pearl cantrell

“What I see is unreal. I’ve written my own part. Eat of the apple, so young. I’m crawling back to start.” - Rotten Apple, Alice In Chains.

Band member guide by my dad

Chris Cornell: “Oh no. He needs a wash!”

Jerry Cantrell: “No I don’t like the look of him. Nup.”

Anthony Kiedis: *frowns* “Again, dirty.”

Kurt Cobain: “Sometimes, yeah. He’s cute.”

Matt Cameron: “Oh, he’s alright!”

Jeff Ament: *takes a while* “Hmmmmm. No I don’t think so.”

Jeff Ament round 2: “Now yes. He’s alright.” *more recent photo* “and still alright!”

Dave Grohl: “No. He looks like Angelina Jolie. Big lips. Yuck. Mind you, I like Angelina Jolie.”

Layne Staley: “Yes. He’s cute.” *dreadlock photo* “OH NO.”

Mike McCready: “Ugh, no.” *recent photo* “Good now though!”

Mark Arm: “Now he’s just not attractive. Eddie’s better. Eddie Better hehe.”

Stone Gossard: “Oh no. He’s got funny looking eyes.”

1991 Alice in Chains with Ann Wilson, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard backstage at the Paramount in Seattle after a concert with Sweetwater and My Sister’s Machine. The encore included MSM and Pearl Jam members. AiC celebrated Facelift being certified Gold (photo by Darrell M Westmoreland)