing. Perhaps his real challenge is reaching out to his authority and parental figures, figures we’re all told are always right, are stronger than us, and realise that those things aren’t true and they can be just as flawed as the rest of us. And the challenge then will be getting them to open up so they can finally deal with the demons haunting them since the war.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I sincerely hope that your situation is a lot better now and you’ve managed to find your own space and a safe environment to call home. And this goes out to anyone. If you ever need an ear, don’t hesitate to PM or send me an ask. :)