pearl braclete

Batgirls in Futures End: Something very interesting that you may not have caught on right away.

Now pay close attention to the suits, heavy kelvar aside.

The gear they have matches their actual personality.

Stephanie Brown not as a great front line fighter as Cassandra has the most pouches on her belt filled with gear and tech. She also has a weapon Bo Staff. This set up matches her full rounded out going personality who is not afraid to try new things. The pouches also is parrallel that she chatty and tends to use words more than then she has too.

Cassandra Cain being the best hand 2 hand fighter of the group has the least amount of pouches and uses no weapon. This set up matches her confidence and determination personality to deal with problems base on her skills alone while protective of Tiffany, which shows her compasionate side. The few pouches she does have also is parallel to the fact she is the least talkative, but the words she uses are effective. 

Tiffany Fox set up tends to be childish with bright purple colours, huge backpack, and has Fur gripped Nunchaku. A type of weapon that is theorize as a rebellious weapon. She also has a pearl braclet, big gloves. All of these things makes her standout, which matches fact that she wants to stand out. She wants to be taken seriously, she doesn’t want to be over shadowed. 

I don’t know Gail Simone wrote something for the design of the costumes to the artist that would match the way she wrote the characters. 

But damn…pretty damn amazing encapture for a short period of time we see them.

Great work as always Gail Simone, with the little details. 

Edit Note: I have took out a small part of Tifanny Fox about the outlanderish hair. I do apolize if I offended anyone.